The Story of my Life

Catha POV

We are normal High Society Girls that because of our parents work we moved with when we were 3 to New York, were we met and became very good friends. Our friendship is very hard to find, our whole class is very respected around the world, and we are always together since we were 3 years old. We are all very close, but everything changes with a simple phone call....


7. Funerals end with goodbyes



Rafa POV-  June 18 


Today. Today was the big day, probably the worst. 2 goodbyes at the same day, one forever and another one for 2 weeks.

We had all agreed on going to Ali`s funeral with the bracelets Ali bought the day she died. She gave it to us and said “Please, promise me this, you won`t ever take it out”. We decided we`d put it to her funeral and never take it out again. 

When I was ready ( ) I called Vicky, they had already called me saying they were already there.


-Heyyy!! - I said

Hi, a little too happy for a funeral huh? -she said Maybe this was meant to be?  Maybe, but maybe not. She was one of us.. - I cut her She IS one of us Yeah she is - she said sad C`mon after Catha comes back we will all go to Catha`s like the old times, with the boys, and have a slumber party!  It`s not gonna be the same I know but she`ll be there in spirit, and we can`t stay here, stuck in time, we have to move on, no matter how much we miss her, how much it hurt. If she was here she`d want us to have the slumber party. Yeah, she would, she is always the first to get in the mood! -Vick said remembering the good old times I better get going, mothers calling! See ya in a bit!  See ya! love you! Love you two babe!  *end*


-HEYYYYYYY!! Bitch what took you soo long? - Valen ( ) said running towards me

Sorry... my dress was in the end of the closet  Sureee.. Even the boys got here first - Manu ( ) said complaining, because the boys are always late, they always sleep too much or something Ok sorry, but where are they?? Theres been a while since I saw them - I said What ya girls talking bout? - Paul said hugging Luisa (   from the back That one day you two are going to Marry.... - Catha said Who is going to get married? me and you? - Jake said to Catha ( ) No not this time babe - She answered him with a snog Thats what brothers are for..... - I said to Nick They don`t even have the same blood - Nick said No shit changed - I said after I kissed him Don`t you have a boyfriend - John asked  No  Then you better get one - Kyle said  What are you doing here with us? - Laura ( ) asked, as Kyle, Peter, Joseph, Edward and William came close We wanna hang out with our little sis - Kyle answered And girlfriends - Peter said, stealing a kiss from Mari ( ) I thought you didn`t go “public” with this - Gi ( )  said And we didn`t  - Mari said But are? - Laura said Yess! -Peter said Where are Alan, Jorge and Peter?  Ahhnn I think they are with Catha and Jake - Lully ( ) said Catha is always with them - Vicky ( ) said Thats not true, I am here, and they are talking to Aline`s mother - Catha said Ohh so I guess I`ll talk to them later Catha and Jake when are you too going to marry? - Manu asked We are not getting married - Catha said One day we will Catha, how many times am I going to have to tell you this - Jake said No Jake I am not marrying my brother, and there must be people better than you - Catha said There ain`t person better than Jake Catha - Peter said - He saved your life you have to remember this I know he saved my life, but destroyed his afterwards, and was supposed to be in Rehab right now.. - Catha said Catha he got out 1 month earlier - Jorge said Ok but changing subject, did you hear that they diagnosted Aline to see the cause of her death and they discovered she wasn`t in drugs - Catha said Yeah, I heard - Oli said - Catha we have to discover this - she said getting her wand out Yeah but not today and not in two weeks, get some “clues” and discover other things during the time I`m out - Catha said Dammit I forgot you were leaving - Mathew said  Yeah don`t want to go thought, tough time to leave, and I don`t even know these guys  Catha get Harry to autograph something for me - Vicky said and for me -Valen said I`ll get autographs for all of you - Catha paused and then looked at Jake - No worries babe I`ll get and autograph for you too - she winked Heyy lets go the ceremony will begin - Peter said 

************After Ceremony*************

Guyyyssss, we have to go quikly!! - Catha (  ) said Why? - Paul said Because I have a plane to catch!!  NOOO don`t leave meee - Jake said Yeah, you are trading us for those ridiculose boys - Mathew said I am not trading you, and It`s only one, and I`ll bring autographs for you my babies!!  Catha don`t forget usss - Paul said Guyss she is leaving for only 2 weeks not a whole life - Laura said Yeah, but the last time she left she came back druged and then left again and came back 5 months after - Vicky said Guys I`m gonna take care -Catha said You better do - Vicky said Guys the car is here lets take her to the Airporttt - I said Ahhnn I have a present for you - Catha said What is it? - we all said together Make the waterfalls stop from falling of your eyes -Catha said What the fuck was that? -We asked A spell - Oli said - She made a spell so we wouldn`t cry when she is gone Ahnnn smart thing to do girl! - Paul said Byee babiesss - Catha said vanishing through the doors  What are we going to do now? - Mari said I don`t know bout you, but I am going to try and find a way of seeing catha - Jake said as he took something out of his bag and winked Gosh what are you going to do? - Manu said shoked How come you like her so much? - Oli said I don`t, I hate her - Jake said fiddeling with a wand he had on his hand  Ya know she can hear us? - Mathew said Yes, but she hates me too, right babe? - Jake said Ok, but let me ask you a question - I said Sure, I`ll have an answer - Jake said Since when do you own a wand, and since when are you a wizard?  Brazil ??? Explain yourself - Valen said Catha turned me into one Ohh, so it works like vampires? - Vicky asked No guys, let me explain.There are two tipes of Wizards, the  Alfa Pythones - Which is latin for werewolfs wizards- and the Suco Pythones - Which is latin for Vampire (or bloodsuckers) Wizards-,We are Suco Pythones. But not the ridiculous vampires from Twilight. We have super force, we can make other people feel pain, cold, hunger, hot, sleepy, nothing. We can hear what others are thinking. We are fast, and we like blood. And Jake almost died while they were in Brazil and Catha decided to transform him. But we can only tranform someone when they are dying. Jake is not really good with being a vampire, he almost killed his dog once. - Oli said, making us all laugh at her last sentence So what are you up to Jake? - Manu asked I`m gonna see what she is doing and undo the spell she did on me, because this agony of needing to cry because of Aline and her is kill - Jake stoped talking as he looked at the screen What did you see? - We all asked except for Oli who knew what he was seeing I can`t - Jake said and vanished We can also become invisible- Oli said -  But what Jake was looking is that Catha is looking at her pictures of us all together when Aline was still here.  Seriously, why did Catha do this spell on us, I`m dying of agony - Laura said She just did what she needed to, and btw I can`t undo the spell - Oli said How come - Paul said She is stronger Why?? Both her parents are Suco Pythones  Wowwww Guys, sorry to ruin this but I really need to get going - I said as I read my mothers SMS Okkk we`ll all go, too much drama for a day. And tomorrow let`s get together and decide what to do for these 2 weeks - Gi said Lets get together next week, I think we all need a week to get over this. - Alan said Yeahh byeee - Everyone said together
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