The Story of my Life

Catha POV

We are normal High Society Girls that because of our parents work we moved with when we were 3 to New York, were we met and became very good friends. Our friendship is very hard to find, our whole class is very respected around the world, and we are always together since we were 3 years old. We are all very close, but everything changes with a simple phone call....


6. Getting to know us better



Vicky POV - June 16

Ok, so I don`t actually have what to say in this point of my life so I`m going to tell more about us.

So me as the Most Responsible one, I am going to talk more about our personalities. But first you should know that we all passed through a rough times, os course always together, and sadly theses times were all together. Luana met the love of her life when she was only 13, and everyone knows it hurts. Catha became an alcoholic.. Manu got pregnant and lost her love. Mari became anorexic and bullemic, because of society pressure. Valen dated a drug user, that used to steel her money. Aline suffered bullying because she was bisexual.  Gi was bipolar, and hiper active. Rafa lost her parents when she was really young and lives alone in her house with only her brothers and her chauffeurs. Laura had a super sexy brother who girls used her to get to him, but he was secretly in love with Mari who also had a crush on him, she also has lots of problems with her parents. Oli had problems controlling her anger, which made her mad with people a lot. Lu had an affair with her sisters fiancées, and her sister was psycotic but her parents couldn`t stand the shame of having a psicotic daughter and faked her death, after 2 years she really died and her parents got depressed her mother killed herself. And me... I have an affair with my science teacher, and he dates my mother.

Luana already explained hers so lets start with Catha. Well Catha, hahaha Catha. She is the most irresponsible person when she has someone to do things for her, but if you left her alone in a city with no one or nothing she would be very responsible. Catha is the one who gets us in more trouble. She definitely doesn't think before she acts. She doesn't take consequences about her acts. She had her whore phase, because she got dumped by her step-fathers son. But they now are really good friends. He dumped her because their parents got married, then she started to only drink and smoke cigarets, she stopped walking with us because she was scared, she had sex with every cute guy who was into her -which was almost every boy-. She was like this for about 4 months, until one day her step-brother Jake was going to the skate rank and saw her there in horrible conditions and making out with some shitty guy. So he got her and helped her, they stayed 5 months in Brazil so she would get better, she came back but he stayed in Brasil  and after 1 year he got into drugs and alcohol and got worst than catha, so they put him in rehab and now he should leave soon. But back to catha. She might give us lots of trouble but she can be as angelical as a feather, she has deep scars in her wrists, and she can fall as a feather two, slowly but deep. But after some hours, days or months she gets over it. Catha's parents are separated, Catha's parents are separated, before Catha was born her mother was married to someone they had 2 sons Edward (19) and William (18), they had two other twin boys Adam (17) and Logan (17), then they got separated, for a reason that no one knows, for 1 year and Catha`s mother went to London and got pregnant of her, then she came back and got back to her 1st husband, then they got divorced when Catha was 10, Catha`s mother than got married again after a year or so, this guy (Robert) had 2 sons, Joseph (19) and Jake (16), her mother and Robert are still together and had 2 twin girls Valentina and Belle (6). Catha now has 5 more siblings, Louis, Charlotte, Felicity, Daisy and Phoebe.

 Manu, Manu. Manu is very cute. Every men with a real conscious sometimes not really used well would want to have Manu for them maybe just for one minute but they would want. She is always up to something. Always discovering new things. Isn't scared of anything. Manu passed through some horrible phase too and sadly it was right after catha`s phase. Manu had a very cute boyfriend, he gave everything to her,he would risk her life for her, and he did it. They were dating for 1 year now and they were celebrating it, and of course just like every other celebration people have sex, but they didn`t wear condom, so she ended obviously getting pregnant. Manu would never opt for abortion or adoption. She would have this kid even if it costed her life. And so she did, she had the baby. When the baby was born Manu almost died, she stayed 5 days unconscious and her boyfriend/ father of her child was really sad. He stayed always with her. One day, coincidentally the day Manu was going to wake up, a guy came to visit her, a very poor guy that wanted her money, and he was going to kill her and the baby but Manu's boyfriend Erick did not let the guy enter the room so he killed Erick and with that sound Manu woke up mysteriously. She says she felt something happened to her beloved. And before he left he appeared in the darkness she was seeing and told her to continue her life, move on, and take care of their twins, that he would always be there with them and take care of her and their twins. The sound of the bullet made the nurses come and call the police, he had only three bullets so he just got to kill Eric and twi nurses. Today Manu still remembers Erick as her soul mate and the boy who saved hers and her babies life, but she is continuing to live life of course after some months crying, right after he died Alines brother came back from intercambio, they started having an affair. Alines brother always helped her with the babies. Manu gives her life for her little baby twins. She didn't give up her teen-age. She goes to parties makes out, has sex, kisses, plays truth or dare, the bottle game, and lots of other things teenagers do. But when she has time she stays for a long time spoiling her two little babies. (  - )

Mari. Azevedo has a older sister, who is the “favorite” of all. Her sister to try and “help” Mari said she was too fat. She kept repeating this over and over again. Mari became anorexic, and bulimic but didn`t tell us. We started noticing that she was too thin, and didn`t eat. One day after we had lunch together we knew something was going on so we decided to follow her home. As soon as she got home she went straight to the bathroom and threw up. We just stood there at her bedroom door waiting for her to get out of the bathroom and explain it too us.


-omg, she has bullemia! - Rafa said shocked

-Girls we have to help her and get answers to why this is happening - Vicky said

-But what if there is no reason, what if she just thinks she is fat- Valen said

Then we get to the conclusion that she is anorexic and bulimic - Manu said Is this even possible- Our blonde, gi, said Of course it is girls, lets just sit here and wait her leave, then we talk to her - Laura said Ok, ok - we all agreed Girls what are you doing here?????? - Azevedo said shocked by seeing us there We want to talk - Oli said We noticed a days ago that you were really thin - Rafa said And didn`t eat a lot - Aline said So we want to ask you what is going wrong - Manu said Sorry girls, I`m sorry. I`m going to tell you but please don`t judge me - Azevedo said We won`t judge you, we came here to support and help you - Vicky said Ok, so my sister the love of the family, said I was too fat, everyone obviously agreed with her and I decided to look up in the internet and the easiest way to loose weight, and is by stop eating and puke every time you eat or drink- Azevedo said So it`s the pressure? The pressure of being perfect? The society pressure?- Catha said as if she was expert on it  Yes, how do you know? - Azevedo said Well, I live with 4 boys in the house, plus my step-fathers 2 sons, all their friends are always at my place and they all keep, judging me saying I`m fat and telling me to get thinner. I thought on doing that. But you know what I did? - Catha asked and everyone did a “no” with their heads- I ignored them, because I knew that my friends, who are the ones I really love more than everything, and most importantly Me, think I am perfect the way I am. But you can`t be too insecure or else THIS happens, you should always think I am thin I am in a good weight, and thats what really counts YOUR opinion is the only one that counts. So please don`t care about what they say.  WOWWW - Manu said - That was inspiring  Really inspiring- Rafa said  Can`t actually believe that YOU said that... I mean its catha, catha never says this she is Fuckin Catha -Oli said making us all laugh

*Flashback off*

After that night, azevedo followed catha thinking, and didn`t do that again. Azevedo looks like a saint, but is totally a rebel. She brings boys home, spends her money like shit, swears a lot, in front of her parents, so maybe they give attention to her but it dosen`t happens. Her parents don`t care if she is dead or alive, they only care about her sister. Nobody knows how the media didn`t get this. She is super stylish, and obviously wears the fucking clothes our parents obligate us to use. Even though just like us prefers some sweat pants. 

Next story, is Valen. Valen used to date this very good looking and fun guy, Daniel. They were the cutest couple ever. But as they met they ended the same way. Valen and Daniel met on a very cold day, we were all at school. He was the new kid, and they asked valen to show him the school. And as a sex and boy addict she was very please. He was a really good boy, we were all friends with him. Valen and Daniel, hooked up in every party, until one day he asked her to be his girlfriend. They dated for 6 months. It was the most peaceful six months we had ever had, because of this we thought something bad was going to happen or was happening. Daniel started missing classes, getting to his dates with Valen late, and Catha and her step brother/ our friend Jake, noticed he got home with red eyes, they decided to follow him and see if they were right. They were in fact right, Daniel was using drugs, but they also discovered he was paying his drugs with Valen's jewelry and money. Valen got seriously depressed,she couldn`t stop crying, lost her voice, stopped eating didn`t leave her house, didn`t even g to school for a week, she didn`t break up with him. We (girls and boys) thought that the best thing for her was that WE broke up with her instead, she didn`t have the conditions, she couldn`t even pick up the phone. So we did it , we broke up with him for her. He stayed a bit sad but he understood, and we also took him to a rehabilitation center so he would get better and even maybe after he got over the drug addiction hook up with her again. Valen stayed a bit mad at us, because she thought she had conditions, but after a week or so she understood that we did what was best for her and we did that because we care for her. Now Valen is one of the strongest girls I know. She is always smiling no matter what, tries not to make us preoccupied, but she what she does'`t understand is that we stayed most of our lives together, we know when others are lying, and she can`t hide it from us. She has a very great humor, very pornographic and some say she only thinks in sex, but we see her as much more than that, we see her as a very sweet open hearted person, who we love and adore the way she is. 

Aline, oh gosh how I already miss her. I never actually thought I`d be losing such a precious friend so early, I think non of us thought we would lose her that way, and I don`t know how Catha didn`t see she was using drugs. Ohh so many questions to be answered, but lets talk about the past, Aline when we were 13 or 14 admitted she was bi-sexual, which means she likes both boys and girls. People these days judge people for everything and are also have lots of prejudice. Lots of people in the school started bulling her because of her choice.The only people there for her were Matthew, Jake, John, Paul, Alan, Jorge, Peter, Me, Rafa, Manu, Gi, Laura, Oli, Valen, Lully, Lu, Catha, Azevedo and her brother. We were the only ones there for her, not even her parents supported her, her parents ignored her at home and asked her to sleep at someone else's house, they got used to it after 2 months.The school stopped the bullying after 5 months. blondeAline was completely over the bullying after 9 months. It was a long period of suffering, for a choice of life. It was a sad period cause we all suffered together, cause we are always together no matter what. Now she is gone forever, and I already miss her, the funeral is tomorrow and Catha is traveling tomorrow, don`t think I can say two goodbyes in one day.

Gi, my little blond monster. Well her story is really short. So we started noticing she was always hyper active and changed humor easily. So we took her to the hospital and she got dyognosticated as BiPolar, and the doctor told us she was hyper active which we already knew. 

Rafa my pretty reckless little girl. She is so strong. She lives with her chouffers, big brother and her twin brother . Their parents died when Rafa and Nick were 5 and Kyle was 8. 

They were all coming to Christmas and that year it was on Catha`s beach house ( )


They were on their way there when, Nick and Kyle started fighting with Rafa because they wanted to hear different music. Their mother started arguing with their father about how they would prepare their house to new years eve. Their father was getting dizzy with all that talking and shouting, that her got distracted and lost control of the steering wheel, and caused the incident. Kyle noticed something was going on and opened the door and pushed himself and his brothers. Rafa today lives with her chouffers, and brothers in her gigantic house. She is a really strong girl, it is indeed really difficult to live a whole life without being able to see your mother and father, the people who brought you to life. She survived it and is really strong now. And we are really proud of our reckless little girl! Catha has a bit of friendship with benefits with Nick and I had with Kyle. They are really nice guys and the whole family is an example.

Laura, seriously, Laura is a bitch. Not literally a bitch just a way of saying. I could even say she is REALLY a bitch but no she`s not a bitch neither a saint she is in the middle. She hooks up with every boy when she is not dating. But she has some seriously messed up shit in her family, her brother is super hot and has a secret/not so secret affair with Mari. But every girl in the city and maybe the world loves him, and use Laura to try and get to them. Peter (laura Bro) is a bit older than her, Peter, Edward, Kyle, Joseph and William are best friends since they know themselves as humans, just like us :) . Lauras` mother and father are always fighting, Laura and Peter don`t get along with their parents, Peter and Laura sleep 2 days at their house the other days Peter is at Cathas` house and Laura is everyday at a different house. 

Oli, simply has troubles controlling her anger, because of this we somtimes call her Hulk :) . She get mad at little things, and gets angry.


Lu, has a older sister and she is PYSCHO. She used  to be normal until Luisa started hooking up with her fiancés. Since then she become pyscho, and hates us. Luisas` parents just like ours care a lot about impressions, and they thought that having a pyscho daughter was`t good for the press.  Luisas` parents had the “genius” idea of faking Janet (luisas` sis) death. So they contracted some actors to  fake an accident, the accident was like this:

Janet was in the car hearing music and lost control of the steering wheel and the car fell of a bridge. The police was called, ambulances too, and Luisas` parents paid the police and doctors to say there was someone there, when there wasn't, and that it was their daughter Janet and that she died. They faked everything, and a few years later Luisa came home and told her parents that she was dating Fred, he was Janet`s last boyfriend, after that conversation me and the girls were going to her home and we saw Janet's body on the floor dead, we told her parents they called ambulances and everything. We don`t know how but they did a funeral without no one knowing.

My story is very simple, Catha had tutoring and her teacher was  Toby, one day I needed help too so I went with her, and i ended up hooking up with him. Now we date :) 

The next time we talk I will talk about our guy friends, they are the best :)


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