Always Smile

Amore was a normal girl. She fits in and always knew how to light up a room. But what people don't know is that not everything is perfect in her world... and this secret may lead to her end...


17. Broken Yet Holding On ~Roni Tran

She held her hand over her mouth with tears in her eyes. I smiled at her, and she wrapped her arms around me in a tight embrace.

"I've missed you." I whispered in her ear.

"I've missed you too." She said back.

After a moment, we pulled away and entered the living room, my father following behind. She had yet to acknowledge him. We all sat down. My mother looked from me to him, then finally said,

"So what happened?" And we explained everything.


"Wow." Was all she said after we explained what had happened. She looked thoughtful for a moment, "Thank you for taking such good care of her." She said, directing it to my father. he smiled at her and she gave him a small smile in return.

Then she turned to me, "Are you going to tell Raelynn and Rose?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said. Then I got up and walked towards the phone.


A/N: Raelynn and Rose are spending the summer with the boys again because they all became so close :)

Raelynn's POV

I was lounging in the living room with the boys watching tv. Harry was snuggled up to Cara. Don't get me wrong, I was happy that he had moved on, and Cara is a great girl, but it just looked so... wrong.

A phone started ringing faintly in the distance.

"Raelynn," Rose called from our bedroom, "Come get your phone!"

Grumbling, I got up and went to the room. I checked the caller ID, it was from Amore's house. Strange... why would her mother be calling me? I answered the phone as Rose closed the door to finish changing.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Raelynn, I've missed hearing your voice." A familiar voice said. Then it clicked... it was Amore?

"Amore?" I whispered. At this, Rose's head shot up.

"Put it on speaker." Rose urged me, and I did.

"Yeah it's me..." Amore murmured.

"You're alive? How is that possible?" Rose said into the phone.

"It's a long story. Do you remember what tomorrow is?" Amore asked.

"Yeah its the day you die.... disappeared." I said, still in shock.

"Meet me at our special place tomorrow at around 6." 

"Okay," Rose said, "Do you want us to bring anyone else?"

"Uhh, only Louis, but no one else, especially not Harry." She answered.

"Why not Harry?" I asked

"He's happy with his new girlfriend and I don't want to ruin that..." She said, trailing off.

"Amore," Rose started, trying to reason with her, "He cried everyday for weeks after that day on the cliff. You are-"

"Just please don't tell him." Amore said, cutting Rose off.

"Okay." I said.

"See you guys soon." She said.

"Bye..." We said together, then I hung up.

Rose and I stared at each other. Our best friend was still alive...


Amore's POV

I hung up and turned around to see my parents facing me.

"Well?" My father asked.

"I'm going to London tomorrow to see them." I answered.

My mother nodded and went to go book me a ticket.

"So you're really going to tell the world your alive?" He asked, looking at me.

"Yeah, but I'll take it slowly." I answered him.

I left and packed up new clothes into my luggage for tomorrow. As I rested my head on my pillow, I thought, what is going to happen tomorrow


A/N: Sooooooooooo, yeahh...... Should Harry find out sooner or later???

*As always, Thanks for reading :)

~Much love xoxo~



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