You're The One

Michaela moves to London from Plymouth. Her mom is getting married to another man. Michaela tries to live with her new father but he drives her nuts. Then she meets a new boy down the street. Michaela falls in love with tom and they become crazy in love. Read to figure more!


1. Moving To New Things

I can't believe I'm moving again. This has been the third time I moved in a year. It was only me and my mother. My father died from lung cancer. After my father died my whole life was a complete mess. 

"Michaela, Lets go! Get the last box and get in the car." My mom wasn't too happy that we had to move but her fiance lives there. So we must move. 

My mom and her fiance met in France, about three years ago. Ever since they meet they have been completely in love. She'll do anything. On the other end I don't really like him.

"I'm coming mom, just let me get the last box!" I looked at the house one more time, then went out the door. 

The drive was forever. All my mom did was talk on the phone with her fiance. I set my head on the window and watched the scenery. The only time I've been to Plymouth was when my grandpa had his funeral there. It was going to be hard to get use to. 

I woke up by my mom shaking my shoulder "We're here!" she said. My moms fiance house was big. Even had a pool. "Hello Michaela, I have three rooms you can chose of. Follow me." Three rooms? That is crazy! "Thank you, sir."

Since I had a lot of clothes I picked the one with the big closet and bathroom. The house had 6bedrooms 4 1/2 bathrooms. It was amazing. Still a lot of getting use to but I can work it. 

The house was so quiet so I decided to play my favorite song by One Direction, "Live While Were Young". Boom. Boom. Outside there was a big bang. I decided to check it out. When I went outside there was three girls my age. "Hello darling, liking the new house sweety?" My mom was patting my back. "Yes, It's very lovely." "Well, I would like you to meet your new step sisters!" 

My mother never told me that I was going to have step sisters. In this moment I was just shocked. They were snooty but so beautiful. I could never look as good as them. 

"Hi Umm.. Nice to meet-" "Yes. hi. follow." I didn't know what to do so I followed them. "Listen. This is my house. Just because your dumb little mom lives with us doesn't mean its your house. So, don't be following or hanging with us, because we don't want a wanna be in our house." All I did was stand there in shock. 

Instead of being with a drama queen in my house I decided to get some fresh air. Maybe I should get use to the new town Plymouth. My mother gave me and groceries list, and I started walking to the market. Lyla, my best friend texted me. 

'Hey. I miss you so much! Wish you where back in London. -Lyla'

'I know! This place sucks! Turns out I have 3 wicked step sisters! Ahah.'

That sucks! Well skype me tonight! -Lyla'

As I texted Lyla one last time I turned off my phone to get free time. Looking at the stonework in the ground, I bumped into something. "Shit! Oww." Next thing I knew I was on the ground. "Are you okay? Oh I'm so sorry!" "It's fine. I'm okay." Everyone was staring. I felt so embarrassed.

"Here, let me help you." He grabbed my hand and picked me up. His brown eyes where beautiful and stunning. He looked into my eyes with this magical touch. It all felt like a dream. "I'm Tom. Tom Daley." "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Michaela. Sorry about that." He just giggled "It's okay things happen. Here, Let me buy you a drink. Starbucks sound good?" "You don't have to do that." "Sure I owe it to you." There was a smirk across his face.  

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