Same Mistakes

Adilene had a depressing life. Her boyfriend was abusive, her family unappreciated her,and she cut herself to let the pain away. Find out what happens when she meets Zayn, but little did she know that her life was about to change.


7. Beautiful Evening

I woke up by the sound  of birds singing, and the smell of...pancakes? I took a shower, got dressed in new clothes, and shoes, from shopping yesterday. I wore a pair of black skinny jeans, a white shirt, and my black vans. I went downstairs, and I saw Zayn making pancakes. I giggled a little at how he was struggling to flip the pancake. With that, he saw me, and he said,"Do you want some burned pancakes?", he giggled with the cutest smile.

"You burned the pancakes?", we both laughed it off, and had burned pancakes with some tea.

Zayn's POV

I woke up extra early this morning. I don't like waking up early, but the thought of Adilene being happy, I didn't care. I tried making pancakes, following the recipe, but somehow, they ended up burned. To make breakfast seem more like..breakfast, I made some tea. I heard Adilene giggle from the bottom of the stairs. I was trying to flip the pancake, but I really was struggling."Do you want some burned pancakes?", I giggled with a smile to make things look a little less awkward. Adilene looked a little surprised and said,"You burned the pancakes?", we laughed it off, and ate...sorta breakfast. I was planning to make this day a welcoming, and a beautiful evening for Adilene.

Adilene's POV

We finished eating breakfast. It was good, it's just that the pancakes were a little burned. Who could blame him? The poor guy was struggling. I washed the dishes with Zayn. It was quite funny. We turned on the radio and danced to the tunes. Zayn danced pretty good. On the other hand, there I was, dancing like an idiot. When we finished, Zayn asked me where I wanted to go today. It was nice outside, slight breezes, neutral sun rays, it was perfect today. I was thinking for a couple of minutes, and I just suggested for a walk. I was a little frightened because I kept asking myself what would happen if my parents or Miguel found me. I didn't want to worry Zayn, so I hid my emotions. We walked around the town for about 2 hours. I was a little tired already, but the view was breath taking. Zayn knew almost the entire town, it was a small town, but it was beautiful. After, we went to get lunch in a restaurant nearby. They had some tables outside, and I suggested if we can stay outside and eat. Zayn didn't have a problem with that, so we spent an hour talking, and eating lunch. When we finished, we kept walking. This time, we went back home, I didn't ask why, I had fun anyway. When we got home, Zayn asked me a question I wish I knew the answer to. I was just so curious. 

Zayn's POV

"Hey Adilene! Do you remember the red dress you bought yesterday?", Adilene replied with a confused "Yes".

"Good. Adilene, I don't want to give too much away, but I do need you to get dressed for this. All I can tell you is that I want to take you somewhere special".

Adilene's POV

I wasn't sure why Zayn wanted me to get dressed in the red dress. I didn't mind, but the curiosity got the best of me. All I know is that where he is going to take me, will be somewhere special.

"Uhh.. Okay. Can you please give me a few minutes to change?", I questioned.

"Oh, sure!", said Zayn without hesitation. I got out the red dress that looked like this and added some black sandals to complete the outfit. I kept the makeup neutral because I don't like wearing much makeup. I let my curly black hair fall down my shoulders, and in no time I was downstairs looking at Zayn. His eyes were just gorgeous. He looked at me like he was staring right at the moon. He smiled widely and told me, "Wow, Adilene, you look.... beautiful". I blushed and my cheeks turned bright red. I noticed he had also changed in different clothes. He was wearing beige pants with a white shirt. "Same for you Mr.Malik", I looked down and blushed yet again.

"Let's Go!", Zayn said as we headed towards his car. During the ride, Zayn kept staring at me with his beautiful Hazel eyes when the stop lights turned red. I stared back when he was focused on the road. I was so lucky to even have met him. If we never met, I would be lost, and probably now, I would've been caught by Miguel. This was all a dream. I couldn't have possible met a celebrity. I can't believe I met someone like Zayn. He was beautiful, inside and out. After riding for about what felt like an hour Zayn said,"Hey Adilene, look!"

I looked out my side of the window, as my eyes widened. I saw a small park, and a few feet away from the park, was the lake. Zayn parked the car, got out, and opened the door for me. The charm was too much for me, and all I could do was smile widely so he could see how happy I was. Zayn said,"Lets go to the park Adilene!". I nodded, because the words couldn't get out of me. I tried to say yes, but my mouth only opened from amazement. We sat in the swung back and forth in the swings. All I could do, was giggle and smile at how beautiful the place was. An Ice cream truck passed and Zayn asked me if I wanted any Ice cream. I said,"Haha, okay, umm, you order for me. I don't know what I should order." Zayn nodded his head to his sides, making a pout in his expression. Zayn got vanilla Ice cream, and he ordered me the same, but with nuts. It was actually pretty good. The time passed by, but we swung in the swings enjoying our conversation. Nothing personal, just plans for the future and whatnot. The sun was almost down, and I looked at the beautiful water.

"Race you there?", said Zayn. I assumed he wanted to race me into the lake, so I got up, took my shoes off, and started runnning."See if you can catch me!". I wanted to have some fun while the world was invisible to me, like me and Zayn were the only ones there. Actually we were, now that I looked back to see where Zayn was at. He was right behind me! I started runnning really fast until I reached the water. He caught up, and got my waist. He turned my body to face his, and he grabbed my hands.

"Caught you! Now it's your turn to catch up!" Zayn said with a really excited tone. Wait! My turn to catch up? Before I could ask myself what he meant with that, he gripped my hands tight and started swinging me. My feet were hovering on top of the water by now. "Whhhhhhhhhoooooooo!", I yelled out while Zayn was swinging me super fast. He let me fall in the water, and he fell himself too. Before I knew it, he was throwing water at me. I threw water back at him and we ran further and further into the water. The water was getting close to my waist now, so I ran back from the water to shore. Zayn caught up yet again, and this time he took me by surprise, by holding my hand as we ran off the waves. I didn't mind. His hand felt soft against my own. We sat on the sand, and watched the sun go down as the moon rose up. The moon was really bright, calm, just like Zayn's eyes when they showed sympathy or love. I looked at Zayn, and noticed he was staring at me too. Zayn got close to me, and gave me the smoothest kiss I ever had. We parted our lips at the same time, and we just kept smiling at each other. I felt his hand grip to my waist, hugging me. I felt special, with no words actually. I just thought of this special moment, here with the love of my heart.        


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