Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


8. Chapter 8: Until We See The Sun.

 Chapter 8: Until We See The Sun. 


Aloha, my lovely readers

So, where shall I start?

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B-This chapter will be either sappy or fluffy or boring or filling or idk not that good :S

C-School is here so-_-

Please read my authors note at the end, ok?:)

Please comment that u read this since sometimes I feel like I write to imaginary Pixie Dust Fairies or something like that. 

Sorry is the chapter sucked. :S

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Juli Marshmallow

Chapter 8:

Until we see the sun.

*Harry's Pov*

My every thought contained Wendy Fairy.

She was sleeping, or well blacked out beside me. With her head, on my shoulders. 

The girl from m dreams!

The one I fancied for a while now, I finally talked to her in person!

She looked so beautiful. 

She has a petite figure. She seem thinner from when I first met her. But right now i didn't care about her weight. 

Her hair was in a messy bum that I did, and sincerely I did a good job! She had no make up on, which I had noticed in my dreams. And when I saw her, I knew she was all natural, just how like. She wore simple clothes, nothing to attract attention. Good. She seemed nice. 

Right now, Wendy Fairy was getting x-rays, but she had woken up to get a needle and had had amnesia, so she was sleeping. I was in the waiting room, patiently waiting and pacing in circles. 

Remembering when we got to the hospital earlier. 

**Getting to the hospital**

Wendy woke up and we had just arrived at the hospital. She was laying down on a bed and I was with her, holding her hand smiling at her and she smiled, but our smiles were weak. 

Both of our hands were sweating and she blushed and tried rubbing then on her thigh to wipe the sweat, but I held her hand and kissed her sweaty hands and she blush a shade of red, quite adorable actually. 

The nurses brought us to the child section, why? 

They said she was still a kid, what? I looked at her and she played with her fingers nervously. Ayer the nurses left to get a doctor, I looked at her serious. 

"Why did they say your a kid?" I asked. 

"How old do you think I am?" she asked innocently, which some how I simply couldn't resist but melt inside. To not fall on the ground from the emotions she made me feel, I sat on a chair beside the hospital bed. 

How old was she? She looked 17 in my dreams but she seem mature and immature at the same time. She seem to act older, but seem to have a inner child inside of her,like Louis. Plus 17 is still a kid, adults are 18+

"17?"I asked cautious for her answer. 

But to my surprise she shook her head. 

"No." she looking at her lap. Was she worried that she'd be to young or something? "I'm turning 16 tomorrow...so I'm 15." 

My heart seemed to drop. How could I date someone younger? And make it work? Wait, why did I want it to work?

My eye widened a bit from the surprise of turns of emotions. Then I smiled at her and she looked at me. 

"Age is just a number, I don't care." I said smiling. I just wanted her to be mine, to help her, to hold her tight, especially since in my dreams I would only watched her cry and scream of pain. 

"Oh!" she said smiling. 

Then the nurse and a doctor came, with a needle kit. 

I have never been afraid of needle so I was on with this, but then I looked at Wendy Fairy, her face paled and greened. 

Her eye watered. So I grabbed her hands, trying to calm her, was she afraid of injections?

"Hello," said the doctor in a French but I new how to speak so I knew what he was saying, well most of it. I guess so did Wendy. "You will be getting a needle to get you in amnesia for about an hour. Meanwhile that your asleep, we will do some test on you and get some x-rays since you got Erm...Cancer. We already called you doctor and he agreed it was the best to do, you will be able to leave around 7pm."

She nodded weakly, asking "Do I have to get a needle?" 

The doctor nodded. 

"Did my doctor say anything about needles?" she said. He nodded weakly and scared, why?

She nodded as the nurse came and wrapped a rubbed band around her arm, and opening her elbow thing. 

She was breathing deeply and hard and started to shake and the nurse was getting a bit annoyed. The doctor walked out saying, "Young man, I would leave, to spare your self. If you stay, cover your ears." 

I nodded not understanding. 

The nurse prepared the need and I turned my head away, not wanting to see the injection. I was thinking of what I would eat later, thinking I sounded like Niall, but my thought were interrupted with a loud scream, making me cover my ears. 

But covering my ears wasn't enough to cover the sound of a long loud blood curling, bone shaking, spine shivering scream. I looked at Wendy and it was her who was scream in terror. 

She was scared of needles. She was now sobbing and crying from pain. 

She then fell a sleep with huge tears rolling down her face as I held her tight to stop crying. Her tears made me feel sad and horrible inside. 

Like I died inside. 

Then she black out, again from terror and pain. 
In the waiting room, the chairs were a maroon leather color with cold metal arm rests and chair legs. She mad you feel small and I'll and helpless, not setting I like. 

There was no body in the waiting room so no paparitzy, but I got the urge to check my twitter so I go on it to find this as a trend: #WhoIshHarrysMysteryGirl and #AYoungerWomanForHarry and so on forther. 

Then I saw the worst one yet. #DisBitchWhoStoleHarryFromUsDie 

Sometimes these trends would get annoying or scary or weird or very sick minded and perverted. It rarely annoyed me since I had never really bugged my love life that much but 'a younger women?' or seriously , 'Die bitch who stole us Harry die?' 

Why was there hate? 

I saw tweets of people tweeting me rude dumb things, which made my eyes bring and sting from tears. Then I saw people trying to ring Wendy Fairy's twitter account. 

Thats when it hit me, I didn't even know her name. 

Then I thought of all the hate she would get. I had seen a lot of hate for Eleanor and Danielle (A/N: lets say Zayn is single in this story ok? Capeesh?) , I worried that it would be worst for Wendy. 

Then I checked my text messages.

Liam: 17 texts and 3 missed calls. 

Niall: 10 texts and 1 missed call. 

Zayn: 8 texts and 1 missed call. 

Louis: 2 tests and 1 missed call.

My heart dropped when I saw not a lot from Louis. 

Most of Liam's texts were how are you, where are you and stuff like that. 

Niall's were mostly about what food he should eat and if I could drive him to Nando's. I smiled when unread his texts. 

Zayn were about my hair products, typical. 

Louis' said: 'Night and call me later. 

So I decided to call Liam first. After 2 long rings he picks up. 

"Hello?" His deep voice beams threw he speaker.

"Hi, it Harry!" I answer brightly. 

"Harry Styles! Where. Have. You. Been?!"

"Erm... I wen to the Eiffel Tower...and I went on a date with a girl..." 

"Did anyone see you? Who is she? Where is she?"

"Erm... No nobody saw me. She Erm.... Is Wendy Fairy... We are at the hospital-" I was cut when the receptionist called me, saying "Harry Styles, Olivianne's S is in her hospital room." Who? Maybe Wendy Fairy since I never actually asked her her name...

"Harry! Who? The girl from the dreams? I bought you were joking and-"

"I have go, Liam, sorry bye! I'll call you in... A few hours?"

"Why are you at the hospital? Don't you dare hang up on-"

I hung up as the receptionist look at me and. Fought me to her desk. 

"Please sign here." she said showing me a blank page.

"Erm... Why?" I asked impatiently since Wendy was waiting for me.

"Sorry, this might sound awkward but, my name is Stephanie, you can call me Steph and I'm a big Directioner, please may I get and autograph and a picture?" she said quickly and nervously. 

"Only an autograph because I have together to..." she nodded, not letting me continue and passing me a pen and the paper and her hands were shaking. I chucked and signed the paper. 

"Thank You!" she beamed, "Follow me." she said smiling and brought me to a private room since I has payed to get her a private room. 

On the door, the was a file and Steph opened it up. She read what it said and her face paled and saddened. 

"You can go in." she said a bit shaken. 

"thank you," I said. "And please don't...Erm ...Tell anyone, this is very private, and special to me." she nodded smiling and she left. 

I walked in to the room, and found Wendy Fairy in a pale blue hospital gown. Her chocolate hair was sprawled all over the pillow that her head rested on. 

She reminded me of m nightmares of her. I shuddered. 

She was sleeping. But not peacefully. 

Her eye lids were fluttering and her hands were grabbing the fabric from the gown. Her legs were laying there still. Her breathing was weak and her heart meter was rapidly beating. 

Her face was disturbed. She had a worried look mixed with anguish mixed with terror. She kinda thick pretty brown eyebrows were in a worried position. Her nose wrinkled like a bunny now and the. And her lip was trembling and a bit opened. 

She was also moaning. "Go away! No...." she would moan. 

"What?" I looked at her sitting down on a maroon leather colored chair. 

The was opening her moth and shutting. She would struggle in the bed lifting her back and kicking her legs, she was having a nightmare. 

"Aa...Go...Leave... Don't cut me! Don't hurt him!" tears now streamed down her face and she was sweating. I shot up and shook her shoulders to wake her up. 

Nothing happened, she was a deep sleeper like Zayn. 

I couldn't think of anything to wake her up, so I missed her forehead. Like how they did it in fairy tails. 

She jolted up in a sitting position, hitting her sweaty forehead with mine. 

She rubbed her head with her eyes tightly closed. 

"Oh Poop! Oww..." she mumbled, rubbing her head. 

*Olivianne's Pov* 

As I rubbed my head I opened my eye slowly, to find me self in a hospital, again. What happened. 

I looked around me and I was in a private hospital room in a disgusting blue gown that thankfully wasn't see threw so it didn't show my navy bra. 

I pulled my hair in a bun and found that I didn't have a ponytail on my wrist so I made a face. I had a bandage on my elbow and a hospital bracelet on my wrist. 

I looked around the medium size room with real colored walls and a huge window. The room made me uncomfortable. 

The I saw a mass of curls sitting on a chair beside me. 

Then I remembered what had happened earlier. 

I smiled weakly at him, he smiled strongly at me, trying to give me confidence. 

"hello." he said with his beautiful deep accent. 

"Hi.." I said weakly. I wanted to slap myself for acting so weak and dumbly. I rarely act like this. 

"What were you dreaming about?" my eyes widened. 

"You say that huh?" he nodded. "Well, erm.... I'm scared of E.T; do you know who he is?"

"That little alien bat wants to go home and stuff?"

"Y-y-yeah.... Well I'm deadly scared of him, a stupid fear. But it's not a funny fear, anyways... I was dreaming that he was attacking, I was laying in my small bed and you... You were sitting beside me, talking and enjoying each others presence. 
" And then E.T. Comes and stabs me and is about to stab you and...and I tell him to go away, not to hurt Peter Pan... And he laugh and goes near me to eat my guts and... Thank goodness, I wake up but an angel. "

"Oh...Interesting... How do you feel?" he asks. 

"Do you want me to say something to make you feel better? Or truth?"

"Truth, please ..."

I took a deep breath.

"well... I'm a very honest person so, I felt before in pain since my throat burns and my back hurts... Symptoms of cancer... But right now I feel nervous and shy and I'm thinking 'Holy Crap, Harry freaking Styles is beside me, he is holding my hand and before in a ambulance, he said he was my boyfriend.' that how I feel." I smiled innocently since I don't like to lie I said the pure truth. 

"Wow... Erm... Well, thank you for being honest to me." he smiled sweetly making my heart melt slowly. 

"And you?" I asked him.

"I'm pretty exhausted and worried for your health and happy that I finally met you, honestly."

I smiled. "Harry..." He smiled brightly when I said his name. "I should properly introduce myself, right? So, lets starts as if we never actually met. Hello, my name is Olivianne Katie Seasame Fitch, I'm 15 years old, my birthday is tomorrow and... I live in Canada London Ontario, I'm in 10th grade... I'm here on a vacation, my best friend Diana Notebook, but I call her Didi or Didi Boo, she is shopping at a mall right now... 
"My protective parents are shopping y my 10 year old brother, who I call a fart. Erm... I'm very childish and I love to laugh.
" Basically, I'm a massive Directioner, but for you, i'll try not to fangirl in front of you. Erm... I have lung cancer and you have just experienced a symptom... Umm.... I don't like when people lie... I rarely lie... When I swear to the cookie monster I mean it and I don't break promises...." I said.

"Oh, well since you are a Directioner, you possibly might know everything about me practically..."he chucked as I laughed nervously and played nervously with the fabric of the hospital gown. My tummy started to growl loudly of hunger. I could feel a heat go on my cheeks, was I blushing? I never understood how I can blush. He laughed a laugh that these past two year I have been wanting to hear. 

He pressed a button beside the bed, I looked at him confused. "It's the button to call the nurse so you can leave and we can go eat." I nodded. 

The nurse came shortly later. 

"How are you feeling, ma belle?" asked the nurse with a French accent. I didn't feel lie answering in French even though I knew how to speak French fluently.

"I'm ok... I'm mostly hungry and tired. "

"Well, you can leave now, I'll bring you your clothes and you have to sign out. " she smiled and left. 

"Where do you want to go eat?" he asked. 

"Erm...." I thought for a moment. Then I got a bingo." Nando's!" he laughed. 

"You sound like Niall." 

"Can I invite a friend?" I asked, wondering if he wanted it to be us two. 

"Sure... Who?" he smiled but I could see a hint of disappointment in his eyes, but they lifted with excitement.

"How 'bout... Didi Boo? You can meet my best friend and she can approve you." I smiled. 

"Sure! I'll bring Niall." I nodded. 

The nurse came in and helped me get out of the bed and it least I had my pants on because the gown was up to my knees and was opened on he back with a small string to hold the back together. I fell coldness brush threw the back of my back, making me shiver. 

She handed me my clothes and purse. I could feel heat from my cheeks, was I blushing again? If I did, I guess it's because I was embarrassed Harry would see my ugly body. 

"Honey, you have to let her have her privacy." said the nurse eying him since I need to get changed. He nodded and the both walked out of the room, leaving me alone to quickly change in to my clothes from earlier. I took out my iPhone trying to fix my hair with the camera thing and checking my texts. 

Mom:15 texts and 2 call, mostly about how I was and where I was. 

Dad: 14 texts and 1 call. About where I was right now. 

Didi Boo: 2 texts and 0 calls. About a really good looking guy that she met at the mall.

I texted my mom and dad that I was going to Nando's win Didi Boo and that I would see then in the hotel, not telling them about my hospital visit, not wanting them to freak out. Then I called Didi Boo.

"Hello?" she answered after 5 short rings. 

"Hey Didi Boo!" I said happily.

"Where are you?"

"I'll tell you later... Where are you? I'm coming to pick you up so we can go to Nando's with my... Erm ... A close friend and some one that you were dying to meet. So please look nice and pretty and stuff."

"I'm at Eiffel mall. Wait what?" 

"I have to go ok? Bye I love you Boo Boo!" 

"What bye! But-" I hung up quickly and went out of the room to find Harry kneeling on a wall, hanging up his phone. He was blushing a crimson red color. 

"Didi Boo is at Eiffel Mall." I smiled. 

"Good, so is Niall, let's got get them by taxi." I nodded and we walked toward the receptionist and I signed myself out. The same nurse who handed me my clothes smiled. 

"Bye Steph!" said Harry smiling as she blushed and waved saying, "Vous être très belle ensemble, je vous adore." and she smiled. 

Then Harry took my hand, entwine my sweat chubby baby like fingers to his long beautiful fingers. I felt a fireworks inside me and felt all fuzzy inside. 

When the taxi came, Harry looked at me and asked why I was blushing.

"The nurse said, You guys are very cute together. I adore that from you." I chuckled as we sat In The back of the stinky taxi. Harry told him the mall and we were off. "Why were you blushing?" I asked. 

"Because she said, as you were changing that she admires how I worry and care about you." I smiled and noticed our hands were still intwined so I squeaked his hand happily.

He chuckled as I laid my head on his shoulders. I was scared that is I close my eyes, when I open them, I will find myself on a boring Monday ready to go to another boring school day. I'm scared that Harry will disappear. That this fantasy that I have been dreaming about for a long long time, with Poof! Disappear. And I will be back in my old boring plain of what someone can call typical Directioner life. 

But curiosity got the best of me and I closed my eyes. 

I opened my eyes to find beautiful emerald eyes gazing into my Nutella colored eyes. Harry was still here. I smiled and blushed. 

As we hazed in to each others eyes, the taxi diver told us we had arrived so Harry payed the taxi driver after I argued with him about who was going to pay for the ride. 

We go out and we put our sunglasses since it's only 3pm and the sun was shining. He put his beanie and hoodie on and grabbed my hand and led me to the entrance, trying not to attract attention. 

I texted Diana to meet us at the entrance so did Hardy to Niall. 

As we waited, we exchanged cell phone numbers. Didi came shortly, looking annoyed with her hands full of shopping bags. 

"Hi," I said smiling to her. 

She wore dark blue jeans, a leather jacket, not zipped. A pale turquoise colored shirt. Her really curly hair was in a high tight bun with a thin white headband. 

Since she was a competitive swimmer, she was tall and thin, like a model. Which made us a weird combination. Me; a chubby short lazy girl and her: a tall sportive athletic thin girl. 

"Hey, why do you have glasses on?"

"Erm... Because... The sun is shining?" I smiled, the remembered Harry. "Oh! Right, this is, well this is..."

"Harry Styles," he took his hand out to shake hers. 

"Oh! Well, pleasure! I'm Diana Notebook." she smile nervously, shaking his hand. 

"Pleasure is all mine." he said. 

"So... Your her 'close friend' ?"

"Well, I'd rather put is as date, or dream boyfriend, but sure." he said blushing. I laugh and smiled at did who looked confused. 

That's when Niall decided to show up. He wore a navy polo shirt and white trousers and a green flat cap. 

He looked cute, as usual. 

"Hello!" he said brightly. 

"Hey Niall, these are the friends well go to Nando's with. This is Diana Notebook." Niall hugged her warmly. You'd be blind to see them not have something between them. Had they met before? "And this is Olivianne Seseame. "

"Hi!" I said and he pulled me in a hug, surprising me. 

"Hello, you must be, Wendy Fairy?" he asked with a cute Irish accent. I nodded, had Harry told them about me?

We walks out side, and to our luck, we weren't mobbed by fans. We got a taxi and the taxi driver drove us to the restaurant. We were quiet, there was a bit of tension. But Harry held my hand, so I was fine. Until Harry got a call from Liam. 

"Hello?" Said Harry, answering the call. "Hey Li... Erm no we are ok.. I'm with Niall... And friends... We're heading to Nando's and stuff, I'll call you later? K.... Bye" and he hung up. 
Niall had been a gentleman and payed the driver as we entered the restaurant. 

We sat in one of those booths that have squishy chaired me sitting across from Niall and Harry sitting beside me and Didi sitting across from Harry with Niall. There were quote and facts about chicken written all over the was and there was a latin like music in the background. I took a napkin and placed it in my purse. They all looked at me Weirdly until I explained that I didn't want to forget this day. Harry blushed and Didi chuckled and Niall laugh his signature laugh that I always wanted to hear. 

We ordered chicken wraps, each. As we waited, Didi Boo shared her life with Harry and Niall, who listen, with his full attention to him. 

When the food came, I ate slowly, flavoring the food. It was spicy so I would drink my coca cola every now and then, since I'm not a spicy food person. Didi ate happy, so did Harry. Niall at quickly and happily, moaning because he liked the food. 


Then we went to Didi and mine hotel around 8pm and we watched Batman on the tv. Making small comments every now and then. 

When my mom called, I told her I was with Didi in the hotel room, and that I would go to her room later on to say goodnight. 

When I did go in my parents room, they asked why I had a hospital bracelet on my wrist for today.

I mentally slapped myself. 

After I explained what happened, not saying Harry, my parents bought the story and let me go to the room. 

That night Harry and Niall slept-over. 

There were 3 beds, so Niall slept in one alone, Harry slept in another one and Didi Boo and I slept in the same bed. 

As I brushed my teeth, I hummed Up All Night and singing in a horrible voice "Until we see the sun!" Then I noticed Harry was leaning on the door, watching me amused. 

He chuckled and we went to bed. 

Saying sweet dreams to one and other. 


Hey! So this chapter was fluffy, most of them will be ok? But I will put "Fluffy alert!" at the beginning so you all know. 
Gonna make it Niana and Harlivia ok? Lol cheesy I know:)

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