i love you mabey

Emily is a 15 year old girl she gets one the wronge plain on the way to her grandmas house for christmas and she runs into someone unusal will she ever be able to get home


6. i love you so much

i screamed yes and every cheered 6 MONTHS LATER my dress was perfect it was whight with a lace covering the whole thing with a brown belt around the stomach and a bow on the bum with my brown conver sneakers i curled my brown hair with a light brown clip when i walked down the isle nialls eyes sparkeled it was like a big wave went through his eyes when he said i do we kissed passiontly after the wedding we went on our honey moon AFTER HONEY MOON niall i have to tell you some thing ya niall said IM Pshe aREAGNATE WHAT niall yealed really yes ok lets go to the doctor tomorrow ok ok i said im going to go call the lads ill be back ok alrighty i started to dial my mums # she awnserd and screamed whats wronge i yelled and nobody awnserd and someone said i know where you are i screamed into the phone who is this and what do you want i wany you baby and you and im you worstnight mare what did you do with the rest of my family same as your mom good bye see you soon he said i starded crying and niall came runing are you ok i yelled no he said whats wronge there dead i yealled who what and what are you talking about



hope you guys like it read the next book    I'll love you forever ever if you want to read more

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