Same Mistakes

Adilene had a depressing life. Her boyfriend was abusive, her family unappreciated her,and she cut herself to let the pain away. Find out what happens when she meets Zayn, but little did she know that her life was about to change.


6. Moving In

Zayn's POV

I showed Adilene around, I giggled at her expression every time we stepped into a new room , living room, or washroom. I was being shy, like usual, and kept showing her around. It was 6:45 p.m. now, and I want to make her feel welcomed, like this was going to be her home, forever. I finished showing her around and asked her,"Hey Adilene, do you have clothes to change for tomorrow?". 'Tomorrow' would be a special day. I am planning on making her feel like she matters, she does, but for me, she would matter the world to me. Adilene replied with a simple "No", but her tone sounded more confused than worried. Of course! Why would I ask that if I knew that she just ran away with nowhere to go? Well, first, I had to show Adilene her room, then I would help her cure the cut. It would be difficult to get Adilene used to the new house, new friends, and new memories, but at the end, she would've forgotten all about her past. That was my main goal right now.

Adilene's POV

My reaction to Zayn's flat was overwhelming. I gasped at every room we entered. I saw Zayn giggle a little after we saw the last room. What Zayn had asked me next was a little shocking, but I was even more confused."Hey Adilene, do you have clothes to change for tomorrow?". I said "No", with a confused tone. I wanted to ask why,but I want it to be a new experience. I supposed that we were going to go to the mall or something, but at this point, I couldn't even move my left hand. I felt really bad pain if I did. I lost a lot of blood, I could tell, but this was my first time cutting myself, and I would've never done it if I knew how it feels now.

"Adilene, come here", Zayn said as he led me into a beautiful blue colored room. The white rug, the gray curtains, the multicolored bed, everything was beautiful. I stood there frozen, with no words. This was fabulous. I remembered that I used to sleep on the cold, uncomfortable couch that was on the basement. This was a new experience. Everything was.

"You will be sleeping here Adilene. Make yourself comfortable. You can decorate the room, or move anything if you want. Just make sure that you call me if you do. I don't want you getting hurt.", Zayn said happily. This was truly amazing. 

"Thank You Zayn! Thanks so much.", I couldn't help but give him a huge tight hug. The hug was warm and loving. I completely fell in love with his scent as we got closer. He smelled like something sweet and fresh. I completely forgot about my cut, and I moved my left arm. I closed my eyes shut trying not to make any signs that my wound hurt bad, but as we pulled apart from the hug, Zayn saw my expression and he looked concerned.

"I'm so sorry Adilene! Come! Let's get you cured fast!".

I followed him downstairs, past the living room, into the washroom. He took out rubbing alcohol, a cotton ball, and a band-aid. It would sting because he was going to use alcohol, and I wouldn't stand the pain. I guess it's all my fault for doing this first, but I'm not even sure if this is how you cure a deep cut.

"This will sting, but try not to move or it will hurt even more, alright? Now close your eyes". I nodded. I heard the liquid, and suddenly, Zayn grabbed my left hand by my palm, and rubbed the cotton ball against my cut. I was in extreme pain! The alcohol burned inside, but Zayn helped by blowing in my wrist, and with that, it felt fresh. I was still in pain, but Zayn rapidly put a band-aid in my wrist.

"Are you alright Adilene?", said Zayn. I said "Yes" with a wide smile.

"Now, would you like to go to a shop to get some clothes for you?".

"Sure Zayn! But you should know that I have money. I really don't want to make you spend money on me."

"But Adilene you", I cut him of by saying, "You already done enough for me. I thank you for what you have done. But I can buy my own clothes, and I will be paying them myself. Please?"

"Alright. But if you need any money, if you're at least 5 dollars short, you have to tell me, and I'll take care of it.", I was relieved. We went to at least 3 different stores and I bought a few clothes and shoes. The most outstanding item that I bought was a red sparkling dress. I really enjoyed spending time with Zayn, and he didn't seem desperate to leave at any moment. We left the store and went back home, where I, for once, had a good night sleep.      

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