Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


32. Chapter 30: Starry Starry Night

Chapter 30: Starry Starry Night.






The next day, the group went to the art museum that was having an exhibit for Van Gogh, admiring the work f the mad painter who went mad and killed himself. Everyone was in a bit of a shock when they found out. As for Oliv and Amber and Liam, they knew that he'd gone to a nuthouse and this was no surprise. As much as the paintings were amazingly perfect and beautiful, there was no way but to see the emotion he drew and his work and mostly in his self-portraits. Continuing to admire Van Gogh's work, Harry bought a replica of Starry Night, smiling proudly as Oliv told him to hang it in the sunroom. Harry nodded, knowing which exact place and everything.




The call came randomly.


That evening, the group were eating poutine at a small local store of poutine that was more of less empty and t seemed like no a lot if people knew about the place. Oliv knew it because Amber's friend's uncle's son owned the store. They were eating with joy, gobbling down the giant platter of fries, gravy and cheese. It was all fun, laughing and taking photos until Harry got an urgent call from his personal phone, not his work. Seeing it ring, Harry excused himself and went outside quickly and answered the phone.


"Hello?" Harry asked a bit awkwardly.


"Hello, is this Mr. Styles... Code Carlos?" The man from the other side of the phone said, giving Harry a code that he had given the doctors if there was anything wrong with...


"Yes?" Harry answered shyly.


"Hello, I'm Dr. Jenson. Sorry for the bother but... Do you remember one of the chickens on your family's farm?"


"Yes?" Harry felt anxious and felt panic rise from how stomach and spread through out his body. 


"Carlos was him name, correct?"


"Yes? Is something wro-"


"Last month, we decided to do an exam on him to see what was wrong since he was getting sick. We found worms in his lungs. He was starting at his teenage stage and getting sick at this stage wasn't the best thing for his growth and he was in so much pain. We called your mother; she said to operate him as soon as possible. After operating him, there was no way to be 100% sure the worms were going to stay gone, but we just did the best we could. A week and a half ago, the worms came back and stronger. Mrs. Cox told us if Carlos was in too much pain... To put him down. We had to, I'm so sorry." The doctor apologized as Harry gasped and felt tears sting his eyes.


"W-when?" Harry asked with a sob.


"On the 26th he was declared... Dead." The doctor said the most sympathetic voice that he could say the news.


"C-can I call you back...” Harry sobbed and sniffled.


"Yes, please take your time. I'm sorry for your lost." He said and hung up. Leaving Harry leaning again the bevy wall of the restaurant and he fell to his bum, knees buckling up and he rested his elbows on them as he dug his face in his hands.


He cried silently, feeling horrible how the chicken, yes it was just a chicken that he save had died. He didn't care if it would have been a pest or if the chicken was worthless to his life in anyway thinkable. He raised his mom and their family. It was his family in a way and now that he passed away, it was his problem. He stopped breathing for a bit, hoping to stop crying, but it only made him sadder. He felt terrible, not being there and able to at least see Carlos since last he saw the chick, he was learning how to walk in summer with Olivianne. Oh my god, he thought, this is going to crush her. He then heard the rolling of metal wheels and soft pitter-patters and a bit of dragging of shoes.


"Harry?" His lover called out. Olivianne saw her boyfriend crying and she rushed to him, struggling with her tank that held her back from the speed she could go on to and the one the tank let her go by. "Oh, Harry! What happened." She frowned worriedly and sat down beside him, in her violet winter coat and her black leggings. She had a Disney hoodie from Paris inter the coat and her winter boots and long socks kept her cozy warm. She wiggled her toes and looked at him with puppy eyes. "Please tell me what's wrong." She said. He sighed, knowing it's better to tell her now than never.


"Carlos, you remember him?" He started, tears cleared up and his voice was a bit cracked but more steady than before.


"Obviously, the chicken! How is he?" She said brightly. All Harry could think about was how crushed Olivianne would be.


"He... He isn't good." Harry said and Oliv's eyes widened and she turned to face Harry with a confused face that had worry washing across it.


"What do you mean?" Her voice cracked and she hard tears form in her eyes.


"The veterinarian called with some news. He told me that they... They found worms in his lungs." Her lip trembled as Harry voice got a bit sadder and he felt like he had something in his throat that wouldn't let him speak properly. Like if his heart was stuck in his throat. "They told my mum, who told them to surgically remove the worms, which they did. They tried everything they could, but the worms kept coming back and worst. They had to... Put him down." Harry looked down to their intwined hand and he saw hers shave. He went able to look up to her and see her sad eyes. If her looked up, he knew those eyes would haunt him for all eternity and he wouldn't be able to live with that guilt chasing him where ever he'd go.


"Oh..." She said, sniffling up and indicating to Harry that she was crying. Also the fact that he felt drops of liquid splat on his and hers hands intwined. "I... He... C-Carlos? Are you sure him?"


"Yeah... I'm sorry... I really am." He whispered, truly feeling horrible. 


"It's not your fault. It's just... My little bird..." She said and Harry looked up to see her sad eyes and her teary smile. He knew she wasn't blaming him. She just was utterly sad. She stay like so, staring into his soul with those eyes until he tore away the gaze, not being able to handle her facial expression more the look she was giving him.


It was the same look she always gave him. The goddammit 'it's going to be ok, even though I'm crying and even though I'm sad, things will work out. Even though the situation is so unfair and full of crap, everything will turn out.' That look she gave him when he found out she had lung cancer. That look she gave him when she was puking in Europe. That look she gave him when she needed a new device. The damn look she gave him when she was coughing up blood. It was that one look that angered yet saddened Harry in so many ways. Not only did the look lie, but also it made him actually want to believe her. But her couldn't. Not with these measures. Never with these situations.


She leaned forward and rested her head against his shoulder, letting the wind brush on her back and send her shivers. She wrinkled her nose and Harry wrapped his arms around her after he let her hand to. He cuddled with her, soothingly rubbing her back. He murmured sweet things in her ear, but there weren't really anything to tell her. He could hear Olivianne's deep breaths and sniffles. This was bad, really bad. Olivianne shouldn't be crying no matter what because her nose will get stuffed and runny and it would block the tubes of her tank and she was always complaining how her boogies got stuck in her tubes and how hard it was to clean them. Then again, she had the plastic long tube that wraps around her jawline for more space and a plastic tip for each nose that is where the boogers mostly get stuck in and she had to change them over twice a week. She hated to clean them and Harry witnessed a cleaning, which was a bit nasty.


Obviously it was bad for her to cry since it made her work more to be able to breath and that problem will always be there, whether or not she had the tank.




For what seemed like hours, it was only a few minutes, Liam came out to see how his friends were, but by the looks n their faces and their physic and their positions, things weren't fine, not really. They both had bloodshot eyes, glittery cheeks from what seemed to be tears, their lips were a by swollen from biting them and they were really red. Their were cradled together, holding each other safely and trembling with dark emotions. Liam noticed how childish and young the couple was, how hard it was for them to handle anything. His complicated their relationship worked since they didn't have enough time together.


For once, Liam was glad he had Welly and she was healthy (in a cancerous way) and how mature their love was. He was glad he wasn't worrying every second of the day that something might fail her and cause her fatal problems. Liam knew Harry was always worrying about Olivianne and if her tank was going to fail her or if her cancer was going to get the best of her. He didn't have to worry that one-day she'd g to sleep and would never wake up again because of the lack of air. He was glad, but he had lots of sympathy for Harry and Olivianne and wanted the best for them.


Smiling at how adorable the couple was, because Harry was this adorable little brother he always wanted and Olivianne was this cute little sister with a grinning face and an addictive laugh and a cheeky attitude, like Harry's. They were always smiling and giggling and making jokes and having the time of their lives and enjoying everything the best they could. For one, they seemed to complete each other wig immature moments and rare but treasured mature moments. They were kind yet had their faults. They had the similar personalities, yet they were different. For example, Harry would give a fan a beanie if they were cold, Oliv would buy her a new one. Oliv would do things for charity and Harry would give out free pizzas to the poor people. Their minds were similarly but not the same, not exactly.


Liam decided to leave the couple alone, but then Harry turned around, seeing Liam with these odd distinctive eyes that showed… Analyzation?


"Liam?" Harry croaked, making Liam flinch by the sadness in his voice, what happened?


"You two ok?" Liam asked, knowing they weren't.


"I'd love to say yes, but I can't," Olivianne confused, coughing softly in her elbow.


"Mind, telling me what happened?" Liam asked. She shook her head not being able to say much.


"Liam, we're going to call a cab and be off to bed, I'll fill you in tomorrow…" Harry trailed of and glanced at his lover, who stared at the snow on the ground surrounding her and taking deep breaths. Liam nodded, not really know how to react and saw them off, wishing them the best, although he didn't know what was so bad to put their moods down. Watching Oliv struggle to get up and Harry helping her up, dragging her tank and she took her bag and they left to a busier road to catch the attention of a taxi. He saw Harry wrapped his arms around her, helping her support on him with her small shaking body. She looked weaker and weaker by the day.


Liam started to plan his excuse or is explanation for the couples leaving. He wondered what had happened. How would the others react? With worry or let it pass by and not panic? Liam was worried, her was confused and obviously he was thinking way to hard on this, when he should be enjoying his holidays and times with his girlfriend. Sighing, he walking back in the restaurant, who had gone quite and were patiently waiting for Liam's news. Course, Liam had no news to actually give




The next morning, Harry woke up to this nasty sound and to an empty space that was once filled by a petite body. It sounded like a hurl or if something that had gotten in the body was making it's way out by the throat, or well trying. The sound was toe curling and the sour smell of old cheese and rotten eggs was leaking out of the washroom, where the smell came from. At once Harry knew what and who it was. Olivianne was having her morning sickness and it wasn't from pregnancy. Damn you cancer, he though as he got up slowly and felt his hair fly around. Not caring about his looks, he stumbled to the door, in his boxers (which were a bit moved from the sleep and sideways) and feeling no morning glory.


"Oliv?" He called out, nocking on the washroom door that want close so it opened with ease and be found Olivianne crouched down with the toilet under and her pouring down her guys the porcelain bowel. His eyes soften because she looked like a child, weakening by the second and having her body used by some devil of a cancer. One could hear the pain this push caused her in her internal organ and her how her appearance was. Her natural tan skin was faded and pale from the cold season and from her disease. "Oh, love," he said with sympathy and decided to be the good being and sat beside her and rubbed her back soothing. "There goes all the poutine," he whispered under his breath and looked away from the chunky peachy liquid that poured out of her mouths. He was not kissing that beautiful mouth until it had a good wash. He was also loosing his appetite from the view. The taste must be worst, he though and cringed.


"G' 'way..." She struggled to tell him, hurling once more before trying to catch her breath. It felt like there was something pushing its was out of her system without her wanting or allowing it to. "H-Ha... Go... This... Gros-" she was cut of with another our of her insides out and the. She sat up strait, wiping her mouth.


"Good?" He asked worriedly, he knew he would never leave her in such poor state. 


"I think so... I think the monster with in is gone." She said and they giggled from the different interpretation. "Imma clean up, you just... Wait outside, yeah?" He nodded and walked outside, wondering what to do today. 




The shower was quick and relaxing, usually it was a struggle with the tank but with time she learned tricks. She brushed her teeth before he shower and after for an extra clean mouth. Puking was simply disgusting and one should never suffer from it. The flavor, she'd rather not explain that since it was way too nasty and if she went into detail, her stomach would turn and she'd feel sick and she'd vomit from disgust. It was gross and she felt disgusted by her body and health. She felt ashamed that Harry stayed with her and rubbed her back and tried to sooth her when one could not really sooth, especially after loosing most of her meals that she had had in the past 24 hours.


Olivianne got dressed back once she was done, drying her bald scalp with ease and getting out of the washroom with her shirts tucked in her PJ pants and skin moist. She found her boyfriend laying on their shared bed watching sponge bob and barking out in laughter at jokes that were really really stupid. She smiled and going him on the bed. He hadn't noticed her entrance until felt a dip on the bed and moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, comforting her and smiling at her fresh perfume sent that went with her personality so swell.


"Hey," he whispered in her neck, biting the base and smiling at the red spot that was bruising. Kissing the hickey, he admired his mark and smirk at how naughty his thoughts could lead too and evolve. "How you feeling?"


"Gah..." She groaned and rolling her head and eyes back. She couldn't really say 'yeah I'm fine' because she wouldn't lie to Harry. "Not good. Pissed off that I can't hold in anything I eat and it always goes back out. Also, to top it off, my mind say I'm hungry but then my body tells me no. I go along with my mind and look where it gets me? I want to go along with my body, but the doctors have told me that the most important thing was for me to be full and stay nourished and healthy with food. I just wish it would stay inside and let me rest. My teeth are gonna rot and worst, I might not be able to kiss you!" He gasped and gave her a meaningful kiss.


"Never shall I stop kissing my lady." He promised in a joking way.


"My, sir, I shall grant thou another kiss to thy's mouth." She mimicked with a smirk and kissed him.


"Hmm," he hummed and pulled away and kissed her nose before reaching for the phone from his side of the bed. "Order food?" He asked and she nodded as he handed her a pamphlet that had the menu that one could call to get the food brought up like room service. She picked out a meal to share that had bacon, pancakes, fruit and more. Harry agreed and they ordered it. It was about 9:30 am and the food was brought up around 10, which was brought in two trays and the couple gobbled it down, feeding each other and enjoying the maple syrup as the felt the sticky liquid go between their fingers and they liked it off, (Harry trying so hard to not get hard or have any of… those type of thoughts.) Oliv smiled when she saw he twitched as she ate a strawberry in a teasing way and smirked the whole way through. It was much worst when she ate a banana and that was what pushed Harry into taking a shower (not being able to handle anymore tension and just had to go) and leaving Oliv bursting into laughed and scrolling through channels. After a bit, she understood why Harry left and gasped before smirking. Kinky no? She thought mischievously.


Damn Harry was quite frustrated and Oliv wondered how long it would be before he pushed her against and wall and kissed her oh, so roughly...




A how later, Liam called, asking what they were doing, which they were in mid tickle fight that started while they watched home renovation. It had started with Oliv wanted an Up themed room in the future but Harry wanted a Sleeping Beauty themed room, (him not wanting a sad movie like Up as a theme for the room. God no, that'd be heartbreaking.) They decided that they'd have a Neverland themed room, full of magic and joy. Liam told them what the plans were for today, in which the couple told him they were staying in the room, if they wanted they could come and they'd just stay low and calm for a bit. Liam agreed to meet up in around 12:30 (wanting to ask what happened the night before) and said he would call they rest of the group. Oliv decided to post the video of Harry singing on the Internet, laughing and giggling as fans laughed along with her and commented funny things. Harry blushed in embarrassed and tweeted: 'Somethings shouldn't be posted. Like a certain video, #FelizNavidad.' The video spread like wildfire around the world and the video got lots of views and Oliv smiled at how precious her boyfriend looked. He glared at her and made an annoyed cat sound (causing her to burst into laugher) and she kissed him, making in loose the grudge her held for a short time being.




Oliv was the first to shed tears when she shared the sad news of Carlos. Amber burst into tears in Zayn's arms, feeling her heart fall in pain and not being able to cope with the lost. Not only was if heartbreaking to know that he had passed away. He wasn't going to be able to be at least a year old. He was long gone and Olivianne force to make a funeral and the hotel room, crying the whole time and dying some meaningful words. The rest gave their condolences, Niall trying not to laugh at how funny this ceremony was actually, but he couldn't since he knew his friends were sad because it was like their child had died. Welly just shook her head and nodded at Antonia, both silently agreeing the stupidity this was, yet admired how much honor Oliv, Amber and a bit of Zayn and a bit of Harry gave the chicken. Liam stayed silent and let them mourn on the animal and was respectful for the whole thing.




When they all left Oliv and Harry, (after ordering pizza and watching an hour of Say Yes To The Dress,) Oliv decided to paint her nails for New Year's Eve, well to try. She got out a dark blue nail polish and a nail shaver and a clear sparkle glow-in-the-dark nail polish. She first shaved her nails as Harry tweeted some fans. She then tried to apply on her left hand the dark blue nail polish, but because of her clumsy hand wasn't so steady and she got out of the nail bed and all around her hands, dramatically gasping at how now her hands were dirty with nail polish, not in the way she wanted. She frowned and Harry turned to face her, laughing as he saw her look at her hands confused why her hands sucks at painting nails. She sighed and washed of the attempt, well tried to wash it off. Sadly she had some nail polish stained on the back of her hand and in the middle of her hands. She looked at the mirror and noticed that, somehow, she managed to get her nose stained and a bit of her cheek. Dammit, she thought. She grimaced and tried to think of ways to paint her nails, then got an idea.


"Harry, dear," She called out from the washroom before walking out to the desk where she was painting her nails. He hummed a reply. "Can you paint nails?" She asked kindly.


"Uh… I've never really done it before." He lied, but she saw right through the lie. She raised an eyebrow and he exhaled loudly in defeat. "Fine, fine, I've painted Gemma's friend's and her own nails… And Liam's while he slept... But that was last year! I haven't really done it that oft-"


"Shush," she cut his sentence and put her finger on his lips, silencing. "I'm not questioning you to laugh at you or anything..." he relaxed. "I'm actually was wondering if you could paint my nails..." She whispered and gave am a shyly look. 


"Really?" He wondered if she was that desperate or that bad because she was asking for his help, someone who didn't really have that much experience. She nodded and gave a begging look. "Alright," he sighed. "Just 'cause I love you and 'cause you can paint your nails for shit." He barked in laughter. 


"Hey!" She protested, but mentally agreed. "So, first thing’s first, I need to test your ability, so can you paint you pinky?" She asked kindly, grabbing his hands and leading him to the desk that was beside the bed. He pulled out a chair and sat beside her, who already had a chair that was tucked in under the desk. "Alright, so paint your pinky!" She ordered. He gave her a confused look.


"Wha- uh, ok?" He said and took the nail polish and with his right hand, he painted the left. His face read that he was trying hard and wanted to succeed. He stuck his tongue out and frowned in an adorable way and managed to pout. Once he was done, he smiled. "Done!" He nodded to her and showed his pinky. It wasn't the exact profession type of look she was going for but it was much better than what she did. 


"Perfect! Much better than I did!" She smiled and put her hands on top of his. "Now could you pretty please do mine?" She asked kindly, batting her eyelashes (knowing that Gary would say yes either way and that she didn't need to look all pretty and stuff for him) and looked as innocent as possible.


"Alright, don't move and let Master Styles paint thy nails." He announced, cracking his knuckles and looking determined. He took her little baby-ish hands and delicately painted each fingernail with just precision that made Olivianne laugh and smile.


"You seem quite into this," she observed.


"Oh, but I am. I must make this all pretty and perfect to match with your perfect… If that's possible." He said with a grin and moved on to the other hand.


"Really?" She rose and eyebrow. "You never seem to fail to complement me…"


"And that is a good thing!" He told her with a smile.


"Right…" She gave him a kind smile. "I'm just worried that one day, you'll end up with no complements to give since you might as well have given them all out to me and fans and exes."


"Actually, I recently have used honest and different complements to you, until to fans where I can't really say those type of things, now can I?" He smiled. He then applied a second coat to make it better.


"Ha, true." She said and there was this comfortable silence, until she felt the cold sensation being applied on her nails stop.


"Done!" He told her, like a child who jet finished an exam. "Do you like?" He asked, hoping she liked them. He made a puppy face that made him look all cute 'n' adorable. She hummed and looked over to her nails to examine them. He actually did a really good job and they looks really well done. She bit her lip at how well he did them compared to her.


"Oh…" She sighed. "I don't know…" She faked a frown and faked a disappointing look. Harry's eyes seemed to sadden and slightly panic. "Kidding, love, they're perfect! Better than what I could ever do!" She reassured him and kissed him on the cheek and lips as a thanking manner.


"Ah, ah ah!" He warned her before the kiss could somewhat deepen. "No, you will not ruin the nails I did. They look so good and you will not ruin my hard work!" He commanded and smiled as she rolled her eyes and went to lay on the bed conformably, resting her hands on her laps, spread perfectly and waited for Harry to join her (which he did) to watch The Proposal before heading off to Tim Horton’s and getting a coffee and a doughnut. She by accident ruined her pinky, but thank goodness, Harry never noticed when he painted the sparked over top of the two layers of dark blue nail polish. At the end, Harry posted the photo on Instagram, calling them proudly the night sky nails, a creation by Harry Styles. But, Oliv ended up regurgitating her coffee with a groan. 


At least Harry was there of her.




On New Year's Eve, the group drove to the CN tower in Toronto, planning to be at the top of the building for when the clock stroke 12. Everyone was excited to 2014 and they were all smiling. The New Year was like a new chapter of their lives. It was as if the group was preparing for a new year that would ding hopefully recovery and joy and smiles. They arrived to the top, there went to a round shaped room that was mostly glass to see the night-lights from the city beneath them. There was light music playing and it was like a small party that the band was invited to go to with VIP passes, which they brought their girlfriends along. There was a DJ, a bit of food that Oliv waltz to with Niall and Antonia. Couples were slow dancing around the room and were enjoying that last for 2013. Harry, having a small fear of heights, held on to his girlfriend's hand for reassurance and for bravery. She seemed to be having the time of her life, looking down at the capital of Ontario. 


The lights reflected along her face and shone on her dark blue wig. The wig matched with her dark blue sparkly strapless short dress that look quite fancy and was given to her as a Christmas present from her grandmother, plus her dressed matched her nails and her black ballerina style flats. Harry had a nice suit and bowtie (Olivianne did it) and black dress pants and a white button-up shirt under. Welly has a beautiful light purple dress that shimmered in the lowlight and her beige high heels were such lovely tone for her skin color. She danced with Liam along the dance floor that had been set up. Liam had a tux, dressing quite finely and classy, with a light purple handkerchief in the boob pocket. Antonia, having the best time with Niall and laughing with him with her odd yet cute laugh, wore a red short dress with black high heels and a red daisy in her hair. Niall had a suit like Harry's yet his seemed a bit stained from the hummus that was being served. Zayn wore a lighter suit that his friends that contrasted nicely with Amber's dark green dress and black sandal type of heels.


All the couples were off dancing and chatting with other people, enjoying the peace and quite. Harry asked Oliv to dance with him to Starry Starry Night by Josh Gorban. He loved the song and had the replica of the painting so it was a bit ironic. They danced around, Oliv stepping in his feet. It was hard because of the damn tank, but they had to cope. She would smile under the moonlight, remembering the summer they fell in love and how beautiful and romantic it had been. It was like they were replaying the scene. Somehow Harry understood her and kissed her on her forehead, body pressed together from the slow dance. He hummed and lightly sang in her ear the soft song and made her blush and kiss him on the cheek. It was one of those romantic scenes that they would treasure. Oliv wasn't really nauseous and everything was at peace at that moment, no fans or paparazzi (either front their friends positing photos of each other's dances) and nothing was really bad at that moment.


And when they did a countdown, Oliv smiled and they both counted down, they held each other tightly and pulled away when it was the 10th second.


"10… 9… 8…" The whole building chanted. "5… 4… 3… 2… 1!" And everyone kissed each, champagne bottles were opened, hugs were given, smiled were thrown. Oliv pressed her lips against her boyfriend and pulled back with a smile.


"Hey," She told him, nose to nose. "Happy New Year!" She smiled and gave him an Eskimo kiss.


"Happy New Year, love, may it bring us joy and all that is good." He said and got a glass of champagne for himself. He motioned to her if she wanted a sip but she shook her head, she could taste it on his lips. 


"Haven't eaten since last year, nor peed, nor slept!" She joked. He laughed and they went to their friends to wish them a Happy New Year.


The couple hoped that this year would bring good things and hoped that her cancer would go.











My birthday was on the 10th, yeah! Updated then! The doctor said I have Chronic Daily Tension type of headaches and banded me strawberries and gum and Aspartame:( which really sucks:( Hope you enjoyed this chapter, it took me forever to write since my damn headaches are just… gahh… :S Look up the song, it's really cute and all!


PS: I know I had written that the book would be done at the 30th chapter, but I think it'll end up being like 40 or 50... Hope that fine!



~Juli Marshmallow.







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