i love you mabey

Emily is a 15 year old girl she gets one the wronge plain on the way to her grandmas house for christmas and she runs into someone unusal will she ever be able to get home


5. what am i supose to say?????

I love you too i said he closed his eyes and sterted to lean in i was like hes goona do is then he kissed me it was magical he let go of the kiss his eyes sparkeld and glimed. now that i got ahold of mom and dad they said i could stay for a while because i already starded school. me and niall are living in a 2 bedroom apart ment and we each have our own room and that night after the kiss we slept together and from then on we slept together on my 20th b day niall and his friends zayn liam louis and harry were egnoring me its like it was on pourpous i was like whatev because i was hanging with elonore and daniell at the mall and when we got back to the apartment and every body yelled supries and i was so exited i ran right to niall and he picked me up and said happy birth day and then after talking with every body niall said i have to make a toast to Emily he said i love you and he got down on one knee and said will you marry me and i screamed yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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