The Story of my Life

Catha POV

We are normal High Society Girls that because of our parents work we moved with when we were 3 to New York, were we met and became very good friends. Our friendship is very hard to find, our whole class is very respected around the world, and we are always together since we were 3 years old. We are all very close, but everything changes with a simple phone call....


12. She is not dead? June 23


June 23



Ok so I woke up in Catha`s closet. Why? I have no fucking idea why! Let`s discover why. But first, I`ll wake up Logan and Jake. 


“WHAT??? Are we on fire?” He answered sitting up scared “FUCK MY HEAD HURTS AS SHIT!”

“Logan, we are not on fire, take this medicine” I said handing him some medicine for his headache “And c`mon let`s wake up Jake and then discover what the fuck happened yesterday!”

“O.K! But calm down! We don`t want to wake up the rest of the boys, and did you see your brother lately?” He asked me as I was leaving the room

“No, but I don`t give a shit!” I said turning by the door and winking at him

Next up... JAKE! Oh how I love waking him up. Me and Logan got our Stereo, conected it with Logan's` iPhone and put play on a video that we have of Catha shouting “JAKE JAKE WHERE ARE YOU!”.

“CATHA! I`M IN MY ROOM!!!” Then he thought for a bit “ I don`t remember sleeping this much” And that`s when he notices me and Logan beside him holding the stereo and holding ourselves up not to crack up. “Fuck all of you! Seriously why do you always do this to me?!”

“It is so funny, you have no idea how much!” I answered his question laughing at the situation we caused

“Man, how come your head is not exploding?” Logan asked curious, but still laughing 

“I didn`t drink that much” 

“C`mon lets eat something, call Catha and ask what happened yesterday!” I said pulling them towards the kitchen.

After we had our delightful breakfast, we were about to call Catha when the same called Jake.



Jake: What?! 

Catha: Hi Logan, Hi Adam, Hi Laura!!

Lo,Ad,Lau: HII

Catha: Soo yestaurday, you went partying! Laura you hooked up with some guy that come to the bar with some girl IDENTICAL as Ali!

Jake: I knew I saw someone like her but I thought I was dreaming

Catha: Yeah, so you went and hooked up with her.... and Laura that guy after you hooked up with him, went and talked ot some other girl, who later had sex with Logan, having acess to our house. 

Jake: And “Ali” was talking something about Ali, and that she wasn`t really on drugs

Laura: WHAT? So why did Ali die for?

Logan: That`s it! 

Adam: IT WHAT?

Catha: Ali didn`t die at all, she is still alive, you remember it dn`t you Logan?

Lau&Adam: WHAT?!

Logan: That girl, she said something like “She wasn`t even buried, left the Hospital today, hiding scared her “friends” will discover the truth”

Lau,Adam&Jake: FUCK!

Catha: Guys! You`ll have to start investigating this tomorrow, I`ll be back earlier too!! Byee Gotta Go! Stay safe!!

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