i love you mabey

Emily is a 15 year old girl she gets one the wronge plain on the way to her grandmas house for christmas and she runs into someone unusal will she ever be able to get home


2. where am i?

i got off the plaine with only me and my purse. the only things in my purse were 200$ wich i have been saving for the trip. i was trampeld and i hurt my ankle and landed on someone with his hood up and dark sunglasses i landed right on top of him he ad ocean blue eyes to die for his hoodie whent back he had bleech blonde hair i was stareing but then he said excuse me can you get off me i tried to get up but my ankel hurt and i fell back down right bake one top of him then he said do you need help? yes so he rolled me over on my back and he got up and tried to help me up but i fell on my butt he said were going to the hospital and picked me up bride style he put me in his car the LATER the doctor said its brocken and i had to get a boot so i got my boot on and he handed me crutches and said ill be right back me and the boy sat there for a moment then he said sorry love i didt catch your name i said emily then he said im niall   

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