Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


23. Chapter 21: Just The Way You Are.


Chapter 21:

Just the Way You Are.

{self harm in this chapter}



Welly went up the ladder, then Liam and then it was Harry's turn. Harry's face paled and he bit his lips, that was quivering. Harry reached forward to the ladder, swallowing his fear, he had to get Olivianne to the hospital and help her.

Her climbed the ladder wouldn't stop waving around and shaking, making it really hard to clime. The cold wind was moving the ladder and was waving the lagged around. To top it off, his hands were really sweaty and his arms and legs were shaking and he feet felt numb.

Olivianne was digging her ankles and feet against his hip and thighs and was pressed on him like gravitational pull. On a different occasion, this might have turned him on, but this was different and Olivianne kept moaning, and not the good kind, the I-Am-In-Pain-Help-Me type of moan.

Harry became tired and they were only half way up. Louis was already climbing and on his tail, waiting for him to go up. Harry's hands were slipping against he silver metal polls that were handles to climb up. His legs were about to fall off.

Harry had two options; one was to keep climbing and possibly die of tiredness.

Two would be to let to and both of them would die together, which seemed like a good idea.

Harry had to make a decision. He was quite stuck. H needed to think fast and everything.

(A/N: plot twist: Harry lets go and they die... Nope that isn't happening.... Yet... *cue evil laugh*)

"Lou!" Harry whimpered.

"Yeah?" Louis answered, a bit annoys that harry was climbing so slowly, but then again, he was carrying Olivianne.

"My hands and arms hurt!" Harry complained.

"So do mine, but you gotta keep going! Gotta keep climbing!"


"Don't but me, Oliv's life depends on this! Go!" Louis ordered. Louis was actually cute friendly to her since she had a attitude that had to be respected. They had similar but then different personalities that Louis very much respected.

Louis was a bit fond of Olivianne since he had also nursed her and they had a friendship that was quite unique and caring. Louis could not let Harry loose her, no matter what! He knew that if Harry lost her, Harry would be lost himself. He knew that if he Harry, he would crumble since Harry and Louis were such close best friends. He knew that of Harry let go of the ladder, he would loose two very important people and would at once blame it on himself.

Harry let out a harsh sigh and bit his lip as he hesitated before climbing just a but fast but not much.

"Harry, please keep climbing. My lungs are on f-fire," Olivianne whispered as her voice broke at the end and she started to cough. Harry felt her chest and belly press and fall and rise against his back front he hard coughs. He felt her shake form the coughs and climb higher.

"'k... " he agreed. He dared not to look down at the ground since he would let out a girly shriek if he did.

Finally after what seems like an eternity, he finally got up to the metal pad from the door of the helicopter. There waited another paramedic that pulled Harry on the pad, where he laid breathless. The paramedic took of Oliv from Harry's back and laid her on a gurney. It all happened with efficacy as they gave Oliv sleeping pills so they could stop her pain. They also gave Harry some water and Help Louis up and set them on some benches in the helicopter. The paramedics got the ladder and started the chopper again.

Finally the helicopter left the house and fluttered its way to the nearest hospital. They sat in silent as Oliv silently slept. They shook and moved and jumped with the movements of the 'copter. They were completly lost (Liam, Welly, Louis and Harry) since they have never been to this part of France and they hve never been on a helicopter.

"Aren't you three boys from..." One of he paramedics commented and they nodded but the the paramedic understood to no ask or say anything else, for celebrities do need their own privacy for their personal affairs and stuff. The paramedics gave them pitiful looks.

"What do you think will happen to her?" Harry said and he rubbed the side of his head in a soothing way.

"Honestly, I'm not sure. Has she been doing his a lot?" Harry nodded sadly. "Well, since the cancer hasn't given its worst effect yet, to prevent I she might have to start chemotherapy early. It's going to be a hard process but you gotta be strong!"

Harry's heart crumbled, chemotherapy, early? He had heard that it was a horrible process and that I was really painful to watch and have. But doesn't chemotherapy mean you can't get pregnant? Harry sigh and had to ask the doctor later.

Somehow he had a sudden want to be a father and husband.



At the hospital, the doctors gave Oliv some medicine why she was still asleep to help her from the flu that she got that would go away in about two days or less but it really depended on how strong the bug was. The doctors also had to send Olivianne to have some x-days once she was awake. They had connected her to a bag with water and said hat hey had to give her a better device and took her off to surgery.

It all happened quite fast.

Harry wondered why the surgery with out Oliv's parents' permission? But he later found out that her parents had signed, one some health papers, that if Olivianne were to need medical attention and they weren't there to approve, that it was fine with them and she could get anything to help her. It was a straight forward contract.

Harry went to the cafeteria with the rest of his friends, waiting for Oliv to wake up from the surgery. The group decided to never make a big deal to these minor surgeries since she was going to have lots and the only surgery to really be worried about was the last and major surgery that was now being planed to happen after her 18th birthday.

"Guys, I'm gonna call her mom..." Liam said shaking his head. The rest nodded as Liam got up and walked to the waiting room to talk on the phone in privacy. In a different occasion, Liam would be panicking from the lack of order but he knew that he couldn't. Welly, Louis and Harry walked back. Louis decided to call his family and Jules also, leaving Harry and Welly alone.

"Hey..." Harry said, trying to start conversation.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Welly said. Harry nodded. "Would you and Oliv have... You know... Sex this early?" She said scratching the back to her head.

"No, we're waiting until after marriage..." He said and Welly let out a 'oh' shaped mouth. "Why? It's not like you haven't that planed out, right?"

"Erm..." Welly was quite in shook by Oliv's maturity for this. She was a bit proud of her decision but hen was a bit shy how she and Liam had already said that for when ever Welly was ready, which was quite soon...

"You don't have to share that information. Don't worry." Harry said at once, not wanting Welly to feel awkward. There was a long awkward moment of silence as they walked in the waiting room.

"You know..." Welly said, getting Harry's attention. "She does love you and is quite lucky to have you."

"What do you mean?"

"She is really lucky to have such a understanding and strong boyfriend like you, right?"



"I'm not strong. I just promised to never show pity on Oliv and to keep my sad emotions to myself for now."


"Because she know I can't handle this. The knows I'm breaking along with her. She know that out love story has a bigger chance of ending in a tragedy. We just have to accept that we can be unlucky.

"But I still think I'm really lucky for I have a great job and amazing friends and family. The best part of m life so far would be Oli, even thought she will bring so much pain and we will cry a lot together, I find that it's worth it." Harry said and sat down with Welly who had her hand on her heart for the romantic words.

"Gosh, you guys are so cute. You guys are perfect for each other... I really hope very thing works out." She let out a bit of her inner fan girl and Harry chuckled. He had a smiled to his face from her sweet comment and with a nod they got up to call their own families.

His mother told him the tomorrow was his last day since she ordered him to show her the famous Oliv and they he *had to leave in two days to the airport, no exceptions unless their are medical issues. He sigh, this was just he way his mother worked.


Niall and Antonia had left Zayn and Amber alone in the kitchen in their own little bubble. Antonia wanted to pester Niall with where their relationship was. She wanted to ask him why he was so distant and why he was sad.

"Niall," she said and sat down in the living room's couch where Oliv used to lay. They were going to the hospital in about thirty minutes.

"Hmm?" Niall hummed as he looked at her attentively.

"What are we?"

"A boy and a girl?" Which was true.

"No, relationship wise you little dumb butt..." Antonia muttered. She really as tired of these on/off emotions Niall kept sending her. She wanted him to say "Antonia is my girlfriend," and mean it.

"I'm not sure..." He said and itched his head in confusion.

"Do you like me?"


"Do you have feelings for me, or do you fancy me?"

"Um... Yes..."

"Well, I like you too and people who like each other date, right? I don't get it!" Antonia let out a frustrated grunt. "Do you wanna take it slow? You want to get to know me more? Why haven't you asked me out? What have I done? Will I really be forever alone? Why?" Niall stared at Antonia's outburst. She was tired of his games and wanted to call him hers.

"I'm sorry..."

"No. You got me in this on/off game! I'm sick and tired of this. Tell me now why you won't ask me out?!" She gave him a devilish look, making Niall shrink in his seat

"I don't want you to get hurt..." He mumbled as tears warned to steamed down his face.

"What do you mean?"

"Each time I date, which is rare and in secret, they end up in a disaster!"

"What? Why?" Antonia gasped, utterly confused.

"Each girl I date get hurt and we brake up..."


"Diana. She got hurt on a date with me and we broke up. Emily, we were engaged in high school then she got shot. Dionne, she got drowned at a beach by a maniac who is in jail. It's too much." He said and he strayed to cry as Antonia felt pity come over her and hugged him and soothed him.

"Oh, bu-"

"I just don't want that happening to you... It would be the last straw." He sighed and pulled away and Antonia gave him sad eyes.

"I promise that won't happen to me," she reassured.


"I promise!" She smiled and his leaned forward to give her a lustful kiss. "Just don't hurt yourself on this and cry, be happy."

"I know, I won't... For you..." He smiled and they walked to get Zayn and Amber for the hospital that was only 2 hours away.


"Zayn," Amber said as they finished cleaning the washroom. He hummed a yes. She had been meaning to ask this for a while since she could see that unlike herself, Zayn was too why to ask. "Do you love me?"

"Yeah..." He answered shyly, confused because he thought she meant it as friends.

"Like really? As in I Love You?"

"Why do you even ask?" He was really shy to admit that he was falling for her.

"Because I want to know I'm not wasting my time on a simple crush..." Which was true, why would you waste your time on something irrelevant to you life?

"I do..." He said with a sigh. "I do love you..."

"Good." He blushed.


"Because, why love someone who doesn't love you back? Now I know it's ok to love you!" And she leaned forward and gave him a chaste lovely kiss that he truly like and smiled in to. She let out a giggle in the kiss.

Antonia snapped a picture as Niall laughed and she posted it on Twitter with the caption "@zaynmalik @Amber1010 sharing a kiss, how cute!" Which got twitter and tumblr loosing the sanity (if they ever had had.)

"Cute..." Niall commented as they pulled away, blushing. "We should get going guys..." He said a d motioned to the car and they nodded and were off to the car, diving to the hospital Liam had indicated in a text.


Harry paced around, it was bout 1 am, he was dead tired and Olivianne was still in the surgery. His feet were sore and he was a bit cold. He was starting to look quiet scary and his eyes were getting hollows and his eyes were red and face was site and red from crying.

Yes, he cried because Olivianne wasn't taking medication and that genuinely hurt his feelings. He cried because he needed to cry. He cried because last time he felt a horrible pain was when he was a teenager in high school and be had been cutting.

As much bad he had promised himself to never do that since he was 15, he felt like it was a escape from the pain of reality and a sprinkle of the pixie dust of Neverland.


Welly and Liam and strolled off to find the doctors because it was obvious that Harry wouldn't be able to take in the information right now whether it was good or not. He looked far to shaken from the medication problem to take in more. They found him in the reception room, asking for Olivianne's guest.

"Sir?" Liam said, trying to get his attention.

"Yes?" He turned around to who was calling him.

"We are Olivianne guest. May we please see her?" Welly said as if she had already memorized that sentence, which she had after saying it for so long now.

"She had woken up and is asking for someone named Harry, are one if you Harry? She... Well, I'll explain later." He asked as he led them to the waiting room, where Harry sat staring at his twitter account, he was reading mentions. He had tweeted: @zaynmalik where are you guys.

Zayn had replied: @Harry_Styles half way there, ps: @antoniaforeveralone can not sing for shit.

Harry smiled at the thought. He had then tweeted: @NiallOfficial why so slow?

Niall had tweeted back: @Harry_Styles its not me, it's @Antoniaforeveralone who is driving...ha she thanks you.

Harry left the conversations like so them tweeted: Why are hospitals so scary and boring.

Which got lost of people to tweet him and go a bit mad.

"Harry?" Welly said as he turned his phone off and saw the doctor and got up.

"Harry Styles," the doctor said and took out his hand and Harry shook it. "Why, if it isn't my pleasure of meeting you! Big fan, sorry." He smiled and Harry smiled back politely, at the back of his head he wanted to know where Olivianne was.

"Pleasure is mine..." It wasn't really but he had to have respects to the man who help Oliv get well. "Is she awake." The doctor looked a bit confused then bikini and smiled.

"Right this way, sir." He said and nodded towards the a door that automatically opened and walked to the room 771 in the children's section.

Harry could here babies screaming and crying and making horrible noises. He heard children screaming Nos or sobbing in pain. He heard mothers and fathers punish and get angry sight their children. There were children whining and then a slap followed after.

He wrinkled his nose.

It disgusted him and he personally hated when people got angry at their children. Children are children and they will disobey at some point. It's the way life works and one must simply accept that. C'est la vie!

He knew that if he had a baby with Olivianne he would treat the baby like a king or queen and he would be the best father ever. He would protect the child and treat it with so much care. He would really do anything for his own offspring. A smile crawled its way to his lips and he was smiling like a dummy, gathering weird looks from Liam and Welly and people who past by.

"Here we are," the doctor said and nodded to the door in front of them in the ICU, making Harry gulp and Welly's back sweat and Liam hands tremble. "Oh, not the ICU! Here," he said chucking and pointing at the door that said 'Room 515' right beside the ICU. "Ha, she is in this room." He said and unlocked the door and walked into the room. Welly gasped and Liam turned her around, in a hugging way, covering their faces by the sight that they saw.

Olivianne was laying down on the hospital bed with her eyes closed. She could have easily been mistaken for a dead person. She had tubes in her nose, giving her fresh air and medicated air, also be sued her lungs were trying to adjust the new device that had been out in her lung. Her IV had stains of blood mixed inside with the water. She had white gowned and her blue bra was showing and she had stickers agains her chest. She blinked and looked at the group with glassy red sore eyes. Her gown had stains of blood from coughing up blood. She studied Harry.

Harry had hollow eyes since he had been up late to see her off to the surgery and back from it. His skin was porcelain white. He had a checkered red and white shirt and faded blue jeans and dirty sneakers since he had been working in the farm and he had some dirt on his red nose.

"Harry!" She croaked in glee and the doctor went outside to discus Oliv's health state and explain what happened.

Harry smiled as he rushed to her and smashed his soft plum lips against her red full heart-shaped shaking lips. She reached over, with the left hand that didn't have the IV, and placed her hand behind his neck and kissed him forward to get more into in the kiss. He was now hovering her, with his chest touching the tip of hers and one arm around her waist and the other cuddling her cheek.

He licked her bottom lip, since it was a habit and he kinda wanted to try something new in the kiss. It shocked Oliv at first, the step the relationship was about to take. But it made her feel warm inside and gave her these add new feeling, like if her heart was on her stomach and the elephant that was on her lungs was slowly disappearing again.

She granted him an entrance and he, of course, enjoyed that different and sugary flavor of her mouth and took advantage of the flavor. It's like swimming in a pile of glory and perfection, he thought with a small smile. It was like he had tasted the sweetest of strawberries and the best cake in the world. He actually quite enjoyed the kiss until she began to pull his hair and making moan a very attractive moan.

He let his hand trail down to the back of the gown, that was open, and let his cold finger tips touch her hidden spine, giving her good tingles and shivers. She felt the tubes in her nose slip from their position slowly. He he let his fingers tease her bra strap until he heard a loud uncomfortable cough that made him freeze them pull back. He blush a deep shade of red with Oliv and they both smiled an innocent smile as Liam took a picture and Welly let out a giggle and bit her lip.

"Um..." Olivianne said and played with a string from the gown. She looked pant-less from the gown length but she still had her bottoms on.

"We came in to take a picture, since you guys haven't really had pictures as a couple together..." Welly mumbled and started a braid on her wild hair.

"Harry, she still is underage..." Liam whispered. "Plus, this is he second time today you've been caught, and let me tell you, sex in a hospital with bring you nothing but trouble and problems."

"We weren't..." Harry said.

"We have discussed that not yet..." Olivianne said in a annoyed voice. "It was a mutual decision that has been taken." Liam let out a sigh in relief and Welly smiled warmly.

"Good," Welly nodded and sat on the bed with Liam who pulled two chairs for him and Harry beside the bed. "The doctor said that you're just got a bug, nothing big or bad. Since you immune system is trying to fight the cancer and helping your body with the lack of air, that's why you got sick so badly and why it might make you puke." Oliv nodded with a long sigh.

"When can I leave?" She said.

"After the doctor comes with your prescribed medicine that you have to take oh, so strictly and must NOT forget! Please don't be like that and take them well with care!" Liam warned. "Or else you will have to spend your days in a hospital, which you don't want, right?"

"Right," she said and winked at Liam and did a gun to her head and fake killed herself with her imaginary gun. "Oh, why... How much medication do I have to take?"

"Four pills per 6 hours..." Welly commanded. "Also, you need to be a good girl and make sure you don't hurt your self because your healing will be supper slow. Got that?"

"Yes sir- I mean ma'am!" Oliv said and did a soldier salut. "Harry, I must say..." She said in a as-a-matter-of-a-fact way. "You are one great kisser!" She giggled and he blush and smiled.

"Thank you..." He chucked. "I'll take note of that," he winked.

"Alright," Liam said and smacked his hands together before hearing a loud noise of the room. He heard shouts and protests. "What th-"

"What weird fetish is this, of course it's Louis! Just because he is wearing a polo doesn't mean he isn't the ideal 'Louis Tomlinson!" Niall spat as his voice came closer to the room.

"Don't you dare look at me like that, you weird perverted security guard. This otta be the room." Louis sasses his was until he walked to the room with Niall and Amber and Zayn and Antonia with a annoyed security guard watching Louis in a creepy perverted way. "Now leave, you odd man who won't keep his eyes to himself!" Louis showed the guy away, who grunted.

"Olivianne!" Niall cooed and heard Harry laughed as he noticed where this was leading at. "Guess what! I got a bag full of skittles! My mommy used to say that I was not aloud to have them for the sugar, but Lou got bored and bought me some since his doctor said the sugar could be an over load... Do you wanna have one?" He bursted in to a fit of giggled that worried Welly and Liam.

"I would love to," she said smiling at Niall, her doctor told her that if she had to much sugar, or if she had any sugar actually, she would go mad. She could get hyper off of air. Welly gas her this look along with Amber as Antonia looked a bit disappointed. "But, Mama Welly says I cannot... Rude, but soon I will eat lots of sugar that my belly will get all big like Whinny the Pooh and it will giggle and, and..."

"Olivianne?" Antonia said with a hint of hope in her voice. "Did you just... Act... Like yourself?"

"What do you mean?" Olivianne questioned, what was this fetish of her not acting like herself now a days?

"You acted like your hyper fun childish self! Like before!" Amber gasped and Antonia and Welly looked at each other in utter shock and happiness. "Like before..." She didn't have to day the rest because Oliv knew that it was like before cancer.

Olivianne blinked and understood. For a while she has been basically mature and emotionless, because usually she would be much more hyper and happy and like Niall and Louis would ac on Red Bull. She sigh and looked at the window.

"One day," Oliv smiled. "I'll be my hyper natural self, promise! I just... Haven't adjusted to this..." She mumbled and looked at Welly with glassy eyes. She then stared at her belly as if made a Jurassic Park roar and a dying whale. "Lovely..."

"I agree with Olivianne, I am hungry and so is she- we. Must. Eat." He said in a serious voice, making everyone laugh but Oliv looked at him and nodded, as if it was a life or death decision.

The doctor walked in with a paper and gave it to Oliv, saying that her hair would change it color (naturally) because of the medication in a few months and that she would get really weak. Also he said that after December, next year, she would start her chemotherapy and really loose her hair. Of course, Olivianne, who loved her luxurious hair, got pale and asked if it would ever grow back to the way it used to be before and the doctor said that it would if she survived cancer, and with that he left.

If she survived...

That sentenced kept booming in Harry's head and have him shivers.

"Guys, let go home, ok?" Antonia said and she left with Niall, holding hands, (which surprised everyone) to the car with Zayn and Amber. Liam nodded and called a nurse with Welly and they left to get medication and to the car.

A short and old and mean-looking nurse came and told Harry and Olivianne that she would pull out the IV and would take out the tubes. Oliv nodded and the nurse pulled out the tubes from her nose, making her nose itch and them burn for a minute. Then she reached to the IV and told Olivianne to hold on to Harry is she was scared, which she was. She held Harry's hand and the nurse literally yanked out the IV.

Oliv burst into tears and whimper in tears as the nurse handed her her shirt and flip-flops and told them to hurry up and get ready. Once she left Olivianne did a face as she left.

"I do not like her at all," Olivianne mumbled as she cleaned up her tears and swung her legs to the edge of the bed.

"Me neither." Harry said oh, so plainly and help Olivianne off the bed and help her take the gown off.

"You can go out while I change..." Oliv said and grabbed the shirt and covered her chest and stomach with it.

"Why?" Harry wondered.

"Because I'm gonna change my shirt and I... I'm not a pretty person with the nice body." She mumbled and stared at ground. She was really self-conscious about her looks and body. Harry rolled his eyes.

"That's pure rubbish!" He gasped and ripped of the shirt, exposing Olivianne's body. She blushed and cover herself with the small arms and turned around in a shy way. She felt long arms wrap themselves around her waist and Harry's chin rest against her right collarbone and his head lean against her head. "You are, in fact, beautiful. Sure your not a skinny girl like models but you're you and I love you like that. Also, I'd rather see you with meat and a belly than a thin creepy person. I like you like that because it the way you. No, scratch that, I love you like that because you aren't someone who wants to starve themselves and wanna be skinny. You don't mind being meaty and having curves, like most people should be. You aren't fake like a Barbie, you are the girl I fell and still and falling in love with."

"Really?" She smiled and he kissed her bare neck softly.

"Oh, yeah. And that's one of the group of things that simply make you perfect for me and make me fall each day even harder in love with you. Plus, I love you just the way you are!" he said. "Can I ask you something?"


"Can you get pregnant?" Harry wondered, he blushed and nuzzled his nose against her neck in a embarrassing and shy way.

"It's unlikly... After I start radiation, there is a possiblity that after a year or two that I wouldn't be able to menstruate or get pregnant ing general... Why?"

"No reason...."

"Hmm, really? Alright..." she winked and she turned around do give him a meaningful chaste but passionate kiss. It was that kiss that one would say could wake up sleeping beauty.

'True Love's kiss.'


Once the group of people got back to the cottage, it was about 3 am and everyone rushed to go to her without any chit-chat since everyone was being swept to their sleep. Everyone has sleep a warm night with Niall and Antonia acting more like a couple and two people with feeling. Zayn and Amber giving each other loving looks and blowing each other kisses. Liam and Welly actually after that day would get this kinky feeling and it would amuse the group of friends.

Louis called Jules to bid her a good-night and she was over joyed to hear from him. They seemed like more than friends, which was different. Louis definitely had feeling for Jules but he did not want to break it off with Eleanor so harshly. It was a complicated problem for him.

That night, Olivianne let out a cry in pain from her lungs since her body wasn't adjusted to the device and it was hurting her. Nobody would do anything. It was a horrible sigh to see. Olivianne just locked herself in a washroom in the hallway and let out little whispers in pain.

It sounded like a small animal was being killed. It was like if someone was hurting a helpless living creature with a hollow evil laugh. It was like someone hard sent a devilish pain to Oliv's lungs and had the only goal to get her to feel pain.

It was even painful for Harry, who was shaken from all this drama.

Harry ran to the washroom, with a rush in his veins. He had only one solution for a relief. He locked the door from the washroom and say the only thing that could make him leave the pain.

That could bring a new one for a change.

That could get him numb and senseless.

That could ease what Olivianne was going through, or so he thought.

It was something he hadn't done since he had been called gay and ugly in school when he was 15. He had quit because of the X-Factor and he knew he couldn't continue. Also, he had stopped because he could have gone to rehab.

He shouldn't do this, but he still did.

He took his razor that he used to shave and steady his hand as he pressed the blade against his right wrist, where all the old scars were. He felt that odd, old but familiar feeling that gave him this kind of buzz in the ears. When he was sure he had enough of that feeling his washed the blade and his wrist, hiding what he had done and put a band-aid over the cuts and slipped his wrist back on to cover everything.

He flushed to toilet to fool others and washed his hands and left to go to bed with guilt crawling up his spine.

His cuts burned and somehow, he didn't feel so proud of his act.




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