Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


9. Chapter 9: Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

Chapter 9: can you feel the love tonight.


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Chapter 9: 

Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

*Harry's Pov*

That night I had the strangest dream. 

I was carrying a bouquet of cherry red roses. 

I was walking on clouds, with boxers that had unicorns and pigs on them. I heard laughter echo from the space I was in. 

I was smiling and waving the bouquet calling out something. I didn't know what I was saying but I felt the movement and air come out of my mouth. 

Then I slipped from the cloud and I screamed from the top of m lungs and felt smooth soft hands grasp around my waist and maid my fall slow down. When I fell on the ground I was standing with that feeling of the hands around my waist. I stood on a but white rose and there was randomly a lion walking around singing "In The jungle, the mighty jungle, the lions sleep tonight." 

Then I woke up rubbing my eyes and blinking hard to make sure it was simply the weirdest dream ever. 

Then I re-thought of last night. 

After Nando's, Niall and I slept over, ignoring the calls from Liam and Paul. I had the urge to ask Olivianne to sleep on the same bed, but we have physically know each other for about a day. 

It was around 6am and i decided to think and let my mind speak, since everyone else was sleeping. 

Diana, or well Didi Boo, was tall and thin, she seem like a model but she wasn't, she seem like a sweet person. When I looked at her and Olive(Olivianne's nick name.) they reminded me of Louis and I. When I watched Larry Stylinson, we seem alike from them but they were girls. 

They had such a lovely strong friendship, full of laughter, communication, trust and happiness, what Louis and I used to have. 

I sigh quietly to not wake them all up. 

Diana has her torso curled by her legs were sprawled kicking the space between her and Olive. Now and then she would kick Olive, who was facing means had her back to her. 

Olive was sleeping peacefully, for once. Her face was relaxed, which I had noticed was rare, since she frowns and had seriously zoom outs when she thinks hard. Her eye brows were relaxed and laid happily over her eyes. She eye were closed making her medium eye lashes look like a think dark brown line of hair. 

Her eye lids flittered now and then. Her lips were slightly parted and she would smile every few seconds, making her cheeks puff up on her eyes. She had adorable pinkish chubby cheeks. Making me want to pinch them playfully.

She had small scars on the top of her head, nearly noticeable and her nose was scared from scratches, but you wouldn't really notice. 

She seem like sleeping beauty. 

Until I saw her body's position. She had her back facing Didi, making her face me. She had her legs sprawled all over the bed, one leg bent, sticking out of the covers. And another kicking Didi now and then. She looked like she was jumping. One arm was under the pillow that was under her head. And the other was under her chin. She looked comfortable even though the position looked uncomfortable. 

She would mumble things like, " Fairy... Peter.... Love... Dead... Flower... Meadow...." she would laugh at bit and I think I caught her sing Can You Feel Love Tonight from the Lion King. 

I shook my head, not believing I had these thoughts and emotions over her. 

I looked a Niall, was curled on in he middle of the bed with a pillow between his legs, he was hugging the pillow, which made him look like an adorable little marshmallow. The blanket reached his shoulders and he slept shirtless and showed his back. He was so adorable sometimes... I chuckled mentally to not wake up the others, wait but why was I thinking so softly and mushy? 

Did Olivia make me softer and more like a small cupcake like kitten? 

I had been feeling, ever since I met Olivia, this soft squishy good feeling in my heart, last time I felt it, was when I met Louis. I felt a pang of sadness hit my heart.

Why was Louis ignoring me or less with me form time to times? 

I thought about the night before to take my mind of of Louis and our sad friendship. 

I looked around the room, it was t that big but it was big. 

It had those annoying usual beige walls with those matching tacky maroon beds. It Had a small red couch on the far corner beside the window. The window had its orangey brown curtains closed not telling me see much sunshine. I looked in the couch and found a monkey Latin there. 

The Monkey seemed to have hair like mine, curly and brown. It had a huge nose and a huge belly. It had a red bow wrapped around its neck. The legs were hanging from the big belly and it had small cute arms. It had little fur on the top of its head, it was white. It think it's his hair. 

He monkey sad beside a adorable bunny. The bunny was a soft caramel color and had a white dress on. The bunny had long bunny ears. I guess she is a girl since she wore a girl dress and he monkey is he big since he wore nothing and seemed manly. 

I wonder why she brought stuff animals with her. They were both the same hight. Then beside the I saw a giant unicorns, possibly 1/3 of my hight. It was a baby pink color with its hair stroke on one side specifically. The unicorn had a purple tail and purple mane. it had a purple with spackles unicorn thing on the forehead. It also had a big snout, but I couldn't figure out of it was a girl or a boy. 

Why did she bring those stuff animals?

Then again, I have to remember that she is only 15... No actually 16 today is her birthday. 

I want to make his the best sweet sixteen ever. I got the idea of the perfect date. I smiled by myself. 
Around 8 am I finally decided to wake up Olivia, after being bored by my own thoughts. 

I got up from the bed I had slept in and remembered I only slept in boxers, I pulled on my old clothes from before. 

I could see her steer from her sleep slowly. 

I stood in front of her, plotting how I would wake her up. 

I first poked her cheek, making her giggle. 

Then I pinched her nose and she wrinkled her nose like a bunny. 

I decided to jab my fingers in he sides of her, tickling her. It was a random idea and I wasn't sure she was even ticklish, but it was worth a try, right?

When I jabbed my fingers softly in her sides, she smiled. Then I continued more aggressively. She started to mumble to stop, I thought about obeying her, but then I thought nah!

As I tickled her, she woke up, wide awake and her eyes shot opened, making me chuckle. She tarted to laugh, a lot. 

She was now crying of laughter. The she started to not be able to breath. She was coughing harshly and strongly, so I stopped, quickly, not wanting to kill the girl i fancy. 

She sat up, her brown hair was crazy, making her look like a child that had just woken up after a long sleep. Her eyes were a bit blood shot but it was normal since she had woken up. Her skin was a bit paler thank usual and she seemed like those normal people who look terrible after their sleep, except she was beautiful in anyway. 

She laugh and smiled, breathing once again normally. 

I hugged her tightly, now sitting on her bed whispering apologies to her. I apologized for waking her up, for making her not breath good, for tickling her, so on fourth. 

But she simply laugh and kept saying its ok quietly and rubbed my back, making me feel all fuzzy and warm inside again. 

"But..." she said dead serious, "if you ever want to wake me up, please to it around 11am and forward, I am not a morning person and on vacations I sleep till noon, ok?" she raid a eye brow then the other. she could raise both of her eye brows at different times!

"Ok..." then I remembered why I had woken up so early. 

"Happy Birthday, Olivia!" i squealed like a little girl would squeal my name. I have her a tight hug, making me melt inside. She smiled widely, genuinely happy. Then she laughed. 

"You have already made this the best birthday! You know that! Just you mild presence, and now the fact that your Peter Pan!" she was smiling and her eye were tearing of happiness and joy. "I'm fangirling inside so badly... Just for you to know." she said playing my the end of my shirt nervously and shyly. She hit her lip as her eyes trailed my shirt, making me blush and giggle. She smiled. 

I laughed a laughed hat felt nice coming from my lips. 

She smiled and pressed her baby like hands in my mouth to make me quiet. 

She had these adorable baby like chubby hands, it made me mentally laugh. 

She turned and faced her back to me and sat softly on Didi, who was know on her stomach, with her back facing up. She sat on Diana's but, smiling evilly. 

I sat on he warm spot where Olivia sat and watched her. 

"Press you hand on her mouth, to not wake up Niall." she whispered to me and I did what I was told. 

I could feel a pang of jealously, wanting Olivia touching and tickling me. It was a weird feeling that I was now used to. 

She took out her arms and started jabbing the sides of Diana's torso, making her struggle. Diana was now sweating and laughing and moving rapidly with the rage to get Olivia off of her. 

Olivia simply smiled and chuckled in amusement as her eyes shone glee and happiness. She giggled in delight from her master plan and tickled Diana furiously, making Diana possibly die of tickles. 

"Pay back!" said Olivia. Smiling with joy. 

"G-g-ge-get off! Aaaaah!" squeal Diana, giving up I. Her struggles. Olivia nodded and got off and jumped on the ground beside me like a monkey. 

"Where is Niall?" asked Diana. We shushed her pointing at sleeping Niall. We all smiled and deicides to prank him. 
"Ready?" Diana whispered to us making sure we were ready to wake him up. In the hotel room, there was some food, so our plan was to wake him up by smell and then spray him with water. 

Olivia ripped the bag that contain mars bars and she waved it on Niall nose making him wrinkle his nose like a bunny. 

She smiled and put the bar on his lips and rubbed it like it was lipstick and he moaned with delight. 

Quickly she took the bar way before Niall could sink his teeth in them. She got up and ran and hid between one of the three beds, beside us. 

We wait a few seconds, until Niall got up and moan," whee is my bar?" with his sleepy irish accent. I think the girl found it attractive since they bi there lip and they blushed, making me feel jealous. 

Then we heard his lazy sleepy foot steps approach us. The when he saw us in shock, we splashed him with water, soaking the white shirt he wore and his hot dog boxers. He blushed and laughed his usual laugh making us laugh along. 

"You Guys..." he mumbled rubbing his eyes, " Who wants a hug!" he smiled.

Obviously, All of us wanted a hug from him, since her gives the best of hugs ever. But Olivia and I weren't fooled by his trick. Unfortunately, Diana because soaked wet also, making us all laugh. 

"Guys, you know what day it is today?" I said smiling.

"Dunno." said Niall snatching the go plays bar from Olivia making her giggle. We all sat on 'my' bed. 

"It's some beautiful special girl birthday!" I squealed, again, letting my inner fangirl get the best of me. I heard Olivia snort and I saw her roll her eyes. " It's true though! Someone in this room turned 16 today!" 

"Hmm? Wait- what?" said Niall surprised.

"Don't you know how old we are?" said Diana, all of a sudden worried. 

"No.... What?" he said confused and looking lost. 

"Niall, I'm fifteen and Olivianne, she turned 16 today!" said Diana worried. 

"Oh! Well then... Happy birthday!" scream Niall tackling her with a hug making us laugh.

"I should have guessed... You guys.... You... Oh I'm hungry!" mumble Niall. We laughed and wondered what would happen next. 


Later around 10 am, after ordering room service for breakfast and eating and laughing. Niall said that he needed to get changed. so we divided to leave and come back later. 

"Olivia, I whispered in her ear, as Niall said good bye to Diana, they seemed sad to be torn apart, even If it's for only 4 hours. "I'm gonna meet you down stairs, in the lobby, I'll text you ok? It's gonna be you birthday date, ok? So get ready! Wear something nice, like always!" I smiled showing my dimples making her laugh and hug me tightly before I left.

As I walked out the door, she ran to me and kissed my cheek and closed the door behind me, leaving me blushing with a smirking Niall and me touching my right cheek, feeling the heat from where her lips were. 

* Olivianne's Pov*

After I closed the door, I couldn't help but touch my lips lightly. They were burning and tickling of pleasure.

I smiled like a nut job and Diana stood behind me with a smirk and her arms crossed.

"Well, what do we have here? Someone likes Harry? Hmmm? Spill your beans, you crazy banana!" she sang happily poking my belly as we sat on the bed we slept in, that was moist and messy. 

"Erm... Remember Peter Pan? Well... I was at the Eiffel tower taking pictures and... Someone bumped in to me. He was wearing a hoodie, so i didn't know who it was. He said he was sorry, and then he said he knew me from before, so I thought it was a childhood crush, eh? 
"and then we went for coffee and i figure out its Peter Pan so im like, omg it you! And he told me who he was, at the same time as I drank my drink. And he's like: I'm Harry Styles! So i start to cough violently because this surprise causes me to choke.
"then the weirdest thing happens, don't you dare tel my parent by the way! I start to choke and i cough so bad that I start coughing up blood and he takes me to the hospital.
"The doctors say I'm ok and stuff. So he takes me to you to Nando's and you saw and know the rest... So ya, Harry Styles is Peter Pan, my dream boy/ prince thing." I say quickly and excitedly. 

She stares at me in surprise by the weird twist and she giggles loudly and we laugh. 

"Guess what Oliv?" she asks. 


"IhaveadatewithfreakingNiallHorranOmg!" she said quickly but some crazy way I understood that she has a date with Niall today. I smile sweetly at her, get up from the bed and stand I front I her. 

She stands beside me and we count to 10 and take a deep breath, and fangirl and freak out and squeal and be your typical Directioner. 

30 minutes later.

After we fangirled, I look at her dead serious. 

"Didi Boo! I had to get beautiful, fast! Pretty Me!" I say and she laughs and sends me to take a shower quickly as she picks my outfit for the Birthday Date. 

As a take a shower, I feel the warm water agains my warm skin, making me melt and feel good. I wash my hair, scrubbing extremely hard with my hands and scrub of conditioner. I take the soap and clean my skin. Then I wash my feet, not wanting to have any smelly feet.

Then I put shaving cream and pray that I don't cut myself as a shave. As I'm in mid shave I hear a shuffle and hear a bunch of familiar and unfamiliar voices and a knock on my door from Didi, asking if I'm done yet. I tell her almost and finish shaving and wash of officially and dry my skin. 

During the shower I thought of why I had asked Didi to Pretty Me! But it's because she has always been he prettiest of the school. She is always the center of attention and everyone always likes her. Everyone likes her. I don't think I ever felt jealousy but I want some of her pretty magic for this special day. She has always been that pretty nice girl that a the boys have a crush on.

I'm not surprised to see Niall falling head over heals for her. 

I look at the dogged mirror and write 'I <3 1D' on it, because habits die hard. 

Then I brushed my teeth quickly. Then I put my hair in a towel and put it up. With a towel wrapped around my body, instep out of the steamy warm washroom and find a bunch of people in the hotel room. 

Didi grabs my arm and brings my out to the view of the guest, who watch my cautiously. 

"Hello!" said Diana bringing the attention for everyone to her. But she is sprawling to the guest, not me. "This is Olivianne. She needs to be flawless for today, even thought her flaws are as small as like having a long toe nail, we want her perfect! So go go go go to work!" she says to the guest, who I hope they spoke in English. They all nodded vaguely. they noticed I was watching them so the faked a bunch of smiles. 

Diana brought me to the first guess, a lady with a white uniform and dirty short brown hair in a high tigh pony tail. She seen about 39 years old but her hair made her look older. She had wrinkle lines possibly from smiling a lot. 

"Oliv, this is Mme. B, she will be doing your nails." I nodded and sat on a chair that was there. 

30 mins later, she brought out this guy in a green shirt, black skinny jeans and a light gray scarf and he started to do my hair. 

His name was Felipe and I think he was gay, but I did not ask, as much as I was tempted. Since I know asking would be very rude. But then again, I have always wanted to meet a gay person.

It has been one of my weird wishes. I always feel like I could talk about One Direction with them. 

20mins later, she brought out my outfit, which I didn't pay attention, and she told me to go to the washroom and get dressed. 

I was careful not to mess up my hair and my nails. 

On my nails, I had zebra patters. Somehow Mme.B managed to get my nails pretty. 

My hair was curled with small extensions. Rigt now it was in little rolls, to keep the curls and to not mess up my hair as I changed. 

I put on some short black spandex under the dress that I wore. I put a strapless bra, worring that it would slowly fall of. I slipped the weird dress on. Not paying attention to it right now. 

When I stepped out, I noticed Mme.B was gone and there was a new lady replacing her. 

The new lady had blond long hair in a messy bun, making her look younger. She had layers and layers of make up, making me mentally wrinkle my nose. She wore a leather black jacket and black leggings, hugging her pretty figure. She seemed about 30 years old and she had a long. Thin pointy nose. She smiled kindly even though she looked strict. 

"This is the make up artist, Lucy." she smiled and I sat on a chair, closed my eyes and waited for like an hour, feeling layers of make up and stuff on my face. I felt my face being poked and pinched and pulled. 

I would flinch and my eyes would flutter and wince at the touch of mascara and eyeliner. She would tell me to stop. even thought I continuously did it. 

When she applied cover up, to cover up pimples and black spots and gross teenage stuff, I would wrinkly my nose. I would blow my cheek like a monkey when she would apply blush. she would grunt in frustrations and Diana would tell me to quit moving. 

Finally, everything was ready for the date about an hour later. The guest took out a long mirror and showed me my reflections after the final touches. 

I stood in front of the mirror. There was a girl in where my reflection was I took my hands out and touched my face, so did he strange beautiful girl. 

I gasped. 

The girl had beautiful long Nutella colored hair with strawberry red natural highlights from the sun light from the room. Her hair seemed healthy and beautiful with soft curls and perfect bangs. She had a red rose in her hair, not letting her bangs fall on the face. 

The stranger's face seemed perfect and pointy on the chin but round on the cheeks. Her nose was pretty and not to big and not like a tube. Even weirder, her nose had not pimples nor black beads, as if it never happened. She has pinky rosy cheeks and long black eyelashes and pretty delicate eyeliner. Making her eyes look oh so beautiful with their dark brown color. Her lips were rosy pink, with a small hue of red. They seemed like perfect almost heart shaped lips. 

Her skin was clear and looked like porcelain like peachy tanned skin. Her skin seemed polisheshed and perfect. It seem like a princess' skin. Her chin was clear and pretty and that perfect pointy way. 

She wore a creamy white colored strapless dress that reached 3 inches above her pretty knees. The dress has small floral patterns on the bottom of the fabric and it had some floral patterns on the chest. The dress had a brown silky ribbon, that was wrapped around her wait hugging her petite figure. She looked thin. Her shoulders had no mosquito bite makes on them. You could see her collarbones slowly peeking bettwen her long magestique neck. She had a small little dark brown mole on her left collarbone, completing her shoulder region. 

She also had that small waist and had a pretty belly, not to flat but prefect. She had a body shape but not to bad. Had small medium legs that had no scar marks from cuts. Her legs looked perfectly shaven and neatly done, as if it was effortless. 

She had white with small navy polka dots high heal Toms shoes. The shoes make her look taller and make her legs look more pretty and shapely. 

She looked like a princess, or a fairy... Weird. 

I touched my own face, so did the reflection of the fairy like girl. 

I touched the mirror, so did she. 

I shrieked in glee. 

That strange girl was me

I frown touching my chin and looked around not believing I was this pretty. I wrinkled my nose and looked at Didi Boo. 

She smiled nodding and approving of my look. 

I feel tears swell in my eyes of joy but Lucy waved her hand in my face. 

"The make up is water proof but it's not doper resistant. But I must admit, you look very beautiful." she nodded and sat on a chair beside Felipe. 

Diana handed me my leather caramel purse. Inside it had a pad for just in case, lip stick, a mirror, ponytails, my cell phone, my iPod, my camera, band-aids and my wallet with a few bills of European money.(A/N: I don't know how the money is there since I haven't been to Europe and I live in North America...) I smiled at her. 

"Now go, Harry waits for you, tell you mom, before you leave that we are going to a fancy restaurant and we will meet up there. Ok? Now go get 'im and good love Oliv!" she says rushing me out side and kisses my on my cheek and shuts the door behind me. I her some shuffle log from the door and I hear her say, "My turn!" and I wonder how much did this make over cost...

I know on my family's hotel room door and my dad opens up with a big smile. 

"Why all dress up birthday girl?" he asks quietly, I guess my mom and Dave are still sleeping. 

"We are going to meet up at a fancy restaurant, Diana and I that is..." he nods vaguely, maybe he's to tired to care. 

We say bye and he says he will text me later and he kisses me on my cheek, also saying good luck. 

I make my way down the elivator, thinking how I will make my elegant entrance. 

Harry is sittin on a black grand piano, playing swiftly a classic and hummed along. I new the tune since I used to play piano before. 

I walked up behind me, thinking how I would get his attention since he was so in to the song. Then I heard a wrong note. He make a annoyed noise and kept trying the part, each time getting it wrong. 

So I decided to slide my hands in top of his and show him the right way to play. 

He gasped surprised but smiled and let my hands show him the way. 

"It B flat, not natural." I said playing he piece softly and he copied me, playing it right. He smiled and looked up at me. 

His smile faded and stared at me in shook, was I ugly?

Did I do something wrong?

(A/N: At this point I felt like I should do the chapter in 2 parts but then I'm like... Nah I want a nice loony chapter!)

He simply stared at me and smiled crazily. 

"You look... So... Beautiful! It's stunning!" he said with pure glee and joy. But then he frowned, "But the make up... It pretty but not natural, like you... But unlike it!" he said raising his hand up and causing me to blush. 

He led me out from the back of the hotel where a limo awaited us. He smiled as he opened the door like a gentleman and we sat on a leather chairs. 
First he brought me to a fancy restaurant. I had a steak and so did he. He bagged to pay for the food.

The he took me for a walk in a beautiful park, and all the flowers were blooming so it was a beautiful sigh. 

We strolled, speaking about our lives and stuff. 

When we sat on a bench beside a red tree, he seemed to be in deep thought. He took a deep breath. 

"So how long do you have to live? Like, basically, what will happen?" he said grabbing my hand and cris-crossing our fingers together, he squealed my hand tightly but I could feel his hand shaking just a bit. 

"Honestly, I don't know... All I know is that I have 5 years to live left, so when I'm, like, 20-21 ish... What I will be doing is right now finish my high school and hope that the medicine will be advanced by then and then I might be able to heal... That's what I'm betting on... That is... After finishing high school, I'm going to Harvard for a whole year then I will go and explore the world, using my 10 wishes.... Which reminds me! Tomorrow, you are meeting a sico wish kid, right?" he nods, " Well I'm the wish kid, so we will see each other..." I smiled and her wrapped his arm around my waist holding me close to him, as it I was disappearing or escaping. 

"Doesn't that worry you?" he asked me anxiously as the sun slowly lowered, we had caught a sun set. I looked at him, confused. "Doesn't it worry or make you sad? The fact that you will die young! The fact that you will leave me alone? The simplest fact that we might not have a future together?" his voice cracked and fell into small quiet sobs. 

He was crying. 

I felt warm wet salty thing slide down my face. 

I was crying now. 

He looked at me and hugged me tightly as we cried in each others arms. 

"I'm so sorry Harry... I just... I'm sorry..." I sobbed. 

"It's not you fault, don't worry. We have a lot of time together, and I promise I will do anything in my power to save you. Plus if technology and medicine isn't as advanced as now, we can get you a lung transplant, right?"

I nodded weakly not really thinking of the transplant. 


A/N: Now This Story is on the same speed as The Wattpad one, meaning The updates will be slow because of: Homework, school, Piano, Life Crises and more:S



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