Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


37. End.

This is the end of this story. 






So, since I have started school and stuff and I need therapy and I'm with new medicine, which was discontinued for the side effects, and gahh I'm disappointed with this, I will be ending this book here so this is a summary of what was supposed to happen in book 1:




Chapter 34:


July: Olivianne goes with Harry to England to visit Anne; they have a funeral for Carlos. She also meets Jules and Jules and Louis come out dating. Harry surprises Olivianne with a charity called Pixie Dust for Cancer and terminal illnesses. In late July, she goes back to Canada for a refill in her oxygen tank that ran out the night of the fundraiser's walk to raise money. She is sent immediately alone to Canada. Once they make sure she's ok, she goes to Disneyworld to meet up with Harry, who is waiting somewhere for her. He tells her to meet her beside Peter Pan's Flight, where a worker was waiting there for her. She goes with the worker to backstage to find Harry in the Peter Pan costume beside the original actor and the actress of Wendy chatting after all the meet and greet were done and they were on their break. They all meet and talk for a while (this part would have been in high detail) and then Harry took Oliv to go on the rides with him. After 5 days for 4 parks of Disneyworld, the band announces a song called Pixie Dust for the charity and announces another album. 


August: Oliv would start summer school and leaves Harry since he goes on tour.


September: School would continue and she got radiation that would be done every 2-3 months.


October: For Halloween, Harry visits her and Harry and Oliv dress up as Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters (TFIOS) and go out. {There was supposed to be a Welly and Liam smut.} Harry leaves her again.


November: Her final exams would be on and she would be getting radiation. The new album would come out called Stay With Me and she's get radiotherapy again.


December: She'd have an alternate graduation; getting school over with and she'd go with her family to England to meet up with the Harry's family to spend Christmas there. They celebrate Louis' birthday too. Harry proposes as a chapter finale.




Chapter 35: 


December: Olivianne accepts and they celebrate New Years Eve, forgetting Olivianne was really ill and she shouldn't be making these types of compromises. 


January: {There was supposed to be a smut, but a link to the actual fully written smut, this one would have been protected.} Nothing much happens during January.


February: For Harry's 21st birthday, the couple is together. {There is a smut scene here, but it isn't protected**} The band start the new tour that is all the songs they've ever written, including the new album, all around the world. 


March: Olivianne moves to a place in Toronto that is similar to a hospital and nursing home for people that need medical care at all times. She lives in the cancer ward, that that is like a hotel. Harry visits her during the second week of March. When he leaves she notices she missed her 2 menstruations that never come, she panics that the cancer is worst, but the thing is that she's getting slightly fatter.


April: She has her last radiation and they ask her if she is pregnant, like doctors usually do when they are about to take some time of procedure. She asks her family to leave the room and says she isn't 100% sure. They decided to run a test and find out she is.




Chapter 36: {Called Taboo}


April: {Continuing the cliffhanger} She panics as the doctors tell her to schedule a meeting with her doctors, all of them. She does that and it's in May, She decides, out of panic to keep it from Harry since she doesn't know what is to happen, if she can keep it or what.


May: She has her meeting wit the doctors and they say that they'll do a follow up after the meeting was over to be scheduled. They give her the decision of either getting an abortion now since it's possible or she could keep it, but have the fear of loosing it from many reasons, including the baby won't get enough nutrition from the illness or even worst the baby will get cancer and die inside of her. She asked if there is anything in favour of the baby surviving and being born but the doctor’s day that 90% of this will end up as the baby dies, one way or another. The doctors also advise her to tell the father so she isn't alone on this. On the follow up, she's to decide to fate of her child on the last few weeks of may. She decides also to not have radiation.


May Cont.; After her birthday, the band finish their hardcore tour, telling the world they will be on hiatus and split so they can relax. They say it's a vacation that will be long. Welly then finds out she is four months pregnant and decided to regroup the group, telling that she is expecting with Liam, who is over the moon. This news causes Olivianne to feel ill from her own taboo situation that she's been keeping secret for a while. The thought that her best friend is expecting is happy, the thought that Welly has the luxury of being healthy and being able to have the pregnancy healthy makes her slightly jealous and complete saddened. That evening, she burst into tears in her home with Harry, who runs to her in panic and she decided to tell Harry {sad cry scene} and together they tell their family and friends.




Chapter 37: {Small Bump}


May Cont.: They decide that they will try to keep it, hoping that the world grants them some luck and Harry moves in with her at the ward she lives in. 


June: Near the mid June, she has a miscarriage, having to take the dead fetus out. They find out it was a boy and on the very last ultrasound she got, she write the baby's name as Peter, crying with Harry, who was utterly torn.  She gets worst after the baby's death and times become critical and she desperately needs at least one donor since she can get a fake lung, but not two. She needs to find the perfectly fitting lung and Harry panic's for is fiancée's life and decided, secretly, to get tests done to see if he can donate one of his lungs to Olivianne. At the end of this chapter, Harry would find out he can donate his left lung and decides to donate the lung secretly and tells the doctor to tell Olivianne anonymously that they've found a donator. When the doctors tell her she has a donator, she is extremely happy and tears up with joy and then asks who it is, and her doctor, breaking the rules, tells her it's Harry.




Chapter 38:


June Cont.: They decide that they will use Harry's lung, but he will get is own false lung so they both will be alike, one lung is artificial and the other isn't. They decided that she surgery would take place during the second last week of August. Also, Amber gets engaged and her friends graduate.


July: Oliv moves with Harry to Paris to a higher quality Cancer Ward and also since that is where one of the false lungs is for surgery.


August: During the beginning of the month Welly visits the couple there and gives birth during her stay, earlier but to a healthy baby names Juli-Ana, their healthy baby daughter.




Chapter 39


August Cont.: The couple prepare for the surgery have those panicking anxiety feelings. A week before her surgery, she would have been told she had little chances or making it, so she made a will and asked Welly to give Harry a peter if she didn't wake up in 2 days. Before the surgery, he'd sing to her Moments, and they'd hug crying and hoping for the best because this was a 50/50 chance of her being able to make it in the surgery. Harry would wake up first, well recovered and breathing well with in 30 minutes, but since Olivianne is so weak, she is put in a coma. The doctors say that in hope that she has a better chance of survival. Harry waited patiently for Olivianne to wake up.




Chapter 40:


August Cont.: Two days later, Olivianne was still in the coma, not fully recovered. Welly decided to hand him the letter she'd been interested with. {This is the letter}


Dear Harry or… My personal Peter Pan, 


Buy the time you read this, I may be in deep slumber or may have been unable to live or maybe it's just that it's been over a day so Welly gave you this letter. I want you to know that I love you nom mater what happens or happened. I wish you wouldn't be so sad, yes I know you're really sad because it's normal to be sad, but don't do anything stupid! Sing to me in my sleep, will you? Because I know that I will hear you. Sing moments of re, somewhere over the rainbow or wake me up, please? Keep this letter, treat it with care. I truly love you.




_ But the thing is that he didn't flip the page, where there was a warning to not take his life if anything happens to her. But he does sing to her and talks to her about what has happened with Welly and her family and the world. She had been on life support and the coma for a better chance for her to live, but the doctors warn Harry that is within a week she doesn't wake up, they'll have to discontinue the life support.




Chapter 41:


August: Harry, after many people telling him to, leaves to meet his mother and to take a week off from constancly watching to his lover. Although during his leave, she doesn't wake up so they move her to another room, without Harry knowing. When Harry comes back, he goes to the ICU, where she was at and sees and a sign that says: "The body that laid here was brought to the morgue." This causes Harry to panic, thinking that she passed away and rushed to the front desk asking where Olivianne is at, since this is in Paris, not only does he have an accent as he asks, but he pronounces her name differently. They say who ever it was either died or never was in that building. This news obviously was too negative because is conclusion was that she must have died or they took her early off life support.


Meanwhile, Olivianne had been moved when she woke up to rehabilitation since she woke up and was breathing more-or less well, which is an emotional scene. She was planning to go to Harry, who was supposed to stay for more time, and was supposed to walk in on him in surprise all better. Then, in the moment, she was all happy but then she finds out none of her family member told Harry she was going to be moved and he most likely was bound to panic.




Chapter 42


August: She run away from the hospital to try and find Harry, in panic and started to ask the taxi driver to drive her around town, until she saw a tall bridge from afar that seemed quite abandoned, probably couldn't support cars' weight anymore. She asked him to drop her off near that and ran, wheezing because she wasn't fully perfectly in shape for exercise. She runs to Harry who is on the edge of the bridge area where cars are passing by near, beside the road and edge, looking like his in metal conflict. She tries to tell him she'd alive but he thinks she is a ghost or it's his mind playing tricks on him, When he decides that she isn't a ghost, she runs to him, ignoring the cars passing by and gets hit by a passing truck.


Since she hadn't fully recovered, her stitches opened and bleed and she got an internal bleeding in her lung and (hit her head when she landed) and went flying towards the edge of the road where Harry was, running to her and hugging her. When the ambulance came, she was already in a coma, barely breathing and unconscious as Harry cried with her last words engraved in his mind forever. 




And then there dis a sneak peek or the summary of book two which is:


Harry has lost it.


The one thing he loved the mod left him. He's been destroyed. Fallen back into a dark side of life that he'd tried so hard to leave, not having motivation on living but the back of a letter. How could things have one so bad all at once when everything was supposed to be better? The worst part for him is that as the hours pass, as the days pass, he gives up more and more on life. But that damn letter keeps him alive.


What happens when the best thing in life, her sweet memories are gone along with the one she loved?




Then I would put the acknowledgements, which will be at the end of this chapter.


In book two, this is the plot of what could have happened, which is written more or a mess and less chronologically well done:





In book one, we left off with her closing her eyes as harry sings to her to sleep as she gets his by a car and is laying on the street while the ambulance comes and she got a internal bleeding and her stitches from the transplant opened and she gets hit on the ground hard enough to give her a coma.


The prologue would be connected with a recapitulation of what happened in book 1. In the prologue, there would have been a flash back of what happened when Harry got to the hospital after Oliv had been hit and had gone into coma. Harry would wait for her; traumatized oh what had happened and re-read the letter, seeing that he couldn't commit anything irrational and stupid. When she wakes up, a strange man kissing her, from what she knows. She freaks out in shock and chapter one ends with him whimpering when she pushed him away.


The first chapter would have been named "Wake Me Up When September Ends"


She has no idea ho the guy is and pushes away and struggles from the bed she's laying in. She asks the boy who he is and why he is crying, like in Peter Pan: "Boy, why are you crying?" and he asked her if she remembers him, she says no.


He says that he is Harry and the nurse comes and takes Oliv to some testing. She is confused because her last memory was in the cafeteria in 7th grade, talking about Halloween costumes in 2008, she was 11 back then. She got amnesia from the impacts when she fell.


She panics that she has to be put down to sleep with medicine because she simply cannot remember what happened during most of her teenage years.


While she is sleeping, her parents, of course want what is best for her so decide to tell Harry to leave her alone and if she remembers, they would tell him. They say that maybe it's better for the both of them to restart their lives, apart. They then sign papers that would keep Harry and Olivianne's relationship in secret, erasing most of their papers, including their vows and all the pictures and the album that Olivianne's mom made during those years of them dating. All those memories were hidden in a box under books, looking like a storage box, not a box full of secrets and truth and memories. Oliv's parents got Harry to leave Oliv for her rehabilitation so she could be in peace. They then would bid him a good life and a good bye


Meanwhile her in rehab, learning to breath once again and learning things she needed to remember, in a educational way, Welly and Liam, got married during September, Olivianne meeting up with Welly and Liam and their daughter, who was Olivianne's goddaughter and fell in adoration with her. They promise to keep Harry updated with Oli's life since Welly is still friends with her. Welly would tell Harry what was happening in her life, like what she was studying or how her health was. 


Harry had run off to Leeds to live with Louis and Jules, whom nursed his broken heart. 


Olivianne studied medicine and a year passes by and gets mysterious gifts from "Peter Pan" for her birthday. She is happy because what she gets are the most precious presents, but she doesn't know it is Harry who is watching over her, having spies (her friends) to tell him everything. 


She would live her life without knowing harry and starts dating when she is 19 a guy called Zack (new boyfriend) is very sweet and is a lawyer and a close friend from the family, from a distance past. They moved together to Paris since Oliv got a spot in training as a Psychiatrist and they'd get engaged when she's twenty-one. 


She never remembers harry nor the love story and lives a life so easy and healthy. She is supposed to have her examination to check if she has any cancer or things left and if she recovered well. 


Liam and Welly visit Harry the most, bringing news to him about Oliv. They explain how she is dating Zack and how they are moving in Paris, where Harry moved a few moths ago. His heartbreak and crumbles but has hope that they will meet again. 


While he was apart from Olivianne, he'd fallen down hill. He became while he was alone depressed, suicidal, slightly alcoholic and unhappy and starts self-harm again, even though he tried so hard to quit.


He decides, after doctors convincing him this will help his depressive state, to volunteer as a Peter Pan since the original worker got sick, he agrees and makes children and people happy. He finds a muse in this and keeps himself occupied for a whole with this. 


When Welly says that Oliv is happy, Harry knows he should be happy. But he isn't. 


On his days off, he'd drink to forget Oliv and it was getting really bad, he was going to be fired soon for getting hangover to work. He knew he'd be tired but he didn't care anymore. He was senseless in a way. 


One day, Oli, on her day off, visits the Disneyland in Paris, which seems extremely familiar. She goes to meet Peter Pan, alone, and thinks of the mysterious Peter Pan that always one her birthday gives her presents like an admirer. 


When she meets Peter Pan, he seems oddly familiar, they talk and act like they known each other since she was 16 (which is true but she doesn't know it) he thinks that his mind is playing games on him so he just acts normal and does his job. Harry plays Peter Pan and honestly does it for happiness since he had enough money from before. The band was still split and friends but worried about Harry. 


That night Harry decides to once again get drunk to forget the awfully familiar girl. The next day he is fired. 


A week later, Harry goes clubbing with a girl (C'mon C'mon is the sound track) 


Oli was partying with some coworkers who told her that she needed to have fun before getting married in a month, she agrees and goes dancing she left Zack on a case and left her engagement ring home and went dancing.  Oli had forgotten about the guy that kissed her when she woke up at the beginning of the book. When she sees the Peter Pan dude, she notices it is the guy from the beginning and her face goes red and stuff. Harry, already drunk, doesn't remember her or can fully think well with a right mind so he starts flirting with her as if two their fire meeting. He convinces her to dance with him and they both get drunk, leaving the club together. {Possible smut}


The next day, she wakes up and finds herself naked in a room, snuggled up beside some stranger. She screams and notices it is Harry from last night and he wakes up, he smiles but then sees that they slept together and well, had sex and she still had ad the idea that she was a virgin until marriage (since she didn't know about when she was with cancer.)


She asks him to never speak of this again, he asks her why, she says because she is engaged and his heart saddens, feeling like an air-less balloon. 


She says that they could keep in touch since he is really nice and they like each other as friends. He accepts the offer and feels tears burn his eyes. She leaves and notices a picture of what seems to be her (younger) in a hospital gown with Harry. She had a picture just like that one in her mom's house, but it had been cropped and no one spoke of that. No one spoke of her past, no one wanted to so she had left it alone, until then. 


In the picture was smiling and was all lovey-dovey, looking like they were in love. 


She ignores the picture because she thinks it’s her mind-playing trick because she is shaken by the fact that she cheated on her fiancé. 


When she leaves, Harry starts to cry and sob and cry because Welly never told him she was engaged. He gets even more depressed and Louis at once sends him to Rehab, where Oli works. 


She becomes his therapist and she wants to help him but he just cries and screams and cries. He never saying much but sobs and cries about so shut being lost and gone. 


Oliv, finally can calm him down. she helps him get better, well tries to. They become closer and closer friends, hanging out at coffee shops or parks and basically become like best friends in a couple of weeks.


Zack gets jealous of all the time she spends with Harry and they start to argue, two weeks before the wedding. They break up and Harry is there to fix her heart, routing for her and giving Zack nasty looks. Later Oliv finds out Zack was having an affair and all the 'cases' he'd be working on was to meet up with his various lovers. Harry helps her, becoming closer to her and deciding that something is better than nothing in the manner that he'd rather be her friend than a stranger. 


Later after they become closer, Harry decides to finally tell her why he's in therapy and has depression pills and medication and cutting marks all over his arms and waist and thighs. He told her that when he was younger, he had a fiancée that left him because of medical conditions and she can't remember him and he chocked as he cried but stayed very brief and left the details out, including her being his ex. 


A year later, they are best friends and they have admitted on having crushes each other, so they decide to go on a date. 


Right before the date, he breaks and says he can't, that’s he's been lying. She asks him what does he mean, explaining that last time she was lied to was when Zack lied on cheating. Harry says because he feels guilty of lying to her. He tells her about her past and how they were married. Oliv, being through a lot of emotions at that moment decided to leave Harry again, telling him that she needed time alone. She goes to her mom, questioning on a Harry Styles, which her mom at once gasps and asks if she remembers. She tells her mother yes to see the reaction and gets a box that she bring to her home, where Harry was still there (they were roommates and a day passed since his confession) and he looked at the bids and awkwardly say with her in their living room, opening the box or memories, which got her to remember some of it, especially the purple rose that Harry used to always give her before and after her accident. 


They'd cry together with apologies and I love you's. She'd asks him if that if all of those memories where why he was in rehab and he said yes, for all the mental health issues the separation caused him. Later on they would start dating again, having their romantic love once again. 


He'd propose to her but before getting married, he would tell her about the baby they lost years ago. She'd have a mental break down when she sees the picture of the ultrasound and would feel terrible but Harry would convince her in was never her fault. 


She has her examination after the marriage (song for the marriage is rest of my life by Bruno mars) and it shows that she is pregnant and has signs of cancer, meaning it's coming back, but it can be treated, although since she's pregnant, she has to make the decision of killing her child or risking of not only loosing the baby's life but her own because the pills would kill but baby's cells as they'd try and kill off the cancer cells. 


It’s a tough choice but she chooses to take meds and loose the baby.




Now for the shortest dim idea of book three that was an idea but not a fully well planed out plot:


She get pregnant for the 3rd time, after beating cancer and making sure she’s ok and #3 is the lucky number so at the end when she tells Harry they are over joyed that they will be able to keep this one. 


Then here was a chapter that I wrote for book 3:





In the future~


___ years later: 



There was a family that lived in a mansion in Quebec City, Canada. It was red with an orange door. A two-door garage that had a Mercedes and an empty parking place, for that car was being used to pick up the couple's daughter from school. It had a large well-kept garden for the mother and daughter loved gardening in their spare time. It had a stone pathway to the door. The backyard was quite big and had a swing set, pool and playground. Inside the house it was a three-story high house was a kitchen and dining room and living room. Everything was colorfully decorated and was pretty childish. Also, there was a Little Mermaid themed washroom. On the hallway, there was a wall full of pictures of the father and mother in Peter Pan and Wendy costumes. Pictures of when the mother was first pregnant with their daughter. Picture with the newborn girl. Picture of her second pregnancy with their son. Picture of the newborn boy. Picture of their third pregnancy that was still underway.


Upstairs was three bedrooms and a washroom. one was the playroom. The second was the 7 year old daughter's room that was Disney Princess themed. The mother’s best friends and the couple had decorated it. Third was for their 4-year-old son with Toy Story theme. It had been decorated with their daughter and the couple and another family of 6, (two little boys-twins, both 8, a 16 year old girl and the father and the pregnant mother that was only 2 months long, the Payne Family.)Then there was there was the themed again Disney themed Playroom that had all the toys and games and a couch.


It was all colorful and one of the most favored room. On the third-story of the house, was the parent's room that was Peter Pan themed. It was the favored room for the father and mother, mostly the mother, usually told her children stories there if not in the library room. It was the master bedroom with a hot tub in the washroom. That floor also had the new baby's room that was Whine The Pooh themed for he was going to be a boy. It was so cutely decorated and perfectly done since the couple had finally professionalized parenthood, so far. It also had the homework room that had three desks and tables and all the school supply. It was Mickey Mouse themed. It as well had the Cat room, where the family kept their three cats, (Wendy, Belle and Charming.)In the basement was the TV room that was themed with different movies and had a wall covered of movies, (mostly Disney.)Then was the largest room which was the library room that was favored the second favored, for that's where she kept her books and stories and where she told the most of her stories on the big comfortable couch. The basement also had a washroom that was also Little Mermaid themed and the butler's room with its own washroom that was only white and gray.


Now, you're probably thinking 'Who the hell is this family? All rich and fun and kind?' It's one of he most loved and know family in society and in the music industry and medicine field.


The Styles Family.


It consisted of course the famous Harry Styles that was a soon-to-retire singer from a soon-to-retire band called One Direction. He had grown up and made a family with his long time wife, Olivianne Styles. She was known as one of the most well-paid and best physiologist. They had been married since they were 23 and 27. Also it consisted with their adored 7-year-old daughter called Merel Styles and their 3-year-old son called Percy Styles and they’re soon to be born son called Eric Styles. It was a bright Winter morning on a Friday and Olivianne was cleaning up the house since she was already on maternity leave and was blown up like a balloon already. Harry had the next three months off from touring and was picking Merel up from school since their butler usually picked her up but he was helping Olivianne clean up.


Yesterday had been Percy's 3rd birthday and Olivianne's friends had cold over and were touring right now as Olivianne cleaned up. When Merel saw her father pick her up from school, she giggles in glee like her mother would. She was even happier to know that there weren’t paparazzi this time. She ran into her father's arm and Harry spun her around like a doll. They walked towards their black Lamborghini, well, harry walked, Merel was being carried. She was, as her mother had said she would become when Merel was born, a daddy's girl, a big one. Harry bought his children souvenirs from everywhere he went and put the souvenirs in the homework room and treated them like prizes of the places he had gone. He usually brings his family along for the tour whenever he can and when Olivianne doesn't work and when he can whisk his children away from school or daycare. He always takes them to places and makes up for the time he is apart from his family. He really was the best father for his children and of course the best husband. When they got home, Harry screamed out that he was home. Olivianne came in to room carrying Percy, who had been brought by the butler from daycare earlier in the day. Harry smiled as Percy let out his baby giggle and showed his dimples. 


Their children had been graced with dimples and the girl with hazel eyes and their son with radiant green ones. The daughter had her mother's lovely completion and had almost the same features. She had curly ringlets that were a golden color. She was pretty tall for her age and was quite healthy . Merel was quite mature and had already her motherly instincts since she always took care of Percy. She was already preparing and baby-proofing things that weren't baby-proof for Eric.


She reminded her parents of Wendy from Peter Pan. She was like her mother (except the maturity) with a cocky attitude and very adventurous. Percy had strait flat caramel coloured hair. He looked a lot like his father when he was a baby. He had a cheeky grin and had a charming air and his giggle made everyone love him, just like his father. He had too young to really have a straightforward personality, but he was like his father, cheeky and funny. They wondered how Eric would end up like. Percy reached his arms out and so did Merel and the parents switched which children they held. Harry took of his shoes and jacket and Merel handed him her jacked and her little black slippers. They walked into the kitchen where Olivianne started to make pasta with Harry.


They put Percy in his baby chair and Merel sat on a stool and started telling the family about her day at school. It was a tradition to share what they did at school. Merel said that she hadn't been give homework but to ask about her family background since they were doing family trees at school. "Oh, you got British in you," Harry commented as he added spices to the pasta sauce. "And Canadian!" Olivianne said as she served the plates and placed pasta in two kiddy bowls and in two medium bowls. She gave Percy the swirly pasta so her could easily eat it with out dying but with only a spoon of sauce because just like his mother and uncle Dave, he got really messy when he ate. She have her daughter pasta and Harry severed the sauce than gave Harry a good amount of pasta then gave her the most since she was eating for two and have herself less sauce since she doesn't really like any type of sauce. Harry sat between Percy and Merel as Olivianne sat beside Percy, on the edge of the counter. They ate quietly since they were pretty hungry. They gobbled down the pasta and Olivianne remember something and smack her forehead. 


"What?" Harry asked her, worried why she smacked herself. 


"I forgot water!" She said and Merel rolled her eyes and Percy simply splashed his pasta around the bowl but didn't let the pasta fall out because his parents might get mad at him. Harry looked at her worried, recently she has been forgetting things. Before they got married, she had lost her memory in a horrible accident but had regained most of it. He was worried she would get sick and it would become like The Notebook. 


"It's ok, we didn't need it though." Harry reassured her as Olivianne fed her son and cleaned him up before grabbing the empty plates and putting them in the dishwasher and Harry got Percy out of his seat and Merel slipped off and they went to wash their hands. 


"Where's Charles?" Percy asked in his childish baby voice. Charles was the butler that was dearly loved by the children since he was the nanny also. 


"He left for his week off," Olivianne explained because she had seen him off. "He'll be back next week, don't worry, he'll keep in touch, tweeting us where he's at." Percy let out a 'oh'. Charles had been the butler since Merel turned 5 months and Olivianne needed help taking care since Harry was usually working. He was starting to get his gray hair but was still young at heart. The Styles counted him as family and he was the most mature (being the oldest) and he was very loved by the family, spending lots of Christmas Evenings with the Styles, lots of celebrations in general. He was in fact a widow and spent his free time doing charity work. 


"Mum?" Merel asked and Olivianne winced a bit, she never could get used to being a mother since when she was a girl she didn't want children. 


"Yes sweetheart?" Her mother replied, picking up Percy and Harry picking up Merel, who was soon to last that age of getting carried around. 


"Can we go to the library and can you read us a book?" She asked shyly, just like her mother would have asked. "Of course! But it's still messy from Percy's birthday party... I'll have to clean up and you'll have to read on you own for a bit."


"Why do you have to clean up? Can't you tell us a story?" Percy whined. 


"Charles isn't here, remember? Plus, we can't have a nasty house, now can we?" Her father said as they walked downstairs and into the library room. 


"Why don't you tell Percy a story?" Olivianne suggested and Merel nodded and hopped off her father's arms and on the couch with her favorite story on the table in front of them. Olivianne placed Percy on the couch and told Merel to take care of him as she went to clean up. She smiled when she here Merel start with her reading voice as she started to read Peter Pan, the children book with colors. Harry and Olivianne started to pick up the fallen balloons and pile them in a corner. Harry went upstairs to get a garbage bag and Olivianne was making sure her dear books were all in place. She let her fingers slide along the shelf and wiling off dust from old book. She came to her favorite book shelf that was filled with her teenage favorite book like Percy Jackson (who her son was named after,) Hunger Games, obviously The Fault In Our Star* (since when she was younger she could really relate to the story) and of course three Peter Pans. One was the original play, the other was the Puffin Classics book and the last was a limited edition collector’s book that Harry had given her for her 18th birthday. 


She took at the book and flipped through the now yellowing pages that had been over read by herself and her husband. She came upon the page where Wendy meets Peter for the first time and had an inner giggle since her daughter was on that page reading out loud too. She turned the next page and gasped when she saw a picture slip out. She caught it in mid-air and gasped at the picture. It was an old picture of her and her husband. It was when she was sixteen and he was nineteen and they were in a vacation to Harry's family farm/cottage in France. It was the summer they met and had becomes a couple.


The summer she had lung cancer. The summer she decided to try and find a cure. Olivianne had been sick and was in the hospital, she had to have surgery since she had to change her device that was in her original lung and she still had the tubes in her nose that helped her breath since the device was new and her body was still adjusting to the device. She was in a white gowned and her blue bra was showing and her hair was in a Harry bun since he had done it. Harry had hollow eyes since he had been up late to see her off to the surgery and back from it. His skin was porcelain white and his cheeks had a red blush since they had been caught making. He had a checkered red and white shirt and faded blue jeans and dirty sneakers since he had been working in the farm that day. Olivianne had red eyes from crying from pain since she got sick. Her body was quite small and fragile for a human and resembled to some ugly dying animal, which was frightening. Now her body was fatter, off course since she had had two and was on her third successful pregnancy.


She was still a tiny weak girl and still acted childish, which amused her husband and son but got Merel annoyed since she was usually the mature one in situations. She smiled and felt her eyes water because she remembered. This picture had been taken two years before her first major surgery. It had been taken two years before the accident that had taken her memory about when she first me Harry. She was getting small flashbacks but this one was the strongest because I reminded her how ugly and scary and thin and weak and small she got because of cancer. It reminded her of the girl she had grown up being but then changed.


It reminded her of Peter. Peter was the very first pregnancy Harry and Olivianne got once she became an adult. It was a few months before she was going to have the lung transplant. It was the first, not really abortion, but baby she had lost. She couldn't keep the baby because of the transplant that was soon to happen and chemotherapy she was going through. It was like a shot of pain to her heart because she remembered that it was going to be a boy and the even named it Peter after Peter Pan. It but her emotionally and of course physically when she learnt that she lost the baby because of the radiation. It was like an old knife had come back and stabbed her. She let out a sniffle and put the book back before taking the picture and holding in front of her. She let the picture fall on the ground as she slowly slipped on the ground hugging her. She let out a sob that grabbed her children's attention and they jumped of the couch, leaving the book and story behind and returning to reality. Her children went and hugged her, worried why she was crying and tried soothing her.


"Mommy?" Percy asked shyly as she looked up with tears steaming down her face and her red sad eyes looking at him concerned. 


"Hmm?" She hummed as she cleaned her tears that wouldn't stop. Merel kept her head down, why was her mommy crying?


"Why are you cry-"


"Children what happened?" Harry asked, dropping his things and showing them to the playroom. They left, knowing that their parents needed to talk. They also were both shook from the fact that their pregnant mother had broken down to tear. 


"Olivianne? Why are you, oh!" He said noticing the picture.


"I remember... Peter and our first time meeting in Paris," Olivianne sobbed. She had always thought that it was real but she never fully believed it until now. 


"Harry, I remember... Some of it." She said as he hugged her and helps her up. 


"Shh, it's ok," he shushed her. "That great! Please don't cry... It won't be good for Eric!" He panicked for their baby's health. He had always been caring and he had been worst for Merel's birth. 


"Harry, I'm sorry I forgot..." She mumbled as she slowly stopped crying. 


"It's not your fault! I should have believed you!" He cried and felt his tears gathering themselves around his eyes. 


"Haven't we talked about this before?" Olivianne asked and Harry agreed and they laughed and stayed in each other’s arms for a while. Harry leaned forward to kiss the woman he had loved for over 20 years. She pulled a way and stokes her belly that felt funny. They then got up to find their children. They found them coloring on their parents' bed. 


"Mommy?" Percy asked and ran to her and hugged her legs as he let out a cry."Why were you crying?"


"Why are you?" Olivianne asked as they sat on the bed in a circle. 


"Because I don't want mommy to cry!" He wailed and Harry hugged his adorable son. 


"Your son," Olivianne pointed out. "Is gonna end up like you, you know..." Which was true with the cheekiness and the looks and attitude. 


"I'm glad!" Harry replied and nodded. 


"Why were you crying?" Merel asked. 


"Because I remember... About a baby your father and I knew... He died." She sighed and looked down. 


"I'm sorry..." Merel said. 


"Don't worry, it's not your fault... He got really, uh... Sick." She said and made a face and reached for her belly as everyone got concerned. 


"What the matter?"


"He kicked!" Olivianne squealed. They all reached forwards to where her hands were. 


"Look! Oh, did you feel that?!"


"Percy, it's Eric!" Merel giggled. "It's our little brother! He kicked and we felt it!"


"Oh, my!" Percy, out of all the family had more British in him since his Grandma Anne visited them the most once he was born. Merel was more Canadian and unlike Percy didn't have any accents. "It's my brother! Mommy look! He's actually there!" Harry smiled at his children. He honestly couldn't ask for a better family. His children were perfectly healthy and his wife was now healthy! He had the best family and was excited to great the newest edition in a few weeks. 


"Yeah, he really is," Harry chuckled and Olivianne smiled and hugged Harry tightly and he missed her cheeks as their family had a group hug, and Eric was there since she was with his mommy. 


"How was your doctor's appointment?" Olivianne asked Harry once she told her children to wash up and put them PJs on (Merel helping Percy.) Harry's face paled and saddened. 


"He said I... Um, have a chance of having prostate cancer..." He sighed. "But I can get medication for it, like you did the second time you got cancer…" 


"What? But... Will you like live and stuff?" She said with her voice cracking at the end. 


"Yeah, don't tell the children since I dot a big fuss... It's just gonna make me tired like you were but no have those horrid symptoms..." He confirmed as she nodded slightly, she couldn't have negative emotions because it moth affect the baby. 


"Hope everything turns out well…"


"Don't worry it will. “They hugged, which hard from Olivianne's belly. They remember the entire thing they had lived before getting in to this steady life. 


"I love Peter Pan," she said kissing his cheek. 


"And I love you my Wendy Fairy." And with that they held a long chaste kiss that reassured their love towards each other.




After this chapter, there would before be some of her earlier pregnancy experiences and how she'd raise Merel, specifying in her friend's lives and what would have happened to Louis and the band. This book would also show Oliv's journal for when she was having cancer what her thoughts were. This book would show the Styles' children, including Eric, who was born with not one lung and like his parents, would have only one original lung, but the other one would be a lung that is from his cells, a tissue engineering project that goes successful. It shows how the family grows up. 


When Merel goes to 10th grade, Olivianne and Harry would go to her school to get her home since recently she was found pneumonia and needed to go take medication. One their way there, they are in a car crash, together being killed before the ambulance arrives and die holding each other's hands, later being buried together.


This chapter of their death would have a long closure and would show how Louis, the family's godfather, tells Merel, picking her up from school with Eric in his arms and her siblings awaiting for this 'special' news, finding out. 


The third book would end with an epilogue that shows how Louis would struggle to raise all the kids, but adopt them happily and how Merel would grow up, owning the charity her parents ran and with Merel putting roses on her parents' grave stone, wishing them the best and telling them she's happy they are both in Neverland together and happy. 


Them, being Peter and Wendy in the heavenly Neverland, forever young and happy and safe, waiting for people to meet them there and go on adventures. Reminding her that to die would be an awfully big adventure and her parents were going on the adventure and waiting for her. 







Here are the gifs that were going to be used:




Baby 1 was gonna be a boy-- Peter



Book 2: when I was your man





When he brings her balloons in the coma:  https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS0AaDIY-PZfPAEDqFMeL4Pfci-AJzeI6j1pnTQeTlfW831n2i1Jg






*** End Chapter of book 1 ***







Harry and Oliv at the hospital:




When Liam finds out 'bout Welly:




When they first get married and second time:







stop heartbeat:




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When harry finds out she's engaged in book 2:








When Oliv forgets harry:







Harry and Oli loose the first baby:







when she doesn't wake up:










What I plan to do is keep this book up until Halloween them deleted from everywhere it has yet to be deleted, being out up as completed on the 18th of September. I will them put the book as a private one and then hopefully try and complete the unfinished chapter (this idea shouldn't be thought to be real, it's more fake and like a plot through out) and I hope you guys enjoyed this series that had the shittiest ending but I really had to have a closure. Please don't put rude unnecessary comments that will put me down because guys I can't handle that at the moment since I have way too much going on. If you follow me on twitter or tumblr, mostly twitter, you will find out about my health and all of what is happening and you'll see if I'm still posting books. I will be posting a new Larry One-Shot, which is a little mermaid AU that is only about 4000-5000 words long so far, and I plan to make it much longer. This book is the longest I've written and is discontinued or completed, what ever helps you sleep at night. 





Now for the acknowledgements because I am kind. 


First off I want to thank money for my family to pay the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi to let me write (haha). I'd like to thank my parents who've listen and encouraged me to end this book. I'd like to thank Dani for being a great listener and fan of the book. 


I'm thanking Merel, who made me feel like I shouldn't have quite this book in the early chapters. I wanna thank her for being a true fan and making me grin and smile and think that holy, people like this book! I wanna thank Amber and Dionne and more (I haven't forgotten you it's just one not sure of the name but :*) for being the best being perfect readers. 


I'd like to thank Welly, Grace, Antonia (Antoto) for being inspirational and nice and listening to my ideas and groaning for whenever I went per I'd come up with a new tragedy to fall upon this book. 


I wanna thank all my anonymous readers who were sweet as pie and I hope this ending had the closure you needed.


Thank you for reading this book and for getting me so many reads that gave me faith in life. Thank you all for telling me this book is good and complimenting me because like any human, a compliment is enough to make you feel happy for a long long time. 


Thank you amazing and perfect and patience and great readers for being your perfect selves that kept me alive with the smile that I get for each new read I get. 




~ Juli {still alive}


The end of Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly, finished the 15th of Sept.(Edited the 16th) 2013 and this took me, the author, over an year to write so clap for me and send me smiles. 





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