You're The One

Michaela moves to London from Plymouth. Her mom is getting married to another man. Michaela tries to live with her new father but he drives her nuts. Then she meets a new boy down the street. Michaela falls in love with tom and they become crazy in love. Read to figure more!


2. Starbucks

Tom P.O.V

"I've never seen you here before." She was beautiful. Different from any other girl I've met. I didn't know what it was but she felt so good to be around. "Well, I'm from London. I just moved here today." Her accent was not the same as Plymouth's accent so I knew she wasn't from here. 

The rest of the walk was just small talk, but it felt so good. I opened the door for her. The smell of fresh coffee. "What do you like?" Smiling at her, she just stared into my eyes. "Oh, Umm... Surprise me!" I ordered her my favorite hoping she would like it. Then we sat down on the couch. "Do you like Plymouth?" "Yes. Its nice, Better then what I imagined." I was lost in her eyes. Michaela was so different and well. So hard to explain. But I somehow knew the words.

Michaela's P.O.V

I loved the drink he got me. Tom had good taste. He was just so beautiful. Being next to him made me have shivers. "Here let me walk you home." "It's fine, you don't have to."
"Its would be an honor, plus I feel awful for bumping you into the ground." He was right. I could tell on his face he felt awful. "Alright." I gave him a slight smile. 

We got all they way to my house. "You live here?" He was smiling "Yes." "I live two doors down." He pointed at his house. It was just like mine but different stone features. "Really? well thank you for the coffee." I said smiling. I stated walking to my door until I hear him "Wait I didn't get your number!" I gave him my number and he gave me a hug. "Bye beautiful." I couldn't help from blushing. 

Right when I walked in I remembered that I didn't have any groceries. "Crap!" I tired running to my room without my mom seeing me but I got caught. "Where's the groceries sweetheart?" "Sorry mom, I got lost." Knowing lying to her hurt me but I don't want her asking me all about tom. "It's fine Michaela. You'll get use to the place eventually. I Love you!" I quickly walked up stairs ready for a shower "Love you too!" 


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