The Story of my Life

Catha POV

We are normal High Society Girls that because of our parents work we moved with when we were 3 to New York, were we met and became very good friends. Our friendship is very hard to find, our whole class is very respected around the world, and we are always together since we were 3 years old. We are all very close, but everything changes with a simple phone call....


5. 3 years ago I met the love of my life



Luana POV- June 15

After 2 strange and life changing phone calls, we all got dresses and went to our houses. I have the most boring days when I am not with my girls. But staying in my room for a whole day doesn`t seen bad, except for we can`t use sweat pants :/ The day was goog whole day in my room, not that my room is boring, because there are actually lots of things to do in my room. Ok so today June 15th, 2 days after Alines death, 1 day after Catha discovered she is Louis sister, today completes 3 years I met the love of my life.

( Luana`s House - ; Lully`s Room )



-Girls isn`t this perfect?!?! A whole month without our parents obligating us on wearing nice clothes, one month getting to use sweat pants and PJ`s. One month with lots of parties and cute boys - Catha said - Hi baby - she said to some unknown cute guy

-This is certainly perfect - Luisa said

-Girls this is not good, one month just fucking with our parents reputation - Mari said

-This is not too mad Mari - I said - I mean we are fucking with our parents reputation, but as Catha said, it`s good not having our parents controlling us not to do things to ruin their reputation, we get to use sweat pants

Ok lets go to our house in this shit - Valen said walking towards the “reception” of the camp

After some walking a we got to a very big house. Well I guess we get to have luxury in camp to. I mean we have Chauffeurs in our house.

 - Yeah this definitely isn`t that bad! - Gi said laying in the couch

-Ok, so we are going to the party today right? -Luisa asked

-Of course! - Catha said super agitated

-No we aren`t! Girls we have to get some rest! - Laura said

-WE don`t need some rest! We are the most respected teenagers in the world - Aline said

And for being the most respected teenagers in the world we must take some rest! - I said Ok so lets do it like this, who wants to rest, rests who wants to party parties - Gi said Or, we could get to know the camp, go to the opening and get back here so we get some rest and then afterwards we can go to the party - Vicky said I like Vickys Idea it fits for everyone - Mari said Ok lets do this

After seeing the whole camp we got back to our hut ( Our Camp Hut - )

-This camp is gigantic! -Luisa 

Will some one please explain why we went to know the camp in these clothes ?( Rafa-  Catha-  Luisa- Oli-  Mari-  Laura-  Manu- Vicky- Valen- Aline-  Luana- )  -Catha We could have changed- Gi You don`t say! - Oli I`m dead - Aline Girls we have to go to the opening cerimony! - Mari said I`m not going like this! - Luana said while she ran up the stairs Catha and Oli can you do the favors? - Valen said meaning if we could make us change instantly clothes Yes - Catha and Oli said together But we need to know, are we going afterwards straight to the party? - Catha said Yes - they all repeated Are we telling luana? -Oli said Nahh - we all repeated We doin together or each one does 1? -Asked Together - Catha answered Ok Rafa first- Oli said  Done... ( ) - Catha said  Luisa...  Ready to go... ( ) Manu ... ( ) Vicky... ( ) Valen... (  ) Gi... ( ) Azevedo... ( ) Aline ... ( ) Laura... ( ) Me... - Oli -( ) Me...- Catha- ( ) How did you get ready so fast? - Luana ( ) said going down the stairs shoked because we got ready so fast  Magic - the girls all answered I get it.. Oli Catha yeah, now lets go girls, all day  All night - We all repeated afterwards

In our way there we were deciding things

-So Lully what got in you head that you decided to party hard today?

-Well when I went to the bedroom to change I saw this pretty boy so yeah, hes mine - Ok but you must show him to us or you know we will.. - Catha obviously said

-I know what you will do, I mean you are Catharina Chanel is there even some one naughtier than you? -Luana said between laughs

-Serioulsy? are we gonna talk about this? - Catha said angry

No we won`t because we know, Catha doesn`t like - Vicky said  Thanks Vicky, I always loved you - Catha said Ok girls lets go everythings permitted today except Lullys boy - Rafa said entering the theater

**After the opening ceremony, in the club**

-I`m gonna get a drink girls bye - Luana said

-Hey pretty girl - Said luanas cute guy

-Hey pretty boy 

Are you with someone? No and you? Just waiting for you Than we are two Whats your name? Luana and you Justin, its a pleaser to meet you, I think I have already seen you somewhere No the pleasers mine, and I think not, ahaha lets dance? Sure...

And this was the beginning of a true love. Justin and Luana stayed the whole month together, but at the end of the camp they texted for some months than nothing more, but they didn`t forget each other. Justin became a famous singer, in several interviews they asked if his heart belonged to someone and he always answered “a girl from a camp I went in 2010” he dated lots of people, but his heart actually had a owner, Luana.

*End of flashback*

Today me and the girls are getting together so I won`t stay alone in this day, and tomorrow there is Alines funeral. And after that we are taking Catha to the airport. Well someone just got here.

Calm down loves, you guys seen desperate - I said to Catha, Vicky, Valen, Luisa, and Rafa who lived two blocks away and probably came running.  You - Vicky said Will - Valen completed Not - Luisa said Belive - Rafa said out of breath Who we just saw here - Catha said already breathing normally Hey we were going to continue- Vicky, Valen, Luisa, and Rafa said mad Sorry got tired - Catha said laughing Ok now tell me who you saw- I said- The rest of the girls are coming in a sec Can we first get in? -Catha said tired Suree -I answered Ok we saw Justin Bieber leaving the house beside mine - Catha said I don`t care- Luana said C`mon you can`t be that proud- Rafa said Yeah and he is coming here tomorrow to take you to the funeral - Luisa said We accidently got his phone, gave him your phone and address and invited him to Alines funeral - Vicky said So when are the other girls coming so we can go shopping for some black clothes - Valen said laying down Who do you think you are to give him my address and cel phone, I hate him, he forgot me, dated other models and things like that, and the girls where suposed to be here already - I said real mad You also dated lots of boys - Vicky started saying And models and things like that too - Valen continued And there is no discussion about JB, I want food - Catha said

The rest of the day was just shopping.

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