i love you mabey

Emily is a 15 year old girl she gets one the wronge plain on the way to her grandmas house for christmas and she runs into someone unusal will she ever be able to get home


3. forget something???

well hi niall thanks for every thing ill got to be going now if you dont mind me asking where are you heading well im not really shure what do you mean love well i got on the wronge plaine and i dont have enough money to buy another plaine ticket all the way back to australia. wait you mean you got on the wronge plaine and dont have a place to stay? yes ist that what i just said. well ya but never mind i interupted. well you are more than welcomethen to stay with me if you want. ok shure but as soon as i get enough money to buy another plaine ticket ok. ok he said. finally we pulled up to a big house and he parked his car in the garage he opend the care door for me and helped me out then we went inside and there was atall butiful women making somethingthe smelled soooogood she said hey niall where have you been not even bothering to look up and niall said mom this is emily we met at the air port what happend to your foot love nialls mom asked well i was trampeld by a mob of people trying to catch a cab out side of the air port i sad shyly niall jumped in and said then i brang her to the hospital then nialls mom said are you missing something or SOMEONE oh my gosh i for got george whos george i jumped in my brother niall yelled from the garage be back soon nialls mom call me julie me: ok thanks julie are staying with us loveyes niall invited me because i got on the wronge plaine its a long story julie:well i would love to hear that story sometime.   

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