Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


33. Chapter 31: I'm Yours

Chapter 31: I'm Yours. . 






That morning was one of the nastiest ever. 


Harry had had a hangover and was getting sick since the champagne didn't really go well with his stomach, and so he was vomiting. Olivianne, sadly, also was in a puke fest with him. Maybe something was in the hummus, but one could be are because Oliv was sick from cancer and Harry was maybe sick from the alcohol that made his body upset. He clutched his belly and felt bad because his girlfriend had to go through this sour pain almost each day and she couldn't really help herself. People might honk she was bulimic, which would be an easier explanation to why she was small, petite, and thin   But she wasn't. She did have a sickness that she vomited a lot, but alas, it was called cancer. And she couldn't really have doctors to help her. 


Sure, next time she was going to have her chemo she was going to ask for medicine, but would they give her some?


They celebrated the New Year going to the pharmacy for medicine for Harry and in her feeling like shit and not being able to exactly party. They lay in bed, having low energy and holding each other's hands, not wanting to kiss for the faint taste of vomit. As much as they brushed their teeth, theirs urge were sour and they felt like their had a ball in each other's throat. More like a monster wanting its away out. It was quite a cringe-worthy moment in their lives. They weren't able to meet up with their friends and all they could do is go on goggle, find a Swiss Chalet and order food to be brought up to their room and eat with nausea.


But at least they were together. 




On the second, the group went back to Olivianne's hometown (except Amber and Zayn, who went back to Quebec) and had heavy hearts, feeling sad to leave the lovely capital. They would most certainly miss the beaver tails and the poutine and the maple fudge that melted in their mouths and that spread the sugary goodness everywhere. They'd miss the peace and quiet and no fans that mobbed them each second of the day. They were at peace and actually having fun, laughing and making new inside jokes. All was fun and games until they had to say goodbye, and like last time, tears were shed. Harry gave the one he loved on last kiss and wished her the best and success, but that was hard for her to find anything positive at moment.


Their farewell was sad and as usual they cried. This trip was reassuring Harry for his love to her, for everything they do together. It was like he noticed how much he actually missed her. He noticed how much he needed that smile to uplift his sports. He noticed how much sunshine she brought and how much imagination and creativity was with in the girl. He noised how much of a woman and child she could be. He noticed that she wasn't a fling at all, which should have been clear when he asked for her father's permission of his daughter's hand in marriage. But, being young and all, he thought he was unsure. Now he knew that he was 100% sure that she was whom he wanted forever more. He vowed to visit her whenever he could, not missing so much from her life. He noticed that lots of small things happened with out him knowing, that she filled him up with. Pulling away from the kiss and giving her a warm hug, that was hard to do. Whispering a good bye and an I-Love-You, then parting ways.




They never did give her medicine since she never got the courage to ask for help. And so, January passed with Welly always chasing after her friends and scowling at their childish ways. Welly was the one to turn off the fire of mischief. Antonia would applaud and watch Oliv do her mischief and sometimes feed fire with a smile. Grace, being herself, starts the fire and raises it and becomes the fire along with Oliv... That is, the fire being Olivianne's mischief and childlike acts. She, bringing color and wonder and imagination and creativity, would brighten up their boring prolonged days, even though her disabilities don't allow her to do as much she used to do (thank goodness for that or else how ever could Welly control her) and caused her to slow down at everything. Most of all, it made her much more tired.


Actually, extremely tired. 


She was always falling asleep in class (luckily she did well in school) and being groggy and a bit moody from the lack of sleep. The lack of sleep was because the pains in her chest would wake her up oh; so randomly and never have her at least 7 hours of sleep. As much as it sucked, she had to cope and live with the lifestyle that she was given. It troubled her to wake up and get ready. Her eyes would drop and her head would bob down without her knowing or allowing. She would end up snoring in class. Actually, one day, during breakfast she was having oatmeal and she became so tired that her head bobbed down in mid spoonful bite and plopped on top of the warm cereal and she fell asleep. She didn't drown because of her oxygen tank. Either way, her mother, being a mom and all protective to her own kin, rushed to her daughter, waking her up. Surprisingly, when Oliv woke up, her mom frowned and questioned this situation (Oliv's face all sticky and weird) and called the doctor. Thus was how she got medicine for her lack of sleep. The worst part was explaining not only to her friends (who bursts into laughter) but also to Harry, who barked out laughter and snorted and smiled and glad to hear such odd anecdotes.


People began to wonder and speculate that who was the mystery girl that had stolen Harry's heart and where she was. People wondered where she lived, what she did and all since she would rarely appear and on twitter, there were never any private information given. Radio shows asked Harry how she was, and all he could say was that she was fighting and was strong. Never had she said she was better not worst because it was always irregular. There never is a pattern or anything. It was like she would get really bad one day, then the next she's be fine. People wanted to find her and do what they did to most celebrity relationships, mob them. Luckily, Harry had put recently a restraining order on paparazzi and Oliv was well kept inside to never be found.




February, what a crummy month, Olivianne thought with a pout as she prepared herself on a cold Friday morning. It was the 31st of January and Oliv was tired of school now, even though only a month, not even, had passed. The year had barely begun and she knows that she shouldn't be complaining since there was so much more of the school year left to live, a bit to much for most people's tastes. The snow was now a bit under her knees and the ice was thin along the now sandy brown almost grey sidewalk. Each day, there'd be a nice snowfall. Snowflakes would flutter their way down to the ground. The day would seem white or light grey from all the snow. It was cold and windy and the dumb people were getting frostbites at school because they didn't wear appropriate clothing or gloves or a hat to protect them from the cold. Oliv, being bald and not having warm hair but wigs, would wear a self-warming hat that warms your head with the head that is already there and that was much warmer than ones typical hat. 


Also, the tubes from her tank would freeze a bit and make her nose cold and she'd get a runny nose, which was dangerous since that was the only place she could breath well from. Thus meaning that she could or had to stay indoors unless the end of the day. Not that she minded that. That meant she had more time to text Harry when he isn't doing a gig or an interview or radio show. She would smile at the photos he'd sent her and she would text him her odd, yet amusing, stories of the day. One of them was of her 'accidentally' tripping people with her tank and the poor boy ended up with his pasta from lunch smothered all over his clothes and gave her this I-am-gonna-kill-a-bitch-and-after-that-you-are-next type of look. Olivianne knew she made a mortal enemy for it was a boy from the 'popular' crowd. Harry had reassured her that it was fine and as long as they never crossed roads again, she might as well be fine. 


She believed that until his little minions and ladies whom he had had affairs with, found her in the washroom and found out she wore a wig. Them, being so irrelevant and ignorant and, well idiotic and stupid, didn't know why she wore wigs and spear a rumor that she had this disease like HPV (which obvious has noting to do with being bald, then again, those girls were potato brains) and that rumor spread like wild fire. She didn't know how much it spread until Welly came to her so confused, knowing it wasn't real. She protected and opposed to the rumor, telling the chatty blabbermouth that it was cancer that caused her the damn hair-loss. Alas, when that was cleared, the boy who she had accidentally tripped (her ex) had gone up to her and excused himself for the unfortunate misunderstand and frowned upon those who started the rumor. In any case, the whole high school knew she had cancer and in a week, she had received so many get well soon cards in her locker that caused her to rant in annoyance to Harry.  Harry, being quite a jealous type, got a fire of jealousy burst in his chest and he was at unease with the letters, believing they were love letters. She had somehow convinced him they were not that. The next day she got a huge card that was the length of her locker and a huge teddy bear stuffed in they’re too. It was by 'Peter Pan’, which she knew it was Harry and smirked, thinking way to be anonymous.


The next scandal what yet too come?




February 1st, Harry birthday!


That was Oliv's first thought of the day. She got up abruptly, rushing to her new iPhone 5 that she got as a late Christmas present. She saw Harry's retweets to people who gave him wishes. Smiling. She first tweeted him, wishing him wishes and getting ready for chemo and Toronto, again. Taking a nice warm shower and wearing leggings, a hoodie, long socks and her winter coat and she was off with her mom to chemo. She was planning to have a Face Time with him during chemo since he was her source of entertainment. In the car, her mom was in the same dopey attitude because of how early it was.  They stopped a Tim Horton’s, getting coffee, and continued they drive to chemo, having small chat an Olivianne gushing over Harry. 




He was in Spain touring and today was his day off. It was obvious that his day had started earlier than Oli's for the time different and all. His friends were with him and he was at a small café in Valencia having a light lunch (sandwich and coffee) and talked to Louis about how they should change the lyrics of their songs. They were still doing a TMH/UAN tour, it being over 2 hours long with songs that were never sang before live and basically both albums. They had started to record a new album in Sweden and England, each month going to you studios to work on a Christmas album with one and he other with an actual brand new album. No body but the band knew about the recordings, not even their lovers who knew most things. Smiling at instead of gotta be you it be it's gonna smell like pooGotta Be You was the best song to change the lyrics in Harry's opinions because it had so many different words to change and it amused the band when they sang like so.


He was cleaning his mouth with a napkin from the breadcrumbs when he got the call. It rang a recoding of Oliv waking up telling him to pick up the phone. She had kindly done him that favour in summer at first, and then in winter she did it again. Something she never noticed was her voice. Her voice, instead of her beautiful romantic graceful voice was now drier and almost like someone who recently got addicted to smoking. It was the bad symptom for cancer that caused her voice to changed and well sound odd. Thankfully it would of back to normal when she was relived from the tumor. Either way, he loved her no less and didn't care an out her voice, it just made her more human than her perfect self. Answering the phone and excusing himself and going outside to take the call. 


"Hello, this is Styles?" He whispered in the family phone that was for family calls only. He whispered because today he did not want to be mobbed, at all.


"Hey, it's me," Olivianne whispered back as she cradled the phone. She was on her usual couch and staring at the chemotherapy, annoyed and nub from the pain.


"Oh!" Harry gasped with a smile and his heart melted and sped, skipping a beat or two. "It's never just you! It's the one and only you!" He reassured her with a smile on the phone. It never has been just her. It was Oliv! The Olivianne whom he loves so dearly and adored with all his heart. "How are you?"


"Good, well... Just fine, you know. Fighting and all, but hanging in there." She answered affably as if it was her everyday answer, but honestly she was being much more cheerful to the situation. Harry heard a muffed voice in the background that belonged to Dr. Will. "Hey, I, uh, have to hurry since they need to check my blood cells… So…" She trailed of and cleared her throat before starting to sing to him Happy Birthday with a chalky yet soft voice that sounded like a lullaby and not her usual singing for fun the of voice. He smiled and closes eyes peacefully and teared up. He closed his eyes and breathed in, taking a moment to enjoy the peaceful moment he had.


"Oh, my god…" He whispered once she was done, amazed about how sweet that gesture was. "Thank you, oh, god!" He didn't even understand why this made him so emotion, like seriously? It was because of how much love he felt when she sang; he didn't expect that at all! He didn't expect her to since to him while she was having her therapy. "Oh, gosh, yeah… I love you, you know?"


"Yeah, I do." She giggled and coughed before excusing herself since she had to go and hang up.


"Take care love, see you soon!" He told her.


"You too! Have fun, drink a beer and have a cake and have fun with the boys! Love you." She told him, whiting him the best.


"Love you too! Thank you!" And the conversation ended too fast for Harry to process. He took a step back and hugged his phone, smiling and closing his eyes and enjoyed the moment that wasn't destroyed. Smiling, he took a deal breath and hoped his eyes weren't red from tearing up with emotion. God, this is embarrassing, he thought to himself. Smiling, he went back inside to meet up with his friends and celebrate the day.


He ate a chocolate cake with bananas on the top that read 'Happy 20th Harry!' With balloon floating around it and nice icing frosting. This year it was just a night out looking at scenery, enjoying his life with his friends and enjoying everything. He didn't go to a bar or a strip club because be decided that he didn't need that to enjoy himself and his new age. He didn't need to have a party with people he more or less enjoy their presence. He didn't want to have slutty girls' sweat stick to his. He didn't want girls to rub themselves against him and be all dirty. He was loyal and wanted Olivianne, only her and nobody else. That is why he stayed with friends and didn't party. He had one beer and one or two shots in a pub with the band, but kept sober because he was enjoying things and not wasting his life on parting.


That was how he spent his birthday, either from the video chat with his girlfriend when it was midnight and chatting about things, random things. But they were things he treasured with all his heart.




On Valentine's Day, unlike most of there ones in the past, Olivianne wasn't a forever-alone girl.


It was Friday and the snow was fluffy and nice. Oliv wore a pink sweater and jeans and her winter boots, wearing her red wig and a red beanie. Her winter coat covered most of the wind, but not all the cold breeze that swept through Canada with sub swift movement. It was 7am and she was standing outside, waiting for the white bus to whisk her away to the educational building that she dreaded so dearly. She couldn't stand outside for too long because ore else her tube would freeze and she'd spent one of the most romantic days of the year in that hospital and being on life support from the lack of air. That happened to her mid-January and she never told Harry, not wanting to worry him. She was in the hospital for a weekend and was able to go to school until 3 days after her release.


She saw the white bus turn the corner and approach her, with an odd wobbly way of working. She swore one day the blue would either fail the passenger or they would crash somehow. She heard the noise of the shuffling bus then it stopped in front of her. She was the only one at her stop and got on, pulling her tank along the special ramp. She went on this special bus because of the tank, which she was fine with because she listened to music and sat in the middle with comfortable chairs. There were two other people but they didn't speak to her and she didn't to them. She wondered if they knew of her existence sometimes.


Arriving to school, she saw boys with bouquets of flowers chase around for girls, asking for Valentines. She saw girls comparing how many roses they got. Oliv sighed loudly, she knew that her lover was in Italy at the moment and there was no way he'd send her roses, much less meet her. She walked to her locker, avoiding eye contact with people who brushed passed her. She opened her locker and found 1 purple rose, she smiled and smelled the rose that was vey much real and soft. It had no note, just laid there in a flawless peace and awaiting for her arrival. She took the rose and placed it gently on an open pocket from her backpack, to hang there while she was a school. She took all her stuff for class and was off, not noticing that the rose was a clue.




At lunch, Oliv went to her locker to get the food and put her books back but found a trail of purple roses making a path to somewhere. Smiling and sighing, she wondered if it was her friends leading her on. Grabbing her sandwich and apple, she followed the trail, picking up each petal and stuff in it in her pocket. She took a nice big bite of her sandwich that had bacon in it and smiled at the good flavor. The petals led her to the theater, which was odd. They led her to the front row of the theater, sighing she sat down and munched on her food, waiting for the next clue.


The curtains opened and revealed a huge bouquet of purple roses, over a dozen, held together by a silvery ribbon and a I love you made from petals on the ground. Smiling, she ate her food and walked on the stage, lifting the tank and dragging it around. The only noise was the noise from the rolling wheel from the tank and her breaths, which were useless. She grabbed the bouquet and placed it in the crook of her elbow, cradling it and saw a note hanging from it. It gave her a riddle to discover.


'I hide were it's messy, I hide where educational books are seen, I hide somewhere free. This is where I must be. You'll find me at 3.'


"I swear, I'm gonna be late for class because of this game..." She muttered and rolled her eyes. This wasn't the best riddle but it was the not clue she had. She had to go back to class so she went to her locker and took more books out, placing her apple back with the bouquet, laying it down since there was not more space. Sadly, she didn't finish the apple and had to leave it. She wondered what the riddle meant and went on with her life.




At three, when school ended, she walked to her locker. She'd seen her friends but barely spoke since she was fiddling on and about the riddle. She wanted to figure this out because it was troubling her. She waltzed her way to her locker, bidding her friends goodbye and leaving them. The day was plain, just like the other, all the same. At her locker she saw that she was along in this part off the school. How unusual, she thought, cool. She liked to have her space and not be squished by people taller than her. 


She saw a note stuck to her locker that had only two words written. 'Turn around.' Which she did and gasped. Harry stood there with a cheeky smile, another bouquet of purple roses and a life-size purple bear. He stood tall and slender, towering her and a smile. He saw how much of a shock it was to her, yet he noticed the shock face to a huge gummy smile and she crashed herself on him, hugging him and planting a well-deserved kiss while she stood on her tippy-toes. He wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and breathed in her lovely smell that was missed. He smiled in the kiss and leaned forward and downwards since she was smaller, granting a small whimper from her throat. The kiss lasted a while and didn't really deepen because it was a kiss that had been missed. People would pass the couple, noticing the tank only and that was Oliv and hey walked away for their privacy. 


"Hi!" She greeted, smiling once they pulled away. He gave her an Eskimo kiss and rested his forehead against hers.


"Hey," he told her, catching his breath and having her a kiss on the forehead. "Harry Valentine's day!" He cheered.


"You too!" She told him. "I just, why are you here?" She wondered.


"I came to visit you! Also, I missed you!" He said excitedly. "Surprise!"


"Lovely surprise!" She told him and grinned happily.


"I'm glad!" They kissed once again, having a quicker shorter kiss since she needed to go home by taxi with him. 




He took her out to eat at East Side Mario's, an Italian place. They ate 4 cheese ravioli and went out for ice cream, even though it was -15 degrees and freezing outside. They ate and chatted; catcher up on things and well did what couples did. He have her more flowers and kisses all over her face, causing her to giggle and blush. Her voice was dryer and his was deeper. They chatted some more until her brought her to her house and left to go for a concert the next day. It was a short visit that when it was time to say goodbye, it felt like a pinch in the heart. 




March came rolling in with a warm breeze to start the melting of the snow. It was more of a rainy cold season where you wear rain boots and a light winter coat. It was all quite exciting but Oliv didn't want to let go of the snow and all the winter glories because that meant shaving her legs and hot weather. The naked trees soon would get small leaves peeping out to the world, ready to show their color.


On the first week of March, Oliv got a call from Harry. He explained that she had been invited to Gemma's wedding the next week in Greece on an island called Kalamos in Lefkada. He had sent her a ticket by mail and a dress, which she got the following day. Olivianne, thankfully, had the next week off since it was March Break (spring break to others) and she was glad to go. It took her a while but she was able to convince her family to let her go. They said to call her a lot and stay connected. She left on the 9th and returned the 16th. She had chemo the day before and would spend the day in Toronto, waking up early the next day to arrive at Gijón Spain then to Naples in Italy (where she would meet Harry) then to Preveza in Greece at Aktion National Airport. It was all planed out and the doctors gave her a new tank and permission to go. It was all planned out and all she had to do is wait for the 8th to come, to begin her adventure.




On the 7th, she didn't want to go to bed. She was way too excited to go to bed. Tomorrow she'd go to Toronto, have chemo, then eat in Toronto, shop for some clothes for Greece, then sleep again. On the 8th, she was up and ready by 7am to go to Toronto. Her enthusiasm wasn't shared with her mother, who looked so old in the morning. They drove to Toronto and chatted. Her mom was having her a small talk about her short vacation that was to come. She was telling her that no matter what, do not talk to strangers and was being her motherly way. 


Chemo was boring because she was excited and all so she wasn't ready for the three hour therapy of boredom. Luckily, that evening, her mom brought her to a three-floor mall, where they shopped (too much for Oliv's taste) and had mother-daughter time, talking about Vampire Diaries and things they both enjoyed. They went to a hotel and she packed the new clothes (which were a bit hipster) and slept, excited for the next day.




If waking up at 1am wasn't bad enough, the wait for the plane to actually leave was worst. After baggage claim and a kiss goodbye and a tight hug too her mom, she was off to the gate. At the gate, she waited about 30 minutes until they called First Class and she boarded the plane with a smile. It all passed by so fats and she fell asleep during most of it.




It was noon when she arrived to Spain and the weather was an Autumn breeze, She had a coat on but stuffed it in her suitcase, now she was in a white hooddie that had a huge smiley face in the back and a flower on the front. She had a purple shirt that belonged to Harry (it being tucked in her pants since it reached to her knees) and black and grey polka-doted leggings with leather boots. Sure that was an odd outfit but she was having a jet lag moment since it was 4pm in Spain and she had 10am in her head. She had to go to connections in the airport and was off to Naples.




She got to Naples, it was 7pm and she needed to find Harry, who got there an hour earlier since he was in Italy touring. He waited by a McDonalds with a box with 10 chicken nuggets and fries of her since he knew she'd be hungry and he knew that that was her favourite meal from the fats food place. She was in full jet lag, groggy and looked a bit like she just woke up. She shuffled passed a group of Italian models, which in her hear she could only thing of: omgomgomgomg. But she had a man awaiting for her. She smiled when she saw Harry's back facing her as he was on the phone. They closer she got, the more she heard the conversation he was having.


"… Her plane has a arrive, I'm sure she'd bound to pop up." He was saying. "Yes, I'll call once I have her in my arms. The weather is quite nice actually… Really? That soon? Exciting, innit? Yeah, totally… Oh, you heard… Did you tell her? Thank you so much, I'm honored! Soon, once she's legal, we wil-" And that was when Olivianne decided to hugged her boyfriend from behind and give him a tight hug, kissing his neck kindly. "Oh!" She said shocked, but leaned back when he smelled the signature smell of his lover. He didn't lean too much back since she was much smaller and weaker than him and couldn't take only oh, so much weight. "She's here, yeah she surprised me from behind actually. Yeah, ok… Bye!" He said and hung up, before turning around and kissing his girlfriend with a passion. 


Their kiss was broken when they heard squeals that belong to fans. Those squeals were followed by a scream of someone screaming, "Oh my god! It's Harry Styles and his girlfriend!" And of core that brought a bunch of flashed form cameras and screams and feet hitting the ground in a running style towards the couple.


"Shit," She whispered when they pulled away and speed walked to they gates, hoping there would be security into he gates to keep the mad fan away. Luckily when they got to the gates, the security would ask for your tickets before you can go in the room. They sat by the window, where the airplane was being prepared. "Hi!" She greeted, smiling and leaning against his shoulder. He let out a sigh of relief.


"Hey," He said, kissing her on the top of her head and setting the bag on the ground beside his feet before warping his arms around her. "How are you?"


"Fine, "She thought for a moment, "yeah fine." She said, nodding a trying to convince herself she was better.




"And you?"


"I'm good." He replied and smelled her bandana that smelled like her. She had decided to not wear a wig and to just but a bandana to cover her baldhead. He didn't mind, he'd seen her naked head before. He loved her either way and grinned the fact that she wasn't hiding her lovely head and was showing her hairless head to the world. It was a big step for her and her self-esteem since she always loved her hair and basically was foolishly in love with her curly locks. Losing her hair was heart breaking and was really hard for her. It took so much for her to be able to walk around in a beanie only or a bandana. She wasn't exactly able to walk around bald. Not even in her own house because it just wasn't going to happen.


"Nasty fans..." She mumbled as she looked at he thin glass wall that separated the couple from the wild fans. He hummed in a confused manner and saw what she was gazing at. There was a wall of teenagers waving their phones and cameras in the air. They were chanting things that now the couple had no idea if it was Harry's name, Olivianne's or the band itself. They were really loud and they were starting to disturb not only the couple but also the passengers from the airplane. Annoyed, security started to arrive and push away the fans. "Lets give them a smile, before they leave, yeah?" She asked her boyfriend, who nodded and the cuddled together even closer than they were and smiled at the fans before turning their backs away to face the window. They watched the airplanes for a bit until Harry cleared his throat to get her attention.


"Uh, love?" He asked and she hummed a yes, nodding her head towards him. "Are you hungry," her belly growled on cue and caused Harry to chuckle. "I got you something to fill your stomach." Then, he brought up the bag from McDonalds and her eyes shone with emotion.


"Oh, Harry!" She gasped and took the bag, opening the box to reveal 10 nuggets. "Oh my god! Harry! That's so sweet of you!" She felt emotional because true love was to by someone chicken nuggets and not ask for one. Oliv gave him one either way, but get her heart flutter and a fizzy warm feeling explode inside of her. "Thank," she gulped, "you! That's so sweet of you!" She gave him a kiss on the cheeks, getting a blush from her boyfriend's cheeks. Her eyes shone and Harry knew that had moved her heart since this was one of her favorite snacks.


"Only for you," he kissed her on her nugget tasting lips and have her an Eskimo kiss. He watched her eat with a smile. It proved that she was hungry. Especially since everything she had been given on her ride had caused her to vomit and she couldn't keep anything in.


He knew she was struggling with food and her looks. She had more of a hollow complexion, loosing so much weight and getting odd looks. She looked like a child and didn't own her lovely chubby cheeks that Harry loves to pinch and play with. She missed the jelly that hung from her biceps that were more like sticks with a little bit of soft dough surrounding it. She missed the banana that hung from her stomach like a sloth. She missed her elephant thieves. Sure, now she had the body she always wanted-thin and all, but she looks fake. She looked sick, which she was, but still. She didn't feel like her fat self anymore. She felt like a small stick girl who was anorexic or bulimic. She was related to bulimics, but she couldn't choose to keep her food in, they can. She can't slap her legs and watch it giggle adorably. She can't get her legs closed easily when she sits because they're so thin now. She had a small thigh gap, but she didn't want it.


He made sure to reassure her that she was still a d forevermore beautiful. He even hummed to her I'm Yours, truly meaning that he was hers, which made her all giddy and blushing. The thing was, he was hers since she had his heart wherever she went and she was his in the most romantic way possible. Some might think that they might as well be married, but they wanted Oliv to be legal until she got married and they got serious in that manner. 








So sorry for the late update, I just had been so busy! I had a Kiwanis piano presentation, bunch of schoolwork and this Saturday I have a basic rudiments (theory) exam and I had to study and I'm worried for the grade I'll get. Also, my aunt came from North Bay to visit:)


¡Important! My writing skills aren't amazing, but now that summer is coming up and the book is more advance than ever, these next few chapters will be skimming past some events and emphasize on the more important ones. The book will be really long, like a classic, and will not end happily. I'll warm when to quite the book and post an alternate ending since the end of this book leads to the sequel and once you're in the end of book 1, it's been to suspense to go out. Y'all have been warned!


~Juli Marshmallow

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