Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


29. Chapter 27: Autumn Leafs.


Chapter 27: Autumn Leafs.





It was now October, autumn had begun. It was be wonderful to see the leaves changing color and the winds grow cold. It was preparing people for the cold weather that was yet to come. It was preparing nature for the snow that was yet to fall. The leaves would turn from green to reds and yellows and browns, making the world seem warm, even thought the weather was getting colder. The grass was getting slowly a yellow and brown color, preparing for hibernation. The flower's petals were slowly falling on the ground.


Oliv was scared because in the upcoming month, she had to have chemo. It scared the shit out of her simply thinking about it. The weather was starting to get cold and the wind was starting to blow cold chills and Oliv was starting to wear Harry's hoodies that he had given her before she left. They were giant on her small body but they smell like Harry. She never washed all 10 hoodies that smelled like her boyfriend. She had gotten sugary stains, pasta stains, dirty stains-anything really, but she didn't wash them because she wanted to continue smelling Harry's sweet husk sent. Harry had her bunny, Miss P, and she had almost half of his hoodies and wore them so much that the colors soon would fade.


On the second week of October, out of worry and anxiety, Oliv cut all of her precious brown hair off. She had read on a website it was better cut it off because it helps one cope with everything. Oliv actually sent her hair to be made a wig for her to wear and not miss her hair. It started on the 1st of October, she told her mom to kindly get her an appointment for the hairdresser on the 1Oth of October to get a haircut. Her mom got an appointment and thought it was for a trim, since each 3 mother she did but on the 7th, Olivianne told her friends to take 10 pictures of her hair. She put her hair in fishtail braid, a ballerina bun, a loose bun, a high ponytail, natural hair, strait hair, hair with a hat, hair with a headband, hair in a messy bun, hair in a loose ponytail and lastly her hair done in a bridal style. They agreed, wondering what her plane was. She didn't tell them thought. She kept the photos and printed them and tweeted them with these words: 'Bye natural hair, much love, Oliv' for each photo she sniffled in her room. On the 8th, Olivianne told her mom, who was expecting this and nodded, knowing her daughter was making a hard, but good, decision to preserve the hair.


On the 9th at school she finally told her friends that she was cutting her hair off. They thought she was joking but her face showed only truth. Shaking her hair, they thought it was going to be a shot cute cut. She told them to feel her hair for the last time because after that, she would never see it again. First, Welly was against the plan and gave her a speech why she should rethink this plan until Oliv told her that either way, she was going to be bald, so why not keep her hair as a wig and wear it like that. That quieted Welly for the rest of the day, thinking hard about lots of things. Welly touch the curls that she had clammed as her own and twirled them a few times, remembering how cute and perfect and springy they are, or were. Grace teared up and touched her hair for the rest of their time together and remembering memories of they precious hair. Antonia played with my hair and had did braids and enjoy they last of it. Olivianne called Amber, who was in Montreal once again for school but was visiting once again in December. Amber choked when she heard the news because she knew how much Oliv loved and admired her hair. She sent her condolences to the hit, getting a giggle from Oliv. That night, Welly came over and they had a little funeral for the hair, thanking it for all its beauty and bidding it a sad goodbye. 


On the tenth, Oliv missed school and at 10am went to get her hair cut off. When she sat on the chair, when she sat on the cold leather chair. When she touched her hair for the last time. She felt her eyes hurt like if acids were being squirted in her eyes. She told her hairdresser what she wanted and the hairdresser gave her a 'are you sure?' look and Oliv nodded slightly. Her mom was taking pictures from a distance of the whole process, planning on a making a scrapbook of from the day she found out she had cancer to the day she doesn't and she fights cancer and wins. It was her plan with Welly and Grace, to take pictures of everything that Oliv had seen. All the pictures from Oliv's camera from England with Harry were being print on the 20th of October.


Everything was going in to the scrapbook.


The moment the hairdresser shaved of the first layer of her hair, Oliv sobbed. She watched her hair be placed in this bag, softly in a specific manner. She closed her eyes for 30 minutes and waited until the lady took her blow dryer and blow-dried her head. Oliv gasped when she felt the hot wind brush pass her naked head. She shivered. She opened her eyes but cover her eyes with her hands. She was shaking and felt a hand rest on her shaking shoulder.


"It's ok Love, you can open your eyes." Said a familiar voice came from behind.


"Harry?" She gasped in shock, why was he here, he was in one of the most busiest moments ever. Why was he coming? To see her cry?


"Hallo Princess!" He said. "Don't you wanna see me?"


"But I look so ugly now, I don't have hair, I'm fucking bald! I probably look like an alien or a frog, hairless." She complained. "I look so bad!"


"No, you don't. You never do. Remember what I told you, even if you look like a zombie, I'll love you."


"Really?" She asked, but they hand on her shoulder felt to small to be Harry's.


"Yeah, so please just look at me, at least. You can look at yourself after." He reassured her and she bit her lip and nodded. She slipped her hands down to her lap, still shaking. She looked up to find her boyfriend on her mom's iPhone on FaceTime in his tour bus with Niall fighting with Liam in the background about wanting to eat while singing next time they preform. Louis was beside Harry on his phone and Zayn was combing his hair beside Niall. Her heart fell in disappointment. Harry wasn't actually there; it was her mom's hand. Not Harry. She smiled thought, because to see his face after this was just great. Heartwarming even, for him to be there for her and her comfort in anyway possible.


"Hey Cupcake," she croaked. "How you doin'?"


"Meh, missing you-" he started say, but Louis beside him looked up from his phone and cut him off.


"As usual." He commented and waved at her. She waved back. "Hey Olivianne, how are you?"


"Could be better. Missing Harry, you know, the usual." She giggled and Harry's eyes shone in her giggle.


"Looking good Oliv. Gotta go wee, sorry, bye!" Louis said quickly and blew her a kiss and got up with his phone and walked towards somewhere where Oliv expected it to be the washroom.


"So, Harry, how are you, actually?" Oliv asked and raised an eyebrow; still not looking at anything that court reflects how she looked like.


"Well," he sighed. "I've been tired and worried sick over you. I wish I could be there for you and help you cop." He flicked his hair to a side, smiling slightly. Someone called Harry from a distance in a deep voice. Oliv sighed, knowing that he had to go. Harry looked annoyed by the voice and bid her a goodbye and waved. "By the way," he added. "You looked lovely, but I suggest a red wig, just to have Ariel's hair, don't ya think?" She laughed and he blew her a kiss and the call was disconnected, leaving Oliv staring at her reflection that she had been so scared to see. She looked up and gasped at the sigh in the huge mirror.


There was a girl with a bald white head.


She actually cut off her hair. She did it. She was bald. She reached forward and patted her scalp. It was a white and a bit dry with small brown freckles here and there, but not too many. She let her finger touch where her hair once grew and her eyes saddened. She looked at herself and thought she looked horrible, ugly even. But the hairdresser and her mom opposed to the idea, trying to convince her beauty. Oli left the salon with a red wig on, itching her head from the uncomfortable and itch wig. The hairdresser told her it would itch at first but then she would get used to it. Also, Oliv would have to put lots of cream on her scalp to stop it from getting dry or irritated. The salon sent her hair to become a wig as a cancer donation but little did they know that Oliv was donating it to herself. Oliv tweeted a picture of her new hair, saying: 'New hair, I feel like Ariel!'




For Halloween, Oliv wore a dirty blonde short wig with a blue bow tying it in the back. She wore a baby blue dress with light blue tights (that were itchier than she expected and were a bit see through) and her monkey slippers. She was Wendy. Harry was Peter Pan with green skinny jeans that looked like leggings (which was natural for him to wear tight pants) and a green long shirt. He wore a brown belt wrapped around his waist with a plastic sword in it. He wore green Toms and had dressed up quite nicely. Harry went to trick-or-treat with Lux as Oliv went with Dave, who insisted he was too old for trick-or-treating. But Oliv dressed him up as John from Peter Pan and Harry dressed up Lux as Michael. Welly (who had gone with Oliv to keep an eye on the naturally hyper teenager who couldn't eat all her candy) was Jessie from Toy Story and Liam was Buzz Lightyear. Antonia was Snow White and Niall was a leprechaun. Amber was a zombie along with Zayn, also being a zombie. Louis was the prince from Sleeping Beauty as Jules was Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Grace was simply a ninja with a pink bandana. Even though all the couple spent the festive night apart, they called each other and tweeted the photos and the fans paired them up.


But when the night ended and Oliv ate all her candies with her friends at her house and got sugar high, in her heart she was scared, for tomorrow started Chemotherapy.




Oliv had read that Chemo could cause women, like herself, to be infertile, meaning she couldn't be able to have kids, which made her sick to her bone. She read so many things for it, but she what to trust anymore. Her mom with her since her brother was a swimming with her dad. They two females where driving toward the hospital at Toronto and were listening to Jason Mraz. Her mom had told her she had a surprise waiting for her once she got back home and one at the hospital, but Oliv, knowing her mom, thought it was probably just Cappuccino or something that simple. She closed here eyes and touched her ribcage, where her poor lungs rested and she curse her lungs silently, letting I Wont Give Up sink in her brain and fit her situation because she won't give up on life. Her mom sang poorly softly aside from the real singer because she loved this song and sang it continuously, but it seemed like her mom was singing it to Oliv, telling her daughter she wouldn’t give up on her.




Oliv found herself in a white room with her Radiologist, Oncologist, an Oncology nurse, her psychiatrist Steph and her nutritionist. She was sitting on a conformable couch what had a tray of chips and water beside it. They all sat down on another long leather couch and waited for her to sit. There was a machine beside them. They all smiled and introduced themselves.


"Hey, Oliv," Step said coolly with a smile, gave Oliv, who was wearing a cat hat, a hug. It was Dr. Steph, but Oliv felt more at ease to call her Steph. "This is the oncologist, Dr. Will," she pointed at an old man with glasses, who waved and smiled at her, Oliv nodded and gave him a small smile. "The oncology nurse Mina," a young lady got up and shook hands with Oliv and stood by the door. "And the nutritionist, Dr. Jane," a mid-thirties woman waved her hand with a smile. Oliv returned the smile. "Ok, so Dr. Will, will just explain to you what will go on and be free to ask anything. Ok?" Oliv nodded slightly.


"Mina, could you please get the medicine and call her mother and her… surprise?" Dr. Will asked and Mina scurried off with a light nod. "Alright Oliv, I'd like to talk about the treatment with you mom, so she knows what is going on too. Ok?"


"Yeah," Oliv said in a shaky voice.


"Do you have your notebook with you? I'm sure you have gone on Google and read that you had to do that so you keep tract with things?" Steph asked. Oliv nodded. "Could I read it, just to see how you're coping with this."


"Yeah, sure." Oliv nodded and got het small Disney themes notebook that had everything she had written down this morning on there. Steph read it and took notes on her notepad, nodding and humming. There was a knock on the door, cause all of them to jump in surprise.


"Come in, it's open." Dr. Jane said and the door unlock, showing Mina pushing a tray with a bag with clear liquid, a box and a tube that seemed for an IV (Oliv mentally panicked), her mom with a camera, taking photos, and a tall curly lad that Oliv recognizes instantly. She smiled and got up from her chair and tackled the boy, who was lying now under her with a smile that showed his signature dimples.


"Harry!" She cried and teared up in happiness. "You came! Thank you!" She said, kissing and hugging him until he gasped and sat up with her on his lap. There was a cough behind the happy couple, her mom with her hands on her hips with a stern look. Oliv blushed and got up and sat on the couch, with Harry beside her. Harry sat on the couch with Oliv on his laps, like usual. It wasn't odd and Oliv felt once again fully happy and at ease that her boyfriend was with her. She rested against him and nodded at Dr. Will to proceed with the treatment. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist in a comforting.


"Hello Mrs. Seasame and..." Dr. Will started but looked at Harry, not knowing the European boy's name.


"Harry... " Harry smile. "I'm Harry Styles to be precise."


"Ah, and Harry." Dr. Will nodded. "I'm guessing you are... The boyfriend?" Harry nodded and intwined his large hand with Oliv's small one. "Ah, good to meet you. Alright, as for the chemotherapy. There are some long-term symptoms that you should know about, but they aren't exactly the biggest concern. Also, everyone's different and chemo affects people differently each time. Some of them are Fatigue, which will be also some symptoms that could be short term, hearing loss, skeletal effects, respiratory effects, liver effects, kidney and bladder effects, eye vision problems or a secondary cancer. The one effect that worries most people is that this may cause Infertility for women. But then again, each person is different." Harry gulped and kissed Oliv's temple, trying to not worry. "The chemo also may cause some short terms symptoms as in constipation, hair loss, fatigue, mouth sores, peripheral neuropathy, vomiting, loss of appetite. As I can see, you have already shaved your head off. I'm guessing to make the transition easier?" Oliv nodded softy. "Which is good because you can wear wigs and hats. Now the drug will help your body slow down the cancer's growth and stop it from leaving your respiratory systems. How do you feel?"


"Honestly or what you want to hear?" Oliv asked because she had been raised to never lie, or to say the closest thing to the truth.


"Truth," her psychiatrist told her with a solemn look.  


"I'm scared. Worried and freaked out. This had been something I read in books, not reality. Thankfully my mom and Harry are here to stay with me. I worries me that I won't make it." Oliv said and closed here eyes.


"Ok," Dr. Will said. "Thank you for your honesty. Now this drug is going to be injected in the vein and will be in until the bag has nothing her in it, so for about three hours. You may feel numbness or a tingling in you feet or fingers. Also, this will be the same thing for the next 20 weeks. Alright, please place your right arm right on the hand rest." She did and Dr. Will put on plastic gloves and took opened a box that had a long thin needle with a plastic cap. He placed the bag and hooked it to the machine and with the IV tube, he hooked he needle to the IV and grabbed Oliv's now purple arm (her skin had becomes purple from her worry and because she was extremely scared) he rubbed alcohol in her inner are on the base of the elbow and saw the blue vein that wasn't very visible. "You will feel a small pinch and I would look away if I were you. Please stay calm and don't move." Oliv nodded and basically crushed Harry's bones from her grasp from their hands that were intwined. Harry up his right arm around her small waist and kissed her neck, trying to sooth the frightened girl. Oliv closed her eyes and waited patiently.


"Harry, will you stay today?" She asked in a shaky voice.


"Of course. Don't worry. It will be ok, I promise... I swear to the Cookie Monster." He answered her.


"Ok," she said and looked up to see her mom and tears sprung from her brown eyes. She felt the pinch that made her wince and sent shivers through out her back. She shuddered from the pain and the pain left. She opened her eyes to find the tube in her vein and the clear liquids drip in her veins. She looked up to fin                            d Harry resting his head I top of Oliv's head. She smiled because it wasn't so bad even thought she couldn't feel her feet at all. She saw the cold clear liquid go in her veins and it made her shiver.                                      




"Then, there was this one girl who asked me if I were to purpose and I told her not her because I hear hadn't passed, and I'd need Dave and your dad's blessing." Harry was telling Oliv how work was and was amusing her and catching up things with her has her doctors took notes and checked things with the machine and with Oliv. They were laughing and chatting. He had told her that she looked so beautiful, which made him win a kiss. Oliv had just regained feeling on her feet but her hands felt all tingly and her thumb was numb. The doctor said that was normal. Oliv was feeling nauseous. Harry had been able to come by jet plane today to visit her and to stay while she was at chemo but tonight he had to leave because tomorrow he had an interview in Ireland. Even though his manager was a bit against the idea, for Harry's sleep and his health, he let Harry go, knowing that Harry loved Oliv and wanted to be with her for every step to recovery.


"When would I that be?" Oliv raised an eyebrow with a smirk. She was still crying lightly though.


"Soon," Harry promised himself secretly that sooner than he thought.


"Because," she whispered in his ear. "I want to get married before I have my major surgery, just so if I die, I can say that I'm a married woman." Harry nodded, knowing that it wasn't a hope but a truth and a plan for the couple. He actually did want to marry her and if she wanted, he would, with out doubt.


"Alright," Steph told the group. "Treatment's done. Just wait for Dr. Will to come and to take of the tube." She nodded to the couple and Dr. Will came in, taking out the IV rather roughly and pressed a cotton ball against the hole where it was and out tape and made it seem like a Band-Aid. He took out a sharpie and put a smiley face on the tape, saying that she had to press on he nose with her finger. Oliv did and thanked her medical team and bid them a good bye. She got a hug from Steph, who told her she was one of the most bravest patients every for being so calm for her first day. The couple got out with Harry's arm around Oliv's waist and she was shaking from the pain in her arm. She finally stopped crying and walked towards the parking lots, where a limo awaited for Harry. Harry sadly gave her a passionate kiss and told and her mom goodbye before quickly leaven for the jet plane. Sadly, Oliv understood that he had to go.


When she got home, she found her original hair on a doll; her own wig from her own hair was back.




November passed, leaving autumn behind, along with all the autumn leafs alone. The trees were leaf-less and basically sticks and branches. Oliv had chemo each week, which was a pain to go to. They would take blood test to count her blood cells and see how she is doing. She was vomiting and was very tired most of the time. She was starting to have short breathing and sometimes her lungs would momentarily stop working, as in they cousins process the air or they couldn't make the transition of oxygen to carbon dioxide. Which started to concern Dr. Will and Dr. Jane. They, then, prescribed her an oxygen tank that she needed for when she slept on the first week of December. On the third week of December, right when she had started her Christmas break and two days before Harry and the ret of the boys were coming to spend Christmas with their girlfriends; she had to use the tank at all times. This was causing her to be depressed because now she looked like some weird ass person. 


She really hated her health. 


Walking around with tubes in your nose to the mall and having to pull and tug the tank? Not attractive at all. She wondered how people would look at her at school people ignored her most of the time. She now was blind and needed a tank to breath well. She could breath with of it but she would die within the hour. Chemo also made her really tired and she was getting really thin. The cancer was slowing down but she didn't seem to be getting better. 


Well, in her opinion, she wasn't. 


To top it off, slowly her parents were noticing a depression building up in her attitude. At school, she was concerning her friends, who tried to make her smile of laugh, but nothing could really do the trick. How could you make someone that had poison go through their veins every single week and would vomit at least once a day and having to go to a massage therapist? It was practically impossible to do so and they knew that only Harry could bring that natural glow and the beautiful smile. Only he could lift her spirits, who were slowly falling and sinking low.




Winter began, bringing that cold winter wind. The first snowfall was on December the 1st. Seeing the snowflakes and watching the clumps fall, that was great. Hopefully there would be lots of snow this year, Oliv thought. Although most would oppose and want the snow to leave, Oliv loved and waited for the snow to come. Wearing her teal winter coat from Columbia with a built-in light blue sweater inside to add in the heat and wearing her black knit gloves and red beanie and a purple scarf to keep her warm. Of course she loved winter for that. She loved feeling all cuddled by her clothing and snug in her warm coat. She really did love the fact she didn't need to shave or make are that she looked good because she could just put on a hoodie and coat and pants then-boom! You got your outfit. Nothing hard nor complicated.


Just like Olivianne liked life and things.




On the 22 of December, Harry rang the doorbell of a house, alone. His friends were at their hotel as Harry was staying with his in laws. He wasn't even sure if this was the house. The house was a beige with a chocolate brown rooftop and a white garage door for only 1 ½ cars. It was a fairly big house with a tree and possibly a garden that was covered in snow. Harry walked along the driveway tugging his suitcase. He walked up the path to the main entrance. He was shivering in his leather, he didn't check the weather and the snow was light but the cold wind was strong. Harry had only a beanie, his fuzzy Christmas sweater that his grandma made him before she passed away a year ago and his black skinny jeans. He had a purple fuzzy scarf that was Gemma's because he didn't have warm scarfs. He tapped his foot on the icy ground. His knees were wet from slipping and the snow was almost knee high and it was mesmerizing, he had never been to Canada for winter and wasn't used to the weather. He saw from the window the entrance light up. He saw the doorknob turn and the maroon door opened, shown Oliv's mom with her hair straightened and in a dress. She looked like she was going to a Christmas party of some sort.


"Oh, Hello Harry!" She said and opened the door even wider. "Come in, it's cold outside!" She motioned him to get in and he nodded and stepped in, getting hot air brush against him from the house and warming him up. He stood on the rug that was plastic for the snow and boots, lifting his suitcase and resting on the rug. He took of his winter boots that he had gotten for the weather.


"Hello Mrs. Seasame," Harry smiled kindly and took of his jacket. Oliv's mother took he jacket and put it in a closed near the door and hung it up. Harry took of his scarf and put it on the table beside the door.


"So, um, how are you?"


"I'm good, bit cold." He shook his head and said in the gentleman way that he was raised.


"I'm swell, wish it was summer. Also, I'm not sure if Oliv told, but tonight my husband and I have a Christmas party for his work. Christmas party that they throw every year at a bowling alley. Will you be fine with Oliv and Dave?" She wondered with a small smile and led him to the couch, where Dave sat on his IPod.


"Yeah, totally." Harry smiled and ruffled Dave's mop of messy curly hair. "Hey Bud," he greeted as Dave, who looked up from his game and smiled.


"I'll go get Olivianne," Mrs. Seasons said and strolled where the staircase was and hurried upstairs.


"Hey, Harry!" He grinned. "How's work?" He asked casually.


"Meh, girls asking for my hand in marriage, my telling them no because I'm taken with your sister. The boys making jokes of me when I call her at 1am in Europe. You?"


"Girls at school chase me. Math is messed up. Same old." Harry chuckled at the kid's casualty.


"Nice, no?" He said with a smile until her heard a door opened from upstairs and a loud thud then a pitter-patter and then a rolling noise along with soft steps. The stairs creaked and in front of Harry and Dave stood Oliv in Harry's hoodie with a red bandana and floral patterned PJ pants. Something that surprised him was that she had tubes in her nose that connected to a breathing tank that she had been tugging. She grin when she saw him and he got up and gave her a passionate kiss and hugged her tightly. It was hard because of the two tubes in her nose that limited the kiss.


"Oh, gosh eww!" Dave gasped and got up. "Get a room!" He said before running upstairs in disgust. Harry chuckled under their kiss and pulled away with a smile and rested his forehead against his girlfriends and smiled.


"Hey Oliv."


"Hallo! Long time, no see…. "


They spent the rest of the night chatting about chemo and catching up. Once Oliv's parents left, Harry and Olivianne watched a re-run of Friends and laughed at the stupidest things with popcorn as Dave watched them secretly and played on his electronics until Oliv sent him off to bed. He told her she looked wonderful, even if she was bald and needed to rely on her tank. She blushed at his complement. That complement won him a kiss. They went to bed themselves since it was 11pm and Oliv tomorrow Oliv and Harry were going shopping for presents for their friends and family. Going to bed together on Oliv's queen bed seemed to natural, even if Harry slept with only boxers on and Oliv was her pants and a loose t-shirt. Falling asleep in each other’s arms was something that they longed for and were glad to do so. 




Louis was in Doncaster with his family, along with Jules. They had comes out as a couple, making each member of One Direction officially taken and happily dating. As much as Oliv and Harry wanted to see Louis, they would FaceTime Louis on his birthday. Liam was taking Welly and her younger siblings for a walk to the park and Niall and Antonia were going to buy food for Christmas, since they were spending it with Olivianne's family along with Welly and Liam. Zayn was going to Montreal in Quebec to see Amber. It was such an addable act of love. The rest for the group were going to meet up with Amber in Ottawa to spend New Years there, before returning on the second of January to England (or Ireland, in Niall's case) to see their family before preparing for all the award shows that were to come.


On the 23, Oliv and Harry went shopping at Maisonville Mall, Oliv showing Harry around her hometown. A couple of fans noticed them and took pictures; making Oliv uncomfortable for her she now looked like. Oddly, it got good feedback on the Internet, showing care and adoration from fans. Harry told her that he was planning on getting a tattoo, earning him a slap on the chest. He laughed at her annoyed way because she didn't want him to ruin his body anymore. She walked away in anger towards the book store, trying to prove her anger and opposition towards that fact, but because she had the tank that she had to tug around, she didn't get far at all. Harry catched up with a chuckled, whisking her up in a kiss that she simply couldn't resist on and felt her anger drift away with a smile on the kiss. He grinned as he saw her smile into he kiss and promised her, after pulling apart, that he wouldn't do anything like that with out her allowing it. She nodded and gave him a peck on the lips and they continued their shopping.




Later on that night, as Oliv was upstairs with Welly wrapping presents, Harry asked Oliv's father and Dave if he could have a nice chat with them. They agreed, unsure of what the chat was for. They spoke for a few minutes about the weather and comparing it to England's, until Harry got into what he really wanted to tell the group.


"So, uh…" Harry started to say awkwardly. "I was wondering… If I could get your blessing…"


"For?" Dave asked, being the younger male and not understand what it was. Oliv's father looked a bit shocked and then smiled warmly.


"You see, Harry here," Mr. Seasame explained to his son. "Is asking for our blessing to let him ask for Olivianne's hand in marriage. But, Harry, she's way to young to wed. She has to be at least 18."


"I know, but in future reference, in a year I would like to get engaged with her and the follow year or so get married." Harry explained. "I'm getting older, not younger, and I would like to settle down and I think, no, I know that I want to live the rest of my life with you wonderful daughter. I know that she wants to get married before she… goes through her transplant… Please, may I have you blessing?"


"Harry, I've noticed that Oliv has been happier with you around. Not depressed." Mr. Seasame stated. "She has been really happy and she always brightens up when she hears your name. When she's with you, it's like she never had cancer and she is her happy childish self that I miss. If you promise to never hurt her or leave her. To be faithful, kind and accepting. To never become a bad husband and ever will be abusive. If you will be with her for better or for worst, richer or poor. If you will always love her, then yes, you'd have my blessing."


"I will Sir." Harry vowed and promised with pure honesty and his voice and physic show only truth. "I promise. All I want is to be able make her smile in glee and bring her only happiness and love and take away anything that is negative to her."


"Well you have my blessing." Dave spoke up after long thought.


"And mine." Olivianne's father decided with a smile. "You've had it ever since you brought her smile back."


"Thank you Dave. Thank you Sir." Harry said with a cheeky, yet thankful smile.









Hey my lovely patient readers!


Winters ending (cue sad sigh) and spring is coming! That means next month it's my birthday, yay! Dyed the back of my hair red for Red Nose Day! I got in to the IB program (international bachelorette) that is awesome! Also, I'm in Toronto and its great here, very big and windy.



Remember how this chapter talked about Olivianne's journal? Well, I was stuck between Olivianne journal being at the end of the chapters or in its own book, but I cannot do that so I decided that in book two, it would come up once again and be in italics... I think. 


Next update will be late... Sorry:P


Until the next update!


Juli Marshmallow:)






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