Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


35. Chapter 33: Teen Idle


Chapter 33: Teen Idle. 








Mid April had begun with Oliv's mom dragging her to the hospital, seeing her daughter was underweight, to an extreme. It was more of the ambulance carrying her off to force feed her through a tube so she could somehow keep it down. It all started to actually be specified when Harry had commented about how her health was in that manner a few days after Olivianne arrived from Greece. They were having their monthly call, where they would talk how she was doing, not from Olivianne's point of view but from her mom would observe. The conversation fell to that point when she asked, "So, how did you see her, like physically." Which fused Harry to gulps.


"I saw her… tired, like her eyes seemed to be falling down and she acted like she had only two hours of sleep instead of ten." He sighed and heard Olivianne's mom hold her breath for a bit before releasing it through the phone. "She is thin. Really thin. I know cancer does that, but like, please take her to the doctors, ask for medicine to help her keep down her food. I know girls want to be thin, but she doesn't want to be like that anymore. She wants to be healthy. I can see it in her eyes each times she takes a bite of her food, it's forced because she knows she'll only keep down 15% of what she eats in each meal she eats. It's frightening because her body temperature changes quickly, so fast it frightens me that she'll get worst. Like when we got to Greece, I don't know why nor understand why but it seemed like her body couldn't regulate with he temperature of her body mixed with the heat, or if it was she wore too much that her body couldn't handle it because she almost fainted. Plus she tells me that people have asked her if she was anorexic because of her weight and all. She hates it because it wasn't her choice to loose weight. Please take her to the doctors."


"Well," Oliv's mom says, sighing, "I understand you care a lot about my daughter and always keep an eyes on her health and all. I'll call the doctors to check her weight and all for next week. I'll call or text when the appointment is, possible around the 10th of May? Not sure, alright? Anyways, she's calling me right now, gotta see what she wants." Harry can heard her annoyed and rolling her eyes from her needy child that he loves. They say good-bye and he goes to find Paul, asking him for their schedule for the week.


When Oliv's mom got to her daughter, it was too late because her daughter had been so underweight, weighting 110. This had caused her too feel faint. She was feeling extremely faint and dizzy that while she was weighting herself, she fainted, still in her underwear. That was when her mother noticed her bony body for the first time. Her daughter always had a bit of fact surrounding her bones. She was never that thin girl nor the one to be able to count her own ribs. Now she was, and it wasn't even her choice. That as when she called an ambulance and picked up her now weightless daughter, dragging the oxygen tank, and wrapped her in a warm blanket as the ambulance came and drove off to the hospital, making sure she didn't swallow her tongue or anything.




"How is she?" The mother of the cancer girl asked frantically to the doctor.


"We're feeding her from the feeding tube, hoping her body won't reject it. She is still unconscious but she's showing signs of waking up soon." The doctor told the mother, as he saw dark circles around her eyes form. "If you hadn't called and gotten her to the hospital, her body would have, probably a month, been too weak and was starving already and so what would kill her would be the lack of food." Oliv's mom gulped and felt utterly dumb. Why hadn't she noticed how frail her daughter was? The doctor saw Oliv's mom panic, instantly her mind be drowned in thoughts of how she was a terrible mother. "Mrs. Seasame, it's not your fault. Don't worry, one week here and I think she might be able to keep down some food slowly. Also some medicine might help..." Oliv's mom could only nod and look at the half shut door that led to the room where her daughter was, in the ICU again.


The doctor left her, sitting outside of the room as a nurse would rush in to check how the feeding tube was, making sure that it wasn't interfering with her breathing tube. Because her tank took both nostrils, thy got her a stronger oxygen tank that only needed one nostril in, thus dis-occupying the right nostril for the feeding tube. It wasn't the nicest thing to watch so Oliv stayed outside and waited for the nurse to let her in. Once the nurse called her in, she was checking heart rate, blood pressure, the IV and the oxygen tube.


"Her blood pressure is alarmingly low, but it's increasing with the food in her system now." The nurse started to explain what she was doing. "Her heart rate is something to be checked on again later on, because she is sleeping but its number might not have anything to do with that so I'll be back once she wakes me up, you can press the button," she pointed to the button with a human on it. "Her breathing is... It's something that can't be commented on because one of her lungs are eaten by the tumor." 


Oliv's mom nodded and the nurse excused herself and made her way out. Oliv's mom sat beside the bed, holding her daughter's free hand and rubbing it soothingly and sighed. The chemo had slowed down the growth of the tumor by 79% but it still was growing, just really slowly. She knew that now one of her lungs were good and healthy, slightly damaged like a smoker that has been smoking for a year a pack every 5 days, but still livable and able to work but its self. She was proud of how well her daughter handled chemo, how mature she had been when she got the needle. She remembered when her daughter was unable to get a simple vaccine at school because she would fight back as if her life depended on it.  She was proud of how much he daughter had matured in a year, proving that she could handle more things that before.


She was glad Olivianne had Harry. She was glad her daughter had found someone that loves her unconditionally and seems to be drowned and fathomed by her simple existence. He's always making sure she's well and taken care off. At first, she thought it was selflessness, but after a while, she understood that it was utter and pure love to her. Something in her own heart told her that their relationship was endless and nothing could stop it. Harry had already talked about proposing the Olivianne, but he said he wanted her to be legal and wanted the proposal to be romantic. Oliv's mom was completely overjoyed and had called Anne, whom they had spoken before Oliv went to Greece, and they basically were enraptured and ecstatic to an extreme. They secretly started to throw out small wedding ideas to each other and throw hints to Harry to make a move before they grew too old. Oliv's mom had noticed too that sometimes the couple acted a bit too domesticated that they seemed married from times, which frighten her because this was her daughter! The young little girl she had made and raised. This being thought and said, Oliv's mom rushed to her phone and called Harry, who was on the list of speed-dial, even though it was 11pm there and 3am in England. After 2 rings, he answered.


"Who ever this is, hello and you must have an extremely important reason to have to call me at this ungodly hour." Harry managed to mumbled out in a hushed tone as he yawn a but throughout he phone and seemed to be getting up to no disturb those who slept.


"Harry, it's me," saild the mother of the one he loved said with a patient voice. She could heard Harry's breathing pattern change as he got more observant and interested and alerted of what was happening, like he was coming to realization of who he was speaking to.


"How is she? What Happened? Oh, god please don't tell me her lung failed her. Oh no! I-" Harry started to say in panic and started to tear up, expecting the worst, but was cut off by Oliv's mom.


"If she died, do you think I would be this calm?" There was a small pause, as if that moment was to be unspoken of. "Now, she is… better… Remember how earlier you stated about her weight and all… Well, she ended up fainting in her bathroom from underweight and lack of food. Right now she's being fed by a feeding tube, hoping her body won't reject it." She sighed.


"What?" Harry gasped in panic and Oliv's mom told him what the doctor and nurse had told her, trying to be a brief as possible.




When Oliv woke up, nurses rushed in because she was chocking from the tubes and all and was panicking as her mom calmed her down and watched the doctor sedated her as she relaxed and was half conscious as they made sure she was fine. Oliv's mom never wanted to give her daughter so much medicine. Whether it was for cancer or for hemoptysis or anything in anyway, but the doctor confronted her and her husband (who was with their son in their hose sleeping) she now would be living off of medicine. It was a fact that had to be accepted, whether one likes it or not. It was a tough choice but Oliv’s mom couldn't watch her daughter suffer, so they decided to drug her food after the summer, noticing the drag of the pills, so she didn't have to notice the medicine as it was supposed to be needles and more nasty things. Olivianne was fine, that was until she couldn't keep her food down. Then she had to take pills again. She had had pills for back pains, lung pains, coughing up blood, a boost in energy, vitamins, for better breathing, for a slight numbness in her nose for the tank and much more. It was horrible but it was Olivianne's Mount Everest at the moment, and she was taking her meds religiously.


But out of all honesty Olivianne kinda wanted to smile over the thin body she got, being the teen idle that she always wanted. Before, she'd beg to be thin, to not have this extra fat that she would pinch and beg for it to go away. She always wanted that ballerina thin body. The petite figure of a ballerina that she wanted was granted, but to and extreme. She now needed that fat body. All the diets she'd done years ago were going down the drain. In her mind, her body had now taken the 'be thin like your teen idle and celebrity' motto to an extreme where she can't even go the washroom alone. Now she was doing something that usually a he wouldn't struggle for, seething she'd usually be at ease to accomplish, to gain weight. As much as she'd miss her ballerina Disney princess thin body, she had to have her normal chubby body or raked she'd die from hunger than a tumor.




"Yes, I'm fine…" Oliv said through the phone, talking to her worried boyfriend. "They're feeding me by tube."


"Are you sure you're fine? Does it feel uncomfortable? Can you breath? Does this interferer with your lungs?" That what her boyfriend ad been going on about ever since they started talking about on the phone. It was now 4am in England and Harry could flu asleep at anytime, or get caught by on of his band mate that he's up so late or so early. It was such and ungodly hour and it was madness that he was up just for her sake and health.


"Yeah, I'm fine, like they just need to nourish me, that's all." Oliv reassured him. "Just a bit in shock from the two tubes going in my nose, look I'll post a pic later on when I'm better, as in how I look."


"Bet you, you look precious and all cute and small." She giggled and he chucked before yawning. "Anyways, I going to catch some quick shut-eye before I need to be up again, love you."


"Love you too, bye." And their call ended.




After a week of slowly adding up more food through the tube, it came to a point where she could hold in 3 meals of food. She had done video chats with her teacher and got her homework sent by email and all as she continued to be force feed from a tube. The week had been utterly boring and she had watched her boyfriend's interview, as he explained how ill she was, his eyes showing the emotions of worry and care towards her. She never understood why he wanted her if she was so sick, so messed up with breathing. Why did he want to stay with someone who lives off of a machine and pills? Why would he want someone so sick, with little chance of survival to be his forever more? Why did he want his hart broken by her death? What she so worth it, worth the heartbreak? He had told her, quoting The Faults In Our Stars how it'd be an honor to have his heart broken by her. Yet it still was a mystery that confused her to an extreme, but she wasn't gonna let him go because something told her that no one would be as good as he was with her. 


She stayed in the children's hospital wit her mom and dad switching with who stayed with her, but it was a 2 whole weeks since she fainted and now she was starting to be able to stand up to go eat. She'd wobbled around instead of her clumsy saunter. She was starting to get more meat on her thighs, who had a small gap when she stood up. Walking after a week of lying down was like opening something rusted. It was like if her muscles had been stuck to recovery and couldn't move well. She managed to go to the washroom alone and three days after that to take a shower without a nurse or her mom help her (no matter how embarrassing those situations had been) and now today was her first day eating without the cold tube that she needed to be sedated and numbed to take since the tube felt odious and vile to her body and nose. She was really excited, but her heart fell when she had to eat Jell-O and soup instead of nuggets and cake. She was with her mom when she saw her nurse, Wendy, come in with a tray that had a cup of water and a bowl of strawberry flavored Jell-O. The tray was brought in by a table with wheels that had another shelf where there was the bag for her feeding tube and needles and medicine in general to numb and sedated her body if her body rejected food from the mouth.


"Here's you first snack in a while, excited?" Wendy asked with a grin as she placed the tray on her lap.


"Totally!" Oliv responded, more enlivened now that she could eat more or less properly. Wendy gave her a spoon that she failed to notice beside the bowl and took the spoon and poked the Jell-O with it. The Jell-O wiggled and then stayed in its spot, slightly damaging the topcoat. She poked it again, shoving her spoon in and getting a small spoon of Jell-O before holding it in front of her face. "Do I eat it with all these tubes on me? Like the feeding tube is…"


"It's fine, if you can keep this Jell-O down, we can pull out the tube after giving you anesthetic since I've been told that the pulling out tube part is much harder than the putting it in part." The nurse told the girl as she opened her mouth (trying not to touch the tubes) and put it in her mouth, chewing it once before swallowing it, feeling the mass of Jell-O travel down her throat slowly and make it's way down the esophagus and into the stomach, not messing with the feeding tube. "How are you feeling?"


"Good," Oliv thought for a moment to be sure. "Yeah! I feel good, can I take another bite?"


"Go for it," the nurse reassured the younger girl, who dug in her Jell-O, missing the feeling of swallowing food, even thought it frightened her to have it regurgitated out again later on. Her mom clapped as Oliv finished the whole cup of Jell-O and drank the whole cup of water without nausea or anything like that.




A week later, Olivianne had the eating tube pulled out for good and was eating alone and getting more energy and only had one type of tube up her nose, the breathing one. Harry was overjoyed when he found out she was getting better, smiling as Oliv explained how Welly brought her chicken nuggets from McDonalds the other day and a Nutella sandwich and she kept the whole thing in without vomiting. This was that one moment where Oliv believed she could get better, because she had. It was that one moment where she finally had achieved something good in her health that was better than shrinking her tumor. The smiled on her face when the doctors told her she was being let out was like when Harry had surprised her on Valentine's Day, something to be forever treasured. When she was let out, the day smelled like rain and the rain smelled like petrichor. 


It was her birthday that Saturday and she was grinning with excitement when she got home Friday, around 7pm. She was glad to be home, to eat her birthday cake and to sleep in her bedroom with all her clothes (because being in hospital scrubs and gowns and PJs get quite uncomfortable after a while) and to be able to do things with out nurses rushing in and being watched 24/7. She was at a more-or-less mellow state- calm, if you will. She laid in her bed and searching the web, looking at things on YouTube, which she found a really nice song called Every Little Thing, it was a cute little song and she fell asleep to it, falling into the Neverland of slumber. 




When she woke up again, it was about 8:30pm and her medicine time. She heard odd noises downstairs, but she was too tired to care, and so she took her medicine that was on her nightstand and drank it wig her water. She accidentally tasted the sour acid gross taste of one of her pills, which caused her to cringe and wrinkle her nose in disgust. After taken all those dreadful but needed pills, she fell back asleep. It was a bit tough to wake up and then fall back asleep, but manageable. Little did she know that there were people downstairs planning something quite mischievous for her and she was left unknowing of this.




She woke up at 6am to take more pills, lovely right? Not really because she was have a wonderful dream. It was that dream seems so realistic you believe it actually happened until you wake up and you long for that dream. In her dream, it was that when she had radiation, it had shrunk her tumor so much that it was at s removable size that was safe for her to have surgically removed. In her dream she was happy because she had had hope on getting well soon. She had seen what could be. She had seen a possibility of life after this tumor. In that simple dream, she had felt the excitement of breathing naturally. But that is a dream that could not be. She tried to go back to sleep, tossing and turning, hoping to drift back to the dreamland, but alas! That could not be and sadly she was up for good. She was lying in her bed patiently, waiting for the blanket of sleep, when suddenly reality hit her and hey eyes widened dramatically. She looked around, gasping and whispering some swearwords in shock and surprise. 


It was her birthday.




Harry was going through hell for her. 



Honestly, he always did, but he was fine with that because 'c'est la vie' and because he really loved her. He had gone from his tour in Australia at that moment to go all the way to her small town in Canada. He was taken the weekend off, thanking everything for him not touring that weekend. He had called Olivianne on Thursday by her cellphone while she slept, causing her mom to answer. He knew that she was getting home Friday and wanted to wish her luck. Her mother had given the idea that he could surprise her, which he agreed to and bought tickets at once and told the band and their managers he was off to her birthday, which they couldn't say much because hey knew nothing would stop the boy. Louis wanted to go along, sad that they were going to miss they boat ride, and so the two best friends had bought tickets and flew to Canada, arriving Friday night to Toronto.  


They got there and the weather was chill to 10 degrees, yet since they weren't used to it, they basically shivered as the taxi dropped them off and they paid. They were a block away and Louis felt utterly lost since he'd only been to Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls and not the small towns everywhere else. Louis had a shirt on and khaki shorts and he was shivering his bum off. As for Harry, he had a shirt and black skinny jeans, already used to the cold weather. They walked with their own suitcases down the black, it 10pm and cold wind chills blew on their back.


"Where are we?" Louis finally asked, his back unconsciously shamed from the cold. 


"Yeah, that house over..." Harry answered, pointing off to the far off distance. "There." He smiled, as the house that they were about to pass was the one. He fastened his pace along with Louis following him on his feet and they arrived to the front door of the big houses. 


"Their house's is huge!" Louis commented, looking around in awe. "They have so much space between them and they seem private! Like those fancy houses that are gigantic!" Harry chuckled.


"This is normal, these houses aren't really the 'rich' per say type of house," he explained. "More of a normal quiet family. You should see the rich people's house..." He mumbled the last part. Louis was about to ring the bell when Harry slapped his hand away. "Don't!" He shushed and warned his friend. "She's sleeping and she can't know that we're here!" He got out his phone and texted Olivianne's mom to let them in by the basement window, having the alarm turned off. They walked over to the left side of the house and Harry knocked on the window with a code knock. The window slipped open after a push and the two boys slipped one by one with their small suitcases. Once hey we're inside the warm house, Olivianne' mom was there in her PJs and a robe wrapped around her as she greeted them.


"Hello!" She said as she hugged Harry and he mirrored her.


"Hi," he said and they pulled away and he gestured to Louis to step forward. "How are you?"


"More relaxed than before..." The lady said, which Louis had never met and felt a bit awkward. "And you?"


"Ah, good, better now that I'm here and now constantly worrying!" He told her in all honesty. The past weeks have been hard on him. He had to keep a smile on but with he'd get back to the bus, he'd sob over the phone after his video-chat with Olivianne. Luckily, Louis would be there for him and be he shoulder he could cry on. Yet, he still blamed himself for not noticing how frail she was and to not notice the sad plain monotone voice she was having now. He felt ashamed to not see show she was falling and how her body was failing her slowly and more severely. "Good god, where are my manners!" Harry suddenly burst and slapped his head in stupidity. Oliv's mom looked at him oddly and glanced at a confused Louis. "Oh! This, Mrs. S, is Louis. Louis, this is Mrs. S, Olivianne's mother." He gestured them to shake hands, which Louis took out his hand kindly in a polite manner, well appreciated to the elder woman.


"Ah," Louis gasped when Oliv's mom have him a hug instead, squeezing the poor young lad kindly in a warm hug. "Hello," he said smiling, I'm Louis!"


"I know," Olivianne's mom quirkily with a smile. "I'm Olivianne's mom and she's sleeping right now, so we ought to be really quite as I lend you guys the basement guess room, I hope you don't mind sharing a queen bed for now. Tomorrow Harry can go with Oliv, knowing I can't stop you lovers." This got Harry blushing as Louis smirked and snorted. They group went to the guest room and both European boys dropped their luggage and followed the mother upstairs in a sneaky manner. They set up the decorations, Disney themed with Princess crowns and things usually for children.  This was lovely and Harry loved it and took note of it all for a future reference. After that they went to their corresponding beds. Louis and Harry snuggled up to each other's side, not mixing since this wasn't unusual and they were really close best friends. 




Olivianne laid in her bed for a while, until 8 AM and it was acceptable to go downstairs after surfing the Internet. She hated to wake up early but now she couldn't fall back asleep, especially with her birthday in her mind. Olivianne had put her sports bra on, kept her PJ shorts (that were really short and showed a bit of ass) and her old One Direction panama shirt that she vowed to never wear near her boyfriend, no matter what. After taking wee in the washroom and washing her face, Oliv waltz her way downstairs, humming teen idle from Marina and the Diamonds. She yawned and rolled the tank slowly down each step rolling her eyes when she saw the ramp her parents had kindly set up for her and went down with ease. The sun was already up and shinning and Oliv rubbed her eyes when she got down, hearing a shush and expecting her parents to pop up with her little brother to sing her happy birthday, instead she got the opposite. She walked into an empty kitchen, wincing when her heel would hit the edge of the damn tank and saw a note on the refrigerator saying: 


'Dear Olivianne,


Your mother, brother and I are out shopping groceries for the hour or two. Please have a small serving of cereal and don't faint in it and call if anything happens. 

- Your father'


She gapped at the letter and felt a bit ripped off on her birthday and sigh and open the fridge, noticing the box where the milk was supposed to be was empty. Sighing took out a bag of milk and put it in the box and cut off the tip with a knife and took the box with the milk bag to the counter, swiftly moving, not paying attention to the living room in front of her. She took out the box of cereal and started to hear a humming noise coming from the living room. She dropped the box on the counter and stood still, yet the humming continued. She turned around slowly, narrowing her eyes and saw Harry sitting on the ground, humming with his eyes closed and his glorious body shining from the sun's rays. There were decorations surrounding him and the whole living room.  He was humming a soft tune that Oliv knew at once it being Moments. Her head fluttered and she waltz her way to the spot beside him and instead sat on him, warping her legs around his hips and clipping her body there and hugged him tightly. 


"Harry!" She exclaimed in his chest, taking at deep breath of the sent that she loved and longed for. She smile as he took her shoulders in his large hands but then was in shock when he pushed her away.


"Why on earth are you wearing this goddamned 'fetus' shirts with have my baby face on it?" Harry told her with a mortified face, eyes opened and analyzing her shocked face that softened and she stifled a giggled and blushed as he smiled, loosing his mature serious look and gave her an Eskimo kiss. "Damn it, I can't act older and mature around you or in general..." He muttered in her ear. "But why are you?" He asked.


"Honestly?" She half chuckled and he nodded in the same way Merida's dad in Brave did when he explained Merida's mom to explain her arrangement. In a almost excited way, almost. "It's my PJ shirt and I just wasn't expecting you here, so I wore it?" She explained in a shy unsure manner, glancing at her real boyfriends face them to the one hat was on her book. 


"Wow, well I just..." She was blushing in utter embarrassment as he laughed and kissed her softly. 


"Happy Birthday," he wished her in between the kiss, in a gap of air, which was hard het manageable. She smiled on to the kiss and put her hands on his neck and pushing him closer, making him gasp but slipping his arms around her small waist and kissed her back away he hadn't been able to in a while. Things got hot until she topped the kiss and they were zoned out and were in their little world of hope and dreams. It ended when they heard footsteps, expecting it to be a squirrel on the deck or roof, but it wasn't any of those and when they heard an awkward cough was when they noticed it was Louis who came back upstairs since he'd been talking to Jules while the couple met.


"Uh..." Louis said awkwardly as the couple broke apart, blushing cherry colors. "Yeah, happy birthday Oliv... Uh... Yeah..." He told her, scratching the back of his neck in the awkwardness he had. "I'll just... Go take a shower in the washroom downstairs, yeah?" They jut watched him, Oliv sitting up but still on Harry and pressing their crotches together. Louis left and went downstairs, letting Harry let down a sigh and his blush soften as he grabbed her face and pecked her and sat up with her now slipping on his lap.


"'M hungry babe," he told her and she nodded as he stomach made a monstrous growl on queue.  They sat down to eat cereal and gobbled up the food, Oliv eating a cup of cereal and eating as slow as possible to not vomit anything out.




"Happy Birthday to you…" Sang the whole party of people, celebrating in the household's living room Olivianne's 17th birthday. Oliv was happy at that moment, this warm feeling in her heart was bursting and Harry was putting a clip on Vine of the birthday song. She blew her candles, blushing and wishing for a new lung or two, hoping for a transplant soon. The party was nicely decorated and the cake had the Disney castle on it. She ate the cake with a grin, enjoying the day and the weather and simply every bit of spring. She was glad that Harry was with her and kissing her on he birthday. She was super happy Louis came because he was such a funny person and a great person for parties. When she opened a gift from Harry, her family and the foundation, she was shaking and holding the enveloped that had no card in it but a ticket that made her tear up and gasp. She dropped the envelope and held the ticket up high like if it was Simba from the Lion King. Her hands shook as tears spilled and she attacked her parents in a hug, shaking with feverishness. She kissed Harry on the cheek (which her mom caught that on camera) and thanked everyone, freaking out and shaking in glee.


"A, a… D-Disneyworld ticket!?" She squeal and you'd be dumb to not notice how happy she was at that moment. She shine in her eyes, the smile on her face, everything her mom had missed and longed to see in so long was brought back. The smile that had left her child's face, like her health was going, had returned slightly and in a most appreciatively way.  This photo was photographed and something treasured by the whole family. 


Something she never told her family was that that night she went to take a shower and had music on and vomited her birthday cake, despite all her efforts to keep the food in. 




When Harry and Louis left back to their tour, Oliv hugged then but seemed more at ease because she understood why they had to leave and she knew that they had to leave no matter what. They got a vacation oh, so rarely and got free personal time rarely. As much as Louis wanted to whisk the girl that made his best friend happy, she couldn't leave because she needed to have weekly visits to the doctors to make sure her food is staying down, which Olivianne said it was. The thing was tat only 88% was digested, the rest vomited against her will at least once a week. She didn't want more trouble, so she kept it to herself. Near the end of May, Olivianne started her 12th grade courses, high courses so finish high school earlier. She was fine with the extra work and was enjoying the weather, hating putting on wigs until one day she went to school in a bandana and well, people did look at her in a different light. May turned to June and the weather became hot and the humidity made everything sticky and hot and Oliv utterly hated that. She had gotten more fat on her body and seemed more of a really fast metabolism's body instead of a cancer patient who can't control what she eats. When she finished 11th grade, she was halfway through 12th grade and was taking summer school for the credits. In August was her lovely trip to Disney with her boyfriend and family. 












Sorry for the short chapter but I just didn't know or could write more since I need to move on. 


Update on my life: New diagnosis, 'Cluster Migraines' now and I now day 3 pills daily and then about two throughout the day for headaches. My MRI is July the 6th and I had my grad on Thursday and my little brother's birthday party on Monday and his real birthday on Tuesday. I'm changing school this ear so 3 days left in this school. Also, they didn't find something in my ultrasound so yeah… I think I might be going mad slowly.


~Juli Marshmallow. 




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