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Summer thought him life was on track. She was destined for the Olympics, and nothing could stop her...until one day, the simplest of actions changed her life forever...

This is my "The Wanted" fan fiction. I haven't seen any on here before so I though I would give it a bash.

Note: this is for the co-owner ship comp thing for TWimagines12 :)

Enjoy guys!!


2. Turn of events

Black. That was all Summer could see. Faint noises of beeping and slight movement were around her. She felt weird. It was like dreaming awake. The noises were less faint. Summer was curious about the noises. Ever alert. That's what her grandad called her. Whenever she would spin round at the slightest tap on the shoulder. Her mind wandered to her granddad. He was her insperation. Never give up he said. She vowed not too. The noises were annoying her now. She peeled open her tired eyes. It was blurry. The whites and pale blues swirled around her. The faint smell of disinfectant lingered in the air. As her eyes came into foucus she could make out a masculan figure. He had wild curly hair, and a checked shirt. She couldn't see his eyes. They were shut. "He is rather cute asleep" Summer thought to herself. Who was he though. She coughed to get his attention. Startled, he sat straight up. "blue eyes," she took a self note. "
"Oh thank god!" the blue eyed boy cried. He proceeded to running out the room then back in with short doctor type person. "who are you!" Summer blurted out, confused.
"I'm doctor Hamilton dear. Nasty crash you had there. Lucky to be with us!"

"I'm sorry" asked Summer.

"memory loss. Oh dear " sighed Doctor Hamilton.

"memory loss my buttocks! My name is Summer Tompson, I'm 19 years old and I have a goldfish named Fluffy. Now tell me where I am!" Said Summer, impatiently.

The blue eyed boy spoke first, " Summer you were in a car accident last week and you broke your leg in 4 places. You have been in a coma since."
Summer was silent. That can't of happened. What did happen after training though. It was pretty blank. She looked down at her legs. One was all bandaged up. "No." Summer whispered, tears glinting in her eyes. "it can't be true..." she trailed off. Suddenly the boy pulled her into a tight hug. She could feel his tears spilling onto her shoulder. He was whispering sorry, over and over again. "What on earth" summer whispered to herself.
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