Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


25. Chapter 23: What Time Is It?


Chapter 23:


What Time Is It?




They passed the rest of the day under the sun, Welly and Amber were getting tabs where Antonia was hopelessly laying beside when and if not, she was getting paper than ever. She really wasn't the tanning type of person. She would simply get red and her skin would peal of in a un-appealing way.


Louis and Liam had splashed in the water and zayn had fallen asleep under a tree. Oliv and Louis had taken advantage of his slumber and found a sharpie and drew a big curly mustache and 'I love Tommo' and 'I love Oliv' on his cheek. They took pictures and tweeted them and saved them forever. This had given the group a great laugh but were worried about the furious rage that Zayn would have, especially since they put whipped cream in his hair and styled it in. A punk style.


Niall was sneaking food in his pockets and saying he had to go 'pee' when he was actually going to eat his stash of food. Olivianne had caught him but sent him a wink and kept it a secret because she knew that if Louis and Harry and Welly weren't watching her, she'd be doing the same. Niall smiled at her and came beside her and have her a bag of chips (with a forceful look) and she thanked him with great gratitude. It was so kind of him to share his food, but he felt bad for his blow up in the morning and she was looking quite hungry. Then again, she was always hungry.


Oliv was sitting on a rock with her toes swishing in the water as she watched her boyfriend and Louis playfully splash each other in the pool. Olivianne wasn't aloud to go in the water because of her recent surgery. She was feeling a sun burn built up on the top of her nose. She felt some off feeling in her throat and felt nausea. She felt her eyes roll backwards and go up abruptly and ran behind a tree far from anyone's eyesight. She gaged and then puked of what was her food from the past two day. She heard foots steps behind her and made a grunt annoyed noise.


"Go away..." She mumbled as she felt something punching her stomach, like if something wanted out, no exceptions.


"Aww, Princess..." Harry said as she crouched down and he came behind her and rubbed her back in a soothing way, which was tough since Oliv really didn't feel good at all. He the. Held her hair out of her now green face. She felt a push to up her throat and she pushed Harry away and leaned against the tree and puke. Whenever she vomited, her belly would get sucking in and her bones would pop out and she would shake from the force that was over taking her.


"Ow..." She moan in a painfully manner. Harry slipped his arms around her waist and held Olivianne in place as she shook and let all of her meals be flushed against the yellowing patch of grass and mold. He sighed and she nodded once she was done and took her wrist and cleaned her mouth. The taste in her mouth was so bitter she made a horrifying face. "I'd kiss you, if I didn't taste like vomit." She wrinkled her nose and he nodded.


"'S alright. I'll wait..." He said and carried her in a bridal style back to their group. She nuzzled her face hi his neck and she felt her stomach do twist and turns. Stupid medicine, she thought in a grumpy way.


"Cupcake?" She said once he rested her on their towel with such delicacy. He hummed back and nodded. "May I please have a water bottle and a towel to wash up?" She really didn't like the bitter taste in her mouth.


"Sure," he turned and got a towel from beside her and went to Welly, who hasn't notice their leaving and go a water bottle and he gave it to Olivianne. She took a gulp of the water and let the bad flavor swish around her mouth, making the bad flavor ease. She spit out he water in the dandelion beside her and re-washed her mouth until the flavor was gone and then she cleaned her mouth with a towel.


"Thank you..." She said and rested her head on his almost dry lap because he had been dripping wet before from he water. His pale skin was getting a soft tan and it brought it his eyes even more. She turned so she was facing him and he was giving her these cute heart-eyes and was admiring her. "What?"


"You're just too beautiful to be real. You're to nice and kind-hearted to really be mine..." He played with her hair, occasionally putting under or up her nose, makin her giggled and squirm. He would use her hair like a paintbrush and would 'paint' odd figures and random stuff on her forehand and cheek.


"No, I'm not. I'm certainly not beautiful, I'm just..." She thought for a few seconds, thinking of the right worlds to say. "Me..." She sigh and stuck her tongue out in a playful manner. She poked his four nipples and giggled as he swatted her arms away.


"That tickles!" Harry laughed and giggled a baby giggle.


"It's real though! You actually have four…"


"Haven't you seen them before?"


"They fascinate me each time!" She said and made a rainbow with her hands in a joking and imaginative way.


"Gosh, you're so childish!" He rolled his eyes.


"How old am I?"




"I act like my age.,. More or less... But compared to you?" She questioned. 


"Oh, phhfftt." He made a odd noise with his tongue nd mouth. "I'm Peter Pan, forever young." He winked and she blushed and smiled softly.


"And I'm your Wendy Bird, your dearest lost girl."


"Ah, the lowest boys..." They laughed together and stared at each other for a while. They was a peaceful silence. 


"Do you think this is odd?"


"What do you mean?"


"That I'm too young?" She had always been worried about this and it always pestered her.


"Never, I think your age doesn't matter, especially when it comes to love. Honestly? I don't think it matters. You completely complete my personality, even for your age. I guess it's call lucky." He smiled and gave her a sloppy kiss on the nose. "Why?"


"Because I'm a minor... I'm just worried we could get in trouble or something like that." She sigh and got up, pulling Harry up with her. 


"Hungry?" He asked once he heard that her stomach was becoming a Jurassic park dinosaur. "Your belly can audition to Jurassic park, you'd be the Oliviasaurus. Rawr!" He did a rawer with his hand, by he looked like a kitten meowing.


"You look like a Pussy Cat." She commented. "I am hungry..." They walked to Welly, who was reading a book called Sing Me To Sleep (a/n:google that book, it'll be in the A/N at the end) and a red Antonia who was reading a magazine. "Ladies, the great Oli is here!" She nodded and bowed in a princess manner, Harry laughed and bowed down to her, playing along with her.


"My princess," Harry said and kissed her cheek and wrapped his arms around her waist. Welly winked at a blushing Oliv.


"Here," Antonia handed a bag of vinegar chips to her and a bottle of water and went back to her magazine, it was about great places to go for vacation.


"Antonia, were on a vacation and you're looking for other places?" Oliv said and Antonia rolled her eyes and continued with her magazine.


"Olivianne," Welly said in a warning voice and looked up from her book. "Don't go in the water, your stitches aren't good for that. Ok?" Oliv nodded Nd Harry and her walked back to their towel. "Keep this meal down this time ok?" She added as Oliv felt embarrassed from puking.


"Beg for chips," Olivianne muttered as she stuffed her face with chips at a rapids rate. Harry smiled at her hungry act. He was glad she wasn't a person who watched their weight and what they ate. Although now that she had cancer, she would have to eat more.


"May I have one?" Harry asked her shyly. She sigh an annoyed sigh and reach forward and got a rather large chip. She eyed the chip then hovered it over Harry's expecting hand and the made a high pitch undecided nose with her mouth and right before very could snatch the chips, she gobbled down with a mischievous look on her face. He gasped and touched his heart in a awe and utter shock as she did a evil laugh and snickered.


"I dunno..." She said and he made a whimper noise. She sigh and looked at his puppy put and bit her lip and gave him a medium size chip and he laughed in a weird triumph way.


"Yay!" He held the chip as if it was a prize and held it up like the baboon carried Simba in The Lion King. The rest to the day passed by with laughter and amusement, everyone was forgetting the past drama and were trying to enjoy their vacation. They got very comfortable as a group of close friends and they complemented each other. Antonia started to complain about the mosquitos and the bugs that were swarming her. Oliv agreed that it was starting to bug her so Harry, the faithful prince, convinced the other to leave with her and got and pack since that night they were leaving for Cheshire to his meet up with his mother. Everyone was sad as they packed since they would defiantly miss the cottage. They said good bye to the home that had many memories.


Amber and Olivianne were frightful about leaving Carlos alone, they called the vet (saying sorry for the late call and bugging him and waking him up) and asked what would they do. The vet reassured the friends that once the treatment was done, he would call them. The vet said that that would be in a month and Carlos would be healthy again. Until then, Oliv and Amber were trying to figure out who was going to keep it. 


That night Liam drove the group to the airport with a heavy heart. That cottage was a peace bringer and would take them away from all their fame. Welly was holding his hand and talking with him so they would stay up together. Zayn had a sleeping Amber on his lap ad he watched the dark landscape pass by. Niall and Antonia were squished in the middle, snoring loudly with the occasional bobbing heads and grunts. 


Harry had Oliv on his lap and they having a silent mental chat. That meant that Oliv with grab his hand and he slurp grab hers and they would simply look at each other's faces and have a mental conversation. They would give each other the simplest looks and with that they would know what the other one was thinking. It was interesting and very secretive. Oliv fell asleep in her boyfriend's arms, feeling him snort and place his head on her shoulder. He had his arms wrapped around her protectively. Oliv even had her giant purse with books and her elections in it hooked on her shoulder giving her a minor discomfort. Welly had to take a picture. Then the whole cars was sleeping except Liam and Welly.




"Oliv..." Harry said and tried to stretch but she wouldn't move. The group had just arrived at the airport and it was full of paparazzi. She grunted and dug her fingernails in his torso and wrinkled his shirt and pulled him closer. Everyone was out and was taking out their luggage and going to the counter to check-in their luggage and go to their corresponding flights. Welly, Antonia and Amber were leaving to Canada with their boyfriends while Louis, Harry and Oliv were visiting Harry's family first and then Louis.


"Go 'way... 'M sleepin'" she grumbled now half-sleep and retuned to her deep sleep. Harry saw how Oli looked like a kitten and how Welly called them that. But her fojnd it attractive. 


Harry's eyes soften so he picked her up and carried her like a koala. She smirked against his neck and wrapped her legs against his hips and her arms lazily around his warm neck. He placed one hand around her back and waist protectively  and carried the passports and the tickets with the same hand. With the other, he cupped under her bum so she wouldn't fall. She wasn't heavy so he could hold her but he would struggle. He stood by the door and Liam helped the couple in the airport and dragged their luggage to the drop off. Harry pushed trough the paparazzi (which was bait difficult since they kept asking questions and it was  starting to give the couple headaches) and was in peace after he scanned his tickets and dropped their luggage off.


The group walked quickly to the door where they would get their carry on luggage checked. Liam and Welly kept telling harry to drop Oliv since she needed to walk. He rolled his eyes and told his friends not to worry since she wasn't heavy. She had fallen back to her deep slumber until the line ended and she had to go through the x-ray machine to make sure she didn't have anything dangerous. She groan and stood with her hair wild and eyes sleepy. She said good morning to Niall even in a drowsy attitude. Niall laughed and smiled and told her it was only 11:30 pm and that their flights left at around 12am. She walked thought the x-ray and the police woman stopped her instantly. 


"Miss, you have a metal in you, may you please remove it since we don't allow that. Also, your carry on bag contains medicine and pills and sharp objects that must be confiscated." The lady ordered. Oliv tilted her head and understood and laughed.


"Oh, not it's just my lung device… I can;t remove it, it's in my lung..." She said shyly and felt hot sweat go down her back. It was the first time she had been stop and of course this  worried her. "The pills and medicine and also needles are for my lungs… I have some paper work to show you." She sigh and strolled to her back pack and took out her wallet, where she kept her medicine papers and everything. "Here." As the lady checked the paper work with a male officer, Harry and the rest of the group waited on the other side anxiously, where they had been already checked and were fine.


"Do you know what you have?" The officer tested her.


"Yes, I have Small Cell Lung Cancer…" She looked at the ground and felt ashamed by her state of healthy. The lady looked at her with sad eyes and shocked her head. Her eyes showed the signature pity look and flashed a but of sympathy. 


"You are aloud to keep you medication, please do not loose them and treat them with care and take them responsibly," The male officer said and handed her the paper work, it had a signature by the police officer in red pen, allowing her to go through the rest of her plane trips with out problems from her medicine or device in her lungs.


"Thank you." She said and grabbed her stuff.


"Have a safe flight," the lady said. "Get well soon" She added as Olivianne left to her boyfriends arms.


"Sorry 'bout that." She said as they waked to their gates.


"Why?" Harry asked.


"Because we would be already on the plane if it wasn't for… You know, cancer," she said the last part as a whisper.


"Don't worry about that, I'm actually glad that you have a disadvantage because with out that you wouldn't exist."


"What do you mean?"


"Because perfect girls don't exist, you wouldn't exist without your imperfections!" He smiled at her blushing face and gave her a peck on the lips and she blushed and smiled.


"Wait..." She notice his main point, once again he was pointing out her being perfect. She playfully slapped his arm and grabbed his rather large hand and intwined her baby-fingers with his long ones. "What gate are we?"


"82, over here..." He pointed at a hallway that was going left. "How 'bout you guys?"


"Gate... 13," Zayn said as he checked their tickets. They had to go the other way. "So this is good bye?"


"For two weeks," Oliv reassured them. "Yeah, this is bye..." Her voice saddened and she hugged everyone and bid them some goodbyes since the next time they would meet would be in September in Canada before the the girls would start school again.


"Aww," Oliv noticed Zayn tearing up for his leaving. "You see me again, don't worry!" She pat his hair softly and tilted her head jokingly as he swatted her hand away.


"Not the hair princess, not this time." He stuck his tongue of out and she laughed.


"Bye Olivianne," Liam said and hugged her warmly. "Be a good girl and don't get too carried away." She laughed and nodded.


"Bye Oliv," Amber said and gave he a tight hug and back away with a nod.


"Good luck at your in-laws," Antonia laughed and hugged her kindly.


"I'm sure Anne isn't bad," Olivianne muttered and smiled kindly.


"Bye my food-eater!" Niall joked and bump his hip with hers, which made he stumble slightly but she made sure to laugh it off.


"Bye endless pit off food," she joked along and gave him a kind hug that was soft like she was hugging a fluff-ball. Niall's huge were one if the best.


"Hey," Welly said and gave her a smirk and attacked her with a hug, which was normal. "Have fun, but be good. Be mature, if possible. Also, take your medicine. I'll call whenever you have to take your medication and I put in a built-in alarm. Don't eat unhealthy food and... Bring me merchandise."


"Yes Ma'am. Gosh, you're worst than my own mother." Oliv commented.


"Ha, that's what an immature child like you gets. Bye," she have Oliv a friendly kiss on the cheek and Olivianne blush slightly. Harry said goodbye to the others and with Geary eyes they left their friends.


Liam gave Harry a look. He had given Harry a chat on using protection and so on forth because they really didn't trust that couple, they were both immature and wild and foolish and young and no one trusted them drunk together. That thought actually freaked Welly and Liam out. To make things worst, Louis was going to be with them and even though he was the oldest, he had the mentality of a 13 years old teenage girl. He would only approve of their wild antics and possibly even in force it.


"Aww, dont be say Oli," Louis told her and he grabbed Oliv's hand, not intwining their finger but in a friendship kind of way, and dragged her along to skip around the halls of the airport until they'd reach their gate. Harry struggled behind with keeping up with his hyperactive and quick friends. All though it was easy to follow them from afar since you could hear Louis jokes and Oliv's giggles. 


The group got to their gate and sat down since their flight left in 10 minutes and they couldn't really buy and souvenirs since all that was near them was a Starbucks. Louis noticed the Starbucks and ran there happily and got what he wanted and what they couple he was with wanted. Meanwhile that, a fan came up to the couple.


"H-h-hi..." Said the shy teenager. She had frizzy short brown hair and had it in a high bun. She was wearing a dragon hoodie (a sweater with a dragon in it and the good has dragon ears) that fit her quite snugly. Her hazel green eyes flickered from Harry to a observing Olivianne. She pulled out a small notebook and pen and asked them both to sign her 'shitty thing of a notepad.' She had a Hispanic accent and a lovely smile.


"Sure," Harry smiled sweetly and signed the paper. "What's your name?"




"Lovely name." He commented.


"Thank you." She said and looked quite grateful. "Can you sign it too?" Phanie asked Oliv.


"But I'm just the girlfriend, why would you want my signature?" Oliv asked humbly.


"But you are the Olivianne. The one with cancer who is still alive. A model, no?"


"What?" Oliv coughed and slightly chocked on her own saliva. "Oh, um, I don't have a signature... I'll just write in my name, ok?" Oliv gave her an uncertain look and Phanie smiled and nodded, please by her honestly and kindness.


Oliv signed the paper and Phanie was just about to leave until she turned around. "You guys are cute together, I hope you get well soon and get married and have little Olivarry children." She giggled and ran off to where her family was. Oliv smiled.


"She was nice." The young girl told her boyfriend.


"Yeah," he answered her and she leaned against his shoulder and snuggled by his side. Harry smiled and let his long arms surround her waist and stroke her back and hair meaningfully. 


"But how am I a model? If not, I'm more of a disgrace to health." She muttered and Harry's heart fell apart from her words and justifications.


"What! You're no disgrace. Your health is another matter. God, no. You're a model to all, a perfect human with such kindness and beauty... And generosity..." He whispered the last part in her ear in a purring way.


"Oh, sush..." Oliv and gave him a playful shove. "Where are we going to sit?"


"On the airplane?"




"First class, we're together and Louis is in front of us."


"It's been a while since I've been on first class," she said thoughtfully.


"It's full of good food. Comfy chairs. Nice view. Privacy," he mumbled and kissed her temple then her cheek.


"Here you go Kittens." Louis said. "Ladies first," he handed Oliv her strawberry frappuccino. Oliv opened her mouth by Louis cut her. "Yes it had cinnamon and vanilla powder."


"Extra whip cream?"


"Even it's unhealthy, yes I did."'Oliv's face lit up in glee and reached forward for her drink. "Ah, ah ah," Louis said in a demanding voice and raised an eyebrow.


"Thank you Lou, you great wizard." Oliv rolled her eyes and took her drink and drank it with such speed that made her moan at the horrible feeling.


"Brain freeze!" Olivianne moaned and rubbed her temples, trying to sooth the pain but it didn't do anything.


"That what you get for drinking it fast." Harry said mockingly and sipped his black coffee with a spoon of milk. He looked quite posh that made Louis and Olivianne smirk.


"Now boarding first class passengers on flight 34269." Boomed a voice through the speakers of the airport.


"Well, kittens, looks like its our time to go. Time to go home and party and have fun and do thing that Liam and Welly wouldn't want us to do but we still will." Lou's smirked at Oliv and she nodded mischievously. Louis put his hand out. "Who's in?"


"I'm not disagreeing with this, I'm in." Harry said and brought his hand out on told of Louis'.


"Alright you crazy bananas, I'm in." She said and placed her hand on top of the pile of hands and they all grinned evilly.


Thus was made the terrible three pranksters that would do so many childish things.




The plane ride was comfortable as the couple snuggled and sleep together. Louis took their unconsciousness in advantage and took a picture of then in their sleepy positions. 


To @WellyM:


'@WellyM look at the kittens! All sleepy and snugly.'


Reply to @Louis_Tomlinson:


"@Louis_Tomlinson aren't our kittens adorable and peach full?'


Reply to @WellyM:


'@WellyM if only you heard their fluffy kitten-like chats...'


After that Louis decided to catch some shut-eye and since no one sat beside him, he was more relaxed and stretched comfortably. He was tired from the long day that he had just hand and was ready to go to sleep. He was excited to see Jules since they were meeting up the next day for a dinner date with his family and then they would be t know each other better. He was worried because when the Kittens went to Harry's mother, Louis had to go talk to Eleanor.


She was more of a friend zone type of a person. It made Louis feel awful to break it off so quickly. But he couldn't stop the feelings got Jules to climb up his chest and make place in his heart and brain. He just really was fancying her in a different way than he had fancied other girls. He wondered why she was so different and why he chooses to analyze his feelings for Jules.  




Oliv woke up to a snoring  Harry. It sounded more like a purring and she smiled from it. She noticed Louis was also asleep so she was the only on awake. She decided to go on her phone and check her messages. Then came a alarm that boom though out the while plane siting "What time is it? Medicine time! Time to take your pills! Now, now now! C'mon you lazy ass, get up of Liam and I will eat your first born child!" Sang Welly though the speakers of her phone. Oliv blushed as she instantly took of the volumed and pressed the OK button and got her purse and took her medicine.


By now, Harry was fully awake and watching her as she took her medicine and he burst into laughter along with her following shortly behind.


"That alarm, Zayn did warm me but... Never mind." Harry said and shook his head and laughed widely. 


"I never was warned..." Oliv grumbled and let out a huff and crossed her eyes. Her cheeks were tainted with a cherry red color and she looked embarrassed. "Gosh, people heard that. Harry think of what they'll think?"


"We know the weirdest people of earth?"


"Pretty much."


"I didn't choose this odd life... It chose me."


"I guess we should feel happy that we are in it together." They bursted in to quiet and muffled laughs.


"Excuse me," said one of the flight attendants that had a V-neck button up shirt that was a bit to Los buttoned and a skirt a bit to high up that made her look nearly like a stripper. She was pushing out her boobs and sticking her bum out but it just made her look ridiculous. "You were disturbing the other passengers sweetie, please quite down." She said and leaned forward did her chest was closer to Harry's face. Harry was instead looking at his lovely girlfriend and smiling at her.


"Sorry about that," Harry said in his charming voice. "She had to take her medicine for cancer." Harry's face twitched when he said cancer because it always broke his heart slowly since he needed to accept Olivianne had cancer. The lady's face fell instantly and saddened and her expression softened.


"My mother suffered from breast cancer. It's a hard process, but understandable." The attendant confessed sadly. "She didn't make it."


"I'm sorry," Oliv and Harry said at the same time, feeling the need to give their condolences. Harry worried that one day that would be fans to himself.


"It's all in the past, but thank you." She answered them and had a thinking look on. "Which type of cancer do you suffer from?"


"Small Cell Lung Cancer, terminal." Oliv said and looked down at her lap, once again ashamed by her state of health.


"Oh! I'm so sorry," the attendant said and her face fell in empathy. She of course didn't not seem like the girl Oliv and Harry had first met. "Get well soon..." She said and let in a hurry. Harry looked at Oliv's sad face. They both knew that she wasn't going to better, only worst.




After lost of laughed and mischief, Louis and Oliv were officially bored on the plane. Harry was in a odd position asleep and curled up upon Oliv's lap. Oliv was now fond of stroking his long curls and making him purr in his sleep as his face would twitch. He looked like a cute kitten and she saw how Welly called him a kitten. She hummed a soft melody that her grandma would sing to her before her grandma passed away.


Louis once again snapped a photo secretly and tweeted it happily. He smiled at the sweet comments until he got a text message. 


'Lou, we need to talk.



The colour of his drained a bit. He typed quickly an answer. 







The plane arrived at noon and the sun was miraculously out and shining bright. Usually I would be raining or windy, mostly rain. But today was different. The birds were out and the weather was hot and a bit humid but not as bad as Harry's cottage. Oliv walked out of the plane with easy as her fingers intwined with Harry's and her arm linked with Louis'. 


Oliv went along the immigration section as Harry and Louis went by the citizens section. After many boring questions, Oliv finally med up with her boyfriend and her friend at the luggage pick up. They got their begs and struggled out to the exit. Oliv had excitement rising up her throat. 


Oliv had always wanted to go to England to the excitement was overwhelming. Just the thought to be where the British are, to be where they speak with a different accent that she has always fantasized about. To be where she had always fantasized about being at, it was just amazing! She was now breathing hard and her hands were sweaty in Harry's and he noticed it and kissed her knuckles sweetly. She blushed and they went outside. She was wearing a floral dress that she had changed in and and a necklace that Niall had give for good luck. It was green four-leafed clover and Oliv loved it dearly because since she started to wear it she had gotten good luck. She had black Toms on and her cancer bracelet on and the ring Harry had given her.


"Excited?" Harry whispered in her ear as they walked through a crowd of screaming girls.


"Yeah," Oliv answered and they saw a tall bodyguard and a lady standing in their way. The woman had dark brown straight hair and nice green eyes. She looked quite fit for her age and looked about in her mid-forties. She had a bright smile on and she seemed to be looking at Harry with such adoration.


Harry let got of Oli's hand when they were about a meter away from the lady that seemed extremely familiar to Oli. Harry smiled widely and got very happy and looked like a child getting his favourite dessert for the first time after a while. Louis chuckled when Harry an into the woman's open arm.


"Oh, Harry!" The woman gasped happily and Oliv recognized the woman. Harry pulled away from her and clued Oliv to com so he could introduce the two woman that he dearly loves.


"Oli, meet my mom. Mom, this is Olivianne!" He said as he introduce them.









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I went to DISNEY ON ICE!!! Yeah, it was amazing and one of my favourite Christmas presents of last year! I sang along with all the Disney song and people gave me weird looks (especially children…bet they are just jealous!) I got a Flounder stuff animal (the fish from the little mermaid) and the picture is on instgram:D Althought they didn't have Peter Pan:( oh well, it was still amazing and stuff!



Sing me to sleep is a very sweet book that is based on a true story that my friend Grace actually met the Character from the book (Derek) and I advice you  guys to read it!



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