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Summer thought him life was on track. She was destined for the Olympics, and nothing could stop her...until one day, the simplest of actions changed her life forever...

This is my "The Wanted" fan fiction. I haven't seen any on here before so I though I would give it a bash.

Note: this is for the co-owner ship comp thing for TWimagines12 :)

Enjoy guys!!


4. New home

"Here it is!" mumbled Jay as he opened the door. Summer followed him in on her crutches. 

"Wow! nice flat Jay!" Summer almost shouted.

"thanks," said Jay, blushing " Some of my band mates pop in from time to time. I hope you don't mind"

"No, not at all" said Summer grinning to herself.


Jay was right, by 10pm 2 members of The Wanted had let them self's into Jays flat. Summer had to admit, it was a lot more fun than spending the night with her moaning friend Jess. They sat up most of the night laughing, but at 2am, Summer headed to her guest room. "Night guys, I have a rehab appointment tomorrow morning!"

Jay jumped in "I better drive you! Night boys!"

The next morning in the car Jay and Summer were gossiping about the boys from Jays band. "So Tom's the cheeky one from Bolton and Max's the short funny one?"

"Yupp!" confirmed Jay "Summer?" He asked awkwardly "are you single"

Summer giggled, "yes, I am Jay"

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