Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


24. Chapter 22: Truly Madly Deeply.


Chapter 22:

Foolishly completely falling. 




In the morning, Zayn and Amber left early to bring the chicken to the vet. Niall and Antonia (Anto-Niall {Antoniall}) had gone to feed animals as Harry and Oliv cooked and Liam and Welly (Welliam) got the rooms cleaned up and were getting ready. Louis was watching TV and being lazy. 

Welly had been in the shower and forgot to lock the door and was scrubbing her hair happily and sang We're all in this together from high school musical at the top o her lungs in an obnoxious way. She was getting really into the song until she heard a door close and a loud peeing noise.

"Hello?" She asked. 

"Hey," said a familiar voice. "Sorry, I really had to go pee and the rest of the washrooms were in use... Sorry..."

"It's ok Liam," she chuckled and peeked through the shower curtains and saw his bum facing her. She looked away immediately and blushed a deep shade of red. She stared at the white wall from the washroom, not really traumatized but scared that she invaded his personal space. She then heard him whistle. "Are you whistling What Time Is It from High School Musical?"

"Yeah," then there was a flush so Welly peek out again, shyly and worried he was prancing around, half naked. He was actually washing his hands and fixing his now long again hair that was light and wavy with small curls but different than Harry. 

"Cute," she giggled. "What are we doing today?" She asked and pulled the shower curtains in their spot as she began to make sure she wasn't missing some soap to scrub off.

"We're going to a lake about 10 minutes for walking. It really fun there! You'll enjoy it." She could hear him smiling. "So, I guess wear your bathing suit under you clothes, unless your skinny dipping." He let out a laugh. 

"Oh, no... I gotta get my bathing suit." She mumbled and turned the handle to stop the shower and heard the door close. She checked to see if there was anyone in the washroom but it was just her. She dried up and wrapped herself in a loose towel since she needed to get a bathing suit. When she walked outside she gasp, because she say Liam whistling naked and getting he swimming trunks.

"Oh!" She said and closed her eyes and looked to the ground when he saw her. "S-sorry!"

"Gah!" He said and ran to the bed and covered himself with the blanket, both of them blushing a cherry red color.

"So sorry!" She said and she really was sorry. "Can I just got my bathing suit and go?"

"Yeah..." He said and she peered over to find him and found him still wrapped in a towel, mostly checking her out. 

"Funny thing," she sigh and chuckled. "I'm dating you, but still you can't help but check me out in the oddest of situations..." Liam blushed at that statement.

"Oh, I can't help it!" He gasped dramatically and place his right hand on his heart. "You beauty is the same as a goddess!"

"Really? I dunno.." She said thinking of a goddess a model or a high-class actress. "Uh," she speed walked to her suitcase and got her British Fag two piece bikini. She ran back to the washroom as she heart him get out of the bed and change quickly. Her face felt hot and tummy was doing flip-flops and go on her this odd fuzzy feeling. It was a bit odd to see Liam butt naked them really naked. It was even odd that she actually enjoyed that conversation because she felt the awkwardness and the embarrassment slip away.


Meanwhile that, Oliv was cooking, well she was making cereal. Unlike her friends she could cook. Antonia obviously couldn't cook for shit and if she was stranded on a dessert she would die since Oliv and Welly had made a pack to eat her. She them chopped up fruit as Harry made pancakes with cinnamon and blueberries. They smelled delicious and Oliv was getting hungry.

She put, on the speakers that Harry's cottage had with iPhone and let random music play and she moved her hips along with the music. She hummed along until she was screaming out lyrics of The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and giggled whenever she was off key. Harry was humming along until he noticed her dancing and laughed. She was done and brought out the plates and told Louis to get off the TV and do the table. He groaned and mumbled how he was too lazy and sang a verse from the Lazy Song and did as he was told. She began to get the bread and felt arms wrap around her waist and pull her tightly against the persons body. 

"Hey," she whispered and leaned back against him. She felt her stitches move and her lungs were sore. She had difficulty breathing but she didn't want to cause a scene, way to much drama for her taste. "Can we make banana bread?" She let out a pout and turned her face side-ways so he would see her pout.

"Do you know how to make it?" Harry asked and kissed her shoulder in a loving way. He felt himself get hard and have these very horny thoughts from her pout. 

"Of course! I'm Chef Olivianne, the famous chef who makes the best of foods!" She said with a dramatic more-or-less glory voice.

"Ah, but you haven't met me, Master Chef Harry! And with that pout, anything for you..." He winked and kissed her lips as they hugged and she rested her head on his shoulder. They pulled apart and got to work. Oliv took some flour and spat it on Harry's hair and giggled. "Please don't." He huffed.

"Hmm, we need bananas..." She said thoughtfully and tapped her chin.

"Well, that's obvious! I got some though..." He thought out-loud and Oliv laughed.

"Bit of a pervert?" She got bananas and milk and sugar.

"I'm a guy! What do expect?" He laughed and brought his shoulder ups in a innocent way. He got honey and the rest to the ingredients.

"Hmm, true! Gosh, if only I could take a picture of you, you're such a cupcake..." She smiled innocently like a child and cocked her head sideways and flicked her hair, that was in a perky side ponytail. She giggled and got mixing the wet food and the dry food and the. Harry mixed them both up as Oliv buttered the pan and poured the dough.

"Smell good, babe," he hummed and sniffed it as she put the over on 350 degrees and put the dough in it and got ready. She got a spoon and dug it into the dough and ate the slimy sugary dough happily and then with her finger she put some dough in Harry's nose and chin, who had been getting apple juice from the refrigerator. She laughed at his facial expression of surprise and ate the rest of the dough before getting some on her face from the huge spoon. She looked oh, so crossed and glared at her go fiend and took some flour and spat it on his face and hair. 

"I declare war!" She gasped and it was a full course food right with the un-used ingredients. Louis came in and joined Oliv's side since she was winning and they had a really silly and crazy food fight. Olivianne was about to trow a mussed banana that was on her plbig spoon like a medical shooting device to Harry until Liam and Welly let out a loud cough and go their attention.

"Olivianne!" Welly said annoyed. She had a like green crop-top and faded jean short shots and flip-flip, ready for the lake. 

"Is that a s-spoon?" Liam squealed and ran behind Welly, who was way to small compared to him and he hide the bet he could behind her. It was adorable.

"Ha, haha!" Olivianne laughed evilly and took of the banana before approaching Liam with the spoon in a evil way and did this fake mad evil villain/mad scientist laughed and had a smirk on her face. "Not so mature and Strong, hmm?"

"Oliv, stop scaring him," Antonia said as she came with Niall.

"Oh no!" Niall let out a cry and looked hurt and fell to the ground in a fatal position. "No! The horror!"

"Are you ok?" Welly asked Niall, who was now whimpering in pain. 

"You, you!" Niall pointed at Oliv who had been chasing Liam and gave her an accusing look. "You! You had a food fight. This is so-o-o wrong!" He said in a fully comprehensive accent since he was genuinely angry and hurt. "You had a pointless food fight and wasted food! Precious food!" He cried and brought his hands up in the air in frustration. "You cruel little girl!" He said stomping in the kitchen.

"Niall," Harry explain. "This is just the un-used food, the useless stuff. The real food is hot and fresh, well if we don't eat know it will get cold."

"Oh!" Niall said and like the speed of lightening, he ran to the kitchen. Oliv giggled and got a napkin and made Louis help her as they cleaned up the mess and Harry joined. Olivianne felt a pinch in her lungs and a pinch under her boob and she winced privately, not letting people see her in pain. She hit her lip and waited for the pain to leave and moved into a different position, hoping for the pain to leave. She gasped backwards in pain since it was like an electric shock in her lungs. 

"Are you ok?" Harry asked her, a worried look washed over his face and she nodded.

"Thought I saw a spider..." She mumbled and Welly gave her a look when she came to check I they were done or not, which they were.

"Hey," Zayn mumbled as he came back with a sad Amber.

"What happened to Carlos?" Asked Oliv as they sat in the dining room and the group sat around the table.

 "Who?" Louis asked and Harry told them to beginning eating. Niall, who had been squirming as he waited to eat, ate like there was no tomorrow and moaned about how delicious the food was.

"The chicken! I named him Carlos!" She declared. "I was the first to find him, I think I get the full rout to name him! Carlos like from hop!" She giggled by her childish ways.

"Oh my gosh," Antonia smacked her in the stupidity, the groups or the girls should have expected that.

 "The vet said he had a broken wing and a sprained ankle and that he would be kept there for a well, she the baby can heel faster and better." Zayn explained. "Don't worry, he'll be fine!"

 "Hope so..." Oliv muttered. Then she smelled something burning. "Shit!" And she got up in a abrupt manner and ran to the kitchen with Harry following her. "No!" She turned off the oven and took out her cake. "It died!" She gasped dramatically as the rest came in her room. She leaned forward and sniffed the burned cake then let her ear hover on top o the cake, listening if she would hear something odd. 

"Of course you do that!" Welly said and hugged Oliv, who had craved the cake for a while.

"Maybe it still taste good?" He said hopefully and took a fork and at a piece. He smiled a fake smile and hummed happily, as if it tasted great. "See? Still can eat it!"

"No!" Olivianne whined. "It's hopeless! No use! Impossible to recover!" 

"Hey!" Harry took her in his arms and looked at her eyes in a serious way. "Nothing is impossible." He promised and kissed her nose then forehead. Welly let out a awe and  ruined the romantic moment because they came back to reality, even said thatthey looked like a couple of kittens in a relationship. The couple let out a sigh. 

People would thing that it was weird, they were talking about a burnt cake, but secretly, they weren't. 

Olivianne understood that Harry meant that nothing is impossible as in her health and a cure. He meant that she would never give up. That she would get much better. That their future wasn't impossible. 

Once breakfast was done, Oliv left for a shower and Harry did the same as the rest cleaned up and got ready for the lake. Oliv took the shower in the hallway as Harry took the one in the room. Oliv had a warm shower and she couldn't help but stare at the surgery stitches. 

She let her finger lightly trace the stitches but she backed away instantly. She was worried it would do something. She was scared. It really hurt and the medicine barely numbs things. But she was being paranoid. Then came a pain from her ribs. Like if she was getting a pinch all along her lung area.

She let out a cry and found her self in tears and he honestly wanted to scratch out her lung. 

But she couldn't. 

Harry, on the other hand was cutting in the shower. It was like he was numbing the pain of Olivianne's cancer and bringing the cuts' pain instead. He knew it was bad and that he shouldn't do this since he has a image to keep and is a model to most. But the pain was pretty unbearable. His heart hurt and his head hurt.

He really hates cancer. 

When he got out of the shower, he came out of there and to his room nude and dry, since it was what he usually did. He did not expect to find Oliv looking through their suitcase in a towel. The towel made Oliv look so small and frail. Her hair was in a ballerina bun and her face was clean and pale and natural. 

She blushed when she saw him and looked down at the suit case. He laughed and came behind her, ignoring the fact he was nude. He was actually used to staying nude but did it with friends and sometimes family, he never had walked around nude with Oliv.

"Hey, princess!" He said cheerfully and stood beside her and played with her hair mischievously. She watched him approach her and licked her lips in a seducing and raked her eyes over his toned body and then looked away. She thought she saw scars under his arm where all his tattoos were but she ignored that. It seemed that he had scars in between his thighs but she decided to ignore that also.

"H-hey c-cupcake..." She stuttered and looked down and looked for her bathing suit. "Umm..." She was out of words in a awkward situation. Most girls would die to see him naked and casual. She was just a awkward little potato.

"Haven't you seen a guy naked?" He wondered and saw he blush even more and he rested his head on her bare shoulder.

"Y-yes, in health class... It's just, you're you..." She felt  her cheeks burn red and her spine itch. " I don't know, I'm just awkward." She sigh and got her bathing suit and strolled to the washroom and Harry letting out a  joking whistle. "I know I look like a sex goddess in this towel, but calm yourself, you little pussy cat!" She giggled playfully and swayed her hips dramatically and he let out a moan as closed the washroom door.

They both got changed, Harry in some dark purple bathing trunks that had monkeys and bananas and small boats covering it. Oliv put on her new floral and striped bikini that was rainbow colors. She had gotten it at Spain and loved it so dearly. She sigh when she saw the surgery lines on her right rib and the scars of her nails. She gulped weakly.

Those scars from are from herself. There her own nails and hand marks. When she was younger (she stilldoes this, but rarely) the pain would be unbearable and she would end up breaking down into sobs and try to scratch out her lungs. Her friends had alway ignored the fact that she had scars all over her lungs and ribs. They did there best not to care as long as it didn't get had. It was her way to cope with the pain. 

The only thing was that she still did that. She groaned and tripped backwards from the pain in her lung. 

Stupid cancer, she thought. 

She cupped her ribs, she couldn't really scratch herself since she just came out of surgery. It was hard for her to take a shower and honestly, she was quite tempted to ask for help but she forced herself to think that this was a test. A test to see her strength and how long she can hold on without help from others. She wanted to see how long she could last without people worrying over her and her health.

She hated that pity look and that helping fake smile and that easy breezy attitude people put on for her or for sick people.

To top of the pain, her belly hurt and she felt really dizzy and the world seemed to spin and she could only notice this small stain on the wall that had some conditioner on it, or at least she thought it was conditioner. She gasped backwards and felt her eyes water but she ignored it and blinked hard.

She walked our to find Harry humming a Lullaby that made Oliv smile. He had his back to her as he shakes his hips playfully and faced a small painting as she tied a not of his swimming trunks so they wouldn't fall off. He really was in his own little world and she would obviously take advantage of his unknowing act. She smiled evilly. He moved his arms' positions and Olivianne decided to go for the kill. 

"Ha ha!" Harry let out this obnoxious but cute laugh as Oliv tickled him. He tried to squirm from her hands but she had a right strong grip. He giggled and snorted, which got Oliv laughing. He bak away but she chased him. He back away, further backwards until tripped backwards on the bed and she leaned on top of him and dig her baby-like fingers agains his ribs and under his arms and smiled evilly. He started to gaps for air and had tears in his eyes so she stopped, with her laying comfortably on top of him. 

"I like you laugh." She said and rested her head against his bare chest. She felt his chest rise then fall strong and peacefully. She traced his two swallow birds tattoos on his collarbones and he rested his arms against her waist. She smiled and he traced patterns on her back. She touched his jaw line, like she was memorizing his bone structure and body.

"Why?" He said in a husky voice. He saw her cleavage since she had a bikini on but he didn't do anything about that because he actually didn't want any sex in this relationship. He loved her for her and really, he could be fine if they waited until they got married. He didn't find her super sexy, well he did but he found her mostly beautiful and gorgeous.

"It's nice." She said in a simple tone. "When are you going to explain your tattoos to me?"

"Some day, not now..." They sigh knowing that in a hour they had to get ready to go. Olivianne leaned forward and kissed her boyfriend passionately and carefully. He kissed her back as of she was a fragile glass of porcelain. 

"Can you sing for me?" She asked shyly when they pulled away and he nodded. She rested her hand against his warm chest and let her self relax against is soft skin.

"What song?"

"Truly Madle Deeply?" She sigh and he sang his parts of the song. He played with her hair and sang to her as if she were a baby. He wondered if when they had children, they would do this, be in each other's arms and sing to their children. He hoped they could.

'Truly, madly, deeply I am

'Foolishly, completely falling

'And somehow you kicked all my walls in

'So baby say you’ll always keep me

'Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you...'

It was funny because they were falling for each other each day even harder than before.

It was sad because the more they fell in love, the more painful it would be if something negative happened to the relationship, which they hoped would never happen.

Once he was done the song he poked Oliv, who had closed her eyes in the middle of the song. She sniffed when he poke her cheek and let out a small groan and kept her eyes closed. She was fast asleep and Harry had no chance of waking her up, nor he had the heart to. He sigh and decided to fall asleep with her in his arms and her light snores mix with his deep husky ones.


Antonia was glad that Niall had finally told her the truth and had finally started the relationship. She was happy that they could be an official couple and that she could tell him she loves him and it will mean much more than before. She was also ecstatic that they could act like a real couple and share real emotions and not talking-to-a-wall emotions.

When they were feeding the animals, Niall wrapped his arms around her as she tossed the food to the animals bowls. Together they made pig noises and flapped their arms like wing for the chickens. There was a cage full of cute bunnies hat Niall let Antonia pet. She loved the soft fur against her fingers and it got her smile, which got Niall smiling.

There was Miss Betty, the oldest and most respected animal from the barn that has been alive since Harry turned 5. She is the queen of the barn, always helping the other small helpless animals and being the mature cow.  She had a cute little blue hat on her head and a necklace that had a bell on if. 

Antonia fed her some hay and some carrots by she looked really uncomfortable, her bum was sticking out and her arms were stiff and were shaking as she get the animal twice her size. She had never told anyone but she had always been afraid of cows. She made a face as the cow approached her and munched on the food carefully. She squealed and dropped the carrot on the ground in Miss Betty's cage and ran off to Niall, who was feeding chicken.

"Are you ok?" He asked worriedly as she tackled him with a hug in fear. He had been kneeing on the ground so he fell backwards. 

"No," she mumbled and smelled his food-like smell that got her hungry and happy each time she smelled it. His brown roots where showing and his blond hair was leaving and his hair was mopped attractively on top. His blue eyes looked at her with pure love and in adoration.

"What happened? A bug?" He smiled softly and she shook her hair strongly.

"A... A... A cow... It almost ate me!" She stuttered in a dramatic overly exaggerated way. She then dug her face in his neck. She was shaking and he wrapped his strong arms around her and dug his face in her neck. They stayed that way, her sitting on his lap and him crouch as he held her in a cuddle as the chickens pinch his shoes for more food. The chickens started to pinch the couple's thighs and arms and feet, trying to get their attention. The couple finally pulled apart and walked back to the house, hand in hand as Niall had the determined thought to help her over come her fear. 


Zayn was worried for the chicken, but not like Amber, who was fiddling with her caramel hair and was squirming in hr seat. He rested his hand on her thigh when she started shaking. They were watching Phemias and Ferb and were capture by the odd tv show. This show didn't exist in Europe and Amber was a big fan. She had decided to introduce the show to Zayn since she brought season 2 with her. He was watching with interested eyes and she rested her head on his lap and he twirled subconsciously with her hair and laughed at the stupid jokes.

"Guys," Welly said, looking pale and a bit flushed. "Get ready, we're leaving in 10 minutes. Also, can one of you wake up the kittens upstairs?"

"You're not gonna stop calling them that hmm?" Zayn asked. 

"Nope!"Welly said and walked away to get some snacks ready for the trip.

"I wanna call them that too!" Amber said and gt up, pulling Zayn up with her and turned of the TV. They walked upstairs and awed at the scene they saw. 

Harry was laying down with his arms wrapped strongly around the small body on top if him. Olivianne, who was on top of him, was sleeping with one arm pressed against his chest and the other cupping his face. Hey seemed to be smiling as if they were sharing a happy dream. They had a knitted blanket on their feet and pillows surrounding them. Their hair was sprawled all over. Amber leaned forward and, with her index finger, poked her bum. Her bum flinched and Olivianne shifted her position and moved closer to Harry. Her face paled and she frowned.

The change of emotion was quite drastic because her lips started to tremble and her body started to shake violently. It looked like a seizure but it wasn't. Her chest was rising up and down and her toes were curling. She seemd to e clawing thing and ended up clawing the bedsheet insead of Harry. Her body was twisting in odd and unatural ways and mde a creey crack. Harry's face changed to a unhappy and hopeless one once he felt the change of his girlfriends emotion and had a disturbed face. His arm gripped Olivianne, who was squirming and twisting like a fish.

"She is having a nightmare!" Zayn said and poked Harry to wake up. "Harry!"

"What!" He got up with a start and look around worriedly. "Is Oliv ok? Are we leaving? What is happening?" Zayn pointed a Olivianne who was whimpering and whining like a lost puppy and she had tears streaming down her face. Her eyebrows were crunched together and her breathing was quite unsteady and unhealthy for her.

"She is having a nightmare!" Amber said as she sprung to action from her small frozen mode. "Wake her up!"

"Oh..." He shook her and she whimpered some more and squeak a in-pain one. Niall and Antonia came in when they heard the odd noises. Harry poked her sides so she would wake up, which didn't help. He then leaned forward and kissed, trying to sooth her and she woke up with a gasp. "Hey, are you alright?" He gave her puppy eyes.

"Oh, cupcake!" She gasp sob tears going down her face. "It was horrible... Niall had over fed Carlos and then you were cutting yourself and committed suicide and... And..." She sobbed and dug her wet face him his chest. Harry sat up with his in his arms sand rocked her like baby in a soothing way.

"Shush, love..." He cooed and traced circles on her back. He was a bit in shock because he was cutting but he would never commit suicide. "I won't kill my self, don't worry... I promise... I'll never let Niall over feed Carlos." He kissed the top of her head as the rest of the people in the room left, giving the couple song privacy.

"Promise you'll never cut?" She asked shyly. He bit his lip and didn't know what to do.

"Don't worry..." He said. "Calm down..." He sighed and she fell asleep in his arms again.  As much as Harry wanted to wake her up, he didn't have he heart to so he but carried her like a koala and grabbed a bag and put sunscreen and two towels inside and wobbled downstairs, trying to even out the weight in his arms. He saw everyone in the living room chatting about the distance of where the lake was.

"Let's go," he said and they got out to the jeep and Zayn drove to the lake. The lake was 15 minutes away and it was a private lake for the residents of the town.

"She's still sleeping?" Louis said when they got to the lake. It was about the same side of a football field and it had trees surrounding it and they even reflected on top of the water. Luckily, nobody was there so they could enjoy themselves. Welly had brought two bags full of food, sunscreen, water, blankets, towels and of course Olivianne's medicine because she needed to take a pill once she woke up.

"Yeah," Harry told his best friend as Louis laid a blanket in a patch of soft grass in front of the grass and took a towel and placed it like a pillow. "Thanks Boo," he smiled and placed his sleeping girlfriend on the blanket. She looked finally peaceful and calm. He put their bag beside her and took of his sandals (he hadn't been wearing a shirt the whole time) and walked to the water with Louis (who had taken off his shirt and shoes of already) by his side.

"It's so cold!" Louis stated and made a I-Am-Cold position. "Eww, I feel seaweed!" Louis said and Harry dipped his whole body in the water. Louis still hadn't gone in the water so hary tackled him and they were now fully wet.

"Lou, your hair looks so weird!" Harry laughed.

"At least I don't look like a baby Tarzan like you!" Louis laughed and smiled. They both missed how close they used to be.

Society had always said that they were gay and that really hurt Louis. You see, Louis is very close and loving to friends. One must simply understand love and friendship. Louis wanted people to stop judging him so he stopped being so close and loving towards Harry. Harry alway depended on Louis because of how close they were and because he didn't have that strong persona that Louis did have. He always needed someone there for him because he could fall apart easily.

Louis knew everything about Harry. Louis knew that Harry didn't like to sleep alone. He knew that Harry had strong feeling for Oliv and would never let her go. Louis even knew that Harry used to cut. He didn't know he still did but he help Harry recover. Everyone in the band admired their friendship. They were the brothers that they never had had.

"Louis," Harry said, he really needed to talk to him. "I, I... I don't know how to tell you this." Harry tried to explain and Louis gave him comforting eyes. Harry sigh and showed Louis his cuts under his bracelets.

"Oh," Louis gasped and his eyes saddened. "Please, Haz, stop it." Louis rarely called Harry Haz, that how he knew that Louis was being serious.

"I, I can't..." He said and bit his like and pulled his bracelets back in to their place. "I just..." He walked away to a shocked Louis and went to dry himself up. He saw Antonia feeding Niall grapes on their small pink blanket on their own little world. Zayn and Amber where laughing and giggling as they laid in their own blanket like a couple. Welly and Liam seemed to be in a serious conversation not to faraway. Harry only could catch one word from their conversation which was 'In a year,' which made him wonder what.

He sat beside Oliv, who was curled like a baby and he brought her to his arms and he played with her hair and smiled. He links were tinted light red and her eyelashes were very volumed but flat. He wondered what it must be like to be in her brain. In the brain of a fairy. He smiled at his silly thoughts and stoke her face lovingly. He really wanted to say, "Hey! This is my wife and m children!" One day and point at Olivianne and their children. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at Harry who was snuggled to her side.

"Hi," she said and kissed his cheek. He smiled with his eyes closed and dug his face in her neck. "Sorry about earlier... I just, the dream was horrible. Um, can I ask you something?" She asked.

"You just did..."


"Sure love, you can always."

"Where the hell are we?" Last time she was awake, she was in their room and not in a woodsy area.

"Oh! At the lake, sorry 'bout that. I didn't want to wake you up so I just carried you." He smiled at her. She blushed.

"Oh, sorry, you should have woken me up! I hope I wasn't to heavy!" She panicked. Like any girl, she alway thought she was as heavy as an elephant.

"Oh contraire ma belle," he smiled a dimpled smiled. "You were as light as a feather. It kinda worried me." Which was true, Oliv used to be heavier but slowly she was becoming lighter. Harry knew that it was because of the cancer because she ate like 10 people would at a buffet, a bit less than Niall, but still.

 "Oh! Really?" She was a bit surprised but glad.

"Is that the device?" Harry asked as he pointed at a box sticking out of her lungs. The device was slightly noticeable and maybe it was because of the position the couple was in and that is why he could see it.

"Yeah," she said and Harry reached forwards and traced it lightly with his finger with such delicacy.

"Does it hurt?" He asked worriedly and slightly pulled back. She rested her hands on top of his.

"No, it kinda feels good... You know? It feels fuzzy." She smiled and leaned forwards and kissed is plum lips. He smiled against the kissed and reach for her waist as she cupped his face with one hand and placed the other on around his neck. They were having a simply blissful chaste kiss that sent sparks in their hearts.

 "Uh," Welly said as she interrupted them and coughed awkwardly. "As much as this kiss you guys are sharing makes me want to puke out rainbows and stuff, Oliv has to take her medicine. No excuses." Olivianne sighed as Welly passed her a bottle of water and the bottle of pills.

"Gosh, they're gianormous!" Olivianne made a face and took out on. Harry opened the water and watched his girlfriend swallow the pill. He read the bottle and saw something odd.

"Hmm?" he said.

"What?" She asked after the pill. 

"May cause nausea..." He said and gave her worried look. "After 10 minutes. There is more as in hair loss, dry skin and, ha! Look at this! May cause constipation!" Harry looked at her with mocking eyes and they both bust into laughter.

"Oh, I hope not!" She said and kissed him.







Allo my lovely amazing readers!


I know that most of you skip this so I'll try to be fast... I know this was. A terribly late update and I hope you forgive me! Worst lie people say is that I will go it weekly or do it every week. That's never the case!


You see I had lots of homework and projects to do for my report card and of course up be getting it soon and I'm frightened by the notes... Also I've been going to lots of orientations and am stuck with different schools to pick from:$


The weather here is freezing! Like there is barely any snow by instead we have -17 degrees and forced to go outside for school! Cruel! Honestly, it's basically a cold spring. I don like it!


Happy late B-Day Noelle!


I posted a one-shit that will be posted... Roughly in a week:$ hopefully earlier...


By the way, I'm editing so... I edited chapter 1 and put up a prologue! It would be amazing if you guys could read them, nothing had really changed:$ same plot just a bit better.


À la prochaine!



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