Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


5. Chapter 5: All I want For Christmas is you.


Chapter 5: All I want for Christmas is you.


Hello, my lovely Readers!

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I would like to thank my little brother for his idea for the chapter! It was August and my little brother was dancing around my room wearing his Christmas hat singing jingle bells. He's a weird boy, but her my little brother :)

Anyway, my last chapter was a long one so yay!

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PSS: Some of this story is real... So keep in mind that some of these event did happen but some, or most of them are simply from my big creativity and imagination.

PSSS: I've been waiting to write this chapter for a while. Well possibly chapter 6 or 7 more but still :)

I'm waisting your lovely Reading Time :P




Juli Marshmallows




Chapter 5:


All I want for Christmas is you.


*Olivianne's pov*


Waking up on a Tuesday is never easy. Especially on a cold November morning. I wore my TNA sweater that had a light purple flower thing and was a greenish blue color. I got it for my birthday since the store's clothes cost a lot. I wore my Lulu-lemon leggings that had a pretty cloud like pattern on top. Then I wore my brown comfy Uggs and some fuzzy socks. But my Uggs were fakes since the real company uses animal skin and that was cruel.

(A/N: Lululemon(company that makes exercise clothes), TNA(a pricy clothes company)and Uggs(Type of winter shoes) are Canadian companies, google them;)

My hair was a bit wavy on the bottom and strait on the top for my bangs, it annoyed me sometimes. I have chocolate color hair that had mini strawberries red natural highlights here and there in the sun. I have been told that my hair is beautiful and lovely, but my secret is using baby shampoo that smells like strawberries.

In one month it was Christmas eve! As a Directioner, the excitement was more of Louis' birthday.

Yesterday, I broke up with my boyfriend and today, I'm gonna see him. A weird feeling bubbled up in my insides. A bitter sweet taste popped in my mouth even though I recently had brushed my teeth.

Today was going to be colder than ever so I put on a comfortable purple winter coat that had a furry hood. But since it's colder that officially means winter has started.

I put on a hot pink scarf that was comfortable and put on my Olympic red gloves that had the Olympic sign on them. I love them. Even though they where old and almost worn out. I think I'll ask y parents to get me a new pair.

I had a orange loose shirt under that said I <3 Canada that I love. I really don't like tight shirts since they are tight and I have to suck in my tummy and look thin. I never wear tight shirts or sweaters since I'm worry that someone will tell me that I'm fat or gotta lose weight. Plus I wear baggy shirts so my parents don't judge me.

I worry to much sometimes.


Today in class we studied boring stuff but I had to pay attention, even thought I wouldn't need it.

During Lunch time, I saw Paul make out, or snob quite hard with Menty. I felt a pang of stupidity hit my chest for dating a heartless boy that I thought was sweet. But then it left. I guess his innocent nice boy thing was an act to get to me, but then when he knew I didn't like him and stuff, he let it drop.

Show his try colors.

I passed them as I walked to my lunch table and he saw me and gave me a awkwardly worried look but then I shook my head in disappointment, and I've been told that when I give a disappointing look, it's real and harsh. He made a rude face. I guess that we are no longer acquaintances.

History, my last period was the boringest. Unless I learn about England, then I would care. Anyway, I don't really care about this stuff, and of I would live longer, what would history help me in?

Paul was in my class and he simply looked at me awkwardly then sent me a rude sneer for no reason, how rude!

I rolled my eyes dramatically.

I think the word of cancer had gotten around the school since I have gotten pity looks from some people.

I don't like that, at all.

That day it snowed outside. A small soft snow, like a little cold breeze that you feel on hot summer days.

I loved it.

There was sweet white snow flakes everywhere as I left to go the bus. Couples were kissing each other, I sigh knowing that wouldn't happen to me.

I looked around to see Paul kissing a random girl, what a player.

I rubbed my hands together since it was cold and sat in my usual seat I the bus.

That night I had a lovely dream...


I blinked and I found my self sitting on a pale baby blue beanbag. The white room was now white with light blue polka dots.

Peter Pan appears in front of me smiling widely.

"You decorated the place?" I asked.

He nodded. "To celebrate the lovely winter and snow flakes." he said happily. I smiled a force smile. He gave me a confused look that demands a answer.

"Paul is a player." I mumbled looking around to distract me from his sad face. "Do I cause you sadness?" I asked.

"Never, just I feel horrible when your not happy, mostly because I can't be there to hold you and help you. Do I?" he answered and asked. I was dumbfound from all the words he had said so I cleared my throat.

"No... Well only when you say I can't meet you in real life soon or when you can't tell me your name. It saddens me that we can't talk a lot and that I can't feel you. "

"I'm sorry but that's the way dreams work." then he waved.  


I woke up for another to school.


*A month later*

Today, is Christmas Eve.

A month has passed since I broke up with Paul and he became a player and Menty loved it.

A month since I found out lung cancer.

Now the whole school knows and gives me pity looks.

Teachers mostly.

The other day, I hadn't studied on my geography test since I was stressed out over my health and the teacher understood so he have me a 92% instead of 64%.

I admit that that made me happy. Last time I had gotten stuff like that was when I broke my collar bone in 7th grade.

But this kindness from teachers earned me a lot of rude faces.

People either treat me like a delicate lost puppy or a disease that takes advantage. Sometimes I hate life and school.

Some of my friends turned there back on me.

But I still have my close friends.

And Didi Boo said she would never leave me.

I don't think I'll be able to handle Didi Boo leaving me.

Today is very exciting in many ways.

Like the company said, my family is coming over to celebrate Christmas with me. This year they will be coming here and the company gave them a free tickets. I am so excited to see my cousin who is an year older than me.

Amber Eden is my lovely cousin, who is one or my dear best friends. Along with with Didi Boo, we are the bestest of friends and we are a band of mischievous girls. we only get to see each other once a year since she lives in Quebec and I live in Ontario.

She is a Directioner like me, which makes me love her dearly even more.

She is a bubbly sweet candy lover, people say we are twins. But obviously she is prettier and taller and much thiner.

As I waited for her to get here, I was on my twitter, looking at funny tweets to brighten up my day. I do have a Directioner dedicated twitter account and I don't think I will ever delete it.

I walked down stairs to eat some Christmas cookies as my mom caught me giving me a knowing stair. My parents sat I front of our fireplace, reading books as the Christmas tree was all lit up nicely.

"Strait to your hips." Was all my dad said. He always says that when I eat candy or anything with sugar.

Then as I gobbled my cookie my mom cleared her throat.

"Can you eat more slowly, or lady like?" she said, I rolled my eyes. She always says girls are like delicate flowers, I always mumble my butt quietly. "Imagine Harry Styles was here. Would he like you then?" she says to make me eat like a princess, knowing that I always talked about One Direction.

My dad usually makes fun of me and calls Louis Lewis to get me annoyed. But then when Zayn delete his account for hate, he said he would become a Directioner, just for him. So I said, "Directionator much?" and he simply laughed.

The door bell rang and I rushed to the front door.

It was snowing, but just a bit. It made my heart fall deep on the ground because I love snow. Bu these past years, the snow has been small and simply brown and slushy. I don't like that.

At the door was my Aunt Wanda, usually know as Aunt Wa. I love her very much. She has that childish smile and feel. I wanted to grow up to be just as successful as her.

My Uncle Fern. He had a more stern and serious personality. He was kind at heart though.

Them came Amber, or as I call her Ber.

She has a annoyed look on her face. I looked at her curious to know what the matter was. She pointed at her phone.

Low battery.

I smiled and hugged each family member.

All my family knew the news of cancer so all they said 'bout that subject was how I felt and how I was.

I smiled politely and said Ok but deep down inside, I felt like screaming I'm freaking Dying here!

Ber wore a pretty gray with small blue floral pattern shirts and black jeans.

I wore my PJs which were the little monster from the iPod app Cut The Rope. It was red and he monster was green. The shirt is baggy, and that is why I love it. I also wore black yoga pants with the left helm of the shirt tucked in a bit. I love his outfit and wear it for my lazy days or summer days or winter break days.

My grand-parents came after that. My gramma Mary, or simply Grandma. She has more style than my mom sometimes and she is the one that buys my my pretty clothes. She lives in Toronto owning a food company so she needs to dress nice and expects us to also. But I rarely do, and she doesn't mind. She loves me anyway.

Then my Grandpa Alfredo, or simply Grandpa. He is awesome, funny, nice, great. Everything that you want your grandparents to be, my grandparents practically are. They are. Dry ticklish so each time we see each other, we tickle or we have to be at the top of our awareness to not get tickled.

The only thing is that they love kinda far away so we barely see each other. Most of the time when we visit, they have to work. They are workaholics. But I love them dearly.

We ate a big Turkey I helped my mom cook. It was. Erg delicious. We had rice that had mini pieces of carrots that made the rice look like something weird. We had salad, since my parents always for me and Dave to eat salad.

Then we sat around the fireplace and talked nonsense for hours until the clock struck 12 and we celebrated Christmas.

Then we opened the presents.

Dave got a bunch or electronic stuff and Wii games. He got some clothes and I gave him a pair of gloves like last year. He always looses his gloves though.

Ber got some clothes and some books, which she didn't mind but didn't fully enjoy. She also got shoes and tickets to got to Vancouver with her family, how lucky. I gave her earrings.

My Aunt Wa got a pair of comfortable socks and some shirts and dresses. Same for my Uncle Fern, well instead or dressed he got ties and suits. I have them both red and blue socks.

My grandparents got clothes and books on companies, brought stuff. I got them socks also.

My parents got clotures and money and from me, socks.

Then came my turn.

I got some clothes, books and shoes. I got 1000$ for shopping and secretly One Direction Merchandise.

The I saw a dark purple box with lime green laces and like green bows here and there. There was a little card on the side saying in cursive: May You Wishes Come True Olivianne.

I opened is and inside was tickets and maps and money for the 10 wishes.

They did everything.

The first wish that was going to be granted was in May to July to Europe with my family and Didi Boo the to Disney Paris and to meet One Direction in Paris and got to their concert.

I smiled and small tears formed in my eyes. But those were tears or joy. Joy that I will be meeting One Direction on May 11th a day after my birthday and after to to Disney he next day, then go to their concert in Paris VIP pass and front row seats.

I ran and hugged each family member and whispered I love you in each ones ear and the said I love you to me.

That night, or morning, I had the best dream ever. One that will do many things to me. One that I will never forget and that I will forever cherish.


I blinked and was in a a baby blue room again, but the room was snowing but it wasn't cold.

The ground was marble colored.

I stood beside a cherry red bean bag.

I wore a floral dress that I had dreamed about.

The dress strapless and up to 3inches higher than my knees. It had a beige background. Then blue, purple, white, silver and black floral patterns here and there. It had a silver silk like ribbon that had a lovely bow like how they are in movies on the back. I had a red rose clip in my hair to keep my bangs from falling in my face. I had a metal like ross earring. I wore a necklace that had red metal flowered here and there.

My dad had bought me the necklace when he went to Japan when I was in 6th grade. I love that necklaces. Along with the necklace was the matching bracelet that I had broken the third day I had gotten the gift since I am clumsy. But the bracelet was on my left rift wrist looking brand new and fixed.touched my head to check my hair and I had my hair down fixed perfectly letting my soft wavy and curly fall down peacefully with out stress. I had my favorite red Toms shoes on.

In front or me was Peter Pan wearing a tux and a green Poop Hat. (A/N: I call beanies Poop Hats since they to me look like they have poop hanging on the back.)

He looked so familiar. I had seen his face before. It was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't put my finger.

He smiled happily, floating a bit in the air.

His chocolate brown curly hair was a bit wind swept.

He held my hand and I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes and we were standing in a coffee shop. Nobody was inside, it was only us two.

"Where are we?" I asked since it was the first time we left the white room.

He turned around and picked up a box that had magically appeared on a table behind him. He brought it in front of him.

The box was a small white with little red sparkles here and there. It had a red bow on the tops.

I smiled and took it.

"Before you open this wish, think or what you truly want and what you truly need. I have two presents, the box and one that I can only give you." he said and I nodded. He had spoken so much this time. His lovely accent filled my ears like music and made me feel tingly and warm inside. I nodded.

I opened the box and inside was a card saying: Ask Me anything and I will answer it.

I looked at him debating what I would use my question on. His name? Age? What he did in real life?

Then I knew.

"When and where will we meet and fall in love?" I asked knowing it was three questions in one.

I looked at the Tables around me all set up for a full house of guest. I looked at the menus it said Bienvenu au Café National De La France Paris.

He looked confused but then smiled.

"Because I love you," he said making my heart skip. A beat and thud and beat hard. "In Paris, when you visit Europe in May. It will be a random sunny day and we Weill fall in love in this café."

I smiled and hugged him. It felt good inside but outside physically, i didn't feel anything.

I pushed back and smiled at him and he smiled a genuine smile showing his adorable dimples. "Some day I want and will poke 'em dimples." I whispered and he brought his lips to mine.

Inside I felt a burst of flames and love. I felt fireworks and rainbows inside me. It felt prefect. Natural. Meant to be.

I smiled and pulled back.

"I'm sorry I didn't get you a present. " I said.

"Your presence is the best of presents." he said and I woke up.  


Then today, Christmas, we went to McDonalds to have something since nothing else was open.




(A/N: Sorry is this kiss sucked since I has never had my first kiss, or a real relationship yet so I don't really know what to expect. Do just imaging the best and magical kiss ever and say that's what happened. )

BTW: Chapters start becoming longer...



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