Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


30. Chapter 28: Let It Snow.

Chapter 28: Let it Snow. 





On the 24th of December, Oliv woke up alone. She sat up, fixing her tank and adjusting it so she can breathe normally, well even more normal than she was right now. She woke up squinting from the bright light that whined from outside and through her window. Someone had moved the curtains so they let the light in. This caused her to hiss from the brightness. She wrinkled her nose and let her eyes slowly adjust to the pale light. The heard a soft chuckled and she turn to see Harry sitting on her desk chair, looking at her Canadian map and looking confused.


"Ah, and my kitten awakens!" He joked with a smirk, turning to face her. "Morning!"


"Good morning to you! How long have you been up and waiting?" She asked, noticing him in his boxers still. She smiled because he wasn't wearing a shirt and it showed his butterfly tattoo and more.


"Since 10am, it's now about 11:30am. Still morning but still."


"What have you been doing?" She wondered as she slowly got up from the bed softly and reached for a bra since she didn't like doing anything but sleeping and taking a shower bra-less. He watched and she turned around so her would her scars from the surgery that was now light pink, almost her skin color, but not quite because it had more of a hue of pink than beige. Softly, with a struggle, she clipped her bra, still having trouble with the gas tank tugging in and on her nose. She was told a week ago she might have a tank going in her lungs, straight forward since soon big of her lungs would stop working and wouldn't be able breath on their own and would need a machine to do 95% of the breathing process. 


"Looking at your map. Usually it be England but this is Canada and it's different." He noted. "Lots of ice, right? Is it cold in Ottawa? How 'bout up north in Vancouver. It's so huge! How long to you drive to Toronto?" He asked a bunch of questions, all amusing Oliv since she never had been asked that, it was something she learn young and it's was just something you just knew.


"Of course it's different! It's mostly covered in ice and snow, but it is huge now that I think about it. It's cold in winter at Ottawa but in summer it's really hot. I've never been to Vancouver actually, it's in my to do list before I die, along with my 10 wishes." She smiled slightly from the more or less inside joke. "It's takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to drive from here to Toronto, none stop. For Ottawa, six long hours. For Vancouver, I think it's about 8 hours, flight." She smiled and got up, slipping into her Disney princess slippers.


"10 wishes?" He asked and turned the chair to face her, who was sitting on her messy bed with bed hair and pale skin. She had a small pimple on the upper corner of her cheek, a small one, barely visible. She had scars on her forehead and one beside her left eye. She had dark circles under her eyes and she looked in pain and tired. Which she was. Each moment of they day she had a feeling of a rock on her chest. She felt like her lungs were being squished and it would make her gasp in pain. She had had learned to keep her pain in and not tell others because like any ill person, she hated the piteous sad look that she was given. She would numb out the pain and completely ignore the pounding on her chest and the ice-like acidic pain that would go through her lungs every moment of the day.


"When I first learned I had cancer, there was a foundation that gives people with diseases like so to have a few wishes that they always wanted to accomplish and would help them obtain it before they would… Pass away…" She explained. "They gave me 10 wishes, and one of them were to meet One Direction, thus was how we went to Disneyland in Paris."


"Oh! Good, I think?" He said, mentally confused. "Mind sharing your other wishes? Maybe we could go together to do them? Yeah?"


"Sure," She agreed. "The first one, already accomplished, was go to Europe. The second was to meet you, well the band. Third, Disney in Florida, which is happening the upcoming summer! Fourth was to go to 3 One Direction concerts, which there are two concerts yet to be seen! The fifth was to go to Harvard. The sixth was to own my own house and live in it, but I think I might cancel it because after here I don't even think I'll ever be able to leave the hospital…" She said with a frown and looked for some emotion to show from Harry's face, but all that showed was an encouraging smile to continue the wishes. So she continued. "Learn to drive a car and a motorcycle, was the seventh. Which will be happening before my birthday! The eight was Disney in Paris, also accomplished! The ninth is to go shopping in the biggest malls around the world with my friends, but a week ago I canceled it. The tenth was to spend each Christmas, no matter what with friends and family, which is in process. But, to do list is fairly long."


"Really?" He raised and eyebrow and smiled kindly at his wonderful girlfriend, who was wearing black and white polka dot pants and a red baggy shirt that had a hole right above the bellybutton and it fit her morning lazy talk attitude. Her voice was rusty and a bit cracked because she had just woken, but to Harry, she was fine like that. She nodded brightly with a grin. "Will you ever share the to do list?"


"Maybe…" She thought for a moment. "One day, but not today. Now get ready, we're going out."




The Seasame house was up early, cooking and baking goods. Oliv and Harry took Dave to go sliding down snow hills and to meet up with Welly and Liam and go for coffee. They walked to the park where they were heading to sleigh and were quite slow since the group had snow pants that made them look 3 times their weight and their winter coats and hats and warm waterproof gloves. Oliv and her little brother looked like snowman or people made out of marshmallows. Although Oliv, being ill and short and thin, her pants and jacket would bag and be loose. Oliv had to tighten her pants and she had to make her winter clothing hug her curves, which wasn't something Harry was against. Harry, being over 6 feet tall and having a slender body, didn't looked like a marshmallow. He looked like a giant stuff animal, but then again her looked like a model from a winter catalogue. They all ran towards the big hill, laughing at how they were wobbling and how hard it was to walk. Dave, tugging on the plastic sled, was the first to get to the top of the hill and was the first to slide down the hill. There were some families there, but they were far from the group. There were kids running around and laughing and screaming in happiness. 


Harry and Oliv sat on a patch of untouched snow and watch Dave climb up the hill with the red sled. That was catch of sliding down hills, once your down; you have to get back up. Oliv threw herself backwards, trusting the fluffy snow to soften her fall and cover any rocks or sticks that could hurt her. She smiled as she lay on the snow beside Harry, who was copying her every move, and speed her arms and legs and moved them side-to-side. This action made a snow angel, well with Harry beside her, it made a snow angel couple. She sat up and pulled Harry along with her, but since Harry was talked and heavier and of course male, she ended up getting him up standing and herself falling on her butt on the snow. Harry, laughing madly, pulled her up until she stood steady against his chest and pecked her cheek, then her lips.


"Why do you guys always have to kiss." Dave grumbled, annoyed. The couple pulled apart, blushing. "Always in front of me... Why? Why do I have to endure this detailed make out? Why lord?" He joked, looking up to the sky in a praying manner.


"It's not my fault you little butt-fac-" Oliv started to say in a sneer-ful voice.


"Shh," Harry cut her off with a kissed on the lips. "Sorry Dave, as she was saying," he nodded towards Olivianne. "It's not our fault you catch us while we show our love, now is it?" Dave wrinkled his nose and ran of with his sleigh.


"I could have told him that..." Oliv muttered.


"You could have, but you also could have been a sister and let your sailor tongue out in front of the little boy and, like Niall, you would have cursed. Or you could have simply called him a butt-face, which you shouldn't." He looked her nose with a knowing smirk.


"Damn." She crossed her arms. She stared at Harry for a bit, until she got an idea and smile and gasped. "Hey! Wanna do something fun?"


"Uhh..." Harry was quite unsure of what was fun for her. 


"Something really fun?" She smiled. Harry nodded slightly and she led him to the edge where everyone was going down and saw a patch where nobody was sledding and sat down, motioning him to follow. They sat down, looking at the bottom.


"This is fun?" Harry wondered, they were jut staring at snow.


"No! Not at all. Ok, so first you lay down," she said as she did the actions she spoke. "You go in a caterpillar position. Don't forget to tuck your arms in like a mummy." She said and tucked her breathing tank between her arms, hugging it. "Then-"


"Wait I don't think we shou-"


"You're off!" She squealed and rolled off the edge and rolled down to the bottom, screaming and laughing hysterically in excitement. "Weeeee! Woooo hoooo!" She screamed until she rolled to the bottom and stop rolling. She sat up and saw Harry still on the top. She motioned him to come down but he shook his head. She nodded with a wicked grin. He was saying, more like screaming, and something she couldn't here from the distance and shook his head. She nodded and motioned him to follow her steps. Harry sighed and tried swallowing his fear of heights, like she did for needles, and did as he was told and rolled down the mountains, screaming-but not really from excitement like Oliv did. When he got down, about a meter away from Oliv, who ran to him, struggled with her breathing tank, to Harry, who's face was covered in snow and had a frightened traumatized look and still in the mummy/caterpillar position. "Fun?"


"Ha..." Harry gasped and sat up with her on his lap. Then, he started to laugh in the creepiest but adorable at same time. "That... Was... Awesome!" He grinned.


"I'm glad you liked," she nodded to him proudly and had a smug smile.


"Again!" He demanded in a childish way.


"Excuse me?"


"C'mon! Again!" He said, getting up and getting himself balanced before tugging her back up the hill. Sweating in cold sweat and legs getting heavy, the couple struggled getting back up but reached the top and rolled down, one after the other. Later on, as Dave sledded down the hills with a friend he made, the couple competed on who would reach the bottom of the hills. They raced down at least six time, Oliv winning three times and Harry winning three time. They were on their seventh and final race, rolling in full speed, laughing their worries away. When thy got to the bottom, him beating her, they found Welly and Liam in their winter coats, but no snow pants. They were standing there, arms crossed and smiling sweetly as the couple said hello.


"What on earth were you two doing?" Liam wondered and pointed at the hill.


"Eh... Having fun?" Oliv gasped, struggling to catch her breath and fixing her oxygen tank and perking it up in her nose.


"Is that safe for you?" Welly asked worriedly.


"Yes?" Oliv answered in more of an asking manner than a knowing.


"Ah hmm...." Welly rolled her eyes and nodded.


"I got to the bottom first thought!" Oliv told Harry as they got up.


"No, I did!" He argued back.


"Nah huh! I did!" She lifted her chin up.


"No, I did!" He said, raising his chin up, making him look even taller than he already was.


"No, I did!" She whined and pouted in a puppy dogface, making Harry bit his lip and unable to oppose.


"Fine you did," he lied, backing down from the argument and putting in hands up in the air.


"Ha!" She said. Oliv said with a grin and went with Welly to get Dave, who was having the time of his life.


"You let her win, didn't you?" Liam said, on e Oliv was out of earshot and was at a far distance.


"No," Harry answered truthfully.


"You actually won then?" Liam asked.


"Yeah, but her pout was irresistible." Harry said and Liam cooed him in awe, earning a punch on the shoulder. "Shut it." He warned.


"Ok, ok." Liam smiled and rubbed his arm and they ran to catch up to the Canadians ahead.




"We have to go in Tim Horton’s like this?" Dave whined as the elders nodded and Harry and Oliv struggled through the doors.


"Yes, child." Oliv confirmed and walked in line to eat for her turn with Harry. "What do you want?" She said to Dave before he left to sit down.


"Butter croissant and hot chocolate!" He said.


"And?" She said annoyed by the boy's manner.


"Please and thank you..." He mumbled, quite annoyed by his sister's requirements for things. He walked off to sit down.


"Next, please!" The cash-register lady asked in a duck like voice, as if her nose was plugged with boogers. Gary took of his hat, as did Oliv and they walked forwards, Harry tugging Olivianne's oxygen tank for her. "What can I get for you?" She asked, looking up and gasping to see the couple. "You're Harry St-"


"Shh," Harry shushed her and looked wrong worriedly. Fans were everywhere and would mob him and he was enjoy the small town with no paparazzi. "Yes I am." He smiled.


"Oh my god!" The woman grinned and looked at Oliv. "My what a beautiful couple you two are..." She said, glancing at them both. "Now, what can I get for you?"


"Could I please have a... Butter croissant, a hot chocolate, a ice Capp, small with milk, a blueberry muffin and a... What do you want?" Olivianne said naturally and turned to Harry.


"Erm... I'll have a French vanilla? Yeah, that." He nodded and the lady smiled and nodded, taping buttons on the cash register.


"Alright, that would be twelve dollars and seventy cents." She smiled and Harry pulled out a twenty-dollar bill. She handed him his change. "Now please wait over there," she pointed at a spot where there was somebody puffin out the already prepared coffees. The couple nodded and left to the spot and waited for their purchase as Liam and Welly ordered for their own. The couple then sat down to an awaiting Dave, who gobbled up his food and drank his hot coco quietly. Harry sipped his coffee, smiling and humming in delight. Oliv slurped her ice Capp with a grin, having an obsession to that one coffee. 


"I wanted a Timbit though!" Dave protested when he opened the bag that had his croissant.


"So?" Oliv asked, halfway down her coffee.


"I wanted it!" He pouted in a highly annoying voice.


"Yeah but you can't have it!" Oliv told him, lift her chin to annoying him. "You need to loose weight child. I’m being honest! Do you want a wife in the future? Yes, then you can't be chubby. We're going to get you some abs. Yeah?"


"I know but I wanna eat, like a lot! 'S not fair!" Dave responded and crossed his arms, frowning. "Does Harry have abs?" He asked suddenly, causing Harry, whom had been tweeting Happy birthday to Louis, to look up with a blush building up his cheeks.


"Uh..." Oliv said awkwardly and itched her hat and her bald scalp. "Y-yes, why?"


"Is that why you like him?" Dave asked abruptly, looking at the couple, which glanced at each other cautiously. Then, Oliv burst into laughter after a while of awkward silence. 


"I, no, what? No! I don't like him-" Oliv started to say, but Harry cut her off with a gasp. 


"What do you mean?" Harry whimpered, looking and sounding betrayed and a bit heartbroken.


"Aww, cupcake, I don't like you because," Oliv answered, reaching out to hold his hands reassuringly. "I love you, which is different, yet better and stronger." She smiled and gave him a soft quick kiss, and then to Dave, that made a face in disgust from the PDA.


"But why?" He continued asking like any child would. This cause Oliv to doubt herself from wanting children because they were mostly annoying brats who poop, sleep and eat and don't give anything back. She didn't like that at all. Also the fact that they are so annoying and hard to please and question the simplest of things and just go on your every last nerve sometimes.


"It's for plenty of reasons but they are too romantic for your young mind." Oliv told him with a smile. She glanced at Harry with a wink, which made him blush and think of lots of things that of course weren't for Dave to know it even think about, for Dave was still an innocent kid in elementary, yet to learn things.


"Right..." He said and drank his hot coco in peace, noticing Welly and Liam were coming to join them, both with a chocolate cookie and Liam with plain black coffee and Welly with a cappuccino. The group chatted, keeping the conversations safe to Dave, although Oliv and Harry would let out glimpse of a sick-minded joke, causing Liam to frown.


"My, what a mind you have Miss Olivianne," Liam noted in conclusion of her personality.


"Come on Liam..." Oliv said then burst into laughter, looking at Welly, who muttered an Oh My God for her sick mind.


"I don't get it," Liam said confused. Harry was in deep thought until his eyes widened and he understood come and another word that sounded just like it.


"Oh my," Harry gasped, coughing from her mind, and laughed along with his girlfriend, who had a mischievous grin.


"Welly?" Dave asked, earning a hum from Welly. "Why are they laughed like evil people? What was the joke? I wanna know!"


"Oh, they are jug being immature," Welly paused as she answered the wondering curious child.


"And they are having a naughty mind, that one should never have." Liam finished her sentence with a cough.


"Yeah, just ignore them." Welly nodded.


"Oh, ok..." Dave mumbled.


"Ah, ah ah! But it's a gift my dear mature friends..." Oliv smirk. "It's quite hilarious, don't you think Cupcake?"


"Totally," he said, kissing her coffee flavored lips and smiling.


"Once again, no PDA," Dave gasped. "It's getting out of hand Welly. They're always kissing and being lovey-dovey.


"That just means they love each other. A lot. " Welly said and kissed Liam on the cheek. "Like we do, except their relationship is different. They have to be like so, they don't have lots of time together.... Left." And that silenced the group. Welly didn't mean by him staying in Canada, shebang by how long until she had to make sure she either was gonna have surgery or pass away.


Dave never grasped on the idea, when he first found out about her cancer, a year, he had been in shock and was so sad and tried to help Oliv with anything. He tried to treat her like crockery, but she just frowned upon that. She opposed to that and they decided to keep the relationship like before, love/hate. Although he still didn't want to think that his only sister would possibly pass away and he could just watch her cry from the pain in her chest. He remembered when she first walked out of her room bald. How he gasped in shock and reached up to touch her soft scalp, looking like the cute four-year-old Oliv missed. He gave her a hug. Telling her she looked beautiful no matter what, which cause his older sister to smile and got watery eye. On the second week of chemo, he accompanied her and they watched The Little Mermaid, signing along. He started at the medicine and how she would have to count her blood cells.


He remembered the first few nights of Chemo, she would sob, crying in pain and longing for her long brown hair that was on the wig on her dresser. He remembered walking in, shyly, and finding her curled up on her bed in Harry's Jack Wills sweater that reached a little bit over her knees. She was in her PJs and was lying there without a wig, which still have him shivers to the spine. She had her Peter Pan stuff animal that Harry had sent to her from England as a get-well soon/stay strong present, which she treasured it so dearly. Dave sad on her bed and she kept her quiet sniffles. He had comforted her because she found out soon she's need an oxygen tank. She sobbed because her lungs hurt, she poured her heart out about how she did not want to die. She explained that Harry had told her to stay strong and keep fighting it (cancer) and that she would get well soon. But she doubted herself. She told Dave that she was getting tired of fighting. She hoped that one day it would, which cause Dave to crumble into tears. He told her that she couldn't die. He couldn't have her leave him, or Harry. She couldn't leave the world, her life, everything behind. She needed to fight. She needed to be there for him. She needed to be there for his wedding. He needed to watch her get engaged. He wanted to see her graduate. He mostly wanted her to be there for him, every step of the to growing up. He wanted her to see the great man he was to become.


But in his heart, he knew that the chances of that ever happening were less than 50% possible.



Later on that night, at Oliv's home, Harry and Oliv were on FaceTime with Louis, who hadn't shaved and was starting to get a fine beard. Louis thanked them for their birthday presents that had been shipped to where he was staying. He thanked them for the birthday wishes and gulp, being older than before, but 22 years old? That made him start to wonder when he'll settle down! Jules had been like a Disney princess, just like her job. She had a tinker bell laugh and a perfect smile. Her hair was smooth with light curls here and there. He really was starting to like her, but didn't want things to go so fast. He wanted to make sure she was the one. Lottie had popped up in mid conversation, asking if her wanted to go shopping with herself and Jules to the mall. Lottie smile sweetly at Harry when she noticed whom Louis was taking to. She then noticed Oliv, who was at the moment without a wig. She gapped at Oliv with wide eyes, making Oliv shift in Harry's arms in uncomfortably and Harry stare at Lottie with devil eyes, telling Lottie to shut her mouth.


"You, what?" Lottie asked, confused. "Why? What happened to your hair? Why are you bald? For cancer, a foundation?" She asked, unknowingly and a bit to blunt to be considered kind.


"I..." Oliv said, then got up and left. She ran off to go downstairs, to it herself to not cry from her blunt question that, even though she should be used to it, she hated deeply to admit she was sick and all.


Harry, staying in Oliv's room with his phone, glared at Lottie, who was looking down to her lap, ashamed that she made his girlfriend leave. Louis stared at Lottie and told her to wait. "I'll go down soon, tell Jules to wait a bit." He said to his sister, who nodded and ran off. "Sorry, Haz." He told his best friend with a sad smile. Harry, missing the close friendship he had with Louis, grinned that he had called him Haz. That was one of the closest thing Louis had done in a while with him. He missed his best friend, the one who was there for him when no one else was.


"'S ok, I just wish it wasn't true, y' know." He said, forgiving Louis's blunt sister. "I wish we had a Disney love story, kinda like you and Jules." He smiled softly.


"Hey!" Louis shushed. "Keep your voice down! We're only close friends."


"Right now, that is."


"Whatever... Hey, I need to go, but I'll tell Lottie... Bye Hazza." He grinned like the 19-year-old Louis had met and missed.


"Bye Lou! Happy birthday, and merry Christmas if I don't tell you later on." He said and the chat ended, leaving Harry to sigh and have to deal with his sad girlfriend. Louis, meanwhile, was stomping downstairs and gave Lottie a look.


"What?" She asked, looking really confused as she slipped on her boots.


"You can't just go up to her and bluntly ask why she's bald? What's the matter with you?" Louis gasped at his you her sister, who looked a bit afraid of him. As much as Louis would regret getting mad at his young sister, this wasn't acceptable to ask.


"Louis!" His mum told him from the kitchen, she hated when her children would argue.


"Mum, she can't ask Olivianne why she's bald! Especially not like that!" He whined.


"Why not?" Lottie wondered naively, making Louis' blood boil at how idiotic this conversation was.


"Why?" He mimicked. "Because you can't ask someone going through chemotherapy why their are bald! Because you cannot ask someone-"


"Why does she do chemo?" Lottie cut him off, knowing that when he was at his worst of moods, cutting him off was like dangling by a thread of string on top of hot lava ready to burst.


"She has lung cancer! Haven't you seen on Twitter? On magazines?" Louis said with sad tearful eyes.


"But... I though they were rumors." Lottie said in a small voice.


"No," he said sadly. "Why do you think Harry's always fretting about her health? Why do you think he randomly went to visit her in November? It was her first chemotherapy day. Why do you think this summer there was barely any news on us? We went away because of the drama. Please Lottie just..." He frowned and went outside. "I'm going for a walk. You girls go ahead." He said and walked out on the girls, who stared at where Louis once stood. Lottie felt crushed. She felt a guilt climb up her back. She felt terrible for asking so rudely to a couple that was still trying to cope with the future that was to come.


"I'll go talk to him," Jules spoke up, after watching the siblings argue. She, being an only child, never had that experience and was always fascinated about it. Lottie nodded numbly and walked to her room, trying to ease the guilt with music. Outside, Jules ran up to Louis, who hadn't gone to far. He was kicking rocks and sighing in a frustrated manner. "Hey, Lou?" She asked kindly, getting his attention. His eyes were a bit bloodshot from tearing up, but he hadn't cried.


"Yeah?" He told her. She looked at him, analyzing this and tried to figure out how to lift his spirits. Working at Disney taught her how to deal with moody children. It taught her how to deal with things, like arguments. It taught her how to make people smile and how to help people. Disney's employees were trained to no wait for the costumers to ask for help, they had to ask them themselves and help them. One of their mottos where 'It's not my fault but it's my problem.' That was one of the reasons Disney had such good reputation, they had great costumer service and well trained employees. She put her hand on his cheek, making him look at her straightforwardly and smiled at him.


"This will turn up. Don't worry. Even though I haven't met her yet, I have a feeling I'll love her as a best friend. She seems to mean a lot to you, to the band and of course mostly to Harry." Jules paused, smiling softly. "She seems to have made an impact to you, giving someone to cheer up, because she needs that. I've met lots of sick children like that, all they want is to forget they're sick and wan to smile and used their last moments smiling."


"I know." Louis said and leaned forward to Jules warm hand. "I just wish this weren't like that. Everything's perfect, but it's not. If she dies, we all know Harry with fall and crumble. I'll have to help him, but I don't know if I can. If her falls, the band falls all-together. It's something worrying and frightening."


"Don't worry. Just go with it. Yeah?"


"Ok," he said and leaned forward and kissed her cheek, showing the most intimacy they ever showed. She blushed and smiled at the blushing 22 year old and grinned, liking the warm feeling that trailed after her pulled away.




Harry slipped downstairs, noticing Dave eating a piece of bread and watching sponge bob reruns. He saw Oliv's mom with an apron walking around the kitchen, getting condiments and sauces for the salad to eat with the turkey they bought for Christmas. It was goosing with mash potatoes stuffed inside of it and a lemon to give it taste. It smelled delicious and had most people from the household smelling the smell and getting hungry. Olivianne's dad was mincing some red bell peppers, cutting them finely. 


Oliv, who still was a bit hurt from the bluntness of Lottie, had a ladybug apron on, the nicely around her waist. She had her back towards Harry and was pouring in some butter in a bowel and started to mix it. She was humming let it snow while her parents rushed around her, preparing food for 7pm when it was 6pm. She then watched the butter whip in a kitchen aid mixer and tilted her head sideways, missing how her hair would flip and fall nicely on her shoulders. Her boyfriend then took the chances and wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her from behind. She gasped in shock but them smiled and leaned in when she smelled the familiar smell of the man she loved. Smiling she turned around and kissed his cheek with her flour covered lips, having a bit of butter of her nose and on her forehead.


"What cha cooking?" He asked her as she turned around to stop the mixer. He noticed the butter was creamy and smelled odd.


"Shortbread Cookies, my favourite cookies actually." She said, grinning. She then put the bowel in the refrigerator and put 30 minutes on the timer. Making sure that she placed the bowel well in the fridge, she held the timer and tucked it in the pocket of her apron. She sat down on the staircase, sighing and holding the oxygen tank between her knees. Her boyfriend sat down a step lower than her, and even then, he was at least a head taller, plus being hunched over. Harry was a little over 6'2 feet and Olivianne was exactly 5'5, but seemed to be smaller than most. But Harry didn't mind, he loved that he could hug her from behind and comfort her in anyway possible.


"Hey, you ok?" Harry asked, smiling and holding her hand and made small circles on the top of her baby-shaped chubby hand. Unlike most people who weren't hubby enough to have fat hands, she had baby hands. Thus meaning she still got holes where here knuckles should be and had a lot of extra fat around her fingers. Usually, when someone stretches out their hand flat, like to give a high five, you'd see your knuckles and the bone of your hand. Sometimes, even veins. Oliv only saw her knuckles when she closed her hand. She only knew she had bones under her fat hand was because when her lips touched her hand, if she pressed hard enough, she'd feel the bone. Now, comparing to Harry's rather large soft hands.


"I just wish I could say I'm bald because I'm doing it for charity," she paused. "Instead of saying I'm sick." She finished with a small voice. "And I know I should get over this." She continued, a bit louder as Harry opened and closed his mouth to let her continue. "Like, I know I should be comfortable with it. Be maybe proud. At least not walk away, trying to hold back tears. That's just plain rude and I know that I should be stronger, emotionally that is. But I'm not. Yet, I still can't believe you've stay with me for so long. It's amazes me that you have so much patience and you're so calm with my whinny antics and me. It flatters me how much you actually do love me and how much you'd do for me."


"Well," he smirked cockily. "I should be given more credit for your weirdness and my patience, my love, it is a gift that I treasure for how much I have."


"Hey!" She protests, smacking his arms playfully.


"And of course I'd do anything, it's called true love. Which is what we've got. I'm pretty sure if we pass one year like this, our relationship is a lot stronger than most and is pure. Most bastards that are men are rude and would have left you once they knew you wait till marriage for sex. Most would have left once they saw you cough up blood in disgust. If they passed that, they would have left when they found out you have cancer. But me, being the amazing boyfriend who is falling deeply for a beautiful girl, will stay forever and evermore." He smiled and nodded at the statement.


"My, aren't you a gentleman!" She said, kissing him softly. "You know, you are way too sweet to me, gosh you flatter me each day as I fall deeper and deeper in love with you."


"Don't worry," He kissed her nose. "At least I'll be by your side whenever you fall in deeper with me, I fall deeper in love with you." He smiled. Then they knew things would be great at that moment, even though soon she needed to take her medicine and change her oxygen tank. Even thought the world thought teenage relationships never last. Even thought Oliv and Harry would argue sometimes. Even though she was sick, dying. Even though he was trying to cope. 


Even though things weren't well.


They were.


Everything was all right.



 (Not really.)











Hi my perfect readers!


I'll make this real short and please read, ok?


1: I Saw the Wizard of Oz (The play) in Toronto! Real good 2: I went to Yorkdale (a mall in Toronto) and saw a Peter Pan doll and got a Peter Pan bracelet.


3: PLEASE READ THIS IS IMPORTANT: Now if you haven't read before or if I haven't told you, I've been suffering painful headaches, right? Well, I drank lots of water, expecting it was dehydration but that hasn't done the trick. To top it off last week my doctor said she'd send me to a pediatrician to see if I need a CT scan or an MRI for my head. I also might need glasses (but that isn't really major since I don't really care) but she said if something changed with my health to go to the hospital at once. Thursday, I had to go to the Hospital since I was having difficulty breathing. I was having pains on my stomach but I though it was just womanly cramps and all that, but it wasn't. They did a few tests, and they found an infection, which I am taking medicine for a whole week, twice a day. But I haven't gotten better so I might need an x-ray for my stomach. Plus I have these migraine headaches each flowering day!


Why does my body decided before my birthday to fail me and go down hill?


Anyways, sorry for the late update and I hope you had a great week and had fun reading this and liked it and I hope you forgive the late update!


PS: My birthday is on the 10th of April, just for you to know!


Happy Easter (If you celebrate it, I don't but… I have days off because of it so yay!)




~Juli Marshmallow





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