Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


28. Chapter 26: Summer Love



Chapter 26~ Summer Love~





Everything has an end.


Autumn ends, welcoming winter with a strong hug and a cold blow of snow and cold winds. Winter ends, greeting spring and all the new beginnings and the blossoming of plants. Spring ends with a cheeky sunny adieu. Summer, the most favored season, it like that cool older person who is close friends with you and buys you everything and you can't help but have a great time and party and enjoy everything. When it ends, lots of things end like vacations, lazy sleeping in, light easy breezy clothes, doing nothing and of course summer loves.


It wasn't something Oliv was looking forward to. To go home and start school, see Harry on Tumblr or Twitter without her. See him tour and work and be off to sing. Being without him and only being able to see him when he visits Canada or on holidays. Oliv certainly didn't want summer to end because that meant that moving to the future. It scared Oliv to the bone. Going to the future meant that Oliv would have to see what would be to come. It meant that in November she would start chemotherapy to stop the cancer from growing. It meant that she would have to decide when to get the major surgery that she would have a lung transplant. It meant she would have to look for donors.


That was what had been on Oliv's mind all morning, because tonight she was leaving to Canada, alone.


She was lying in bed with Harry and was lying on his chest, drawing a flower with imaginary pain and using her finger like a brush. Harry looked like a kitten under her and was snoring softly and twitching his nose like a cat. Oliv smiled and tweeted a picture, letting a giggle escape her. She smirked as she got over 1K retweets and likes. Liam had tweeted her to start getting ready and of course Oliv was telling him how comfortable the bed as sand she didn't want to. They had a conversation on twitter. All the boys were coming back that night as Oliv was leaving, like if they were switching place.


"Princess," Harry said in his husky morning voice. She kissed him with a smile. "I like that."


"I like your morning voice..." Oliv mumbled and smashed her face on his chest.


"Tired?" He wondered and saw Molly the third curling on Oliv's curved bum. 


"Yeah. Can't even move because Molly 3's on my bum." She giggled a bubbly baby giggle and Harry kissed her forehead. "Gah, her whiskers are tickling my back!" Oliv squirmed and wrinkled her nose from the kitten's pointy whiskers that got under Harry's old short and Oliv's new PJ shirt. She was wearing her spandex PJ pants that had a flower on the left side. Harry smiled at her as she twitched side to side against him, causing him to panic from their intimate position. Oliv saw panic flash along his eyes. She smirked and pressed her abdominal area against his chest less on and leaned up to his ear. "So, hello Harry Barry..." She whispered and tried to be seducing but feared she looked like a weirdo.


"Don't..." He mumbled as she bit his ear.


"What's the matter Harry Barry?" She smirked and bit right above his collarbone and gave him a big love bite.


"You expect me to stay saint now?" He said and she looked at him confused before Molly 3 hopped of the bed to get food and Harry smirk.


"Should I be worried?" She asked.


"Yeah," he said before flipping them and kissing her in a passionate way, getting into some steamy heated passionate snog. Not getting to wild and carried away but absolutely not PG 13. Biting on her lip, Harry's entrance was granted, letting Harry feel Oliv's cool and different saliva. He could taste the morning breath and the mint from the toothpaste and the sugary taste in her mouth. Oliv tried, she really did, but a moan was released.


Taking things to something much more intimate.




"Harry, do you think I'm a good kisser?" Oliv wondered, still in her PJs but now in the kitchen sipping green tea and watching Harry make pancakes. She was sitting on the kitchen table, swinging her legs around and humming Summer Love. Harry was cooking in boxers and shirtless, making Oliv quite uncomfortable and fond of a shitless cooking man. She bit her lip and frowned at her naughtily of Harry.


"So, what time's the flight?" Harry asked softly, flipping the pancakes.


"'Bout 6pm, it's noon so I gotta go to pack soon and take a shower… Almost done?" She wondered.


"Gotta flip this one then I'll be done," he said and placed two plates on the table and two big pancakes on one and one big pancake on the other. On the pan, there was a pancake sizzling and ready to be flipped.


"Can I flip it?" She asked and Harry sighed.


"Don't burn the kitchen thought."


"I know, don't worry!" She reassured him and hopped of the table and put her cup in the sink. She reached for the pan and Harry smacked her hand away. "Hey!"


"Ah, ah ah! Gloves! Don't want t' burn your precious fingers, now do you?"


"No, guess not..." She said and Harry handed her gloves, but for his hands were giant, the gloves were big. That being so, the gloves were like giving a 2 year old an adult's pair of gloves. They gloves reached the middle of her forearm. They were huge around her small fingers. She grinned, feeling the warm of Harry's hand where his hand were and now where hers were. She took the handle and flipped the pancake upwards and closed her eyes, expecting the pancake to hit pan again. Instead she heard a loud thud and felt something drip on her nose. "Shit..."


"Well then," her boyfriend laughed and was covered with the dough from the pancake that was on the ceiling right on top of her and himself.


"Nice," she muttered as what could have been her pancake was now flopped on Harry and Oliv, leaving them a creamy coffee thick liquid all over them. "Sorry..." She said and placed the pan of the stove and turned to a grinning face that belonged to the dimpled curly haired tall boy.


"Don't worry, obviously you've never made a pancake. I'm starting to doubt your skills sweetheart!" She frowned and smacked his arm and stuck her you the out.


"But I make good food! I'll prove it in Christmas, when you come to visit!" She smiled but their moods fell, knowing that that was how long until they would be able to see each other again because of Harry's work and Oliv's school and chemo. The chemotherapy was going to be in Toronto, thus each week she had to go by car to Toronto with her mom or dad and stay at a hotel Friday night, Saturday from 11am to 4pm, chemotherapy and medical appointments, then back to her hometown.


"Oliv," Harry said and put his hand on her dirty face that wash covered in dough. "Let's not be like this, lets enjoy are last moments together..." He leaned forward and gave her a chats kiss and rubbed dough off of her face. They then ate, dirty, and Harry and Olivianne split one I Harry's pancake (him giving her the bigger piece) so they could be even. Giggling, she ran off to take a shower in their room (that's what they had agreed on, not his shared room but theirs) and Harry in the guest washroom since Oliv refused to bump into a naked sexy British lad once again, as much as she secretly desired, she let it pass. He wiggled his eyebrows and told her he would wait another millennium until she was ready for anything. That's how he was raised, patience and kindness. Being raised by a bossy sister and a protective mother, he basically was immune to what women liked and disliked. This pleased Oliv because he would get her every single purple rose they saw on the street in some flower stands. He would get her every single dress he saw that would make her look lovely.


He would get her any Disney merchandise that she didn't own (that was a small part) and let her fangirl over anything except him and his band. He actually got Peter Pan a few months ago and each Monday, Wednesday and Friday they would watch the movie together and sit along to the songs. They actually memorized the movie and all the words and scenes. To make their lives cheesy, they were going to the Peter Pan play in Christmas in Stratford. There were a few painters in the parks (when the couple went on walks) that would ask to paint them, using the 'dreaming genuine pair of love birds' and painting them similar as Da Vinci would. They would run and chase birds, laughing at the children who would ask Oliv if she was a fairy for her wild imagination and small princess-like features. There were fans asking for pictures or for the marriage and sometimes even when Anne was expecting grandchildren. Oliv had just shaken her head and Harry smiled and said goodbye abruptly and walked away with her. They were even 100% sure if she would be able to bear children now or after the surgery. Obviously she would never be able to bear children during chemotherapy, which would kill the child. 




Walking to the airport, Harry wrapped his arms around his girlfriend and let all their moments together sink in and get tattooed in his memory. He had planned of getting a tattoo saying 'off to Neverland!' on his heart. But Oliv might just have a fit.


Oliv had told him once, after going to a store made out of sugar, that he had too many tattoos and someday he would regret it. He just shook his head and tapped on his lip twice, explaining that they each had a different meaning. She rolled her eyes and poked his chest, pointing at the big butterfly right on his abs, demanding what the meaning of that meaningful tattoo was. He explained and she muttered that next thing she knew, on Christmas, Harry would take his shirt off and all over his back, there would be all the Disney characters imaginable. He smirked and actually gave it a thought, as if he was considering it. She smacked his man-boob and told him that if he got one more ransoms tattoo, she would slap him silly and get him an intervention. Sure he didn't believe her until she said that if he wanted to have kids with her, he ought to stop ruining his precious skin. That was what made him doubt about the Peter Pan tattoo.


He held her handbag as she gave her luggage to the front desk and got her tickets and so on forth. She walked to the part where she needed to say goodbye and pass by the inspector and metal detector. She sighed as they walked in front of the place to stand in line, holding hands for the last time. Biting her lip, she set down her bag and turned to face her boyfriend. He looked down at her and with sad eyes; they sniffled and hugged each other for a long time, feeling each other’s warmth. They memorized their scents and their body and breathing. 


Soon enough, they were both in tears. 


"Aww, love, please don't start waterworks. I'll cry too!" He said as warm tears slid down his face and her pulled away, taking her face in his hand and with his thumb, he moved away her tears that were like waterfalls. She put her left hand around his neck and the other on top of Harry's.


"We're both already crying, so there's not point to really stop. It's better to let the tears all out and then be fine." She sniffled and he pulled her face towards his and rubbed noses with her. They looked at each other, analyzing and memorizing their faces and looks. Admiring each other’s features. It was about a minute of silence and blushing, because they were both awkward potatoes.


"Oh, quit staring and kiss her!" The inspector shouted from a distance and Oliv giggled like a child as Harry smiled and leaned forward and gave her the last kiss they would share for a while. It seemed to last forever and mean so much for something so dimly thought. It proved that no matter what they would have each other. Like if it was fate, the British lady at the airport spoke satin that her flight was about to depart in 30 minutes. They pulled apart, lips tingling and longing for another kiss.


"You know, Harry Barry," she teased, seeing him shift oddly in his spot. "When we meet again, I'll probably look different because the cancer will be more advanced. I'll possibly have no hair..."


"I don't care, as long as you're you, I won't care if you look like a zombie."


" I don't think I'll look like a zombie..." She muttered and he kissed her right cheek. "Just... Be ready for however the cancer attacks me and for whatever way I'll end up looking."


"Don't worry, I'll always love you. From now and forever more."


"Hey! Isn't that the song from Tarzan?"


"Hmm, I wonder how you knew?" He smirk and she knew she had to go. "Do well in school, ok?" she nodded. "Please beat that damn tumor and concur it!" She smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Tears still fell down their face as they hugged and said goodbye and 'I love you's and she walked through the metal gates, who beeped from her device and she showed them her certificates and all those medical paper that they needed to see. She looked back for the last time, seeing Harry waving with a big cheeky smile and watery eyes. She sent him a small shy wave and walked towards her gate from her flight, leaving the person she loved behind.




Closing her eyes, Oliv relaxed on the plane. It was going to be a long ride and she wanted to breath in and take in her last moments in Europe. She would really miss this lovely place where she had gotten the best of memories. Her memories that if, anyone forbid, she lost them, she'd be devastated. There's memories were her treasures and her jewels of one of the best times in her life.


For example when she went to the original Covent market (since there is one in Canada) that she always dreamed of visiting. It was a humid moist day and it surprised her people were fine with that. They worked like usual, pleasing tourist and even ripping them off and making them pay over 30% more than they should. When Oliv would speak, she would get odd looks because she was the foreigner there, the one with the weird accent. She really did admire the different acts that people did fine money. Some that had a fine body would strip and dance and go on a unicycle for people's entertainment, that's what Olivianne called dedication. Harry had bought her a bouquet of purple and white roses that had a pretty red silky ribbon. They got an Ice Cappuccino and were sipping on the straws that had been provided.


The sunset had just gone down and there was a moonlight approaching the day. Oliv was wearing a zebra print dress that was up to her knees and was tight on the chest but loose after the waist, which look nice and she actually was pleased with how she looked (also because Harry had reassured her she looked fine) and was admiring the dress. She had cherry red high heels to match the dress and her hair was the natural curly and wavy way, with the puff since it was summer and the heat made her hair puff up. Harry was wearing a pink t-shirt and khaki shorts.


They were holding hands and chatting about random things, like usual. Harry was laughing at how undoubtedly cute Olivianne looked when she got the brain freeze, squeezing her eyes and wrinkling her nose like a kitten and rubbing her temple and moaned in pain. He kissed both of her temples and soothed her head passionately until the pain would disappear. They kept walking after that, until they came to a stop, noticing that they came along to the musical part of town where there was a unknown orchestra playing as couples or people would dance. The music was a classical waltz that had every old person mesmerized as they remembered the music that was good back in their youth. Oliv turned to Harry with a grin and gestured towards the open space where the couple danced. Harry rolled his eyes as the both slurped the last of their coffee and Harry threw it out as Oliv giggled and skipped to the band and requested a song she truly loved, Moonlight Sonata.


They nodded and as the song they played ended, Oliv ran up to Harry with a grin (carefully since she didn't want to fall like she did on her 8th grade graduation) and told him that they were going to dance. Harry had taken dance classes for this type of music but was to shy to really show his dancing so he simply chickened out and refused to dance. She rolled her eyes and said that she would then find another partner to dance with her. His eyes worried that she would actually do that so her just stood there and challenged her to. She nodded and walked around, asking any young bloke around if they wanted to dance with her, they all declined, leaving her the awkward one sitting on a bench, not knowing where Harry was. She sighed, cradled her bouquet and decided to go walk away, slowly getting up and making her way out as the orchestra introduced the song, someone tapped on her shoulder softly. She spun around, thinking that it was probably a pedophile about to rap her or something in that manner, but it wasn't. It was Harry with a soft smile on his face.


"May I have this dance," Harry asked her and pulled his hand out in a gentleman type of way with a kind smile. She grinned happily.


"Yes, you may," she answered and took his hand. He brought her to the center of the 'stage' where everyone was dancing.


"And this song is dedicated to a couple that is to admire and to envy, enjoy." The announcer of the orchestra announced and they began to play.


"Cupcake, I don't know how to dance..." Oliv said with ore honesty, she just wanted to dance. "And I've seen you in concerts, you cannot dance."


"Ah, but your wrong, love. " Harry said and wrapped his arms around her waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck (the bouquet still being in her hands and was now behind Harry’s head) and they left only a magazine distance between them, so a small one. Because she was about a foot shorter than Harry, he leaned down a bit and she was almost in her tippy toes. Thank goodness for the high heels she was wearing, made her almost 5 inches taller. "I took classes of ballroom dancing and classic dancing. I can remember most of it, so I could teach you."


"Or we could fail at dancing together," she chuckled.


"That too." He said smiling and they began to step along with the rhythm and dance swiftly, even though Oliv would occasionally step on Harry's toe. Harry didn't mind bought because she was learning and because if anyone had to step on him, he'd like it to be her, who was as light as a baby (heavy yet light enough to carry) and he simply didn't care. She leaned forward and rested her heading his chest, hearing his steady heart beat that what like a song. 


They continued dancing quietly in the moonlight with people snapping pictures and watching them in awe. It wasn't everyday you saw a couple dance so swiftly in the middle of the street. When the so ended, they thanked the orchestra for playing hat song (the orchestra thanked them for being such lovely dancers and spectators) and walked back towards Harry's (or their) home with a smile. 


"Hey, Harry?" Oliv asked softly.


"Hmm?" He hummed.


"Thanks for being my dancing partner, it was the best."


"Anything for you." He opened the gates and waited for her to go by and then he locked he gates and unlocked his house. "Plus, I had a good time. Music was good and I was with you."


"Such a gentleman!" She said and slipped of her shoes and put them on the shoe mat. Harry followed her actions and did the same. They send upstairs and got changed, harry not really caring if she saw him in his boxers. Oliv was self-conscious about herself but decided to let it pass sing Harry insisted that she had an amazing perfect body of her own and she didn't have to be shy or care. Plus he reassured her that even if she weight 300 pounds and looked like Honey Boo Boo's mom, he'd still love her with all his heart.


"By now you should know that I'm a gentleman." He said and she replied with a laugh and hopped on the bed with Harry wrapping his arms around her and cuddling her.


"So true," she muttered as they traded 'I love you's and bid each other a goodnight and sleep a peaceful slumber.


That was a memory Oliv treasured and would never want to loose.




Another cute memory she had was when she got up to pee in 2am on her first week in England and found out she had her period. She had done some quick research and because she had cancer, her menstruation was irregular and it could come heavy or light. She had never really cared until her periods came randomly at the oddest of moments. Olivianne had of toilet paper and went to look for pads but unfortunately she hadn't bought any since she wasn't expecting it. She looked through the washroom drawers and found condoms, headache medicine, medicine for hay fever, band aids, brushes, combs, hair products, blow driers.


No pads. 


 Oliv, being her conscious self and a nervous paranoid person, she just sat on the floor with only her underwear on and stared at the floor and felt nasty pinches and twists on her stomach area and she mentally groaned in pain. She gripped her belly and rubbed it, singing Soft Kitty to it in a soothing way. She heard a nock on the door and she looked at the door with a surprised expression.


"Oliv?" Harry asked on the other side with a rusty voice. Obviously he was tired. "You in here?" She stayed quiet until she saw the doorknob opened and she cursed herself for not locking the door. "Gosh! Oliv are you ok? What happened?" He ran to her and kneeled down and cradled her whimpering body from the cramps. "Answer please!"


"I.... Uh, I got my period and you don't have pads here and neither do I..." She said shyly as his eyes softened and he chuckled and cradled her cheek. "Sorry..."


"Don't apologize! It good that you're menstruating because that means that your reproductive system is working and you still can had kids!" He smiled and his eyes showed hope. "There is a 24hour store near by that I can jog to and get you some pads, if you want."




"Yeah! Anything for you," he said nodding.


"Really? Ok! Please go quickly. Get me the heavy night ones without the wings."


"Uh... I don't know what those are..."


"Ask the worker or it might say on the box! Please go now! It's horrible enough with cramps but with a toilet paper instead of pads? Ouch!" He nodded and kissed her forehead and walked away, wearing his boxers and pulled on sweatpants and left without a shirt quickly. Oliv found out where he was because someone there tweeted many photos of Harry buying pads and asking a fan for which one to buy. Oliv couldn't help but gush over how cute he was and when he came back with the pads, she held it like the baboon held Simba in the Lion King.





Getting off the airplane and out of the luggage pick-up, Olivianne was tackled with hugs and kisses. It was 9pm in Canada and she was extremely tired. She had sleep through most of the. Plane ride (she had sat alone in the first class) but was still tired. Her mom and dad and Dave were there with large smiles. She smiled and they drove home since she had taken a direct flight from England to her hometown. It was great to see my family again and to be home. 


She didn't feel out of place or awkward or lost. But she missed Europe and she missed the vacation, knowing that Tuesday of the upcoming week was the day she'd start 11th grade, and today was Saturday. On the car ride she texted Harry to tell him that she got home safely, but he was probably sleeping because it was 2am in England. When she got home, she told my parents that tomorrow she'd share her amazing adventures in England. They nodded and left to go to bed as for Oliv, the moment her head hit the pillow, she fell into deep sleep, dreaming about pink butterflies.




The next day, she spent from 11am to 1pm telling her family about England and the rest of Europe. She spoke about how fabulous and amazing it was and how incredible her time there was. She then went up to her room to get dressed, noticing how clean her room was. She then left to go shopping with her mom for school supplies and prepared for school. She hadn’t been able to bid Liam, Niall nor Zayn goodbyes before they left to England. She did call her friends, greeting them lazy hellos and putting the phone an age distance as they gushed on missing her and her trip and their relationships. Grace actually was actually dating the Australian boy that she had yet to meet in person since they started dating by the Internet. Grace had been happy for Oliv and said that she would chat more at school, leaving Olivianne getting prepared and excited but afraid of what people would say, not only was she ill, but she was dating a celebrity. She would feel awkward and extremely self-conscious. As awkward as it was that she knew the band, it was worst to say that "Hey! I'm dating the sexy guy that every girl desires, plus I've decided to take things slow with him!" She couldn't really say that, could she?





After the first day of school and feeling those odd butterflies in her stomach and being extremely nervous, the week passed and she was glad it was the weekend. Nobody had mentioned Harry nor Cancer. She was in so much peace because of that. Harry called her or Skyped her on Friday. They had found it difficult to keep a relationship with different times and the work and school. They kept low and were trying to keep sanity but in just a week, Oliv was fidgeting and was texting him every single day for an hour when they time differences weren't to odd and they were free. She told him and her friends (who were absolutely glad she was back from her trip) and family that she had started to get strong chest pains. They worried gravely but could only wait until the weekend.


That weekend she had met up with her doctor to talk about her stage in the cancer and basically specify what they could. You see, cancer hasn't been cured because it is a mystery. It gives people different symptoms and it attacks different places to people. Everyone get affected differently and because of that, because it doesn't have a steady tumor or symptoms and isn't stable to everyone, doctors haven't been able to find a cure. It's just so random sometimes and out of place that it can't be steadied. Doctors have just so little and limited information to cancer to be able to even analyzes it well with specification.




Getting to the hospital, she met up with her specialized doctor in his office. He had a white board behind him, showing x-rays of what seemed to be Olvianne's chest that had been taken about a year ago. He was a medical oncologist and looked like Phil from Modern Family. She sat down calmly as the doctor smiled and introduced himself.


"Hello, I'm Dr. Furu and I will be going thought where the cancer attacks and I'll try to answer all the questions you ask." He held his hand out and shook it strongly with Olivianne and her mom.


"Nice to meet you," the ladies said and smiled and sat down.


"Ok, so I'll start with where the cancer first attacked." He started and took a long breath and Olivianne knew that this would be long. "Alright, so the cancer is Lung cancer. The type is Small Cell Lung Cancer, abbreviation is SCLC. It is, unfortunately, a fast-growing type of lung cancer. Its type is the oat cell cancer. Easiest way to call it is Small Cell Carcinoma or Extra Pulmonary Cell Carcinoma, abbreviation EPSCC. The tumor had started to grow right in the middle of the right lung and from what you recent blood test and surgeries in Europe, it has by now taken over your right lung and is starting to infect and grown on and in your left lung. In estimation, by the time you turn 17, almost both of your lung will be the tumors, meaning that when you turn 18, you will have to remove both of your lungs and replace them. This means that if chemotherapy doesn't start soon, the cancer will go on to a extensive stage and grow and spread out of your respiratory systems and to other parts of your body. Right now it is at the limited stage and SCLC is only two stages. Now if you are confused, here on a real x-ray of yours in November of last year and in July in France, I will show where the lung was born and where it is growing." He turned and stood up and pointed to the first X-ray and pointed at a white small blob in the middle of the right lung. "That is the beginning of the cancer and when we detected it." He them pointed at the x-ray beside the other one that was from July and the right lung was covered with this tray mass. "This, is your lungs recently and that grey mass covering the right lung is the cancer now."


"Oh," was all Oliv said and her mother nodded the doctor to continue.


"Now, for the treatment. Chemotherapy is not the thing where you lay on a bed and have some radiation done, that is radiation therapy, will also will be done in springtime of next year. Chemo is chemical that goes into your veins and to your body by and IV. It does cause vomiting, nausea, hair loss, fatigue and more. If the symptoms become to extreme we will have to immediately stop the chemo. It is a hard painful process and your therapist and friends have promised to be with you during the whole journey to recovery. By that, I means while you are in Europe, your family and friends visited therapist and specialist for these type of situation and now know what to do and expect and know how to handle this. Rests assure all of your doctors and specialized medical team will help you and that you are in good hands. If your breathing gets bad in the next two moths, you will be forced to wear an oxygen tank whilst you sleep and possibly at all times. Now, in spring I'll call you back here to discuss Radiation Therapy and see how everything is going. Right now just take your pills and be careful and is something feels odd or anything worth panicking, rush to the emergency room." He said. "So, Mrs. Seasame please schedule an appointment for the first week of November in Toronto. Ok?"


"Yeah…" Oliv said.




"Can I have kids or anything like that?"


"Please do not have children anytime soon. Yes, you can but it will be difficult and the baby would be premature. Plus the chemo or radiation could kill the child. I advise you to wait."


"Oh! Yeah, I was just wondering for future reference."


"Ok, anything else?"


"Is it normal that I'm irregular?" The doctor looked a b confused then understood she was talking about her menstruation.


"The cancer will cause you problems but they won't be major. It is extremely normal for you to be irregular from now. Usually, they are 3-8 days and thy can be heavy or light. It really is just random and you have to simply be prepared at all times."


"Ah, ok..." Oliv said and scary head awkwardly.


"Anything else?" He asked, looking at Oliv then to her mother.


"No, not really no." She said and the doctor told her what not to do and precautions and more until her bid them goodbye and Oliv and her mother left with heavy hearts and their home ride was silent and thoughtful. Both females had been going through deep though since they left the Doctor's office. Neither of them wanted to believe it was real, but it was. At least they had a good health plan and could afford most of the therapies. While Olivianne had been gone, her mother had looked for foundations to help them with the rest of the medical appointments since it all cost so much money.


All she could think it that this was actually happening and it wasn't just something to look forward to.




When she told Harry, once she got home, he had put her on speaker, expect good news and wanted the band to hear but when Oliv repeated what had happened, Harry knew Cancer wasn't a joke and the call need with the couple in tears and Liam hanging up and telling her to give them a moment to let the news sink it. She called her friends and didn't tell them about the chemo since the boys worrying was enough but her close friends too?


That night, Zayn tweeted: I vow to never smoke again, don't want lung cancer #StayStrongOlivianne Get well soon and stay strong!


This hash tag trended worldwide and Oliv thanked him by tweet and sent him a photo of a white ribbon that represented lung cancer. She smiled at all the tweets of people supporting her and that want her to get well soon.


Maybe there is a light of hope. 




The rest of September passed with lots of fatigue and horrid coughs. Oliv had lost a lot of weight and was scared that if it would continue by the time she turned 17, she would weight 110 pounds because of cancer. Even though she was a chubby child when she was young and she always dreamed of loosing weight, this was not what she wanted. Not like this and not this much. People would confused her being Anorexic then having cancer. It was sad how people would share food because once they saw her eat all her food and ask for more, they knew that there was something odd about her. They decided it was an extremely dangerous fast metabolism but it wasn't.


On the third week of September, Louis came out single and in the market, letting fans go wild because they one again could have a chance, but little did they know that his heart was already given to Jules and he was falling slowly head over heels for her. Oliv tweet Harry and he usually tweeted back instantly. The boys kept contact with their girlfriends and something told Oliv that Welly and Liam had done something because when Oliv asks how they were doing, Welly blushed a deep shade of red and looked away and bit her lip and stayed quiet. That was what made Oliv think that maybe, just maybe, they took a big step in their relationship. It made Oliv wonder...







Hello my lovely readers!


March break starts now! March break is when I miss a week of school for vacation and I'm going to Toronto to go to ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and The Wizard Of Oz play! Super excited! Also for Red Nose Day I'm planning to dye my hair red! I think I'll just Instagram the photos or tweet them (Instagram: JuliMarshmallow) and soon I'll post more photos from my trip to North Bay. Spring is coming and the snow has started to melt:( update will be late, I think.


(the Lung Cancer Association of Canada!  http://www.lungcancerfoundation.org  )


Until next time!



Juli Marshmallow:)







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