Kye and harry have known each other since the first day of grade 7. they fall in love and 6 years later they have a child together named ellie. One day ellie and kye find harry dead, in the bathroom... kye uncovers multipule secrets about him in a diary.. and then finds out that shes pregnent and niall wants to help her


1. The letter

Kye watched as harry laid lifelessly in his final resting place, his casket. Her eyes filled with tears as she bent over in the casket and kissed him for the billionth and last time. Instead of placing a flower into his casket, she put a box that said "forever and always" the contents were his favourite photo of them, his favourite shirt and the keys to there very first apartment. "mommy!mommy!" you're 2 year old daughter cried as she held onto the black skirt you had worn on you're first date with harry. Zayn,liam, louis and niall came walking over and each individually gave her a hug, they also bent down and gave ellie a hug to. After the crying and hugging fest, liam walked over to kye and pulled her aside while the other boys watched ellie. "i found this in harrys old room the night he was found, you know dead." he said giving her another hug. Liam turned and walked away as kye carefully opened the letter she stared reading:
Dear Kye,
I know you may be dying on the inside because i'm gone, but that doesn't mean you can't move on. My life became nothing but a black hole after one direction's record deal timed out and i went back to working at the bakery, everybody kept coming up and sayiing "what happened? You were my hero, you were plastered onto my walls!" it just tore me up inside. I couldn't take one more minuite of being on this earth because i felt worthless! I loved my life and loved you.. Don't keep saying that this is your fault because it's not! I'll always love you and i'm looking out for you in heaven, tell Ellie that i love her.
I love you forever,
Kye closed the letter and started crying and crying. After the vistation was over and everybody was gone she walked back into the room harrys casket was in. You went and kissed him and said to his lifeless body "i promise that for as long as i'm alive i won't love anybody else!"
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