i love you mabey

Emily is a 15 year old girl she gets one the wronge plain on the way to her grandmas house for christmas and she runs into someone unusal will she ever be able to get home


4. love at first sight?

when niall got home i was sitting on the couch talking with julie. nialls POV when i got to the airport there was nobody there exept one guy sitting on a bench and i yelled george he turned around and it wast him so i called him and said where are you and he said im at my girlfriends house because you didt pick me up so she came insted  WHERE WERE YOU he yelled im sorry i met this girl and she needed to go to the hospital because she broke her ankel well you could of called he yelled again well im sorry bye bye Emilys POV: well yes my phone was in the suit case and my mom doest have a cell phone only my dad and i cant remember it. julie: oh im so sorry to hear that. oh its ok im just happy i found niall and of course you or id probably be living on the streets then niall walked in with a stressed look on his face and said im going to bed yes me to i said ok you can sleep on my bed ill sleep on my fouton in my room ok no ill sleep on the fouton  no he said and ran up the stairs so he could lay on the fouton first so i laid on the bed and i fell asleep. THREE WEEKS LATER Emily i have some thing to tell you ya i sat up on the couch. NIALLS POV: you have to teller ok i said emily ihave something to tell you yes she said well im just gonna get it over with I LOVE YOU.

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