Same Mistakes

Adilene had a depressing life. Her boyfriend was abusive, her family unappreciated her,and she cut herself to let the pain away. Find out what happens when she meets Zayn, but little did she know that her life was about to change.


10. She Belongs With Her Real Family

I woke up by a loud bang. I quickly went downstairs to see what was going on, without really checking my appearance. I really wasn't surprised, I knew the boys were capable of something like this. I immediately started laughing. The boys had flipped the entire couch over. Under the couch, was Harry struggling to get out. Once I stopped laughing, I helped Harry get out. Harry was sleeping before the boys decided to wake up Harry by flipping the couch. I could tell because he still looked tired, and he wasn't laughing. After a moment of awkward silence, Harry blasted out laughing at the top of his lungs. All of us did the same, we struggled for breath, and our cheeks were tomato red. Zayn came up behind me, and gave me a big hug, with a, "Good morning lovely". All the boys marched of to the kitchen. I completely forgot about my cut and when Zayn hugged me, gripping my wrists, I almost feel to the floor. Zayn saw my expression, and he quickly removed his hands from mine. He was being gentle as he helped me sit down on the couch. I felt a little light headed. I'm not sure why, and I though that the pain was only temporary. Maybe the cut wasn't little like I thought. Right now, I couldn't even see my wrist, I couldn't. I remember reading something, that a cut can kill you if it is deep enough. I stood up a little quick, loosing my balance. Zayn was still next to me, and when he saw me out of balance, he quickly put his hands around my waist, helping me balance. Zayn helped me as we walked towards the kitchen, and as we entered, the boys were sitting quietly, eating left over pizza. I was able to walk now, but I couldn't move my left hand at all. Any movement felt like being in a state of shock. "Do you boys want real breakfast?", I questioned them, seeing they were eating the pizza from yesterday. "Yes please", I heard Niall say in a cheery voice. Zayn helped me make breakfast, while the rest of the boys got the table ready. It startled me seeing how careful Zayn was. It was like he was being extra careful now. Maybe it was because we are together now. I promise to make you happy no matter whatThe words fit perfectly now. Zayn said he will keep me happy, in every way. It made me happy just thinking that Zayn can be counted on,in good, and bad times.

Zayn's POV

I was a little worried when I saw that my hug hurt Adilene. I didn't mean to hurt her, and besides, we both forgot about the cut. I saw she was a little drowsy, so I helped her sit down for a moment. After a few minutes, Adilene stood up a little too quick, and she lost her balance. Without time to think, I quickly stood up and put my arms around Adilene's waist, hoping she would have more balance. She started walking, so I followed her lead. She was walking fine now, so I left go of her as we entered the kitchen. She asked the boys if they wanted real breakfast, and not a surprised, Niall was the first one to shout a big yes. I helped Adilene make breakfast as the boys cleared the table. I was being extra careful because I don't want Adilene getting hurt anymore. I was being protective, maybe a little too protective, but for one reason. I love Adilene,and I can't risk getting her hurt. Adilene would have fun meeting her new family, and maybe, she could meet new girl friends, which are Liam's girlfriend and Louis' girlfriend. I'm sure Adilene would get along very well with Danielle and Eleanor. After we finished breakfast, Adilene wanted to go for a walk to get some fresh air. The boys were fine with it, so after we left, I promised we would be back early. If I known what would've happened, I would've never let Adilene out, for her safety.

Adilenes POV

After a good breakfast, we went for a walk. The boys wanted to stay inside, and I just needed some fresh air so Zayn accompanied me for a walk. We didn't walk that far, and the whether was warm. The fresh air felt good. Inside, I felt drowsy and out of breath. At this point, I was thinking that my wound was the cause. If only I had known what would've happened, I might have never left Zayn's flat.

Adilenes Dad POV

How could she leave? Why would she leave? Adilene had escaped from home. I've been looking for her day's and night's. I could care less about her, I just want her home with no way out, trapped. Besides, she's just a waste of air. There was no sign of her, nothing until yesterday morning. I woke up, and went downstairs to check the mail. I saw the cover of the newspaper and there she was. Pretending to be happy with some guy I've never seen before, as I read, his name is Zayn. It disgusted me seeing her so happy. It always did. Ever since she was born, all she has done is interfere with me and my wife. She wasn't meant to be alive. I wanted her mother to abort, but she never did. When Adilene was born, none of us wanted to see her. As Adilene grew up, she became a brat, and I would hit her. I enjoyed seeing her suffer, I still do. That's why I would go look for her, now that I know where she is.

I didn't have to look too far. It was easy to find Adilene. I was riding my car around town, and I spotted Adilene with Zayn. I quickly pulled over and parked the car. Adilene must have noticed the car because she had a hopeless look on her face. I got out of the car, and as I walked over, I saw Adilene talking to the guy next to her. She must've told him who I was because he gave me a dirty look. He positioned himself like he was about to fight a dog. I know that there's no need to fight with him. I could easily take Adilene, and hurt this guy next to her. "What do you want?", said Zayn aggressively. "Woah, easy there. I just want to take Adilene home, that's all". "I don't want to go with you!", I heard Adilene say as she tucked her head in Zayn's arms.

This was getting a little frustrating. I know Adilene misses her old home. I stepped a few feet closer. As I grabbed Adilenes arm, Zayn pulled her back. "What do you want? I will give you anything you want, but leave Adilene alone!", Zayn asked me a very interesting question. I want Adilene, home, suffering. But after all, she was worthless, a piece of trash. "I want money, but there are no promises I won't come back looking for Adilene". "It's deal or no deal", Zayn was a smart one, not smart enough to keep Adilene though. Why would anyone waste their time on Adilene? "Fine", was the only thing I said. Zayn took out his wallet and gave me two grand to leave Adilene alone. "Don't you dare come looking for Adilene again!", Zayn said as I walked away from them. I was content with the money, and I don't care how well Zayn treats Adilene. I'm just glad I got a reward for leaving Adilene alone. Finally, something payed off.

Adilene's POV

I was almost positive that the person a few feet away from me was my so called dad. Why did he want me back with them? They never cared anyway. I was almost shocked when I saw him a few minutes back. If it wasn't for Zayn, I would've probably been in the arms of someone who mistreated me years ago. I felt the pain of the times back when he used to hit me. I remembered that my "family" was the whole reason I have this cruel memory in my wrist. But the cut was something more than a  cruel memory. It was the begginging of when I met Zayn. It seemed almost impossible that it was just 2 weeks ago. We walked back to Zayn's flat, and I couldn't part from Zayn's arms. I know I am safe next to him. I always will.

Zayn's POV

How could Adilene's father be this cruel? To him, Adilene is worthless, you can just tell by the look he had given her. We walked back to my flat, and Adilene couldn't leave my arms. I don't want her to, I want us to be like this forever. I heard her sob a little, and all I could think of was to keep hugging her. As we entered the flat, the boys were playing with the game system in the living room. "Hello!", they said at the same time. "Are you okay Adilene?", Liam asked. Adilene just nodded her head with a smile. How was I supposed to explain Adilene's story to the boys? I'm sure Adilene doesn't want to tell them, maybe I could, it would be risky though. It was almost 2:00 p.m., so maybe Liam and Louis could invite Danielle and Eleanor to calm down Adilene's nerves. While Liam and Louis called their girlfriends, Adilene was a little more relaxed. She was playing with Harry and Niall the Xbox. I was a little concerned because Harry is the flirty type of guy, and if he liked someone, he wouldn't skip the chance. I know Adilene wouldn't change her mind, would she? 

Adilene's POV

I have hanged out with the boys for about two hours now, and they are very nice. They also have a crazy side that I love. Harry, in particular had been trying to flirt, but I'm not so much of the flirty type, so I tried to get closer to Zayn. Liam is very respectful, and he also has a crazy side which has cautiousness to it. Niall can be very carefree, he is the one who always starts something exiting at times. Louis is very crazy too, and he's not afraid to talk his mind. After about an hour or so, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it, and I saw two beautiful girls standing in front of me. "Hello!", both of them said very sweetly."Hey!", I said as I welcomed them inside. Liam and Louis must've heard because they stopped playing and rushed to see who was in the door. "Adilene, I'd like you to meet Danielle, she's my girlfriend", Liam said, and me and Danielle shaked hands. "Adilene, I'd also like you to meet Eleanor, my girlfriend", Louis said, and then again, me and Eleanor shaked hands. The rest of the boys welcomed Danielle and Eleanor, once they were done, we went to the kitchen to have some tea, and have a conversation. They were both beautiful girls, and as we talked longer, the more I got to meet them. They were like sisters to me, because I've never had a sister, and they treated me like Zayn did, with caution and respect. The boys treated me like their sister, and it all fit perfectly like an inseparable family. We spent the rest of the night talking, and drinking tea. It was getting late now, and we were all tired. Everyone slept in their own room except for Eleanor and Danielle who slept with Louis and Liam in their own bedrooms. Before we went to sleep, Zayn sat down next to me, checked my arm were the wound was, and he apologized for the hug in the morning. I was going to reply that everything is fine, but before I could, Zayn gave me a warm hug, and as he separated, he held my chin in his right hand. In a slow motion, Zayn closed in to give me a kiss that felt very sweet. This was the third time he kissed me, and I never want out lips to part every time his lips are close to mine. We went to sleep, and as we cuddled in each others arms, he whispered in my ear "I love you", sending me to sleep in a warm slumber of fairytale dreams.     

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