Same Mistakes

Adilene had a depressing life. Her boyfriend was abusive, her family unappreciated her,and she cut herself to let the pain away. Find out what happens when she meets Zayn, but little did she know that her life was about to change.


3. I know how you feel

Sure, his charming look captured my eye, but there was something special about him. "You can tell me, I don't bite", I giggle a little, but how was I supposed to tell him what happened? I couldn't possibly tell him my problems because I barely knew him and i don't want him in my troubles."Hmm...I have been going trough a lot lately". After a while, we talked and we got to know each other a little better. The conversation was getting a little more detailed after each question, and I was worried it got to the part were I had to tell him the story of the real me, the real Adilene no one cared about. In the conversation, I could tell he was quieter with a depressed look. I knew that look more than anyone because I experience a lot of pain myself. I broke the awkward silence for a moment and asked,"Why are you upset?" with a concerned tone in my voice."Umm...Can I trust you?", the stranger said."Sure",I replied. Who was I going to tell? No one would care anyways. "Well, I recently broke up with this girl" he added.    "Oh, you dated someone?"                                                                                           "Yeah, she was beautiful, and I really loved her. Things weren't working out well, so we had to break up."                                                                                                      "I'm sorry. I would be upset too if I was in your place. I had gone a lot trough this year, I know how you feel",my voice faded as I said that. I know I was going to tell him the truth sooner or later, so I didn't say a word after that. It was getting late, and the rain had stopped. I looked at the stranger and saw his head was down, along with his expression."So... can you tell me what's your name?". Ah! I was so into the conversation I forgot to tell him my name."Oh, sorry, my name's Adilene". "Adilene hu? What a lovely name. Oh by the way my name's Zayn". We began the conversation again, and this time it was more personal. "Uh, can I ask you why you were crying?".                            "I mean, you don't have to tell me if you don't wanna. I just want to see if there is any way I can help you".                                                                                                   I couldn't leave him wondering why I was crying when we first met, I had to tell him the truth.                                                                                                                   After I told him my story, it felt good to tell someone how I felt. It felt good to know someone cared when they saw you upset, or the feeling you get when someone is concerned about you. I felt bad telling him my problems, and we just met! I saw him tear up when I told him the abuse I got from my boyfriend, and the fact no one cared about me, but it was true, all of it. I didn't dare tell him a lie, because for once, someone showed respect, compassion, and loyalty to me. I heard him sob for a little when he was looking down.                                                                                           "I'm sorry. I thought that I had a tough life, but someone out there has a tougher life than us. I can imagine how you feel now." he said quietly sobbing, but his tone was different, he sounded caring and concerned at the same time.                                        "Uhh..Adilene, can I please see your cut?", this time his tone changed into calm and worrisome. I nodded, trying to pull my white sweater up on my left arm. It hurt, it did, but I couldn't let him know. I saw the big cut starting from my left side of the wrist, making a declined line all the way to my right side of my wrist. I saw his expression and he looked worried. He took my left hand and a tear came to his face all over again."Why are you crying?", I questioned."You can't keep doing this Adeline. I can't bare see anyone I love get hurt". I t startled me he said that. We barely met, and we already had a Best-Friend relationship. At that moment, I couldn't do anything else but look into his eyes and think about  what he said.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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