Kye and harry have known each other since the first day of grade 7. they fall in love and 6 years later they have a child together named ellie. One day ellie and kye find harry dead, in the bathroom... kye uncovers multipule secrets about him in a diary.. and then finds out that shes pregnent and niall wants to help her


3. The box

Kye collapsed to the floor and started going through the gift box. She started with the knick-knacks and pictures and then nervously looked at the blue hard-cover book. She quietly and quickly opened it. On the inside it said.. "Harrys secerts". As she started to read it
Septemeber 4th 2007
Today I started my new school and i met the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world. I know it's early.. But i want to marry her."
Kye kept on reading the diary everything was in that book.. All of it! Even their first kiss 1 year later in grade 8 and everything he felt for her. She read up until the last page.. Dated 2 days ago.. At 11:30am, 20 minuites before he killed himself.
"Dear Kye, take this ring and keep it always and forever, die wearing it! And everything i wrote in that was the complete truth. I didn't lie to you and i never will again. I will come back as the body of my son... Harry" it stopped and there was a few drops of blood on the paper. She took the ring that was taped onto the page and slipped it on her finger and cried. Niall set her in her lap and hugged her. "What does he mean by i'll come back as my son!?" He asked her. She quickly shooed niall out of the bathroom and went underneath the cabneit, she took out the pregnacy test and took it, 3 minuites later she got the results "+ 3days" she gasped as she ran out of her bathroom "i got pregnant 3 days ago! So right before harry died!!" They ran down staris to tell everyone the news..
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