Same Mistakes

Adilene had a depressing life. Her boyfriend was abusive, her family unappreciated her,and she cut herself to let the pain away. Find out what happens when she meets Zayn, but little did she know that her life was about to change.


5. New Beginning

Zayn's POV

I can't believe Adilene doesn't know how much she's worth. She's beautiful, the way her black hair falls down her shoulders, her brown mixed with hazel gleaming eyes, her soft pink lips, everything. I can't believe people were blind enough to not recognize her beautiful personality. When I saw her cut in her hand, I felt like kicking the people who caused her to do this. We just met a few hours ago, but I feel like we've know each other for years. It's like we were connected in a deep level. I've never felt this way about someone, except when me and Perrie were dating. I don't like seeing Adilene hurt, so I'm going to try my best to make her happy anyway possible, no matter what the cost. We were near my flat, and I want to make sure she feels comfortable. The boys lived near my flat, and when Adilene felt secure around different people, I would introduce her to my mates. When I held Adilene's hand, I couldn't help but think of how much pain she was going through, and I needed to help her. Now that she will stay at my flat, I will try anything to make her mine. I can't bare see Adilene with someone else but me, and I will keep her safe by my side. I can't let her go. 

 Adilene's POV

What I felt for Zayn was real. On the car ride to his flat, I thought about his words, and his actions. I really love him, but I'm afraid to love. I know that sooner or later he would forget about me and move on, especially the thought that I would be leaving until I recover. I don't know when I will recover, but I know that it will be soon, and I wouldn't have anyone by my side then. Anyways, I had a slight chance of being more than friends, because I know that with all the fame, Zayn would find someone who didn't worry him with problems, or someone who didn't have a life like mine. We arrived at his flat in about 30 minutes, it looked beautiful on the outside as well as in the inside. Surprisingly, no fans were around, just different houses surrounded his flat. Zayn said,"Let me show you around" with the cute/strong accent of his. I basically loved it. He showed me about 8 rooms and 2 living rooms, and where the washroom was located. Everything was big, I was flabbergasted at how the inside looked mainly. There were some paintings around the walls, and the small details like the curtains. This is a really lovely flat. Nothing compared to my old house, but I guess it's a new beginning far away from the past. Everything was behind me now, except for the cruel memories, like the deep cut, or the loneliness that filled me. Everything changed when I met Zayn, suddenly, all the memories, the pain, life itself disappeared like the pain in me never existed. I am thankful that I met Zayn, now, when I needed someone the most. After all of this, I would've never thought my life would change completely after this day. 


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