Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


26. Chapter 24: I'll look after you.



Chapter 24:


I'll look after you. 


{Contains self harm and fluff}




"Ah, so your the famous Olivianne." Anne smiled kindly at her son's boyfriend. Oliv held out her hand, expecting a handshake but instead got a warm hug.

"Yeah," Oliv was blushing slightly and pulled away to Anne's smiling face. "And you're the famous Anne Cox, it's nice to meet you Ms. Cox."

"Oh, no, just call me Anne!" 

"Well, you can call me Oliv." The woman smiled and chatted away as Harry and Louis and the bodyguard loaded the car. 

"My, what a lovely lilliputian lady, you are." Anne commented kindly in her amazingly upper class British accent.

"Oh, thank you! You're even more beautiful in person!" Oliv told Anne, which was true. Although Oliv was a bit annoyed for being called small. It wasn't her choice. 

"You flatter me," Anne told her.

"I hate to break the chit-chat ladies, but time to get in and go to Holmes Chapel." The bodyguard told them and Louis was seated on the shotgun a d Harry was on the left side. Oliv and Anne got in and Olivianne sat in the middle and Anne sat on the right side. "'Bout two hours so get ready," the bodyguard told the group and Louis squirmed in his seat, getting comfortable.

"Oh, Boobear, dear," Anne told Louis like his own mother. "Your mother called. Text her that you're here and safe. She is waiting for you at my house."

"Really?" Louis said excitedly and wen to text his family of his safety.

"Mmhhmm," Anne nodded and Louis at Oliv, who was admiring the landscape. Harry was rubbing her hand and drawing circles on her palm. He hummed happily along to the radio that was playing Look After You by The Fray. He and Louis started to sing long to the song. Their voice fit perfectly in a perfect harmony and they smiled at each other. Oliv smiled and rested her hand on Harry's shoulder.

"And I'll looked after you...." Harry said and looked down to Oliv has if he was singing to her. She smiled kindly and mouthed, 'So will I.' Harry smiled but felt a rock of guilt pounder against his heart and chest. He felt a bit claustrophobic by the guilty and felt a bit of panic appear. The song ended and then I was a bunch of commercials. As much as Oliv usually hated commercials, these were interesting since they had accents that were so beautiful for her. They were different and amazing for her.

"Oliv," Harry's mom said and got Harry's and Oliv's attention since Louis was texting. "You're grateful to come in such lovely weather! Usually, it's rainy."

"Really?" Oliv had a different imagination of England.

"Yeah, how's the weather in Canada?"

"How did you-"

"Each time I call my son, he doesn't stop talking about the amazing and perfect Olivianne." Oliv and Harry blushed. 

"Oh, thank you... Well, it depends where you live. I live near the bottom, near Detroit in the US so we get all four seasons, literally. In winter, it goes up to -20 degrees with mad blizzards and lovely snow days. But, now a day, we get little bits of snow and it looks more like spring than winter. I don't like it but its more Mother Natures choice..." Oliv laughed slightly. She felt a bit of pressure of trying to impress her boyfriend's mother. "Spring and some of autumn at our rainy seasons. Mostly spring. The rain in constant then we get a day of about 10 degrees then once again rain. Summer, usually, is a hot mess. As high as 40 degrees and dry humid heat waves. Not my favorite seasons, to be honest. It just gets too humid that you feel lien you're drowning in the heat. Well, maybe that's just me... But still it gets really hot. Then comes lovely Autumn, it's like spring but at the beginning it's really hot and ends really cold, unlike Spring that starts cold and ends warm. Although it might be November and still autumn and there is either 10 or 19 degrees of humid heat. Ta an odd weather but I love autumn the most."

"Oh, honestly, I had always thought it was 10 months of snow and the rest was a mid summer..." Anne confessed. Oliv couldn't help but burst in to snickers.

"Ha, that's up north in the Yukon and all those places up, way up, north. No, I live in Ontario, near the bottom. Even Vancouver's weather isn't like that." Oliv smiled kindly. 

"Ah, that neat. You're in high school, right?" Anne continued questioning her.


"What have you planed doing after that?"

"Uh... I'm going for a semester in Harvard... Then, I'll be hospitalized for the rest of my life. Next year or so I think I'm getting a breathing tank, since biggest chance I'm but gonna get worst. After that... I have my major surgery, which is a lung replacement since the cancer is too big to simply surgically remove it. After that.... I'm not sure I'll even be alive." Oliv sighed out of pure honesty because she had been raised to be always honest. Harry's grip tightened around Oliv's hand and Oliv felt her heart in her throat. 

"Oh, I'm sorry." Anne said and felt horrible by what was to come. It did hurt for Anne to know that her son was going to have his heart ripped apart in to small thousand pieces. It hurt that she wasn't going to have grandchildren unless they're from Gemma. She knew that Harry would never love from how he acted. Around Oliv, his face it bright and full of live. He seems happy about her presence and seems to devour anything that has to do with Olivianne. He always seems to treat her with so much care a d so much love. 

It wasn't the normal teenage love. This one was like a fairy tale, it was perfect and it was like in the book, couples that truly deserved a happy ending but had bigger chances to never achieve it.

To top it off, from Anne's point of view, Anne already accepted Oliv as her daughter-in-law. She was already in love with her honest and bright personality that Anne hoped to explore even more. It seemed that Harry and Oliv's personalities were like that, charming and able to get anyone to be charmed by them. They got each other as if she was his missing piece of his puzzle of life. And vise versa, Oliv and Harry seemed to complement each other’s different personalities and antics.

But what Oliv said didn't really hurt Oliv because she knew that she has a chance of not making it. She knew that right now, her medicine was her life support and to confirm it she got a text message from Welly saying that the doctor had called and told her that if she didn't take her meds, if she missed a dose, her lungs would have an over load to work and wouldn't be able to work that much and they would sadly fail her. She was already accepting her future and death. She was ready for that stuff, or so she thought. Now she doubted that.

Harry, on the other hand, refused to quit trying to find her something help. He refused to let his hopes down. He absolutely refused to believe she was going to die. He was just stubborn. He knew that she was thinking low of herself but he dared not to loose. He promised her and himself to find a way to save her. He never broke promises. He actually wanted to have kids with her. He wanted to marry her. He wanted, on their wedding night, to smash some care into her face. He wanted to see her in a beautiful white bridal gown and neon the end of the isle. He wanted to take her from her father and say I Do. He wanted to let tears of joy spring of his eyes and be able to say that she was his wife. He wanted to cherish her presence. He wanted to show her how she was amazing to him. He wanted her to bear his children. He wanted to raise them with her. He wanted to see his kid off to school with her. He wanted to go on family vacations. He wanted to go visit in-laws. He wanted to hold Olivianne's hands as they watch their child get married. He wanted to see his grandchildren with her. He wanted to grow old with her.

He wanted all of those things that were possible for some, but for him they seemed impossible and fantasizing. He wanted those things that seemed to be a few inches from his grasp. Somehow she knew he wanted those things also. Somehow he knew that her thoughts were similar to his. 

"It's ok..." Oliv told her. "Don't worry..." she very her eyes get water so she snuggled next to Harry, carefully so she wouldn't hit Anne. Harry sighed and slid his arm around her waist and stoked her back in a comforting and calming way. She closed her eyes and drew circles in his lap. "Anne?" Oli said and closed her eyes in a tired way.

"Yes dear?" Anne answered taking secretly in a sneaky way a picture of the couple snuggling in each other's arms.

"Is Harry's sister going to be there?" 

"Oh, yes! Thank you for reminding me! She said she had news for you, Harry Barry."

"Harry Barry?" Oliv asked and Louis snickered with Harry groan.

"God, mum why?" He said and his cheeks flushed red in embarrassment.

"Is that what you used to call Harry?" Oliv asked innocently to Anne.

"Yup," Anne smirked at Louis and Oliv's laughing and Harry's embarrassment. "He never liked it but got used to it and learned to bear it. Which is pretty good since I'll never stop calling him that. I just love his reaction." Anne said and snapped another picture of Oliv looked at Harry and laughing as Harry tried to cover his red face in his shoulders.

"Aww, don't be shy," Oliv told him. "Barry," she winked once she added that. Harry leaned in her ear to say something no one else could here. 

"Don't say that," he whispered in a husky attractive voice. "When you say it... Lets just say it’s simply seducing..." When Harry said that she skillfully and quietly and unnoticeably slid her on his thighs. With her fingers, she walked soon his lap and walked towards his inner thigh. She noticed Harry gulf and shift uncomfortably. She smirked and raised an eyebrow and say Harry on the edge to break and snog her until she was weak and senseless. He held her free hand and she felt his hand sweat. She smiled and just as she was really high up his thigh and she knew he was going to crack, she lifted to get and pat his knee and stopped teasing him. He but his tongue and resisted a moan and instead groaned loudly. 

"Harry Barry," Oliv said and looked at Anne with a small laugh. "I'm calling him that." She winked and Anne laughed kindly.

"Oh, mom, look what you've done!" Harry gasped. Anne laughed with Oliv and Louis was muffling a laughing in his hand. Oliv smiled and rested her head on Harry's lap, arching her back uncomfortably. Harry noticed her bad position and moved a bit and placed his hand on her back, moving it in a comfortably position and she thanked him and closed her eyes, letting sleep take over. Like an imaginary blanket of sleep.


Harry felt something shake his shoulder and he grunted. The imaginary blanket of sleep was lifted and gone and he was rubbing his eyes and wincing from the bright light. His neck was stiff and sore. He lifted her head and heard his neck crack from the stretch, but a normal crack. His head was stuffed in Oliv's neck, which was curled asleep on his lap. Her hand was cupping his knee and her face was stuffed on his thigh, her nose between his legs so she could breath. You could see her eyes moved under the eyelids. Harry wondered what she was dreaming about, because by the looks of her facial expression it could be really vivid. Harry stretched softly and turned to see his mother getting out of the car and towards her new home.

Harry smiled and remembered the day he called his mom, telling her that he wanted to buy her a house. As much as his mother complained, he still did buy her the small cozy house that was better for her. Anne was slowly getting ill since she was growing old and he wanted her to have a healthier home that the one she had lived in. It had been Gemma (his older sister) and his childhood home. It had been old and warn out and be wanted her mom to have the best. He was proud to gift his mom with a home once the Up All Night tour had ended and Take Me Home came out. He remembered the smile he had when he handed Anne the keys. He remembered her looks, the happiness that her eyes beheld. He need had been so gleeful and proud in his life like that before, either from after the tour and during the X-Factor or when he went to Africa for charity or the cake he got Louis for his 21st birthday or even when he finished high school. 

The only thing that probably could have topped that was when he found Oliv and started to date her. 

The house was a two-floor house with four rooms, three guests and Anne's room-the master bedroom. It has washrooms in each room and them one downstairs, near the kitchen and one upstairs. There was a living room that had lots of paintings. The dinning room was full of antics and glass plates with delicate floral drawing on them. Harry loved to visit his mom and to see the home he bought. He loved the fact that he gave it to her out of love and kindness. He was glad she loved the home and got used to it easily. He did miss his old home but he gave it to a new young couple that had been expecting a baby girl.

"C'mon then, Harry," Anne told her son as she went on and got to her house, it was about 4pm and she sunrise was beautiful. 

"Ok…" Harry said. Harry groaned and shook Oliv, who groaned and closed her eyes tightly and nuzzled her face more into his lap. Harry laughed and picked her up with ease and carried her in a bridal style to his mother's home. She rested head in his neck and bit it softly, being awake now but not wanted to get down from being carried. He walked in and smelled a sweet smell of homemade cookies. He smiled and remembered the honey scents.

"Smells good..." Oliv mumble in his neck, getting it moist with her breath. Harry put her down and she slipped of her shoes, revealing a pedicure that she got in May. 

"It's my fav-" Harry started to say but was cut off by a loud squeal. "What the..."

"Uncle Haz!" A high-pitched familiar voice came and a small little girl with blonde hair and a pink dress grabbed Harry's leg and climbed up to his mid-thigh. 

"Ah!" Harry gasped and saw who it was. Olivianne let out a laugh and smiled as she watched the baby girl giggle and Harry took her in his arms. "Hello Lux!" He gave her a dimpled smile and chuckled as she poked his cheek. Oliv laughed at how cute the baby girl was. Lux looked around to find where the laugh was coming from and turned her body half way in Harry's arms and they look at Oliv.

"Who's that?" The almost two year old girl asked Harry with wide eyes and pointed, with her saliva covered fingers, to Olivianne. 

"That Olivianne." Harry said and slipped of his shoes. Lux squirmed and squirmed towards the ground. "You want down?"

"Mmhhmm!" She hummed in approval and Harry placed her down softly and turned to Oliv, who was reaching for her bag but stopped when she saw Harry and Lux looking at her. She smiled and Harry wrapped his arms around her and led her into the house. Lux looked at them and reached up. "Up, up!" She ordered and Oliv smiled and picked her up. Unlike to Harry, she was heavy for Oliv's small weak body so she leaned to Harry for support. Olivianne limped softly from the weight to Harry wrapped his arm around her waist. Lux placed her legs around Oliv's well-curved hips, rising up the dress she was wearing. She places her arms around Oliv's neck and giggled as Oliv would bump her hip and ran and jumped, making it like a roller coaster for Lux.

"Hello," Oliv told her as she moved Lux in front of her, so she could see the little girl better. 

"Uh," she glanced at Harry. "I'm Lux, 'm almost toe." Oliv laughed and smiled at the baby girl's accent and baby voice that made words sound different. She had the baby accent that got her to barely pure ounce things. It was really adorable for the older people. 

"I'm Oliv and I'm 16," she introduced herself to Lux. Lux started to play with strands of her hair for fun, making baby noises. Harry let the girls to the living room as he smiled down to the two you get girls her along. They entered the living room that had Anne greeting people and people Oliv didn't recognize. She felt panic rose because most of the time she was awkward at meeting and introducing herself to older people. Children were easy because she could in a funny way act and related to them with her childish antics and personality. Harry whispered to her that it would be ok and he led her to a girl who looked older that Harry but looked like Harry and Anne mixed together.

"This is Gemma," Harry said and the girl shook hands with Oliv. "Gem, this is Olivianne," he said and Oliv moved Lux to her left hip and shook hands with Gemma, who hugged her instead in a welcoming cozy way.

"Nice to meet you!" Oliv smiled kindly.

"Pleasure is all mine." She told Oli and Oliv blushed. "My Haz, you chose a beautiful lady!" Oliv and Harry blush as Oliv dug her face in his neck. "Adorable, each time I talk to Harry, he never stops talking to you, aren't I right Pete?” Gemma asked (pronouncing Pete like Pete) and moved her head to the man who now stood beside her. He was, well what mid twenties or early twenties would call, more or less attractive. He slipped his arm around her waist, confirming that they had an intimate relationship. Oliv, being her observant self, saw a ring on the finger where you get engaged. She glanced at it in the quick way that no one caught her. She then looked at Lux, who was now sleeping with her thumb left in her mouth and her right hand holding a chunk of Oliv's hair, like I she didn't want to let go. Oliv smiled at the sleeping child that had her face dung in Oliv's neck and was curled in an adorable way. No wonder Harry was in love the little girl.

"Ah, Harry, lad, how you been?" Pete asked with a grin and shook hands with Harry. 

"Well, thank you," Harry smiled. "'Y girlfriend, Olivianne." Gosh how Harry loved to say that. Olivianne shook her head when Pete reached to shake hands and nodded towards the sleeping girl that occupied her arms and hands. Pete nodded and focused on Oliv, analyzed her, and looked at Harry with a smirk. "Lovely bird you got yourself, Styles," he winked at Oliv, who blushed and Gemma smack him in his arm and gave him a frown. 

"Stop flirting with her, she ain't yours, I am." And Pete and Gemma gave each other a cold stare and burst into laughed and gave each other a wet kiss, which made Harry make a disgusted noise.

"Gosh, Gemma, stop it." Harry joked and jabbed his sister, who broke apart from the kiss and waved her hand in the air in an annoyed but joking why. "That's Pete Gemma's boyfriend. The bloke's a weirdo." His did spiral swirls around his ear.

"Hey, why did he call me a bird?" She whispered in his ear. "What does 't mean? I don't have wings 'nd stuff so?" She shook her head and tilted in a confused manner.

"Bird can also mean girl in England. Different slang, don't you say that there?"

"By there you mean Canada?" 

"Yeah, don't you?"

"I have never heard someone say that. Ever. It's weird, but cool and new..." She said and went to sit beside Anne, who was chatting with Louis. Harry went to say hello to Lux's parents and told Oliv to sit down because the weight must be heavy for her little body. She had grunted quietly and he had chuckled and gave her back a push towards the chair. When Oliv sat there, Harry gave her a smug smile and turned to a blonde lady in her early thirties or late twenties. She looked very beautiful and she gave Harry a warm hug and they chatted like old friends. Oliv sat on the couch, thigh rubbing against Anne's. Anne and Louis noticed her and nodded and smiled at her. She lifted the sleeping girl to Anne and excused herself to speak to her mom, who was expecting a call. After Oliv had talked to her mom about how the trip was and how amazing England was, her mom gave her some odd news.

"The weather here is so nice!" She had said in the hallway as her mom chuckled at her daughter's excitement.

"Really? Happy to be there?" Her mom asked her.

"Yeah! Wish you were here…"



"What do you mean depends?"

"Well, you know… I like this freedom... But I still miss you," she quickly added and bit her lip, hearing her mom grunt. There was a moment of silence.

"Sweetheart, hospital called." Oliv gulped in a worried way 


"I need you to keep calm and relax and act like a woman, for what I'm about to tell you. It will last until January and it's for the cancer to stop growing..." Oliv held her breath, knowing what was to come. "Chemotherapy starts in November." Her mother said. Oliv dropped the phone; unfortunately Harry noticed this and quickly stopped playing with Lux and carried her with him towards Olivianne. He rushed to her side and picked up the phone, noticing her mother had hung up already. He slipped the phone in his pocket and saw Oliv's right eye twitch. 

"Love, are you ok?" He asked worriedly as she started to shake softly. She somehow shook her head in a negation.

"Uncle Haz, wha' 'rong?" Lux asked shyly. 

"I'm not sure..." Harry mumbled in Lux's ear. "Hey," he was now talking to her. "What happened?"

"I can't tell you." She mumbled, looking at her feet in wonder.


"Too soon."

"What is?"


"What 'rong wif Oly?" Lux asked in her baby voice.

"Oliv's just sick... Badly." Harry sighed and looked at the ground.

"Harry... Can I just think for a bit, alone, please?" Oliv asked and her boyfriend knew that she needed some alone time. She needed to clear her thoughts. He left her and returned to his family and friends, acting like nothing happened but Louis and Anne knew that something was odd about his mood. They decided in silence to keep it to themselves and ignore, letting the couple handle themselves.

Oliv found herself in the washroom, staring at her bracelet. She had been like that for the past fifteen minutes, starting and gapping at the bracelet. She was finally calm but felt horrible about what her mom had told her. Why couldn't she simply get well and be well?

In November. 

That kept echoing in her head just like when the doctor said that she was terminal. It felt like a huge déjà vu. Last time, she wasn't in love and she hadn't been planning about her future with sub accuracy. This time, she wasn't prepared, not exactly that is. She was scared to die. She was scared of not knowing if she would make it or not. She was scared for her health. She was scared for Harry's heartbreak if she ever does fail the surgery. She's scared for Welly's depression. For Louis' funny humor to fall. For Niall's laughed to quiet. For everything, really. It was now hitting her between her eyes in an obnoxiously fast and breath taking (in a bad way) and toe curling way. It was like 'oh yeah, death is just around the corner.'

Oliv took a deep breath and closed her eyes. So soon, she thought with a big gasp. She finally was well and walked, seeing Louis standing there with a frown and hands on his hips. 

"What took you so long?" Louis asked and rose and eyebrow. He tilted backwards softly, being on a sass mode.

"Don't sass me, Lou, I can't handle that right now," she muttered and passed by him like the wind. She headed over to the living room until Louis grabbed her wrist.

"What's the matter?" He said kindly, leaving his sass behind. 

"Chemo... In November." She mumbled and kept her head down. 

"Oh... Oh dear." Louis gasped and shook his head. "You know, Olivianne, that's gonna crush Harry like a bug."

"I know."


After a while, after getting know Harry's close friends and family, Oliv was comfortably playing with Lux, making weird noises and amusing Lux. Harry was admiring both girls and wondered for when they would have their own children. He actually was having hope on them having children, holding the baby for the first time. He was really enjoying Oli and Lux making odd adorably noises/ 

Once food was ready and Anne’s entire guest sat around the dinning table in the dinning room, eating proudly the spaghetti. Oliv and Louis kept complementing Anne's cooking but Anne just said that it was Harry's recipe. Oliv and Louis had given Harry a knowing look, and Harry knew that someday they would bring this up and he would have to cook for them.

"Ladies and Gentleman," Gemma said and she hit softly the glass with a spoon, getting everyone's attention. "Harry," she laughed and outed him.

"Hey!" Harry opposed.

"Anyway," Gemma continued. "I… Well, Pete and I have a big announcement! One that we've kept for a while know… Pete?" She glance at him and the stood up, smiling at each other. 

"We are engaged!" Pete exclaimed happily and they showed the engagement rings. 

"What!' Anne exclaimed and fell of her chair. Lou rushed to her side and she squealed in joy and was hyperventilating. Harry gave them a smug look and Lux looked up at Oliv (since Lux was being carried by Oliv) and gave her a confused concerned look.

"It's alright baby girl," Oliv whispered to the girl. "They are getting married."


"Because they love each other and are gonna become a family." Oliv told her with a smile.

"Will dat happen t' you an' Uncle Haz?"

"I hope so, I would like to…" She said and glanced at Harry with a small smile.

"Congrats!" Oliv and Louis said at the same time and laughed softly.

"Thank you!" Gemma thanked and gave a big sloppy kiss to Pete, who blushed in cute manner.

"How was the proposal?" Lou (Lux's mom) asked in awe.

"Oh, please to share with every small detail!" Anne cried, now calm.

"Ok! So, it all started when we went in a jewelry shop and we were looking at necklaces to get you, mum," Gemma nodded to her mother, who fiddled with a sliver necklace that had a purple gemstone on it. "Anyways, we saw marching engagement rings that caught our attention. We tried on different sizes and knew which to but them left since we weren't ready for that commitment. Once we came her to visits in July, he took my to the lake. It was decorated with Christmas light all around the lake. There was a blanket with a black velvet box and well, he said lots of romantic fluff and then he proposed!" Pete blushed. "And I said yes!"

"Before that, he had asked me for permission and for help for the proposal," Harry butted in with a small smile to Pete. Everyone awed as the couple kissed and Gemma hugged Anne.


Once the food was done and Gemma left with Pete to drive to Manchester for their home, Lou and Tom (Lux's parents) took their daughter, who was sleeping, and went to their hotel room, promising to come the next day. Louis left to meet up with Eleanor at Starbucks about 40 minutes away from the house. Harry and Oliv went to catch some shut eye and sleep. They slept in day other’s arms, Oliv forgetting about the chemo that supposed to start in November. 


The next day, when Harry woke up with Oliv curled on his chest, still sleeping. He heard the front door close and some soft steps approach the room he and Oliv were in. He head hushing noises and closed his eyes and faked sleeping when his mother came in with Lux.

"Look, the kittens are fast asleep, why don't you curl on them," Anne cooed the baby girl, who was sucking her thumb and nodded happily. Anne smiled at the couple, who laid still. She be placed Lux on Harry's chest and she curled up, holding a strand of Oliv's hair and closed her eyes and fell asleep. Once Anne left, after taking over twenty pictures and tweeting at least ten of them, she left them to sleep. Harry smiled at the two girls who slept peacefully and patted each ones hair with his left hand and kept his right hand tucked around Oliv's waist. He slowly let sleep over take him. 


Harry woke up with a loud cry.

He saw Lux was sitting up and staring at the empty space beside her and was letting of small sniffs and was touching the spot Oliv had been in. Lux looked at Harry anxiously and glanced at the door. Harry's eyes softened and his heart melt at how attached Lux was.

"Oh, what wrong baby girl?" He asked her and sat up, picking her up and got up from the bed.

"Oder Kitten isn't there!" She said with an 'O' shaped mouth. 

"What do you mean over kitten?" Harry gave her a confused look.

"Oly, your other kitten!" She said with a toothy grin.

"Ah! I'm not sure! Why don't we got find her?" He said and poked her nose playfully. "Hmm?" She nodded and he brought her down stairs to the kitchen, seeing her mom with a pale face cooking pancakes. "Mom?" Harry asked, setting Lux on the baby chair and saw her mom nodded to the hallway. "What's the mat-"

"Shush, Harry. Listen." Anne said and made a thinking face, just like Harry's.

"What-oh." He said and heard it. He was listening to a puking noise. Someone was violently vomiting. Her eyes widened, he knew who it was.

"Oliv!" He gasped and turned to the washroom upstairs to find her. 

"She's been like that for a while now… Since 8 and it 10 am…" Harry's mom told her son and left to take Lux to the park, leaving Harry with a concerned look. He went up and stood in front of the door and knocked on it softly.

"G'away!" Oliv mumbled and made a hurling noise. "Please go… Oh, dear…" She flushed the toilet and cleaned her mouth. She had taken a shower and was about to leave to go to the walk-in clinic to check if the medicine is ok because it kept getting her nausea and trouble breathing. She was finally well enough and got out of the washroom, finding Harry curled in a ball and sniffling on the ground.

"Oliv?" Harry asked.


"What happened yesterday? What are you keeping from me?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what the hell I mean, god you aren't being truthful with me!" Harry cried. 

"I, I… I don't want to tel-"

"Don't. Just tell me."

"Ok… It's just… my m-mom s-said... Chemotherapy ... Starts… Soon." She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. 

"When?" Harry said, his voice cracking.

"November." She said, her eyes still closed, she felt lightheaded and felt small tears peek her eyelids. 

"That's less than 4 months." He said and tears streamed down his face.

"I know... I..." She sniffled. "Am so sorry."

"4 damn months!" 

"I know! I know! I must go; I have to visit the doctors… Bye, see you soon?" She said and opened her eyes and tilted her head and nodded at the boy, who was hugging his knees. She left him because seeing him cry, it's not something she can overcome. She saw Anne give her a worried look on her way out and simply left.

"So he said that you got the wrong pills, the fu-" Louis gasped in shock.

"That what I thought!" Oliv said, cutting his language. She had met up with him at Starbucks. He had been having a rough day since he had broken up with Eleanor. He hadn't cried, he didn't smile. He said he fell out of love, because that was the truth. Oliv was now explaining what the doctor had told her. He had said that she got the wrong ones and that the new prescription would be better. He said to not worry and told her she needed to get medicine in London since Holmes Chapel didn't have the medicine.

"Have you told Harry?" Louis wondered.

"Honestly?" He nodded. "I haven't told him… I told him about the chemo, then left to the doctors. I feel guilty but…"

"You left him! Alone? In this state!" Louis gasped and got odd looks from people.

"What state?"

"Harry cuts. He has been since you and cancer." Louis stage whispered and rolled his eyes and got up with her following behind. 

"What? Oh no!" She gasped and her eyes widened. Her world broke and she felt tear fall from her eyes. "I have to go! Louis we need to get him to a hospital, something! Now!"

"C'mon then!" Louis told her and they got a cab and sped to the house. 


At the house, Oliv ran to the washroom upstairs, Louis checking the other ones. She ran, feeling a pounding in her heart. When she opened the door, let just say she wasn't prepared for that she saw.

"Louis!" She cried, her voice cracking her heart breaking as she fell to her knees. "Louis!"

"What?" He said, now behind her. He gasped and stepped backwards and called and ambulance.

"So much blood!" Oliv cried and dug her face in to her hands. “Lou, so much…"She sobbed and rushed to her unconscious boyfriend, holding his limp body. Harry was surrounded by his own blood, a knife near his right hand and cuts all over his inner arm and abdominal. "It's all my fault! Harry, don’t die on me, please! Don't… Cupcake…" She gasped out of air and closed her eyes and felt her heart be ripped apart. "You said you'd look after me, but if you gone, you can't. Harry, and I was supposed to look after you, remember? I'll look after you Harry."











A/N: READ!!!


Hi my amazingly patient readers!


I am so sorry that this was such a late update, really like a month? Wow, too much! Guilt had been eating me alive! So, if you wanna know what has been happening in my life, here it is: a few Mondays ago, I had been to the doctors because of hot flashes and headaches, which was bad since I'm a teen! I got some blood work done (blood test) and they didn't find anything. My doctor went on vacation so I went to a nurse practitioner. I went yesterday and she tested my head and said that it was migraine headaches possibly caused from dehydration, (have to now drink 2 water bottles and a few cups of tea and water.) She said that if it wasn't that, I had to get an MRI (that could cause me cancer from the radiation) but it's hopefully just dehydration!


So that has been stressing me out for the past time and I just couldn't write.


On a Happy note, I visited my aunt this weekend, lots of fun!


Next update expecting in over a week and hopefully it will be of 2 chapters on the go, hopefully!



Juli Marshmallow:)




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