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Summer thought him life was on track. She was destined for the Olympics, and nothing could stop her...until one day, the simplest of actions changed her life forever...

This is my "The Wanted" fan fiction. I haven't seen any on here before so I though I would give it a bash.

Note: this is for the co-owner ship comp thing for TWimagines12 :)

Enjoy guys!!


3. New found friendship

"who are you?" whispered Summer as the blue eyed boy let her go. He was familiar, but Summer couldn't put her finger on it. "Jay Mcguiness." he muttered in a sad voice. "From The Wanted!?" Summer gasped. He nodded slowly. "What on earth are you doing here? How do you know me?" "I was the other car." he whispered sadly. Just then a gaggle of emotional girls stumbled in. "Summer!!" one screeched and rushed over. Summer smiled. These were her gym friends. The girls she could always count on. Before she could say anything she was pulled into a massive group hug. While she giggled and chatted with her friends, Jay slipped her mind... 2 hours later summer sat alone in her bed. Thinking about Jay. Her memory was coming back in trickles. She remembered the corner. She remembered singing along to Chasing The Sun. She remembered not slowing down. She remembered another car coming round suddenly, sending her flying. After that it was blank. So Jay was the other car. It wasn't his fault and Summer knew that for sure. If only she could find him and talk to him. As if by magic Jay slouched in just as the thought came to Summers mind. "Jay it wasn't you fault! I remember-" she was cut off, "I should have been driving slower." "No, I didn't slow down when I know fine I should." " Stop it Summer. You're the one with a messed up leg when it should have been me. You're the one who was one of the most amazing gymnasts our country has seen. Not me. I'm not worth much." "don't you dare say that ever!" Summer shouted, startling Jay. " You called an ambulance, you saved my life, and you waited by my bed for a week straight, even though you don't know me. You are one one the kindest people I have ever met, so don't ever say you are nothing. " That silenced him. Summer was pretty shocked to. She was usually quite quiet. Jay broke the silence "want to watch Avatar?" "My favourite movie." Summer smiled. Jay turned on the TV before sitting on the edge of the bed beside Summer. The snuggled up together like that for hours watching 3 movies in one night, and that's how they went on for 3 days, playing card games, having Avatar debates, and enjoying each others company. One Wednesday afternoon, Dr Hamilton walked into Summers room and announced she could go home. He advised she didn't live alone, but Summer didn't have any where to go. Her sister was traveling round the world and she was the one who used to share the flat. Just as Summer considered a rehabilitation centre Jay spoke up "move in with me, my band aren't on tour right now and my flats on the bottom floor? But only if you want to-" "yes!" Summer stoped him, "only if you don't mind Jay?" "it's the least I can do.."

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