Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


31. Chapter 29: Feliz Navidad.

Chapter 29: Feliz Navidad.





Ring! Brrrrrrrrrrr.


Ring! Brrrr.


Ring! Brrrrrrrr!



The timer in Olivianne's pocket from her apron rang loudly, splitting her and Harry apart from their long and passionate kiss. Groaning, the couple got up from their spot on the staircase. She pulled him with her to the kitchen, tugging her oxygen tank that was starting to get on her nerves, and got the cookies out of the fridge and put it in the now clean mixer (Olivianne's mom took the kindness to clean it for her) and mixed it softly. She slowly poured three cups, a cup at a time, of flour. She waited for the flour to mix more or less well and t settle before putting the mixer on 3 than slowly putting it to 9. When it was creamy, she put in a few cups of icing sugar. Letting it whip slowly until she put it to the fastest. Then, she stopped it once it was like whip cream. It smelled like dough with a lot of butter. She turned around and asked Harry to wash his hands if he wanted to help make the cookies as she took out the baking sheet. He nodded and went to the sink and washed his hands quickly. Oliv had already put out pane and a baking sheet on them. She took of the bowel and of t beside a pan. Smiling, she gestured him to copy and they grabbed small bobs of dough between their hands and rolled them softly. Oliv loved the soft creamy dough between her hands and rolled it into a little ball then place it on the pan skillfully. Harry did the same and they did about 15 cookies on one pan and 15 on another. In total she had made 30 small cookies that smelled delicious. She then put them in the oven for 300 degrees for 20 minutes. Smiling, she when for the bowel and took two spoons and sat on the counter with Harry.


"One for you," Olivianne said, handing him a spoon. "And one for moi." She smiled and put the bowel between them. "Dig in!"


"Wait- what?" He said confused as she stopped in mid movement towards the bowel.


"Don't you eat dough?" She asked like a kid with wondering eyes.


"I... I do but I wasn't sure if you did." He admitted shyly.


"Oh, I always do!" She grinned and the both dug in, eating the buttery dough that was a bit sweet and really butter. "But, it's quite unhealthy." She said, getting dough all over her face, making Harry smile in adoration. They gobbled up the dough; smiling and they would clean the dough from each other's faces.




After cleaning up their mess and setting the table, the couple took out the cookies and rolled them into vanilla sugar while they were still hot and then put them on a platter in the middle of the dining table to cool down for people to eat later on. That was when Oliv's mom sent them to get changed and put on some formal or nice and classy for the dinner since they were having guests. This was why Oliv was in her bathroom, putting on a dress her grandma had sent her. It was a teal floral dress that was strapless and flew outwards from her waist. She had the wig of her original hair that she longed for. It was naturally curly so she let it normal, smiling at the mirror as she remembered how she once looked like. 

She rubbed cover up and foundation all over the 'imperfections' from her face, like on her zits or scars or blackheads, which was normal for her being a teenager and all. She put on black eyeliner on one eye, perking it to a curve at the edge of her eyes. She did the same for the other eye. She then put on a sliver aquamarine shade on her eyes, making them look a but larger and bringing life to them since hey where dark brown and plain. She then put on mascara and curled her eyelashes since they were flat and black naturally. She put on dark brown eyeliner on her eyebrows since they had started to fall off and become lighter with chemo. She had shaven that morning, (which meant this was special since in winter she never shaved because, why shave when you're only gonna wear pants?) and so her legs were soft but a bit dry. She pulled over black tights under and fixed her dress before sparing a few different perfumes that hued together well. Smiling at the mirror, she walked out with a twirl, to find Harry in his boxers with a cat brush singing Feliz Navidad and dancing on their bed and shaking his bum. Oliv grin and grabbed her phone, taking a video of the whole thing.


"Feliz Navidad! Prosperos años y felizidad!" He said with his deep throat. All Oliv could do is stare and awe at her boyfriend, who was idiotically dancing on the bed they share, booty-popping and fully zoned in a concert mood as the song played from her speakers. It was the radio that he turned on that had been 24hours of Christmas music. He shook his bum with the tingles of the song. "I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas, I wanna wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of my hea-a-art!" He sang well, but his voice wasn't meant for this song and he had a strong accent. He couldn't speak Spanish at all. "Feliz Navidad! La lalaa!" He sang the whole song, back facing Olivianne the whole time so he didn't know she was watching him. When the song ended and the commercials rolled on, he stop dancing and nodding with the tune. Oliv quickly turned of her phone and hide it in the pocket that her dress had.


"Ah hem..." Oliv cleared her throat as Harry turned around in shock and gasped and fell on the bed in shock and his face was fully surprised, which was quite adorable.


"H-how long were you watching me?" He asked in a shaky shy voice, instantly loosing the concert mode he had been on.


"Oh, from the beginning…" She walked towards him. "It was nice to have my own concert, should have, oh wait, I did video tape it!" She grinned and pulled out her phone and sat beside him, trying not to stare at the butterfly tattoo right on his abdomen. She pressed played and giggled as it showed what she had seen. "I cannot believe I've witness my boyfriend, no the famous Harry Styles embarrass himself so badly."


"I can't believe my girlfriend has seen that." He mimicked, blushing.


"Nice booty-popping though, very macho and sexy." She winked at him.


"Oh my god, I…" He said, out of words.


"Cat's got your tongue?" She said, nodding to the brush that was still in his hands. "That isn't mine though."


"It's… Mine…" He smiled sheepishly. "A fan gave it to me though!" He put his hands up in protection.


"Ah..." She laughed.


"It was soft so I kept it..." He muttered.


"It was me who sent you it." She quietly after a moment of silence and smiled and locked her phone. She remembered how much she begged her mom to send the brush and fan mail to an address that the band had given for fans to send things for the boys. It was funny when the boys got their first mail because some of them were condoms, others were photo albums and once it was the brush, which Harry kept, liking how it unknotted his hair.


"Oh, seriously?" He said, his voice going an octave higher, showing excitement. He stared at the brush, surprised yet happy. He then turned around and gave her a nice long smooch. "Thank you so much! I've had been needing a brush, one that won't tug on my curls and won't make my hair all puffy!"


"Oh, your welcome." She smiled and he hugged her, her digging her head in his warm neck.


"By the way, you look beautiful in that dress." he said and she thanked him. "But you always do..." He added, making her blush.


"People are right," She pulled away, poking him on the nose. "You are like my prince charming, perfect."


"Why," He smiled and got up. "Thank you…" He said add opened his suitcase, pulling out black dress pants and a white button-up shirt and a black blazer. "What? Are you going to watch me change?" He smirked when she nodded and squirmed on her bed, getting comfortable and watching the tall boy with messy hair pull his pants up his legs with out a struggle.


"Nice bum, very cute when you shake it." She giggled as he muttered a thank you and pulled on his shirt, flexing his muscles. "Now you're just teasing me with your body." He laughed and rolled his eyes and smirked, flexing once again before buttoning his shirt. He pulled the flaps up from around his neck and reached for a black with kicker mouse ears ribbon with an odd shape on her dresser and pulled it around his neck.


"Can you do bowties?" He asked when he turned to face her.


"Uh…" She scratched her wig hair awkwardly. "I can try?"


"Works for me," He said and faced her so she could tie the ribbon.


"Uh… Cupcake?"




"Please go on your knees, I'm at your chest and I can't reach for your neck, please?" She smiled as he went on his knees, knowing she was petite compared to him. Although, by the simple gesture, he felt like if this would be happening once he proposed. That small thought caused both of their hearts to flutter secretly. They didn't know that both of them were thinking the same thing but they bother blushed. She stuck her tongue out and made a concentrated face as she tied the ribbon with a slight difficulty. She never had done this and it ended up looking like a butterfly of some sort. "Done!" She smiled as he stood once again, towering over her, and kissed her on the head before going to the long mirror she had that hung from her wall.


"I like it, it looks like a butterfly," he commented with a smile and they both got up and ready to go downstairs, where Olivianne could faintly hear people coming in the house, the guest had arrived. "Showtime, right?" He said and she nodded, giving him a kiss on the lips and she walked down the stairs, on hand intwined with his and the other fidgeting as he carried her tank in his other arm.


"Only family friends and Weliam and Antoniall are coming, don't worry." She squeezed his hand reassuringly.


"Did you just use their ship names of Welly and Liam and Antonia and Niall?" Harry questioned.


"I did," she smiled confidently as he chuckled.


"My special little princess," He told her and they went down to greet the guests.




Around 7pm, the food was served and at 7:45pm, it was all scarfed down but the house in laughter. Olivianne's family friends got along with Harry and the rest of the bunch quite fast. They were confortably talking and chatting along until the dessert was served, which was apple pie and ice cream and one of Olivianne and Harry's cookies. The couple got complements on their good cooking skills, which made the couple proud of themselves. They smiled and grinned and played board games until Olivianne's mom announced that the children were able to open one present. Dave and his friend Dannah (which Oliv suspected something was going to happened romantically between them) opened their presents, which were matching stuff animals. Welly had brought presents that she handed to everyone, which was a bag of sweets. Liam gave everyone stuff-animal puppies. Niall and Antonia gave everyone 20$ for a bookstore. The Seasame, having hosted the gathering and made and bought the food, didn't need to give anything for they had bought a lot of food. Harry gave out gift cards to the malls in Canada. Oliv opened a small white box that was under the tree. She smiled, noticing the tag said 'From Peter Pan,' smiling; she opened the box, holding back her breath for a bit and smiling when she saw a Peter Pan necklace.


"Oh, Harry!" She said and having him a kiss on the lips, in front of everybody, who cooed (except her father, who grunted) and to pictures. "It's beautiful!" She said and hugged him.


"Like it?" He said with a bright smile and looked at his girlfriend’s features, noticing how here eyes were watering from happiness and the smile on her face showed such positive emotion that just made his heart burst in joy.


"Obviously!" She answered and Harry put on the necklace around her neck, admiring how lovely it looked on her. "Thank you!" She hugged him.


"I'm glad and you’re welcome Love," He said and gave her an Eskimo kiss.




The rest of the night was spent dancing and laughing and chatting about blissful and sometimes meaningless things. It was obvious that everyone was having a good time, but at 2am, the guest left, thanking for the wonderful night. That night, or more like morning, Oliv felt an uncomfortable pain in her lungs from her back, but she told nobody, for she didn't want anybody worrying over her on Christmas. But it was a bad choice to not tell anyone because Oliv ended up crying in Harry's arm that night in pain, but he didn't bother asking, because he knew that no matter what she would always be in pain and Harry could only be there for her and hold her in comfort and try to kiss it away.




On the 25th of December 2013, Olivianne woke up with a throbbing pain in her chest. She gasped when she noticed she was alone in her room and that it was noon. She squinted in the bright light and groaned, slipping her bra on and a hoodie. She grabbed her tank and tugged it around her bed and she hopped her way downstairs to overhear a very intimate and deep conversation of Harry and her mom.


"… I just don't know." Her mom was saying.


"I know, it's hard. I hope the opportunity comes soon." Harry reassured Olivianne's mom. "I'm sure someone will come around." Then she heard sniffles and soft sobs.


"I just wish we'd find a donor sooner." Oliv's mom sobbed softly. Oliv's ears perked up, noticing this conversation wasn't a pleasant on. "By the time she turns 17, both of her lungs will be useless and she'll be on a machine to breath. Like she's already on one!"


"That's terrible." Harry said, sniffling. "I understand how you feel, in a way. I… I'm out of word because this situation is just out of hand and it's not something we can really help, now is it?"


"I just wish it wasn't like this. Chemo is only stopping it form reaching other organs."


"Don't worry Mrs. Seasame, I'll be with the family whenever I can to be there for her and to help everyone cope." Harry promised.


"Now, boy, I'm pretty sure what you feel for my daughter is much more complex and advance than a simple fling or dating. It's more of a husband type of commitment."


"I just love her so much and… I guess this isn't your typical relationship." Harry chuckled slightly. "I even asked her brother and father for…"


"For?" Oliv's mom pestered the boy until Oliv heard a whisper and a gasp. Oliv wanted to know what Harry said, but she couldn't hear. "Oh my!" Se heard her mom say after a while. "Well, that's wonderful! I agree with them. Oh, yeah! Totally!"


What was it? What was Harry keeping from Olivianne?




The day passed in PJs for the household, having pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast and eating at McDonalds for dinner. They watched Nemo, which Harry actually let down a tear when Nemo's dad found Nemo. Oliv had hugged him, gushing at how sweet it was for him to feel the pain that the movie represented and tweeted: 'Mr. Styles is tearing up for Nemo, aww.' 


They opened their presents, which were nice. Oliv got some money and then in the mail she found a letter that read that she could skip a semester of 11th grade for her good grades, thus meaning she would finish high school next December instead, which was exciting for the whole household. Harry spun her around, saying she was such a smart lady, which cased her father to mutter she was still his baby girl. Everyone got at least one things that they wanted, which was great. After having a video chat, five ways for all the boys of the band to chat, Olivianne and Harry spent the rest of the day relaxing and sleeping and eating. Oliv's family started to treat Harry more like family that a guest because that was what he'd become, part of their family. 




On the 26th, Harry and Olivianne left to Ottawa with Liam, Welly, Antonia and Niall. They got everything packed and leaving everyone behind they left to spend the last days of 2013 with Zayn and Amber, who were meeting up the rest of the group there. Louis was staying in Europe to spend time with his family as Jules left to visit her blind aunt at a nursery home in Italy. In the car ride, Harry and Oliv sang along to Disney songs, against everyone else's demands of listening to real music. The couple sang Feliz Navidad again, laughing at the memory. The got to the hotel in Ottawa and went there separate ways to each room, couples together. After jumping on their queen bed, Oliv and Harry finally went to bed. Both loving each other's presence and Oliv smiled when she heard Harry's soft snores.




The next morning, everyone went out for a walk in the streets of Ottawa, hiding from paparazzi and trying to stay out of public places. Something the boys noticed was that Canada was very scattered, thus meaning that there weren't huge crowds, like in other countries they'd been to where everyone was on their tail. They walked around, eating maple syrup on ice, which Oliv had been craving for and was glad to eat. Niall asked for two and finished them at the same time as Oliv finished hers, and she was a fast eater.


Bu after having a hamburger, Oliv ran off to the washroom, and groaning when she puked. She hated vomiting but recently she had been noticing her stomach didn't like food and it was rather have huge stomach aces or let it all out and no be able to keep her meals in. Which sucked. Welly waking in the stall, worried as usual. She asked if this were alright and all Oliv could do was nod after getting out of the washroom and gargling water and a mouthwash that she had in her backpack. She them put mints in her mouth, but still tasted the faint acid taste of her chunky peachy vomit. Welly convinced herself mentally that things were all right and jut went along with it, by worried.


Later on that night, the group went to have poutine; the one Oliv had always wanted to show her new friends. By the time the huge bowel of fries, gravy and cheese was emptied, Niall had declared that poutine was one of his favorite meals and wanted more, but Oliv shook her head and said that this was a meal to eat every now and then and to be enjoyed. Sighing, Niall felt a bit sad to not be able to eat it again, but Oliv reassured they would eat it once again in a few months. 


After getting to know the town, the group went to Parliament Hill, which were Canada's government was at. They went inside and got a free tour (but the tours already come free) and they gazed and admired the artwork and architecture of the building. They learn a hung of things, most were useless of the Europeans, but hey enjoyed the knowledge. Well, not entirely because they did as usual mischief, running off and making faces at politics who would pass by and get frowned at by Liam and sometimes Welly, who would laughing quietly behind Liam's back.


They ate at a make your own pasta place that was delicious, even though Oliv barely ate any condiments and went basically for the pasta itself and not the sauce. Her boyfriend get vegetable in his since be was trying to be healthier (but if he met eating maple sir up, he'd gain a nice pouch above his abs) and this healthy project made Oliv laugh, since she only put mushrooms in her pasta and no other vegetables. Welly got an Alfredo sauced pasta, kinda like Oliv but she had carrots and chicken in it. Liam, being the healthiest, took the tomato sauce with broccoli, carrots, asparagus and meatballs. Niall had a mix of sauces and put every single ingredient on the plate, getting odd looks from the cook. The rest of the group got what they wanted, eating with such ease as Oliv felt queasy and forced her food down, not letting anyone notice that she was having troubles.




The next day, Oliv woke up early just to get Harry to drive her to Toronto for Chemo since she couldn't miss it and it was a Saturday and Saturdays are solemnly for her chemo. On the car ride, a car the couple had rented, Oliv fell asleep as Harry was in his own deep thoughts and stared at the road. His poetic side would often strike and alas, he would wonder things such as how was earth before, was there a dinosaur burial under the road? Why did Canadians love Tim Horton’s coffee? Why were they so polite to him at places? He shook his head and continued to drive. He smiled when he heard Oliv's faint soft snorts that would come and go as she slept. It was quiet, no music on, until Oliv started to say stuff in her sleep, which made Harry giggled and listen with a smile.


She'd say things like, "why, sky, are you blue?" Or "the man smells like fish," which Harry though she was talking about a man who passed them at Starbucks the other day who clearly smelled strongly of fish and tuna, which they had agreed to be disgusting. She mumbled out things like, "explain to me, Mr. Pork-chicken, right and left, explain why you taste like maple syrup?" And at that moment, Harry doubted his girlfriend's sanity and suspected her being crazy or something. 




If finding the hospital wasn't hard enough, getting lots and confused with the streets, the hardest was to wake Olivianne up, who was in such peaceful slumber. She had slowly finished sleep talking, which was interesting and kept Harry entertained. When she slowly went silence and only let out loud puffs of air and deep breaths, Harry was swallowed by his boredom. He had decided to play some music and got bored from the unfamiliar bad radio so he began to sing Feliz Navidada again since he simply was dead bored. Taking Oliv's medical papers and neatly stuffing them down her bag, Harry poked Oliv on the geek and opened her door before giving her a soft kiss that woke up after grunting in annoyance. After waking up and kissing each other with a smile, they walking in the hospital and went to the cancer ward and told they lady at the front desk that they had a chemo section, given the medical papers and all the information they'd need. They sat and waited for them to be called. They brought them to a private room, as usual, that had a TV and two large couches, on for Oliv and one for her medical team. There was the usually group, Oliv hands in her journal, noting things that she wanted to keep in memory for future reference.


After the medical team did what they usually did. They would ask if she felt dizzy or faint? If something felt odd? How was the tank? How were the painkillers doing for her chest pains? Did her (this was real embarrassing to talk about with Harry in the room, yet it had to be done) menstruations come any harder or did their pattern change or if it had become even more irregular or if they had become heavier or lighter or it they hurt. Oliv was getting all warm and nervous from the questions and had gotten a small hot flash from the stressed. Of course, the doctors asked if she was pregnant, which she chuckled and said no. Then they asked if she was sexually active, which she stuttered an awkward no, not daring to glance at Harry. That was one of the awkwardest questions that caused the couple to shift awkwardly and both of them ended up coughing awkwardly and blushing.


They'd then inject the drug, Oliv was quiet scared (as she usual did and let some tears fall from her eyes in pain as the pointy tip dug into her blue vein. She still did have a fear to needles. Although, in the past few months she had slowly and happily overcame that annoying fear. It wasn't fully covered though; she still was afraid and would get this odd feeling that made her a bit nauseous and lightheaded. As usual, she wouldn't feel her fingers or toes and she'd feel this cold feeling traveling around her veins. She'd shiver from her thoughts of how the medicine was having an adventure all over her body. Her evil mind had detailed the whole image in Olivianne's mind, which cause her to shiver and get Goosebumps in disgust. They did some blood work, checking how things were. They talked with her, mindless chatter. 


"I have a question, actually." Oliv said softly once they were done explaining things and they had asked for questions. They nodded for her to proceed. "I was wondering I nausea was normal with the treatment?"


"Totally normal," her doctor told her with a nod. "It's normal that you won't be able to keep you meals in. But that doesn't mean you should stop eating, you need to feed you systems or else other problems will accrue and we can't have that happening. I suggest you drink lots of water and eat lots of things that are healthy, like fruits and vegetables. Things like strawberries would do you good. Keep you digestive system healthy and things will go much faster."


"Ah. Ok," she said nodding and knowing she hated vegetables.


"Anything else?" Her therapist asked.




"Ok, I'll go get a new tank." Dr. Will said and got up with a nodded, walking out with Dr. Jane, who Oliv found out was the wife of Dr. Will (Dr. Jane kept her maiden name) and they were cute together but they were very professional and they only would wink or smirk at each other in a very discreet way. It was cute and they made a lovely couple, even though Dr. Will looked much older than he actually was and Dr. Jane looked a bit you get then expected.




Things went well, Oliv had to hold her breath as they quickly changed the tanks and connected her tube to another new tank. It hurt. Not a little pinch in the middle of the chest, like Dr. Will said. No. It but a lot. Like a squeezing from the internal sides of her lungs and ear her heart. She felt like screaming from the pain and getting up and screaming at people, as if it were their fault she felt this way. But it wasn't. She wasn't even sure for whom to blame for cancer. Herself? Family? Genes? Aliens? School? 




She got medicine to lower her nausea and new and improved pills for her hemoptysis (coughing up blood) and for her chest pains. After the chemo, they left to Ottawa to go to the science museum, which was awesome and Oliv loved it, explaining and teaching things to Harry as the other couple ran off. They somehow ended up in the human body exhibit. It was an honest mistake, but Oliv accidentally led to group in a movie room where they explained how cesarean and natural birth was preform, with real people giving actual birth to real babies.


It was completely disgusting and Antonia, Zayn and Welly and Amber ran out in disgust. Oliv and Harry grabbed each other's arms and watched the gore in full interest, but Harry hid his face in Olivianne's shoulder as she covered her eyes when she saw then starting to cut open the flesh from the belly and the blood ooze out. Liam stayed there, learning and being more comprehensive then his friends and Niall just laughed at the beck, as if it was the funniest thing ever and being a pervert, thus, he got many evil glares by couples in the room.










Bonjour my lovely readers!


Hey, it's April 10th... My birthday! Yay:D I really wanted to updated so I posted this but it's quite short and blah:S Hope you enjoyed it. Also, I got glasses! And I check if I need an MRI tomorrow. If you'd like the recipie for the cookes, please do tell since they are delicious! 




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