Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


34. Chapter 32: Colors Of The Wind.

Chapter 32: 


Colors Of The Wind.





There was a lady's voice booming along the building. First in Italian, then English then in 2 more languages, one being French and hey other, she didn't know. "Passengers in the first class for flight 2778 to Preveza, Greece please go to you gate, you are now boarding." 

"That's us." Oliv nodded to her boyfriend, who was asleep on her shoulder, drooling a bit and mumbling with his hot breath against her warm skin. She shook her shoulder to get his attention, getting a grunt from her curly lad. She felt his nose wrinkle against the crook of her neck and the warm head lift.


"Huh?" He said, all groggy and tired with a thin line of saliva trailing along the left corner of his mouth going downwards. He had a bit of a bed head, so he shook his head and fixed the fringe/quiff to the natural side and looking concentrated.  Oliv giggled as she watched him flip his head dramatically.


"The way you flip your hair get teens everywhere overwhelmed..." She mumbled with a small smile. He looked over to her and rolled his eyes, clearly amused yet felt odd that he had sung that.


"Yeah, yeah... I know." He said all cocky and smirk. "Why'd you wake me up?"


"They called for us to go and board the mother load." She told and started to get up. He nodded and got up and helped her up, taking her backpack and his satchel as she took the tank. They boarded the plane, throwing away the box of nuggets away in the garbage. The passed a lady who'd check the tickets.  She scanned the tickets, gain a beep and let the couple pass. On the entry of the plane, there were two flight attendances there with huge forced smiles. They both were saying hellos and helping people with large things get on. They noticed Oliv and their faces twitched when they saw Harry.


"Hello!" Olivianne said, signaling that she spoke English and not Italian. 


"Hello!" Said one with that smile that shows your hate on life. She had red hair and a heart-shaped head.


"Do you have a form for your uh..." They other said, shifting her gaze to the tank. She had dirty blonde hair with a stern face and a long head. 


"Oxygen tank," Harry said and grabbed her waist, giving his girlfriend a small push to gesture her to go forward. Before Oliv could even step on the plane, the red head put her hand out, stopping the couple and the people behind them.


"Do you have a letter or a permit?" She asked.


"Excuse me?" Oliv retorted, confused.


"Ah, yes, do you have something to allow you to board the plane?" She asked, narrowing her eyes. "If not, you cannot board the plane. A medical letter or permit with the signature of your doctor is needed for all medical care and needs. So, do you?" Oliv blink once, then twice all confused and the third time she understood and told Harry to turn around. She opened the back pocket and took out a folder with all her medical forms and all that stuff and handed the one to board the plane to the first attendant, who seemed kinder than the other one. She took and both ladies inspected the paper, humming and nodded. They took out a stamp from they pocket and both stamped the paper on the bottom before handing it back to the couple and helping her get the tank over the ledge. They sent the couple piteous looks and went to attend the next passengers as the couple proceeded to their seats beside each other in first class.


This was what happened whenever she went on planes or on trains. She didn't understand exactly the exact need of the paper, but still she understood it was needed.  But she didn't want it and didn't see the care.


The couple sat, putting her tank between her legs and we back pack under the seat in front and kindly asked Harry if she could sit near the window, that being her favorite spot in planes. She loved to see the landscape from the window of the airplane. It made her feel taller as she watched earth shrink under her. She loved to see the clouds and wonder if they would taste like food. She adored watching the cities and farms and the earth from afar. She always wanted to paint it one day, make a beautiful painting that people would admire and wonder how to do it. One that people would try to remake and admire its originality.


The thing was, she had already given up on her artistic ways years ago when she decided to stop drawing and all that stuff.


Harry put his bag under the seat too, smiling and sitting beside her in the navy blue chairs that reminded him of desk chairs in offices. He snuggled to the chair, leaning to Olivianne's side and smiled as the sun that was starting to set shone across her face and brought back color and life to her skin and eyes. He smiled and grabbed her let hand that hung over the handle of the seat and squeezed it as he intwined fingers with her and she smiled and glanced at him before tugging his arm and showing him the window, smiling widely. He nodded and smiled in the same joy, even though he had no idea why she was smiling since she couldn't see from his distance to the window but the sky and far away planes. 


He held her hand and relaxed against his seat as he put on his glasses and hoodie over top of his hand and looked to Oliv when they said that the passengers that weren't from first class would enter. This meant other people would come and more importantly, possible fans. He tried to make himself look un-him as Oliv noticed and looked to the window, not daring to glance at the people passing by and hoping no be noticed. Luckily, after 30 minutes of hiding, the plane was full and ready departure. The couple sank to their seats and sat there patiently and quietly, watching the flight attendant useless around and walk up and down the isles, helping people and checking if everything is in place for the flight. One last attendant came down, slamming down the compartments' doors and shutting the closed and made sure people had their seat belts on before the captain welcomed the passengers, explaining what was to happen and that they were going to fly off.


"Hey," Harry told her, smirking as her surprised faced when she heard him.


"Oh, hi!" She grinned and looked outside as she felt the plane move and the engines make loud noises that would echo throughout the plane. They buckled their seat belts. "We're moving!" She exclaimed, squirming in her seat in excitement and pointed outside as the plane began to move near the pad there they rise off the floor. Gasping, she squeezed his hand and took a piece of gum out and handed a whole piece to him and one for herself, chewing it so her ears wouldn't pop. Harry copied her, making funny faces to make her laugh as he chewed. She looked at the window, Harry leaning to her side and they watched the floor beneath them was shrinking away until they were flying and the Italian landscape was beneath them and everything looked small. "Hey, Cupcake," she said, getting hit boyfriend's attention. "Bet this is how you look at everyone sometimes. Small and all." She giggled at the dumb remake miffed with joke. He huffed and nodded and she smiled. "One day you'll see how it feels like to look up to everyone... One day..." She trailed of and watched the ground bellow her. They sat in silence for a while, watching the window, sneaking glances at each other until there was a message from the captain that the attendants would be presenting what to do in case of emergency and all those things. They sat there waiting and Oliv read the pamphlet that showed what to do and gave out OH’s here and there. 


"Olivianne?" Her boyfriend said once the attendants were done and some looked at Harry in a desiring way, causing his girlfriend to give him a kiss and a love bite on the neck quickly to mark her territory, causing the attendants to look away in a blush. 


"Hmm?" She said as she rested her elves to the armrest and raised her hands so her chin would rest against them.


"Ho-" be started to say but was cut off.


"Hello, this is your captain speaking," spoke the captain as it echoed across the cabin. "Refreshments will be starting to be served..." And he said more by the couple stopped paying attention to the captain and waited for him to be done.


"Anyways," Harry said, trying to remember what he was about to ask.


"You were saying?"


"I don't really remember... Hate that," he swore under his breath and she giggle softly. "It's not funny, it's a brain fart!"


"Mmhhmm," she hummed and nodded. "Ok." She winked and he blushed from her wink that had a seducing cute way of resort. She sighed and leaned forward to his side, resting her head to his shoulder as he leaned forward and wrapped his arm around her shoulders and warmed her up with his arms as she nuzzled his nose.


When the attendant came, the couple was asleep in each other's arm, one of the attendants being a fan took picture that went viral and spread like wild fire over twitter without the couple knowing and continuing their deep slumber. He would snore here and there in Olivianne's ear, making it sound like a deep soft melody in her ear. She would murmur quietly somethings that was only audible to hi, but he was in deep slumber and had no idea what she was saying. He would full out sleep talk, causing a business woman that sat across from them giggle and the business man in front smirk at the young couple, wishing he could be with his wife, who had passed away while he had been on a business trip, she had suffered from a brain tumor and he was going to work again so he could get her treatment and try to make her better. His son had been with his wife the whole time, holding his mother's hand and giving words of comfort as he watched his mother slowly pass away and die slowly. 


He was returning from his work, quitting because he had no reason to make money now that he was old enough and alone to live in a retirement home. He glanced at the couple and sighed, remembering when his wife was young and they would go to the tropics and tan and have fun, and well be a couple. He missed her and had cried a lot when he got the call from his son telling the bad news that broke his heart. He hasn't been there for his wife and that was too heart breaking to handle. He looked at the couple and sent them a silent prayer that the boy with curly hair be with the bald girl when their time comes and that they finish their time together.




The couple woke up when the attendants were serving small snacks, two hours away from their stop. Actually, it as Harry who woke up in an odd position with his face crooked in her neck but near her breast more than near the neck. He pulled away from their position and blushed. Being a man and all, this was quite intimate and he dared not to continue with that because he was in a position where he can't afford to be aroused. Obviously this isn't the first time these thoughts have happened. Like at the hotel or many times in summer where he had gotten the burst and had to leave the scene. The couple never talked about these little situations nor planned to. Those were just things to let them be and someday be helped. This left Harry to try and to the feed alone and patiently wait for her to be prepared, not wanting her to be all rushed.


He pulled his girlfriend off and with one arm her held her in a position that wasn't comfortable but she could still sleep. With the other hand, he took out a pillow that was on the dip of his back and placed it against the window and moved his lover's head for her comfort as he rushed to go pee to the washroom. The attendant came, offering bags of chips, which Harry took two bags of Cheetos for both of them and watched his girlfriend sleep with ease, breathing in from the tank. This made his heart fall, she wouldn't be able to live without relying on a machine until s he got s donor. It was obvious that she wouldn't never be cured since all chemo was doing is stopping it from going out of the lungs and to other places in her body. He was thankful that it wouldn't spread because if it got to her heart and ate her heart before the doctors being able to save her, well he would probably die. Just the simple thoughts of loosing her made his eyes tear up and his head hurt and heart weight a ton and be squished by a mad man. 


He looked at the beautiful youthful girl that he had fallen for and was stuck in the pool of stick love pool that was of her. He was like a lovesick puppy, unable to get out of this lovely sickness that he was enamored by. He truly loved her and was waiting for the right moment to get down to his knees and in the most affectionate way (with help of Ed Sheeran's music) he would confess his undying love to her and would propose to her an eternity of partnership, romance, love and most of all as his wife. He waited for the moment to take out a ring (which he needed to get the size soon as to slip a lace around her forth finger as she sleeps) and let it some as her eyes sparkle. He closed his eyes and imagined the day this would happen, her healthy and his fine and them together forever more. Someday, he told himself, someday you shall and it will be merry and full of smiled and tears of joy.


Yet he knew things would stop them, the most importuning being cancer. The saddest thing about cancer for Olivianne that was a nightmare (not that the whole ting itself wasn't a nightmare) hat probably had hit her life so painfully was the fact that from her state of health, she wouldn't be able to complete all the things she wanted to do. Once of them being going to Harvard like she had planned to. Not even Internet courses were in her league because by the time she finishes high school, she'll be going through the… last stage of cancer before things get bad that she would become desperate. 




When Olivianne woke up, Harry was reading The Faults In Our Stars by John Green. It was obvious he had just started; he was only at the part where she first meets Augustus. He was so interesting and into the book, that he barely noticed her awaken until she kissed his cheek by surprised and giggled when he gasped and turned around, kissing her on the lips. She grinned and pulled away.


"Hel-" She started to sway but her stomach rumbled and didn't let her finish. Her boyfriend, chuckling, he handed her the bag of the Cheetos and watched her gobble them up as she had eaten. He watched her link her finger, trying to suck of the orange cheesy fluff from the snack. She got dirty on her cheek and Harry, being a romantic, whipped it off with a kiss, getting her in a fit of giggle and grinned her nose playfully. "Hi!" She said cheerfully, her voice raspier that when he first met her fruity young voice. 


"Hello babe," he said, kissing her and they leaned closer to each other. "How was your sleep?"


"Greatly thanked for." She told him with a sigh. "I needed that, but it feels like it wasn't enough." She said honesty. That was the truth, no matter how long she sleepy for, she never seemed fully rested or ready for much and felt tired and sore all her time.


"Ah, it'll... Thing will be... Better..." He paused, not sure if he was lying of being honest, because facts are it would take some miracle or sheer chance of glorious luck for her for things to be good or even slightly better than now. Plus he had a sneaking thought that she would only be getting worse.


"Yeah," she said, her eyes seemed to glitch or flash with concern, has if a lightening of a thought struck her mind but flashed away. "And how was your sleep?" She asked, changing the subject.


"Great, although our positions were bad and now my neck hurts like hell," he answered with a pout and rubbed his neck. It was true; their necks were stiff and sore. 


"Hmm, agreeable," she nodded. They chatted some more for he rest of the flight until the captain announced they were landing and they prepared for the landing, chewing gum for their ears. 


They arrived at Preveza in Greece and it was dark out so they couldn't see the beautiful sights and they were mostly jet lagged so they were very sleepy and tired. They got a taxi and asked him to derive them to Aktion National Airport, heading off to Kalamos Lefkada to meet up with Harry's mom hen go to the hotel.  Their next flight wasn't anything special or didn't have anything but flying and chickens clucking at that back. It was one of those small airplanes that look degenerated and one that anyone could use and it was one of those old (possible shitty) airplanes that simply make you wrinkle you nose in disgust. The ride was short and when they landed, they hopped off the small airplane and to tiny airport, where Anne was waiting for the couple in a beautiful fruity floral dress that caressed her god body for her age.


"Hey!" She had called to get their attention since they were at the luggage claim getting their stuff and chatting over how hot the weather was and how they were going to go get dress in the washroom. She came from snow and wind and he from an autumn weather, not ready for the Mediterranean weather. They both turned to find Anne standing with her purse, smiling and giving them both warm hugs, not too tight for Olivianne poor lungs would never support it. Inducing hey both returned the welcoming warmly, a layer of sweat being created on the young couple's forehead, their hands being all clammy and their thighs felling sticky under the warm fabric. They chafed for a bit with Anne, trying to hide the uncomfortable of the heat and walled towards the exit before Olivianne stumbled along the concrete floor and grabbed on to Harry's arm for support and gasped for air, which obviously was useless. "Oh, dear Oliv, are you alright?" Anne said, rushing to her son's girlfriend, who shook her head n


"N-no ma'am..." Oliv responded. "I feel quite faint..." She said and Anne touched her forehead, gasping and nodding.


"You're steaming hot! Must be all these clothes you are wearing!" Anne tsked and pointed to the washrooms." Why don't you both go change as I call a cab and keep an eye on the bags? Yeah?" Anne told them, who nodded greatly appreciating the idea and rushing off to change. Harry changed to a wife-beater, not that he liked the name of the shirt style but oh well. It was a light green shirt that matched (somehow) with his black shorts. Olivianne wore a light forest green with little sparkles here and there with a leather caramel belt around the waist and moccasins. She walked out, feeling relaxed and able to have space not feeling claustrophobic weight he amount of clothing.


"I'm so sorry about this Anne!" Olivianne apologized and feeling quite shy about this, embarrassed about getting ill from the heat.


"Oh! No," Anne shook her head. "It's completely normal dear!" Anne said as the cab arrived. They got in and drove for about half an hour to the hotel at Volos because the wending was taking place at Kalamos but that was an island. The hotel was nice, but since I was about midnight, there was nobody awake and it was dark out so no one could see the beautiful beach. Anne left to her room, kissing her son on the cheek and Oliv on the top of the head and left them to their room, a floor above her. Instead of doing anything like watching TV, he undressed to his bowers and her to her boxer shorts and one of Harry's old shirts that he had brought for him, but knew she'd steal them. They fell asleep, her snoring on the bed after brushing her teeth and harry brushed his, then wrapped an arm across her back, keeping her close, then fell asleep on his tummy as she on her side.




The next morning, Harry left to go find Gemma's future husband in Kalamos already since today was the long await wedding day for Gemma. He left a note on the pillow where his head rested with a purple row that he saw on the bouquet of flowers outside the balcony. The note was a simple romantic good morning and an apology of why he wouldn't be able to see her wake up. When she woke up, she gasped, looking around in a bit of panic, but when she saw the note, she felt more relieved. The letter said that Anne would knock on the door at 10am, getting her ready and giving her a dress that was for the wedding. Oliv checked the clock and it was 9:30am, so she rushed to the shower and sat on the bed in her towel and decided to call her mom. The chat was cut off when she heard a knocking a little after 10.  She opened to door to reveal Anne with a muffin and a sandwich and an apple and orange juice for Olivianne's breakfast. Opening the door, Anne rushed in and thanking Oliv for brushing the wig that she was going to wear and all because Anne was going to fix her fake hair since Gemma only wanted her friends to fix her hair. Oliv, being as sweet as pie to Anne, nodded and let Anne treat her like a Barbie doll because she couldn't treat Gemma like that (especially since Gemma was older) and Anne had a heartfelt moment when she stopped curling the hair and looked away from the mirror in the washroom.


"What's wrong?" Oliv said, biting her lip as her stomach grumbled in hunger again.


"It's just that…" Anne's voice shook. "Gemma's getting married! Next thing I know she's having kids and Harry at the alter and… I'm not emotionally ready for this!" Olivianne's eyes soften and she got up and hugged the older woman tightly.


"Aww Anne!" Oliv said, rubbing the elder woman's back in comfort. "It's ok Anne… It's good that she's getting married though! She's growing up. Plus! This proves you've raise a good daughter who is able to be independent enough to marry with her own terms and now she can have her own family and be a mother of her own. Don't worry…" Oliv said in a soft voice that made Anne sniffle against her shoulder, having to crouch.


"Oh, Oliv, if you could only understand… But thank you!" Anne smiled and pulled away before checking her wristwatch. "Tsk… Look at the time! We need to hurry and put you on that little light teal dress and finish your hair, well the beginning of it that is. We'll put make up and the rest later because the water from the sea might ruin something… Thus meaning go change into shorts and a tank top and flip-flops as I find a bag to put everything else in… Oh, look! I'm starting to stress over what isn't my own wedding…" And Anne continued murmuring random rambles as Oliv did as she was told and listened to the elder, nodding and having a conversation.




When they arrived to the beautiful island, the girls headed off to the beach where the wedding was being held at and got into the building where the food and washroom and dance floor were. Getting dressed and finishing the final touches, Oliv and Anne went to find the bride and to see how she is. They found her in the room where professionals where adding small flowers in her hair to matched with her white dress.  The dress was a tight dress that puffed out from the waist down and it had small flowers in the puff from the skirt part. It looked so beautiful on her and Oliv and Anne gasped when Gemma turned around, looking like a goddess. 


"Gemma you look so beautiful!" Oliv explained and rushed to her side with shining eyes, dragging the tank beside here.


"Why, than-" Gemma started to say until Anne pet out a cry and hugged her daughter, being all emotional. Olivianne stood back and smiled at the mother/daughter scene, letting the family members have their moment.  That was until Gemma grabbed the girl and pulled her in the hug along with Anne. "Don't worry Hun, you're part of this family now." Gemma and Anne shared a secretive smile because they both knew how Harry was planning to propose. 




"And I Gemma Styles, take you Pete to be my husband..." Gemma was saying as she stared at her husband to be and saw her little brother behind him making funny faces as his dad and mom teared up. Oliv was sitting beside Anne, rubbing her arms in a comforting way and watched the wedding with aww. It was beautiful and her partner matched with her wedding dress. The entire wedding matched with perfectly coordinated colors and all. Harry had made Gemma laugh as she was tearing up during the vows and when the couple did their kiss to seal the deal, Harry's eyes shone and he teared up, smiling ad showing his love to his older sister who was a huge part of his life. 




The wedding was fun and everyone danced (even Harry and Oliv, who won as the worst dancers) and when Gemma threw the bouquet of flowers, Olivianne caught it with a raging blushed face. Thus causing Pete and Anne and Gemma tap their wrists in a knowing and meaningful way. Almost everyone could tell that Harry was planning propose, but the thing is that he wants fit to be perfect and all. He wanted the stars to be aligned perfectly and the day to be to his perfection. That was what he wanted and he needed to go the ring size soon too.


Harry sang Colors Of The Wind at the wedding and Gemma hummed along. Pete tried serenading her, but failed at it. Yet she still loved it and cherished it. The food was great and Oliv took pictures here and the discreetly for fans who would hunger for pictures of Harry in a tux. She was kind and understood the thirst of the fans that needed those pictures and crave her boyfriend. That was weird for her because a lot of woman and men crave for her boyfriends body, yet they decide to wait until she's married, or ready. She posted some pictures on Instagram, driving fans to their crazy selves.


Once the wedding ended, Gemma and Pete headed off to their honeymoon sweet on the other side of the island. In three days, they'd be going to Athens and then to travel to Spain and have be gone from earth for a month and a half. Harry would throw inappropriate jokes to Pete about rocking the bed and so on forth, getting the recently married couple to blush and shush him. Harry and Anne and Oliv left to the hotel around 2am, Harry drunk and Anne getting tipsy. Harry was leaning along the sides of the boat. Olivianne had now a black bandana on her head and took off the wig of fake blonde hair that she had worn. She had put the wig in her purse and was fixing the bandana. Harry was giggling and making weird and funny noises as Olivianne recorded everything on video. He started to sing Colors Of The Wind with a passion that Olivianne burst in giggles as she recorded him. Anne was smiling and kept her calm, regaining a small drop of soberness. Anne left the couple in the lobby to her room as Harry asked her for a walk on the beach. Sighing, she nodded and told the man at the front desk to keep their shoes and her purse with him as they left. They were walking out when Oliv stopped them with her hand.


"Harry, we can't go..." She said sadly, tugging him back towards the lobby.


"Why Princess O..." He giggled and tipped his body on her making her squeal and gasp because he was way to heavy for her to hold.


"Get off Harry! You're too heavy for me!" She told him and struggled to push him off, but she did. "I can't go. My tank can't go in the sand, the wheels will get stuck and the sand will blow only my face and... I just can't!" She teared up in frustration and balled her hands up. There's limitation made her feel claustrophobic with her freedom and life and it was like the room a freedom was simply getting smaller and she was bound to explode someday.


"Oh..." Harry said, prolonging the 'Oh' and nodded and the walked back to the lobby as Harry sang the ABCs. Oliv apologized to the man who kept her stuff and apologized for Harry's drunken antics. They went upstairs and once Oliv locked the door of their room, Harry started singing Colors Of The Wind and started to jump on the bed, undoing what the staff had fixed and stripped as he jumped from his tux to only his boxers and the bowtie.


"Harry..." Oliv said with a sigh and changed from her elegant dress to Harry's banana shirt and black on bowers she had. Harry watched her change with a grin. "Look away, will you?"


"Why? I'm gonna take advantage to be dating this beautiful woman that loves me for me and that is making fun of me drunk." He said. "Honestly, you're too pretty to not me admired and watched." And he giggled like a child.


"Oh my god," she whispered, slightly annoyed. "Harry... Seriously, I feel uncomfortable!"


"Alright, alright!" He rolled his eyes and did an 180degree twirl and jumped, facing the mirror.


"Holy shit how are you still up?" She asked with a yawn as she brushed her teeth. He hoped off and followed her and brushed his teeth beside her, moving his hips as he hummed random rhythms.


"I dunno," he said after spitting out the leftover of the foamy cream as she did the same before him. She grinned at the mirror as a habit and heeded off to the bed, her yawning as he giggled.


"What now?" Oliv said, deciding to take a picture of him.


"Why did you take a picture?" He asked, making a farting noise as she raised an eyebrow.


"Because you're in boxers and a tie, you kinda look like a striper love, no joke." She said, pinching the bridge of her nose. He giggled and as soon has she laid down on the bed, he pinned her down, making her groan and him slightly be aroused by that.


"And now?"


"You look like a tiger-" She stated to state.


"Rawr!" He pawed with one of his hands like a feline.


"That is too drunk and needs to sleep."


"Oh… Ok…" He grumbled like a child and kissed her, dipping his body on her before rolling of and hugging her from the side. "I wanna marry her…" He mumbled.


"Who?" She asked, wondering what the hell he was talking about.


"I wanna marry Olivianne…" He smiled drunkenly.


"What?" She asked, looking over to him with a frown.


"I wanna marry her, but I can't…" He said in a childish way.


"Why not?"


"Because I promised myself and mum and others to make it romantic and to be sober."


"All right love, the time will come." She said, looking away and grinning like a crazy person, so many thoughts and emotions buzzing in her mind.


"I know…" He mumbled and made a cow noise, because he could.


"You are one weird boy, but I sadly love you…" She sighed and faced him, kissing him.


"Mmhhmm, I love you too though." He said and kissed her before falling asleep in the kiss.


"Never gonna for get this little situation," she whispered to him before sleeping herself.




She never did forget. For the rest of the trip, she bugged him (not saying a word about how he wanted to marry her) and with Anne's help, made fun of her Harry Barry. They left tat day to go to Athens by plane, going to spend the rest of the week there. The bad thing was that Athens was a big city, so he had a bodyguard find him and his family once the landed and were out o the baggage claim. They had disguised themselves, Anne as a woman, but wore one of Oliv's wigs (the blue one) and simple clothing with huge glasses on. Oliv wore one of her dressed and a long red wig that she called her Ariel hair. She wore huge round glasses to hide her face and a beanie because fans were pros a recognizing them. Harry was the hardest. He wore a purple wig that was really long and his floral tourist shirt with simple black short and huge glasses and a beanie, letting his curls fallout. Nobody noticed them until they were out of the airports when one fan noticed the group and called her friends, causing a mob to form. Harry and Oliv and Harry's mom had to run off to the hotel with the bodyguard, hiding from the mad teenagers. They picked to go to a small hotel, hoping not to be expected to go to.


The next day, they went touring, wearing similar costumes and they went to historical places. Anne was taking photos and reading the information provided for the tourist as Oliv and Harry strolled around the place, not too far form the guard. That mooring, Olivianne had confronted Harry about their chat last night and luckily he was saved by Gemma calling him to say how things were, leaving the subject like so. She just let it drop, knowing that when the time comes, she'll see then. As they walked, by a fountain, they stopped to take pictures and he kneeled down, eyes watering and he took deep breaths. Oliv turned around when she noticed he wasn't following her. She gasped when she saw him and faced him, her heart racing. He reached upwards as if he was to propose, but then he went to tie his shoes, making her slap his shoulder with her purse.


"Idiot…" She told him and he laughed and stood up, towering over her and kissed her.


"Sorry, not right now." He told her and grabbed her hand, leading her to her mom. They continued their walk, eating at a restaurant and having seafood (even though she didn't really like seafood) and continued weight heir day, her pestering him.


One Thing they didn't know was that a fan had video tapped the whole thing and was publishing it on YouTube right now.




The rest of spring break was spent with her boyfriend and his mother in Greece, visiting historical places she always wanted to visit. They went t places, explored and did as much as they could with he body and he limitations allowing her. The time came on Friday morning were they parted ways in Gijón in Spain, them going to England and her back to Canada. With plenty of kisses and small tears, they split, sighing and not sure when they would me again. On the flight home, she sat beside a fan, which was asking questions and well, amusing Olivianne. Once back at home and all tan, she got warm hugs from Welly, especially since she had missed her best friends so deeply. 


March kept on going, Harry talking about how he missed his girlfriend in interviews and Oliv calling him once a week when she wasn't busy. She did keep coughing up blood once a week and kept it a secret because she didn't want to make a big deal about it. It went unnoticed until Welly found her in the washroom fixing her wig and she jus burst. First, she felt a push in her throat, then she couldn't handle it and ended up coughing in mid-air, right on the mirror. Welly gasped in horror when she came in and saw that what had been splattered all over the window was blood. Oliv sighed and cleaned it up with the crappy thin toilet paper. Welly helped her, wrinkling her nose in disgust as Oliv rubbed off the blood. Hemoptysis made her feel odious. She felt betrayed by her own body and Welly forced her to confront her mother and tell her to ask for medicine, which she did in April get.


April was wonderful because she was coughing every now and then. Something she had told her mom too was that the vomiting. Her mom noticed it when she noticed her daughter was extremely underweight. She used to weight 138 pounds and now weight 122. She didn't want to be thin anymore. She just wanted to be able to keep her food down. She wanted to be able to keep down at least 3 meals down and be able to digest them instead of one meal and feeling extremely nauseated.


Although she never got anything for that, no matter how much her body needed medicine so it could be in good nutrition. 




April was that month where the earth went from hibernation to living. It was like the snow was gone and the flowers begun to grown and flourishes. Although, it was rainy season for where Olivianne was. The air would smell of thick humid rain and worm flesh and wet things (not that Oliv could smell that) and on the ground, you had to try your hardest not to kill poor worms who struggle to get from one side of the beige sidewalk to the other. You'd see worms with half their bodies squashed; yet they still squirmed and kept living out the pain until they gave up and died from the change of weathers when the steaming hot sun would return. You'd notice the birds were out and chirping, trying to find a place to call home and build a nest. You'd see birds making love, or giving birth to eggs and sheltering their young until it was their time to hatched out and come out. You'd see animals waking up front heir slumber and going hunting. You'd noticed the odd weather, the uneasy unstable weather that could be windy to warm to rainy in minutes.


This was one of the wonderful things of life that people don't want to give up on. Seeing the change, seeing how the world keeps going and moving on and developing no matter what. This season, spring, shows how fast the landscape changes from blizzards to sunny days from a moment to another. It's mesmerizing to see the change and how things repeat themselves. How ones wardrobe changes to match with the weather. How people seem to change. How summer seems to approach. How the future isn't closer, but happening. How births are closer and how deaths are nearer.




In April, during a concert, Harry had had difficulty breathing, especially since when he was younger he had a bit of asthma, and once again he needed to use an inhaler, which he told Oliv they both needed some help breathing, but Oliv opposed to this. She didn't want him to have what she does. He wanted her to not feel excluded about how poor her health was, but honestly, that had happened when she first found out about cancer. That month, on the 26th, Olivianne had had her last chemotherapy; being done because her body was small and not fully developed so she couldn't have too many chemo. She was glad to sleep during Saturday mornings and not have to rush to Toronto just for a needle. That month, she noticed how poorly she was eating and decided to try and eat more, no matter how much her body would or wouldn't allow her. Plus, her teeth were starting to rot from the vomit and the acid.













Hello perfectly patient readers:)


I'm super duper sorry for the late update and if the chapter wasn't satisfying or long enough, but you must understand a little of what I'm going through. Here is a brief description of what is happening.


Imagine you have this pain on your shoulder, one that can be bearable, or extremely painful that you wanna knock yourself out too not experience it. Imagine you go to the doctors, get a bunch of tests and they don't find anything with blood. What ever you have has no pattern so they can't exactly analyze it. Imagine you're suffering all alone in pain, with our painkillers or anything in that manner. Imagine nobody knows what you have. Imagine that they leave you suffering and in pain, helpless and wasting your life in pain.


That's what is happening to me, but it's with my head. I will be needing an MRI and on the 11th of this month, I'm having an ultrasound for my organs. Also, family problems don't help me. I'll try to write more often, but I hope you guys are understanding because these past weeks, I got sick with a stomach bug, then I went to see the 3 musketeers in Stratford (very good play) then I had a recital Sunday on Piano, Plus! Summer is coming, I need to prepare for my summer school and get uniforms for next year since I'm changing school, woopi:O 

Hope you enjoy the rest of the book and so on forth.



PS: Remember how I said that it was supposed to be 30 chapters long? I've been thinking and honestly, I think it’ll be like 50-60 chapters long. This book is gonna be like Breaking Dawn, really lone, but worth it. Well, I think it's worth it:)


~Juli Marshmallow (still alive)

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