Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


36. Poll?



Hello my dear readers, you might all be wondering, why on earth is she taking soooo long to update, well here are the reasons why:


-I had an MRI finally done, came out normal.


-Suicide headaches suck


-blogging steals my soul


-I had summer school, {I hate geography so I decided to get the credit in a month of school and got 87-94% as my midterm grade:D}








-I've been sick and procrastinating.


-* Also I've given up on this book…



Thus meaning! That there are choices for my readers to made, wether I continue this book or delete it. Here are 4 choices, please comment or message me your answer. You guys have until the end of August to make a decision, and if the fact are right, this book's fate will chance.


A- Continue the book with poor poor updates but shorten the pot to make it less chapters.


B-Delete the book forever like this.


C- (most likely the one) write the plot of each chapter in 1 massive chapter and write the last chapter and do book 2 and get it over with.


D- Post a summary of the rest of the book and delete it in 3 months then work on other stuff.


This book has given me so much stress, not even sure why, but I can't continue this.


I've decided to finish writing Larry One Shots, try and finish Sing me to heaven and Stoke of midnight, but I'm not even sure guys.


Please decided or I'll decided the terriblest possibly the worst after ever.



Here is all I've written in a month:

When summer started, Oliv was quite unhappy from the weather. It was all sticky and moist and bugs were out and buzzing. Mosquitos were bitting and bees were humming. The sky was blue for four days then a whole week of utter rain and thunder. She didn't mind sleeping in the thunderstorms, she actually liked it more than other people might, but she hated when it rained when she was out of her house, which was rare. 


Olivianne was bound to her house, she rarely when out to the movie theater or the mall. She didn't need to go out for fresh air because she couldn't breath it. She wasn't allowed to do physical exercise because she'd loose too much energy and have low blood pressure and might faint or her body might give out and collapse, which would be quite fatal to her. She hated seeing strangers and seeing their curious eyes roam her tank and her small body and wonder what was wrong. Usually people assume extreme anorexia that caused her permanent lung problems, but alas! It wasn't that at all. She hated how people treated her differently now that her condition was more severe and noticeable to the naked eye. Before, last summer, no one would have figured out she was sick in some way, maybe suffering from some short term disease. 


She wasn't even allowed to go out. Her mom didn't want any fainting accidents or any accidents at all. Oliv was treated like a porcelain doll by everyone, even Welly that swore she would never. Harry was the only one that treated her like any other human, well that was a lie because he treated her like his queen or he best thing that ever happened to him. He treated her like this treasure he'd been looking for her and had found. Like if she was golden statue, showing the world she loved him and she existed. This was very embarrassing though because she'd get flowers and small roses every now and then either mailed or shipped to her. Her teachers even asked her why she got these presents. She'd say Peter Pan treated her like a princess, causing awws across the classroom. Little did they know she just had a very sweet and rich boy that loved her in such a dearest way. 







~Juli Marshmallow {alive}

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