Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


22. Chapter 20: Little Bird.


Chapter 20:

Little Bird.


When I got u to the room I had shared with Harry, the bed and room was still messy from us and our luggage was on the edge of hype ground. I reached for all my stuff and decided to wear jean short shorts and a purple tank-top that read 'Run for a cure' that before didn't mean much to me but now my life depended on it. I took the close and opened the door that was to the washroom with a tub area and a shower and a toilet and a glass sink. It was was very well done and cutely decorated.

I took a 15 minute shower which was quite fast since didn't wash my hair and took a quick wash. I got changed and putt my hair in a braid that I knew that the braid would break because I sucked at doing braids and it possibly looked like a bird-nest mixed with a possum that was about to fall apart. I did what I usually do after shower, like deodorant and that stuff.

My legs were starting to get all prickly and hairy, I sighed and thought my legs would last this day before I gotta shave again. My legs seemed thinner and I could see my veins but since I have been in the sun a lot it wasn't as bad as it would be in winter.

I studied my figure and noticed I looked small in general than usual, would I get worst? I had seen on TV that people with cancer end up becoming really thin and small that they would look almost anorexic even though they aren't. Would I be super small? Even smaller that I already am since I am naturally quite small.

I sighed and decided that only time will tell...

I wrote a quick note with my miniature writing saying:

'At the farm and corn field, be back later!

Olivianne. '

I grabbed my iPhone and headphones. The time said 1pm, I gasped at how time flies when your busy! I put socks on and took my rain-boots and stomped my way downstairs because I still was pissed off at my friends' reaction. I'm still a bike so of course I do get tantrums and I sometimes act like a child when I'm annoyed.

The living room was quite and I guess everyone was either upstairs getting changed or outside doing something. The dining room was now cleaned and the kitchen was quiet and relaxed. I walked to the front door and slipped on my boots and made my way to the farm.

The farm, of course, smell terrible, cow and sheep poo was gathered in a pile and there was a fenced zone outside where the chickens and roosters clucking and making strange chicken noise. There were animals making noise. I sighed and walked in to play with farm animals, something I haven't done since I was 10.

The barn doors were open, to my luck because I am way to weak to open them. It was basically a hallway with rooms that contained animals and poo and hay. There were a whole room full of a wet muddy pool full of pigs that kept snorting as they watched me walked down the hallway.

There was a box full of bunnies and I pet a few and felt their soft fur under my fingertips. They had gray, orange, brown, beige, back and white colors, so ego we even mixed. There had cute long ears and small bushy cotton-like tails. They were nibbling on carrots and wrinkling their noses like I do. I wrinkled my nose to a tiny one and it mimicked me. I giggled at the cute animal and decided to move on with animals.

I saw a cow and something about it made me wanna know more about it. It hard the black and white natural spots and patches that was cute and absolutely normal. I rested my arms on the fence and leaned forward and watched it and it mooed at me and I mooed at him/her since i didn't know the sex of the cow. The cows eyes seem to be smiling and having pity on me at the same time. I decided to talk to cow.

"Hello cow..." I started, yup, officially bored now. It tilted it's head and mooed at me. I guess it said hello.

"Is it hard being a cow?" I asked. The cow seemed to moo a 'no' and bent down to eat something. Of course it isn't hard to be a cow!

"Do cows get sick? Do they get diseases?" I questioned it and it mooed a, what seems to be, a maybe. I got tempted to ask wow hint that backs the back of my head. I decided to give in to the temptation. I sigh and leaned forward to the lonesome cow.

"Do cows get cancer?" I asked shyly and itched the back of my head and looked at the cow's brown pitiful eyes. It mooed and nodded slightly before shaking it's head, it was utterly confused now. I tilted my head and got off the fence and sight.

"Yeah, i think cows get cancer..." Said a voice behind me. It was the person who had tadeld-tailed on me.

"You heard?" I asked sighing.

"Yeah..." Niall said and laughed.

"Ah..." I said sighing.

"Sorry 'bout earlier, y'a 'now?" He said with a thick Irish accent. I nodded and forgave him, no one could ever say no to this boy and he obviously takes advantage of that.

"It's ok... Just they judged me so badly... Welly and Liam and Louis, that is..." I mumbled and stood beside a dirty-clothed Niall.

"Don' w'rry," he said and honestly it was hard to understand him, hard enough that I could swear on the whole farm that he had put more that 2 'R's in 'worry.' It was. It'd adorable though, to see him try to be more comprehendible. "Lou is n't'rally judgmental, 'specially since you seem to be taking all of Harry's time and thoughts... You kn'w Lou can be territorial with his friends." I nodded, suddenly things were clearer. "Liam is just like a dad but young'r y'a 'now?" I nodded again. "Welly... Dunno, like Liam but female?" I laughed and agreed with him. "What 're you doing here?" He asked.

"Taking fresh air, relaxing... Trying to not have stress..." I mumbled. I knew that i had tears building up and that later (somehow) I would end up in tears. I had to not have stress 'cause that"You?"

"Taking care of the animals. Usually there is a hired farmer but this weekend, we gotta do everythin' but it's not so bad. Harry is gonna be mowing the lawns. Zayn'll be getting the corn and Amber is gonna pile up the corn and place it in the bins where they get sent off somewhere else that I can't pronounce...

"The rest are gonna be cleaning up and helping me with the animals, maybe even do the corn fields... Right now, I'm checkin' if there's any hurt or sick animals or 'f there's dead animals t' eat tonight, 'n' I'm cravin' chickens..." He licked his lips mischievously, which led to me rolling my eyes. He said he had to go clean the animals so he had to go and we said bye and parted ways, me to the fence of chickens and him to mend the sheep.

I saw a hole in the fence that surrounded the garden of chickens and decided to see if there was an runaway chickens. There was a small path that lean to the corn fields.

I walked down the pathway and to the corn fields. The corn fields yellow-y beige-ish color. The crops looked a bit dead but when I looked closer they were very much alive. There were 2 fields that were 4km long squared boxes. I was those corn fields that you see in pictures and videos. The plants was a long plant with corn popping out everywhere.

If I walked in there, I would die because of many reasons, like heat exhaustion, (right now, I felt small drops o sweat be formed from the heat) also I would be able to walk the whole thin since it big. Plus I could go hungry and die of hunger! Worst is that I would get lost because everything looked the same...

I made my way to the path that was right in front of the cornfields and saw a baby chick on the edge of the cornfields. I speed-walked to it to guide it back.

It was a small baby chicken, possibly too small to be eaten. It had a beautiful yellow coat of fur and a cute small beak. It had cute round black beady eyes and clawed feet. It had two wings until I noticed a problem.

I gasped when I noticed that it's left wing was broken and that it was limping.

"Oh, oh no!" I squealed. I reached forward and hesitated a bit before rolling my eyes and grabbing the baby chick and holding it in y hands and it fit perfectly. It kept chirping and making whiny noises. "Stop crying, baby, I'll take you to Harry and we'll fix you! Aww, you're so cute! You cutie patutie! I'll make you my Little Bird!" I pet it carefully with my thumb on the neck and it quieted down and surprisingly it snuggled in my hands as if it were a nest.

I walked to go find Niall to help the baby chick but he was no where to be found. I looked around the farm in panic because the baby seemed to be crying. I looked until I felt a buzz that made me stop looking around.

And then it happened.

There was a loud buzzing my ear.

I looked up and the color from my face drained and my heart almost stopped. I was standing under a wasps' nest. I let out a squeal and felt myself about to freak. My breathing got un-even and I felt cold sweat glide down my back. I noticed the wasps where coming down at me and in panic I ran for my life and made a small scream.

I probably looked stupid but those creatures scare the death of me. Panic rose to my throat and I ran for my safety to the nearest place, which was the corn field. I ran and ran and continued to run until I was sure there were done chasing me. I looked around to locate myself but only on thought appeared:

Oh, shit.

I was now lost.

There was corn all around me. I couldn't see where I was and honestly, I was pretty scared to death now. I looked around and heard soft whimpering and saw the baby chick still in my hands.

"I'm so sorry baby!" I cried and officially thought I was lost and felt tears sting my eyes. "Sorry for my stupidity!" I wailed. I walked more around the corn fields. I walked in the silence for what seemed to be hours until I finally got tired and felt the results of all this energy use.

First was a pinch at the bottom of my spine that made me get alarmed. Then it was brought to my ribs until my lungs felt like they were bing crushed and pinched and pulled.

It really hurt.

I closed my eyes, hoping the pain would go away but it didn't. I gasped at how painful it was, worst than before... I wanted to rub my lungs but I had the chicken in m arms. I elbowed my lungs, hoping some change but only more pain. I let out a shriek out of pain and got lightheaded and nauseated. My head was burning and I screamed in the pain and couldn't help but brake down in to tears.

My legs got weak but I had to find a way out. I walked some more until I found a patch where there was not plants. It was a grass spot where there was nothing but small wild flowers. I walked there but my legs gave in and I felt to the ground, as if I were limbless. The baby was still in my hands and safe unlike me, who was sobbing in pain.

I started to feel a heated flame in my throat and hoped that I wasn't what I thought. I closed my eyes and pray to my body that I wouldn't start but I did. I started to cough hard all of a sudden until I ended up coughing up blood as I felt a something in my throat itch, other like a terrible mosquito bite. The blood was splatter all over my shirt that would later make a stain. Some was dripped on m chime since I would really cover myself but with left shoulder since I still had the small chicken in my hands.

I couldn't any more and I just laid down with the chicken beside me. It didn't leave me thought, it just watched me and whispered slightly as I petted it and winced in pain. I closed my eyes once more and felt them get heavy. I could opened them again for I didn't have any forces to help them.

I sighed and whispered a sorry to the chicken and blacked out, leaving the world behind me.


Zayn and Amber were silently, in the truck, looking along the cornfields and holding brand as Amber sat beside Zayn and gripped on his hand as they sat in the front. Zayn drove the truck and they did small chat on dumb things like the weather or the place.

They had been truly one of those lucky couples that don't get much misery in their lives unlike the poor friends. They hadn't had problems, only the fact that Amber's family might not approve of Zayn. As much as they fancied each other, they wanted things to go slower and enjoy their youth as a young couple before they got serious.

'Course that meant they hadn't said 'I love you' yet (even though they truly wanted to) but they were dating. That had kissed. They had a make out session but they had not said 'I love you' because they weren't ready to commit with that type of things.

They had thought about how Oliv and Harry had moved on quite fast and their relationship was very young and childish, like a Disney movie. But that was them and they were themselves. They didn't exactly frown upon their love and rules in the relationship by they weren't sure it was the best...

For one, Welly had told their group of friends, when Oliv and Harry weren't there, (before their relationship had blossomed and when they had just met, because Welly knew that this relationship had a different vibe than others and was much stronger and real and that was young and easy to be changed) while they where in Disney at Paris, that whenever something happened to them (Harry and Oliv, that is) that they had to be as strong and courageous and accepting.

That meant, sadly, that whatever happened, they had to be mature and there for them. Louis, as the oldest, took it stronger and understood that in some situations he had to the man or even leader of the group. He had to be the mature one for any situation that they came upon. That is why when the couple had their first fight, the matters had changed to be in his hands and he took the main decisions. That, also, would help Louis mature and become a real man that would guide Harry (since they were such close best friends) in to maturity.

This meant they whenever Oliv was in pain, it was better to take Harry away from her (I it's bad and they can't do much to help) so he doesn't suffer from seeing her suffer. They had to help Oliv and Harry cope with all the symptoms that would accrue.

Also, if Oliv was in some therapy or surgery or something, that had to be mature and strong. When the couple got in a argument, they had to treat it maturely. They had to be strong and take different measures.

The worst of this was that, if Olivianne were to have a failure or the surgery wouldn't go well or if the cancer got the best of her, and she were to die, that had to be the strongest and maturest and be as realistic as possible. They had to take care of what would end up to a broken and torn Harry and help him.

Louis silently knew they if something horrible and fearful would happen to Oliv, Harry would do something terrible, either suicide (which possible would be his first and more likely choice) or fall in to depression or an addiction to any sort, that he would instantly go and put Harry in to rehabilitation to help him. Harry would have to take time off of work.

But they didn't want to think about those terrible things that could happen.

Zayn and Amber got to a patch of grass where there wasn't any crops and saw a body laying there, unconscious. Zayn pointed at the body and Amber told him to stop the truck so they could we squat it was. Zayn wrapped his arms, protectively, around Amber (thinking that maybe it was a drunk or a high person or some hobo) until they recognized who it was in the time light from the sunset.

The body's chocolate brown hair seems to be wind-blown and her face was a bit dirty. It was a small girl that had a fair pretty tan skin and a round baby-shaped face. A small pretty curvy body and small waist. She had very delicate features and was sprawled on the ground, cupping something in her hand. He chest was rising vey dimly and her breathing was very weak.

The couple gasped as they saw Olivianne laying there unconscious with a baby chick in her hands, holding it protectively.

"Zayn!" Amber screamed as she kneeled forward to her cousin's limped body. "It's Oli! Oh, we gotta take her back! She i-is-isn't breathing well!" She stuttered and felt panic rise up and out voice.

"Yeah, c'mon. Don't worry Darlin' she fine..." He said and gave her a quick hug, trying to reassure Amber that Oliv wasn't dead. Amber grabbed the baby chicken and took care of it as Zayn carried Olivianne's body to the truck and laying her in the back and sitting back up front with Amber and the chicken and speeded off to the cottage in panic. Amber noticed the bird had broken its wing and hurt it leg. She petted it and tried to sooth the bird.


When they got to the cottage, Liam was in the kitchen with Harry and Welly, preparing the dinner. Liam saw the truck arrive from the windows and went to open the door and greet them. Antonia and Niall and Louis were getting the table set and bringing out he food to place it to the dining room.

Harry was worrying over Oli and how she had disappeared and how they hadn't spoken since breakfast and it was almost 7pm now. He worried that she was angry with him or something but the others reassured him otherwise. Niall had been the last one she had spoken to and somehow Niall felt guilty that he had been the last and not her boyfriend. Harry had read the note and wondered where she was.

He walked to the door and told the rest that the others had come back. Liam opened the door and gasped when he saw Amber waking carefully as she held a baby chicken in her hands but what brought the surprise was Zayn who was carrying a unconscious body that Liam instantaneously knew was Olivianne's body.

His eyes widened and went to his fatherly more and told the couple to wait and slow down. He rushed to the kitchen, mentally thanking his fitness for his speed, and whispered in Welly's ear while Harry was putting the turkey in the oven and sprinkle spices over it, " Love, take Harry away, we found Oli... She isn't good, she is unconscious. Don't tell Harry... Go!" And she nodded and rushed away and told Harry to help her with the washroom upstairs. He, unknowingly, left out of naivety.

Amber and Zayn (Zamber) walked in with Niall and Antonia rushing to her to help the chicken. They brought the chicken to a washroom to clean and feed and help it. Liam grabbed Oliv and Zayn, and a curious Louis, followed him to the living room and rested her to the couch.

They hide her from the kitchen's view and called Welly to come and help them with Oli, who was still unconscious and unoknowelegde of her surroundings. Welly told Harry to go prepare some tea for everyone to have with the dinner and Harry agreed.

Welly saw Oliv and knew at once that something was wrong. She when to her room and got out an injection that Olivianne's parents had given her to have at all times just in case. It was full of medicine that would help her. Welly ran downstairs and told everyone to back away.

She sent the other boys away to go with Harry and keep him busy and asked Antonia and Amber to come with her and help her. Welly was panicking and stressing out as Antonia tried to calm her down. Amber took charge and took the injection and asked Welly to explain where it had to be injected and the precautions that had to be done.

They pulled Oliv's shirt over her breast and Welly closed her eyes and looked away and held Antonia's hand until she had lost feelings. Antonia was the one comforting everyone and guiding Amber as Amber did the steps by steps and let her daring side take over and giving her strength.

She bit her lip and injected Oliv in he right lung, right under the boob. She pushed down the button that contained the medication and waited until the medicine was now in her body and pulled it out and went to throw away the needle in a special box and bag that they would have to give to a hospital since needles have a special way to get thrown out. They put a band-aid (after getting a cotton soaked in alcohol and clean the spot where she had been injected) on the injection hole.

They waited a bit and pulled Oliv's shirt down and rested her to the couch and a better positions. They waited until her felt her stir in the dead silence that a tumbleweed could even past by. Her eyes finally fluttered open.

"Wow, how did I-what?-the baby! Guys-I...gah! I'm confused, pleas explain!" Olivianne said.

"Breath deeply, please." Welly ordered her and Plov did as she was told. "Zayn, please come in here, please and explain what happened?" Zayn heard and walked in.

"I was with Amber in the truck and found a body that was you, Oliv, and we brought her here and than, you did something to wake he up, what was it?" He said in a very direct and brief way. Welly nodded, taking all the information in and nodding and shooing Zayn away and told him to bring Liam and Niall.

"Niall what happened, exactly." Niall explained how that chatted and they parted ways. Although he and Liam staid and sat around Oliv to watch her. She sat up but fell backwards and was in a fragile state. There were no doctors or anyway of getting medical help in a 8km radius. She seemed be shaking and was as cold as ice when Welly checked her temperature, (that was bad.)

"Olivianne, pleas explain your disappearance and how you ended up unconscious in the fields?" Liam said and gave her a forcing look.

"I found a chicken that had run off and then I went to take care of it but I ended up running away..." She started slowly.


"Bees..." Nobody laughed. Welly told her to continue the story. "It chased me until I got to the cornfields and ended up getting lost and the heat exhaustion and the waste of energy was too strong... That I fainted..." They nodded and helped her sit up.

"Why were you so tired, though?" Antonia asked. They heard shuffling from the kitchen and then continue with the conversation.

"Umm..." She said and looked down at her lap. "I haven't been exactly taking my medic-" she stopped when she heard plates crash behind them.

Harry had been bringing them tea and telling them that the food was ready until he heard that she hasn't been taking her medication. Of course this shocked him for it was horrible, knowing the love of your life isn't doing anything to help themselves. He gasped as he blinked and let tears go down his cheeks and his knees inbuckled.

"W-what?" He croaked, obviously heartbroken. "What do mean? You haven't been taking you medicines? Why? Don't you care you have a chance of forever leaving me? Is this a rebellious act?" He was now crying and Olivianne had no forces to get up but she felt tears to down her face and felt a wave of guilt hit her.

"S-s....sorry?" She mumbled and was to weak to do much. She looked at Welly with drowsy and dropping eyes and Welly nodded for Antonia and Amber to help Welly pick up Olivianne. Liam had other ideas and carried Oliv like she was a teddy bear that spun on his back with her legs waving around.

Louis got Harry and brought him to the table and feed him for he was none moving. Harry was just simply sitting there and letting tears fall on his shirt and lap and had a runny nose. His eyes were red and his face was hollow and colorless. Zayn was chatting with a annoyed Louis because Harry wasn't doing anything but crying. Liam came down with some different news.

"She is crying still, it's gonna be bad for her breathing and she hasn't ate and she is shaking from that fact that she got a cold and her 'tummy ache' hurts a lot, but mostly her wings, I'm worried she'll start to puke..." He said and itched the back of his head. "Being outside too long and the heat and pain caused her to get a flu or a bug in her belly, although it's not something so bad, it got her even more ill than it usually would, Harry you really should build a bridge and get over it, y'a know? Be the boyfriend she needs right now." He nodded and sat down and ate silently as Harry made his thinking face.

Harry sighed and got up from the table and to the kitchen. He came back out and with a tray and got his food and Olivianne's food and got up to their room to help her. He opened he door to find her with her face flat on the pillow and her bum sticking out. The other people in the room got a clue when they notice the tray of food and walked out of their positions slowly without making a noise since she was slowly falling asleep.

Before Welly left, she whispered in Harry's ear, "she's been making noises since her belly and lungs hurt, we might have to bring he to the hospital if it doesn't get well soon, get some food in her system now, please?" And with a nod from Harry the room was cleared with only the cute couple there.

Harry stood in front of the bed and then placed the tray on the nightstand and then slowly sat on his side of the bed. He moved towards the middle and was laying beside her and watching her.

He had been studying her, noticing her antics. He watched her back slowly go up and shudder its way down. It worried him since her breaths were so weak and soft and flimsy. Her hair was all messy and curly from the heat that made her baby curls or 'Harry Curls' (since he had called dibs on her hair) stick out and flutter around her head. Her v-cut hair was twirled in its signature way on the led side of her head.

He obviously thought Oliv was beautiful and almost perfect (apart from cancer and getting ill so easily) and that honestly, like he said before, nobody compares to her. In his mind, she was like a goddess or angel. Like a perfect little fairy that he had been so lucky to meet and fall head over heals in love with her.

He did think so perfectly of her and thought the best of the best of thought her could possibly think about her. You see, Harry would need treat anyone (mostly females) horribly. He treated women with so much respect since he had grown up with such an amazing mother. Now, he had lots of respect, love and so on forth with fluffy stuff for Olivianne. That's mostly why he watched and analyzed her, because she is just too prefect for him.

He had never dreamed of being so lucky to find the one so soon and so easily. He wondered what he'd done to deserve her and was glad that he had had her.

Harry honestly studied her very well and knew her and her ways of being so well, he felt like one of his own fans to himself, like her personal stalker, which would be creepy for most but her was glad they knew each other so well. He basically knew her like the back of his hand, (of course except the personal fact like her menstruation cycles or the fact that she was going to have a major surgery or mostly health and biological facts.)

He noticed how she was much smaller that him and had smaller bones and organs than most. She had wide hips and a curvy body but her figure was mostly petite. He thought it was cute funny how loud and energetic and enthusiastic she could be in such a small body and with such weak organs.

She had a small waist that was quite adorable since if they ever were to have kids, he would be able to over lap her shoulder and body and could cradle and carry the child along with her. It was a adorable dream he had been having recently (either and apart from his recent nightmares of Olivianne's funeral) and a daydream that he had been over thinking and analyzing daily. It had been a thought that had simply popped in his mind and was unable to get out.

Could Harry and her actually get married and have a child?

He thought that first, and more safety and smart-wise, that they had to get married.

Was that even possible?

Harry knew that, against all odds, he would definitely try to get married to her. He honestly would. He would climb the mountains and swim the seas to help her. It was something he just couldn't simply understand, even bought he fought about it hard.

Some may call it love

Others romance.

Some may call it young stupid fast passed love.

But they didn't care.

One thin the couple were 100% sure of is that she wasn't going to last so long if she kept getting this ill so easily and that it was fine of they were to take be relationship fast, since they don't have to long together.

Then was the thought of her being even able to get pregnant since her body was so weak and so small and so delicate and could easily brake from strong straining. He wondered if she was able to menstruate or if so, will she still be able in the future when she get worst and even worst and fragile?

Some part of him hoped she never got pregnant since it would be really bad for her and her body and her health and the baby's health and body.

Then part of him always wanted to have a child and with Olivianne would be a fantasy, it would be magically perfect for him. He always wanted to take care of one of his own. Carry his own creation. Have a baby and be a father, amazing wouldn't it be?

As he got older, he began to get more fatherly instincts and started to become a mad and father, which was something he loathed for. Like any normal boy or growing man, (or in general, any normal human being) there came a stage where you don't want to grow up. You refuse to that silly thing that adults call 'becoming a mature responsible adult) and you simply act like a stubborn little child who won't take his medicine.

Now Harry wanted to talk to her. He felt sad 'bout her not taking care of her self... But then against it was her choice, but still he must do anyhow and everything to help her get well. He sighed and twirled her now nitty hair in his fingers. He started to massage her head and and untangle her lovely chocolate locks of hair.

He watched her legs twitch and her back curve in a unnatural way. He watched her slowly lift and her shoulders buckle down, hard, against mattress in a painful way. He heard a few creepy cracks (that reminded him of The Devil Inside or The Extortion) and saw Oliv sitting up and stretching from her position. She let out a breath and turned to face who ever was beside her to ask them so stop playing with her hair but was in shock when she noticed it was Harry.

Harry noticed the front of shirt had blood stains that got him shuddering. They were now a maroon color that were splattered everywhere and with the low light from the room it looked scary. She had a bit of blood on the chin. She must have coughed up blood at some point... He thought in the most logical way possible.

Olivianne opened her mouth to talk to him but her eyes watered and she made a painful face. Her back and body curled and she squealed and pain. Harry rushed to her side to hold her hand and help but but she pushed him away in agony. She was now crying and her breaths were weak.

"Harry, please call a damn ambulance, ask them to bring morphine and painkillers. Please?" She said with a shaky voice and coughed. Harry did as he was told and they send a helicopter to the cottage since they were no where near hospitals but in one on the border of France (since the group was still in France since Harry's family owns cottages all over France, England and Spain.)

"Welly! Liam! Lou!" Harry screamed in panic as he reached over and cradled Olivianne's limp body. She was cold and shaking. She pressed herself against her boyfriend's warm body and took all the heat and comfort she could.

Harry felt panic rise up his throat and felt his hand become sweaty. He held Oliv like a baby again and rocked her like a baby, trying to sooth her. He wondered how the pain was, since he, of course, never have cancer and wasn't an exact genius from that. He felt horrible as he saw her in pain and let out cries from the acidic pain that was hurting her lungs.

It was horrible, to see the love of your life be in so much pain and you couldn't do anything to help. To see them wince and shake in pain with it ways to help them. To see them slowly die and not he able to stop them.

The others, who were eating and talking about later activities, once they heard Harry's shouts, they ran upstairs and rushed to the door to find Harry cradling Oli in his arms and was tracing patterns on her shaking arm. It would have been a cute picture if it weren't for the thickness in the room.

Without any comments or questions, Welly and Liam prepare Oli's medical things and Liam called her mother to tell her about the last events and told her to stay calm. That he would call her in the hospital and to not worry, but she still would.

Liam and Welly work like to gears that fit perfectly in a working machine. Like if it wasn't Welly and Liam, then there wouldn't be order or anything. They truly fit each other oh, so well.

Liam and Welly did have a strong and adult relationship. They understood and worked with each other so well. Like it they were meant to be. They work with great efficacy.

'Course unlike Zayn and Amber, Welly and Liam had said their 'I Love You's under the moonlight in the most romantic way ever as Liam serenaded her with a High School Musical son that she really loved. It was a cute adorable scene and if you were there, you would have stopped to tell them to get married already and to have kids and live happily ever after.

Liam had even got a guitarist to do the instrumental part and wore a suit and gave he a white rose. They had strolled in the park with the stars beaming at them. He had leaned down on a knee and in the most innocent and most sensible way, he asked her to be his girlfriend and that he could caller her his since he had a very cute and sensible way of doing and asking things.

But that was in France and about a month ago.

Now the relationship hade escalated much more. They were past that stage that Harry and Oliv were stuck on (which was having very steamy make out sessions) and they were at the stage before coitus, the decision and the awkwardness. Unlike Oli and Harry (who had discussed that only after marriage) they were ready.

Most people might never expect them to be that way, but this couple is full of surprises. They did get kinky, but they never showed it nor let people know, either from themselves. They, publicly, portrayed that mature adorable good safe relationship but personally they did get sexually frustrated.

"Cupcake?" Olivianne moaned in pain.

"Yes?" He answered in concern. Welly, Liam, Zayn, Amber and Louis were getting he room clean for the paramedics as Harry carried Oliv on a old rocking chair that his family had had long time ago, maybe when he was born of even before. Niall and Antonia were cleaning up the kitchen and dining room.

"Tell me, why are you so worried that I will die to early?" She wondered out loud in her childish voice.

"What?" Harry asked, utterly confused.  

"You were thinking out loud, you said that out loud," she said. "So, do tell me why." Her boyfriend let out a loud sigh and she perked her ears as if it were a story that was being told. Her small body fit quite snug against Harry.

"Because if you die, I would, for one, internally and eternally die. Two; I would never be able to marry you. Three; we could never be parents together. Many more reasons, you know..." He smiled at her, not caring that the others were watching because she was the only one here to him and he had to always be honest to her.

As you may have noticed, Harry and Olivianne have that terrible life-threatening habit of sometimes forgetting the world around them and simply thinking that its only them two in the spot and outing everything else. They usually forgot the world around them and got lost together in their own Neverland.*

Now, the fact that Harry had also been thinking about them having a future together surprised her. Not only the fact that a boy would think about the future of a relationship, but that she had also been think about hem together in the future.

Both of them had been having a weird desire to get married and have a good life in the future, (if she lives and the surgery goes well.) they hoped that those feelings would soon past and fade because if they didn't they would become stronger.

"Oh?" Oliv said, half of her expected that he would take that back and deny her ever said that.

But didn't.

"Yeah, weird no?" He said and she giggled and he chuckled that manly chuckle that he does.

"Alright love birds, that's enough. Oli, please get changed front those dreadful dirty clothes." Louis said and clapped his hands in a motivating way.

"What to I wear though?" She asked with droopy eyes. Louis brought of here suitcase (that had been recovered after the plane crash) and opened it and started to look for clothes. He made disapproving and approving noises. He brought it her black Toms, her Cut-The-Rope shirt (a shirt that ha the green monster with a black hat on top) and told her to keep the jean shorts on since they weren't dirty.

She tried to get up from Harry but sadly, she was to weak to even try and pull away. Harry had to use his non-existent flexibility and flipped Oli on the bed and luckily got her sitting on the bed and slip of the now muddy boots she had been wearing and slipped on her Toms.

He asked if he could take off her shirt and she mumbled a yes but was really weaker to nod. She was like a flimsy stuff animal and pulled her shirt over top of her, revealing a scar under her ribs from the surgery where they had put a device in lung in Paris.

Her ribs were popping out of her chest under her beautifully decorated bra. It worried Harry that she was anorexic or something but cancer did make people loose weight. Also because just down her small waist was her belly and she still had a little bit of her belly fat so she had a small bump (mostly because she was sitting) and a wasn't the model think tall girl.

This got Oliv in a bit of a fuss, that everyone would see her chest (with a bra on) and would she her bad lungs and scars and weirdness. It made Oli feel a bit to revealed to the others and felt like this was a hi step in the friendship she had with the others. She wasn't really shy about with Harry since he gotta love her just like that.

Harry, subconsciously, let his fingers trail her ribs and along her belly. Part of him wondered what it would be like to see the bell blown up like a balloon from his own child, but he tried to shake the thought away and not get any hopes up. Another part of him wondered why she was so fragile and small and frail.

He finally pulled the shirt (that was big) over her and tucked it in her sides of her hips to fashion it a bit. He picked her up and then rested her against the bed and laid her like in the movies. Finally they heard a big noise and heard wind brush against the trees and carry the leaves around.

What they heard was the helicopter that was hovering over the groin since there wasn't a landing spot for them. They rushed downstairs (Harry carrying Oliv and Welly and Liam running in front of them and getting objects and stuff out of he way) and were now outside under a ladder. Louis was trailing behind them with the begs and Liam held the health papers.

Zayn and Amber were staying with Niall and Antonia at the cottage to take care of house and then to drive to the hospital that would take about 6 hours the next day. They had said there good byes.

As you may have noticed, Zayn and Amber were taking care of the chicken and were gonna bring it to a vet since they had grown fond of the chicken. Niall had thought that if they chicken was a Conner they could eat it like if it were Nando's Chicken.

Zayn was hoping that this chicken would brim Amber and himself closer and he would be able to say 'I Love You' to her. He would really owe it all to the chicken that brought them closer and would help his shy self tell her his feelings.

"We can't, Welly she can't climb!" Harry screamed at the paramedic that was waiting for them at the bottom of the ladder. The paramedic was in her mid-thirties with long ginger hair that was in a high bun. She seemed to have wrinkles on her face from smiling. She had a warm feel and a friendly aura.

"Can you cary her on your back?" Answered the paramedic and Harry nodded and slim Oliv on his back, since she was weightless to him. He had a slung problem, his small fear to heights and the possibility that he might drop Olivianne since she was very weak and fragile and shaking against Harry.

What if he did drop Olivianne?

What I they fell and died?



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