Same Mistakes

Adilene had a depressing life. Her boyfriend was abusive, her family unappreciated her,and she cut herself to let the pain away. Find out what happens when she meets Zayn, but little did she know that her life was about to change.


8. Everything Will Be Okay

I woke up. I was in my bed. Looking at the clock, it was 3:45 a.m. Thinking of what had happened, I smiled , I couldn't be happier than I was now. I just couldn't get it through my head. Zayn and I kissed. I drifted back to sleep, keeping his memory in my mind. I had a dream. A nightmare, not so much of a dream now that I think of it. In the dream, me and Zayn were together in the same place where we sat in the lake. As I looked closer, it wasn't me who was next to him hugging him. My heart tore as they leaned in to kiss. At that moment, I woke up. In panic, I sat up as I felt tears down my face. Lots of thoughts came trough my mind. Maybe this dream was a sign. A sign that me and Zayn are not supposed to be together. That Zayn still has to find someone who will fill him with love, not depression. As much as I love him, I have to get out of his way, and soon.

Zayn's POV

I just couldn't sleep thinking that Adilene, and I kissed. I have been wanting to kiss her since we met. Her beautiful brown/hazel eyes just made me desperate to kiss and hug her all day. Yesterday was just amazing. After Adilene slept in my arms, I didn't want to wake her up. She was so peaceful and cute when she slept, and that may have sounded weird, but it was true. I drove all the way back to my flat, and when we got there, I carried her bridal-style up to her bedroom. I wanted to sleep the night in, but it was overrated, and I wanted Adilene to know that she could trust me.

Adilene's POV

I woke up, showered, and went downstairs to check on Zayn. He wasn't home but he left a note that said,

"Good morning Adilene. Sorry I couldn't be here, Paul needs us to be there for an important meeting. Also, I'm sorry I couldn't be there to make that yummy burned toast you like, aha. You can help yourself to whatever's in the fridge. I will be back soon. Xx-Zayn :)"

I couldn't wait until Zayn got here. I was pretty bored inside. All I did was watch TV and, clean the house a bit, just in case we got surprise visitors. I didn't know the meeting would take 4 hours, if I did, I would've gone out for a stroll.

~4 hours later

Zayn's POV

I was going back home after the meeting. We received bad news, but the though of Adilene made me happy. I stopped, distracted by the colored roses on a flower & gifts shop. I wanted Adilene to be mine, and like I said before, I would do anything it takes to steal her heart. I bought only 1 rose. It was only 1 but there was a meaning behind it. Adilene told me that her favorite color is red, and that roses were beautiful. I thought about what she had told me, and I knew exactly how to win her over. I would give Adilene a rose everyday, to remind her that she is beautiful. Not only that, but I also wanted to let her know that someone cared about her existence. I didn't care about her existence, I would give my life for her existence. If Adilene was gone, I wouldn't know what to do.

Adilene's POV

My cut was hurting, badly. It slowly started to heal, but with the sand that might've got in, could've infected the cut. If I wanted Zayn to live happy, I had to take care of this before it got even worse. It hurt me to think that I would have to leave Zayn sooner or later. I felt even more pain when I thought of that. It wasn't pain from the cut, but also from my heart. I heard the door open, knocking me out of my thoughts. Zayn had come back! I was so happy to see him again, even though he was away for a few hours.

"Hello love. How are you?", Zayn said as he stepped inside and closed the front door. I loved it when he called me 'love'. I found it cute when he said it with his British accent.

"Good babe. How was your day?", I replied. I was a little mad at myself because I was supposed to avoid Zayn, and instead, I charmed back. I noticed he had something hidden behind his back.

"Fine, you know, there's always work".

"Aha, let your stress out. Come, I made dinner for both of us".

"Before we go, I want to give you something". He gave me what was hidden behind him, and a beautiful, red rose was waiting to be received. I took the rose, and smelled it. It smelled fresh and sweet. I gave him a hug, and thanked him.

"You don't have to thank me Adilene. I want you to know that you are beautiful, like this rose. I want you to know that I care about you.". I was going into tears knowing that someone cared about me this much. It made me feel special in a way. Any girl would be lucky to have him, even as a friend.

"Everything will be alright Adilene, don't worry". Zayn hugged me as he saw a tear form in my eyes. I quickly wiped it away and smiled. 

"Come, let's go have dinner, or else it will get cold". I stood up, and had dinner with Zayn. I put the rose in a vase, and filled it mid-way with cold water. I set it in the middle of the table, and I gotta admit, I have to take this chance with Zayn. After a few minutes of talking with Zayn, my dream faded away. With his words of loyalty, I felt safe, like the dream was non-existent. It never was anyway. When we finished dinner, we watched comedic/romantic movies. I was about to sleep in the middle of the 3rd movie we watched, but Zayn asked me if I was going to sleep. I nodded, half awake and went upstairs to my bedroom. Zayn accompanied me and asked me if I needed anything. I said,"No, thanks". As Zayn walked out I asked him something I never asked before.

"Zayn, can you accompany me tonight?". Zayn looked a little shocked, as if I wasn't shocked too. What was I thinking? It was too late to tell him off now, but I did want him to stay with me. I knew it inside. Zayn nodded, a little shy but went for it. I knew Zayn would not try anything funny, I trusted him. We cuddled, and slept peacefully. Nothing happened, I wasn't expecting anything to happen anyways. I was just happy that I got to be with Zayn for the night. I didn't want him to leave me. I loved him more than anyone else, I just wanted this moment to last. In that moment, I knew that Zayn will keep me safe, and that everything will be alright, next to him. 



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