The Story of my Life

Catha POV

We are normal High Society Girls that because of our parents work we moved with when we were 3 to New York, were we met and became very good friends. Our friendship is very hard to find, our whole class is very respected around the world, and we are always together since we were 3 years old. We are all very close, but everything changes with a simple phone call....


3. She`s Dead


Vicky POV - June 13

So here we are, with 15/16  years old, with our make-up smeared, still crying, going to our friends house to tell her parents she is dead, because she was using drugs. Yeah we are just 11, now 10 normal teenagers. If I am nervous? Of course, does someone even expect me to be calm when I am heading to my friends house to tell her parents she is dead! Ok, here we are at her doorsteps waiting for someone to open the door so they would have the worst news ever.

( Alines house - )


           Hi, girls! What happened to you? Why were you crying? Where is Aline? -  Josephine (Alines mum) said happy and then getting precupied

Yeah - Manu started saying but got interrupted by Oli - Can we get in? 

Sure girls! - Josephine said scared, but happy

Where is James? - Manu said interested 

He`s at his room, go call him! - Josephine said

Can we talk to the whole family?- Manu asked 

Sure I`ll call John, and get a drink girls - Josephine answered going up the stairs

Heyyyyy Gurls!! Long time since we last met - James said as he sit on the sofa next to Manu

Hii girls what brings you here without Aline? - John (Alines father) asked very friendly and happy Soooo  - Laura said

Well we were at the park when Catha received an unknown phone call - Vicky said already starting to cry again

I think Catha should tell, as she was the one who got the phone call - Valen said knowing she was not in conditions on telling it

Okay I`ll tell.... It was a m-man, he passed the phone to Aline and she said shewasgoingtobemurdered -Catha said quickly so it made it easier for her

I beg your pardon, could you repeat that? - James said 

A man was in the other side of the phone he said Aline wanted to talk to me, ans she said she was using drugs, and ran out of money so she couldn`t pay the man and he was going to kill her - Catha said sobbing and making everyone else in the room burst out in tears.

Was this today? -John asked

Y-yeah - Gi said

And s she okay? - Josephine asked still misunderstanding

So she is dead - Oli answered in an “isn`t it obvious” voice

Girls I think you should leave now - Josephine said - Go to your houses and calm down

-Okay thanks for listening to us, and we are all sorry for what happened - Mari answered while we all left the room


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