The Story of my Life

Catha POV

We are normal High Society Girls that because of our parents work we moved with when we were 3 to New York, were we met and became very good friends. Our friendship is very hard to find, our whole class is very respected around the world, and we are always together since we were 3 years old. We are all very close, but everything changes with a simple phone call....


10. She is not dead? June 21


June 21

This is Peter Jobs. Yes he is Steve Jobs son. He is totally funny. He is the little, chubby-not chubby and very fit indeed- one. He just doesn`t say nothing with nothin. Peter is 16, he was born on october 5, the day his father died too.


Paul loves Lulabus. He was supposed to  “love” his girlfriend/fiancé. Yeah, I said fiancé, his father obligated him. Paul HATES his fiancé, and he never was loyal to her. We all hate her and she is never included in our stuff. Paul is very fun, very dedicated, very good with electronics and hates staying at home, as he has to stand near his finacé.

Mathew, is David Placek son, if you don`t know who David Placek do some search please. Mat is really bossy. If he doesn`t have the thing it`s way he will just not do it. He is the best, an awsome friend, always there for you and can ALWAYS CHEER YOU UP!


 Jorge is  Alan`s driver`s son. Jorge is 17 he was bron on February 25. He has been our friend forever, he is Catha`s best friend they tell each other everything, well we don`t really understand it that much anymore. When Catha was not well he helped her and everything but when she went to Brazil he never talked to her anymore like she was nothing, we don`t know why but Catha continues to tell him everything.Thats something we all want to know. Alan`s parents adopted Jorge so he is actually part of our “family”.

John is very funny. Smiles a lot. Very smart. Used to date Rafa, then she dumped him because she fell for some other guy, that afterwards strangled her heart in various little pieces, and John helped her a lot. We all know he still loves her. His parents got divorsed when they were small and then his mother killed her self. John was supposed to live in his house with his brother and sister, but he stays all the time at Mathews house, and when he is not there we are all together at someones hows, almost always Cathas.

How can I even describe Jake?! He is the stupidest person someone can meet. For him nothing is too serious, and does'`t stay down on front of people. Very happy most days. When we were smaller he used to dislike very much Catha, last year they were dating. Then they broke up. Why? No one knows. Who dumped who? No one knows also. It`s a very big secret we are always trying to solve. Jake does'`t spills his secrets only Catha knows, but he does'`t tells her. Another thing we don`t know why. Jake he is the richest of us all, but is really simple. His mother was burnt with Cathas “dad” they were having an affair as we know, and were burnt while having sex... Jake is a very good friend, and when Catha vanishes (she does that a lot) he just becomes a man whore. He also says he does'`t likes Catha, but everyone knows he is wrong. Vicky already ran away with him, thats why Vicky and Catha are so close. Jake is the best, we all love him, even though he keeps annoying us and insulting us, he is just like some one we know...


Alan is John Law, son. You must be wondering who the fuck is John Law. Well he is one of the Quilksilver founders :). John is 17, January 31 he was born at the same day as Vicky. Alan is that quiet boy who you look and think “wow, look how inocent he is” but no. He is the very oposite of inocent.



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