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Summer thought him life was on track. She was destined for the Olympics, and nothing could stop her...until one day, the simplest of actions changed her life forever...

This is my "The Wanted" fan fiction. I haven't seen any on here before so I though I would give it a bash.

Note: this is for the co-owner ship comp thing for TWimagines12 :)

Enjoy guys!!


1. Just another morning

Morning weren't something that bothered Summer, neither was hard work. Nor taking risks. Her friends were envious because everything that hit Summer Tompson, she took in her stride. She was an athlete, headed for the olympics. That was what she had her heart set on, ever since she was 13. She was a Gymnast, it was the same as breathing to her. This was her life and nothing could stop her.

She had a similar mind set that early, Saturday morning. It hadn't gone too well so far. First there wasn't any bran flakes left in the Cup board, the. She lost her car keys, but when her little car pulled up at the gym, she forgot all that.

That morning Summer trained harder than ever before. She landed the vault she had been attempting for months, then put her heart and soul into her new floor routine. She was happy, despite her sore back and aches. She set off for her little flat with the inviting image of iceing her aches when she got there. As she pulled out of the car park, her favourite song came on the radio, it was chasing the sun, by The Wanted. Cranking up the volume and singing along Summer drove along the quiet road to her flat. At the corner Summer forgot to slow down. At the corner Summer didn't expect another car to come round. At the corner something happened, that not even Summer could take in her stride.
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