Same Mistakes

Adilene had a depressing life. Her boyfriend was abusive, her family unappreciated her,and she cut herself to let the pain away. Find out what happens when she meets Zayn, but little did she know that her life was about to change.


9. New Family

Zayn's POV

What happened? I was leaving Adilene's room, and out of nowhere, she asked me if I could stay the night. This is not a dream. I feel really happy that I'm going to be with her for the night. I wouldn't do anything bad to her, I wouldn't hurt her in any way. I just nodded my head, a little shyly, because I had no words. I cuddled up next to her, and hugged her small body next to mine. I heard her drift off to sleep, her soothing voice that filled me with joy. Tomorrow would be something different. I want to ask Adilene out, and hang out with the boys as a celebration. I hope she won't reject me, and that Adilene would be confident with the boys around her. I want her to feel like me and the boys are her long lost family. I though of how tomorrow will be, but sleep got the best of me. I drifted of to sleep next to Adilene, hoping tomorrow will be a new future for her.

Adilene's POV

I woke up early, so I decided to make some breakfast. I showered, made breakfast, and checked the mail. I was flipping through the newspaper, and something caught my eye. It was a picture of me and Zayn walking around the city. Apparently, the paparazzi had gotten a few shots and published them. The title and headline said:

Zayn with mystery girl

We caught Zayn Malik, and a mysterious girl walking around town. They seemed to be really happy close to each other, and it looked like they were enjoying each others company. They stopped at a few places to chat and enjoy some dinner. Do you think that "Dj Malik" has found a new girl to be with? Did you get a glimpse of the mystery girl?

I stopped and looked at some of the pictures were me and Zayn were holding hands. I don't want the fans and the press to think that me and Zayn were dating. I wouldn't mind if we were, he's a special lad. But that's the problem.Why would Zayn Malik, from One Direction, be with an invisible girl. I am taking a chance to be with him, because I love him, but sometimes I'm too scared that he could be taken away, and find someone more interesting to meet his level. What had happened at the lake 2 day's ago was something special that would always be in my memories. But memories fade, and so does the time. Zayn woke up right around when I finished reading the article.

"Good morning, Zayn", I said with a wide smile.

"Good morning Adilene", Zayn said smiled back with the smile that I loved the most, the tongue smile. Something about that smile just made my day. His bright eyes made me even weaker than I was. "Do you have something planned for today?", I asked him hoping he would say that there are no meetings, or work-like things he would do. "Well, actually I do. I was hoping that you and I could go to the park, and hopefully, you might meet the boys today", Zayn said as he chewed on a piece of strawberry from his plate of waffles. "Oh, and by the way, thanks for the breakfast, it looks delicious. Shall we eat?", Zayn was really happy today, he sounded cheery as he complimented me on breakfast. "That's nice. I can't wait to meet the boys.", I responded back to him only the truth. I couldn't wait to go to the park, and meet Zayn's friends. We talked about them a couple of times, and they seemed like really nice-crazy lads. Yep! Crazy. Zayn told me that they can be carefree, and fun to hang out with. Sometimes they can get carried away, and pull pranks on each other. I though it would be fun to meet new friends, so I won't be alone the time Zayn is away on meetings. I sat down next to Zayn, and we both enjoyed a good breakfast together. This time, it wasn't burned.

After breakfast, I got dressed in and I really like the outfit. After Zayn got ready, which was 30 minutes or so, we went to the park. Boy, did Zayn really like his reflection. As we drove to the park, I remembered when we visited the park next to the lake. It was a memory I would never forget. The laughter, the water, the swings, but most of all, the kiss. When we arrived, it wasn't like the park we had been to. This time the park had a little shelter, and there were more flowers blooming. I noticed that inside the shelter, was a small table. Probably for two. I blushed a little, maybe because this all seemed...suspicious. I had many questions going trough my mind. Like, Why would Zayn bring me here? Or the fact that Zayn was looking a little nervous. We walked over to the shelter, and I looked around to see if any paparazzi showed up. Nothing, no paparazzi. There were people enjoying their time. It all seemed happy and normal, like my life was meant to be like this. From now on, it did. As we walked closer to the shelter, there was a better view of what was inside. There was a table for two, but I smiled when I saw the rose that was in the middle of the table. It looked almost like the one Zayn had given me yesterday, I think it is, now that I don't remember were I left it. There were also lots of rose pedals on the floor. Zayn and I sat down. We were talking about meeting the boys later on, and he told me that if we ate later with the boys, to never grab food from Niall's plate. I asked why and he told me that Niall takes his food serious. I thought that someone who takes his food serious is just as weird as Zayn's obsession with reflective things. But hey, that's the type of world we live in, crazy and weird. It was about 30 minutes later on that we were changing the subject. We were discussing about the past. Zayn already knew my past, which I didn't want to review. I asked him questions about how his audition changed his life and how he got to make a second family with the boys. He gave me really good answers, like how he appreciated the support they get from fans, and that the boys were like his brothers, since he didn't have any. As we talked, Zayn looked even more tense, but I thought it was because I asked too many questions. A few minutes later, I knew why.

Zayn's POV

This was it. This would be the time I would ask Adilene out. I got more tense as minute by minute passed. I hope I don't get rejected, it would ruin our friendship and besides, we were like best friends now. After this, I hope we still get to be friends, or maybe even close friends if what I had planned would go right. I love Adilene with my heart, and I want us to be together no matter what happens. Silence was in the air, and at that moment I knew exactly what I had to ask.

"Erm...Adilene, I been meaning to ask you something. I-I want to, um maybe, ask you if, erm, will you like to go out with me?", I said it. The words got trapped, but I had said it. Adilene looked very surprised, and maybe uncertain. I waited for the answer, hoping it would be a yes.

Adilene's POV

Zayn had asked me out. No wonder he was acting all nervous. I wanted to say yes, but my words got trapped. Instead I sat there in the silence. I blinked hoping this was all a  dream yet again. "Zayn...I, I do!", I said it. I been waiting for this moment, but if only I had know it would make things different. I didn't know what would happen in the future would be...almost the end of me. Zayn looked really happy. He widely smiled and I did too. I am happy being next to him, and by the looks of it, he was too. He held my hands, not tightly, but warm and caring. I knew that this was not a mistake, not a thing.

Zayn's POV

YES! Adilene had said yes. I am really thrilled. I hope that me and Adilene get to have a great future together. She doesn't know how happy she made me. A simple word like a yes, can change someones future, in a positive, and negative way. I wanted the boys to meet Adilene today, and she will, I was just too excited to even think now.

Adilene's POV

Zayn still had that glow in his eye, I'm positive I did too because I was still blushing even though it was a few minutes ago."Thank's Adilene.", Zayn told me. I wondered why, so I asked him. "Why Zayn?". "Because, Adilene. Because you don't know how happy you've made me. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now. I promise to make you happy no matter what." I felt tears coming, so before I sobbed, I told him,"Zayn, you've already made me happy. Being next to you is a gift. I'm glad I found someone like you." I looked down so he wouldn't see me cry, but he did and he gave me a hug. I wasn't crying because I was upset, I was crying because of joy, and the love that I was getting. It felt nice to have someone care about you, and it felt nice to know that someone loved you for who you are, not because they pretend and try to change you. After eating a small meal, we went to meet the boys. Zayn had called them all to meet him back at our place, and in about 20 minutes we were already there. We walked inside Zayn's flat, and the first thing I noticed was the sound and the smell. It sounded like a war, and the smell was something burned. I was right about the war, all 4 boys were having a pillow fight, and the burned smell was coming from the kitchen.

"Hello!", the boys said as they rushed to where me and Zayn were standing. I thought that we were going to crash but Zayn stopped the boys just in time. "Oh , sorry", said, I think, named Liam. "Alright, boys, I like you to meet Adilene. She is um.. my girlfriend.", said Zayn. "Woooo", I heard a curly boy say, and I believe his name was Harry. I blushed and so did Zayn. I shaked hands with the boys and went to the living room. Everyone sat down, except for me. I was still concerned about the smell, so I asked the boys if something burned. The blonde one, I think his name is Niall said,"We tried making pizza in the oven, but it didn't work.", I laughed a bit, and I walked over to the kitchen to see another piece of food getting burned. If this continued, we would have the whole house burned half way through the year. I came back to the living room, and all the boys stared at me as I sat next to Zayn. They looked curious, wanting to know about me. I thought that Zayn already had told them my past, but they asked me questions about my past. I was a little... sad to talk about it, and Zayn knew it, so he interrupted in one of the question asking if we were hungry. Niall shouted a big yes, so we ordered 5 boxes of pizza. I wondered why we ordered so many, but after they arrived, I knew why. Niall really did like food, I could tell because he ate 1 and a half boxes himself. I really wasn't hungry, so I just ate 2. I stared at each of the boys. Harry had curly hair, and green eyes. Liam had brown eyes, and light brown hair. Niall had blonde hair, he claimed it was brown before he dyed it, and light blue eyes. Louis had a mixture of blue and green eyes with light brown hair. I kind of got the names already, and their appearances. I also knew that 2 boys, Louis and Liam were already dating girls. I was interesting in learning more about them, I needed to meet new girl friends. Tomorrow, I would find out how crazy the boys can be. I was already tired so I showered again, and I changed into my Pj's. The boys were downstairs still talking and laughing. We were all going to sleep now, and each slept in their own room. Zayn took a shower and came to sleep. We slept together again, and as I slept cuddled in Zayn's arms, I thought about my new life, and how it completely changed the day I met Zayn. At this moment, I wouldn't want a thing changed in my life. 



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