Kye and harry have known each other since the first day of grade 7. they fall in love and 6 years later they have a child together named ellie. One day ellie and kye find harry dead, in the bathroom... kye uncovers multipule secrets about him in a diary.. and then finds out that shes pregnent and niall wants to help her


2. Crying

When she got home kye immidiatly run into nialls room and started sobbing and breaking down. He walkes over to her and gives her a hug that seemed like hours. "i....i miss him way to much! Why did he do this?" she wailes. Niall shakes his head and tears start to form on his face as well. They both walk out of his room and into the living room where ed sheeran, zayn, louis, liam, little mix, Elenor, Danielle and Harry's family sat. Harry's mom stood up and walked over to kye where she pulled her into a hug and they both started sobbing again. After some more crying Kye,Niall and Ellie walked upstaris and put ellie to bed in the spare bedroom. After Ellie got put to bed, Kye and Niall walked into the bedroom that Harry, Kye and Ellie once shared. Kye's eyes flooded with tears as memories of the past 3 years came rushing back to her. Scattered along the floor was harry and Kyes clothes and shoes. She walked over to Harry's dresser and looked on top of it, pictures from the time they were babies all the way up to 2 weeks ago sat in frames untouched on his dresser. She colapsed on the ground as the smell of Harry surrounded her. Niall came and started hugging her. After 10 minuites she walked into the bathroom they had shared and saw that everything was the way it had been left 2 days ago. But this time something caught her eye. It was a purple gift box sitting on the egde of the bathtub where she and Ellie had found Harrys lifeless body. She nervously lifted up the lid and found a diary, thousands of pictures and knick-knacks from diffrent places in the world. On top of it all sat another note "kye, alot of planning went into this and it was sopposed to be for when i asked you to marry me but its my time to leave earth ~harry"
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