The Story of my Life

Catha POV

We are normal High Society Girls that because of our parents work we moved with when we were 3 to New York, were we met and became very good friends. Our friendship is very hard to find, our whole class is very respected around the world, and we are always together since we were 3 years old. We are all very close, but everything changes with a simple phone call....


4. Why do I always get unknown phone calls?


Catha POV - June 14

( Manu`s House - )

We went all to Manu`s house that night, when we got there all our parents knew what had happened. We talked in how mysterious this was and cried. On the other day it was on the news. We were eating breakfast, when “Quelqu'un M'A Dit" started playing.

-Aren`t you going to get it?- Luana asked

Maybe - I answered It might be important - Valen said Okay  Dam it why do I always receive unknown phone calls? - I said quiet but loud enough so they could hear

*Phone Call*

Stranger: Hi! Who`s talking?

Me: Hello, Who do I talk to?

Stranger: I asked first, who is it?

Me: I get the unknown call I think I get to know who calls

Stranger: Okay, It`s Louis

Me: Hey Louis it`s Catharina

Stranger: Catharina what?

Me: Louis what?

Stranger: Now you answer first

Me: Ok, Catharina Chanel Freitas and you?

Stranger: Louis William Tomlinson

Me: Hmm your in a band right?

Stranger: Yes! One Direction, and you are a fan!

Me: Maybe, and I don`t believe its you!

Stranger: I followed you on your both twitter accounts, asked to be your friend on Facebook, and on Skype

Me: Let me check my twitter.... Okay seems legit, tell me Louis why do you call and how did you get my number?

Louis: I have been stalking you for the past few months, and by the way sorry for your friend.

Me: You are the stalker master from doncaster not the swag master.. thanks its hard to believe one day she was with us and another she left

Louis: HA your a fan of the band, and I`m sorry again

Me: Ok I know the musics, and some things about the band

Louis: yay

Me: Ok but why do you call?!!?!?!

Louis: I am your brother!!!


Louis: I discovered I have another sister and I have been searching this for the past few months, and discovered its you!!

Me: How!?!?! I mean you are older than me, and its the same mother and father as Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy and Phoebe, and I have already made DNA tests with my mom

Louis: yeah I am 5 years older than you

Me: But how??

Louis: My father and mother had broken up for a few years because they were to young to marry, and your mother met my father in a bar and they kissed and had sex, but your mother did take the pills and my dad didn`t use a condom so you were created!!

Me: Okay so I am your sister, and Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe and daisies, sister. And thanks for the details but I think I didn`t need them.

Louis: I want to meet you, I have already bought tickets for you to come to London, you are staying 2 weeks with us, and your flying in 4 days your tickets are in the mail that must get to your house today.

Me: thanks but, I have friends school and family here

Louis: But you have to come please!! Its only 2 weeks plus we really want to meet you, and my mum already loves you even thought she is not your mum! Please!!

Me: Okay, I guess staying 2 weeks in london will help me, with all this stuff going on! Kisses, really would help having your phone number

Louis: Oh yeah I`ll DM you my number

Me: Bye big brother

Louis: Bye lil sister

*End of Call*

What the fuck was that? - Manu asked Louis Tomlinson is my new big brother Hun? - They all said hahaha He discovered he had a sister so he made some research, and the doctors discovered I was his sister so, he has been stalking me  And how do you know its him? - Luisa asked suspicious He followed me on tt, aded me on Fb, and Skype. Hmmm - Luana said while checking if he was the real Tommo - Yeah, seems legit OH MY GOSH - Manu said after checking too  WHAT HAPPENED? WHO DIED?!? - Rafa said waking up with Manu`s shout A TOMMOS IN THE HOUSE!!! -Manu answered Rafa Louis Tomlinson is in your house? - Rafa asked searching around the house not understanding what was going on since she was sleeping No! Better! -Vicky said while hugging me What can be better than an One Direction member in the house? - Rafa asked while getting a sip of Orange Juice Catharina Tomlinson is here!! - Manu finally said Who is Catharina Tomlinson??? - Rafa said still misunderstanding what was happening Well I don`t know maybe me!?!?!  Why? How? You are not Catharina Tomlinson, you are Catharina Chanel - Rafa said I just discovered my mum had sex with Mark Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson`s father Hmmm, I believe you, you guys could have told me before, instead of saying lots of non-sense before ¬¬  Ahh guys, I have something else to say - I said What is the next bomb, and say it quickly though -  Laura said getting tired of a bunch of non-sense I am staying 2 weeks with the Tommo`s - I said fast and quiet  WHAT?!?!? - Gi said Why are you leaving? - Valen said Girls calm down its just for 2 weeks, I guess her “new” family wants to meet her, and she can bring autographed things for us can you? -Vicky said calming everyone down Yeah! It`s only two weeks and I promise I`ll bring you girls autographed things, and someday you will meet them, I mean he is my brother- I said Okay, but we want autographs! -They all said Bye gonna pack, and I want you all to take me to the airport, I`m leaving after Ali`s funeral - I said leaving

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