Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


21. Chapter 19: Nobody Compares To You.


Nobody Compares to you.


The next day, the group went on their road trip since they were on holiday from everything. It was officially summer break for them. It was now almost August and they were spending the weekend at the cottage and farm. They woke up at 2pm since all they did the day before was sleep in and get ready and plan.

They were drowsy and had shared beds last night. Anotnia and Niall snuggled up in one comfortable bed, Liam and Welly hugging each other in their sleep. They had missed each other and were teased by the rest of the group.

It was pretty fun except for Louis, he was on the pull-out couch and texted someone. Olivianne wondered who could be the mysterious person Louis seemed to be talking to all the time.

Who had caught this boy's mind?

They woke up to the sound of Niall's chicken alarm. It was a loud Coka-doodle-do that boomed across the wide messy room. Niall groaned bye the loud noise and put snooze. He sigh in relief as everyone drifted back to sleep.

Then came a silent click that woke Olivianne. She knew what it was. Its was the evil speech from the Carlos chicken from the movie Hop. It was a chicken with a hispanic accent talking and evil-laughing about him taking over Easter and being the Easter Chicken. It was a hilarious way to wake up. But the others might not appreciate her antics of waking up.

She reached over to get her phone before it began since it was about 10 seconds then it started. Olivianne saw her phone on the other side of the bed. But the obstacle was that Harry was in a deep cuddle with her as he snored softly. She tried to get out, but struggled. She wiggled out of Harry's grasp but Harry groaned in a disapproving in way.

Then the alarm started and Olivianne's eyes widened in panic.

It started with a loud laugh that started Harry and woke him up. Liam was already up when he heard Niall's alarm, so he was just staring at Oliv with tired annoyed eyes. The Laughed became louder and Welly groaned as she woke up. Antonia rolled of her bed and hit herself on the ground, making her fully wake up.

Niall popped his head up from his pillow and let out a sigh and rubbed his eyes because he was half awake. Zayn snored softly but he sniffed a bit and changed his position but didn't wake up. Amber woke up at full awake mode and rose from the bed standing on Zayn's leg and let out a cry of pain and woke up with her begging for sorries, which Zayn accepted as he rubbed his leg, trying to sooth it.

Louis was the worst. He woke up with wide eyes and looked around for the noise. He had this evil look and death glare, Oliv knew that he needed his beauty sleep. The alarm had started the evil speech making Olivianne giggle. She bit her lip as everyone noticed that the noise come from Oliv,s phone. Harry, who had been staring at the phone, turned off the strange alarm and sighed.

"Morning Lads and fair ladies..." Harry greeted as he rubbed his eyes and sat up with his hair spreading out and looking quite funny. "How did all of you sleep?"

"Good, until...." Louis pause as he jumped on Olivianne and Harry's hotel bed. "This couple decided to wake me up early!"

"What did I do?" Harry protested.

"You knew about this prank!"

"What prank?"

"To wake me up from my beauty sleep!"

"But even Harry didn't know about the alarm, not prank," Olivianne explained as she sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"What was it even?" Zayn asked as he got up with his hair plopped to the middle of his forehead.

"It was a...." Oliv blushed.

"Oh, oh my god..." Welly understood what it was.  

Amber noticed and giggled.

"Is it..." Antonia said as Welly nodded and all three girls burst in to laughter. She had my face in my hands.

"We thought you had moved on with that stage of your life..." Welly mumbled.

"What is it?" Niall asked, wanting to join the laugh.

"It's a chicken from a childhood movie, Hop, right?" Amber said snickering as Oliv nodded. Harry laughed and pat her head.

"I love that movie!" Niall said as he laughed and smiled at Olivianne and she smiled a happy smile. Thanks goodness they didn't think she was weird.


They got ready, Liam taking a shower then Welly then Amber and then Zayn, then Anotnia and Louis the Niall and Harry and Olivianne. Although the girls protested to go first or to at least let Olivianne (who took the longest time to take a shower) to go first but she ended up going last and taking forever.

She would sing in the shower Disney songs or simply the most random songs that popped in to her curious mind. She started to sing Nobody Compares by One Direction (which was terribly sung) with her obnoxious terrible voice, and she poured her baby shampoo in her baby-like hands and put some along her roots of her hair. She them poured more on the tips of her hair and the middle part. She began to scrub her hair well and closer her eyes so they wouldn't get irritated from the water or shampoo.

It was a 2 in 1, so it had shampoo and conditioner, which meant she ink had to scrub and put the product once and take it off then she done with that. She smelled her wet and now clean hair and it smelled like strawberries shampoo for kids from Oréal. She cleaned her skin softly and nodded, please sight he shower. She heard knocking on he door and it was a muffled sound of Welly yelling at her to hurry up.

She roles her eyes and turned if the bit shower and step our and wrapped herself in a towel that fell loose on her back. She dried her skin and noticed she left her clothes in her suite case. She only had brought her underwear, bra and hygiene supplies. The rest of her outfit was out of he washroom...

She groaned and smacked her head. How could she have been so stupid? This was honesty the most idiotic situation ever. She decided that what that hell, and step out of the washroom and walked out to the room with one only mission, find the suite case.

"Olivianne! It been almost an hour! You took longer than Louis, why-" Welly started to say

"Oh, shush... Where is my suitcase?" She asked.

"Your clothes was still in there? Ha! Priceless! The suitcases are in the jeep we're going!" Oliv wrinkled her nose, she never really liked jeeps but she guess that that was the car they were going to take since the group was going to the country side and there would be lots of nature so they need a car build for that.

"What? Why!" Olivianne asked as she looked around the room.

"Because he boys are bringing he bags right now. Only mine and Harry are left, plus, you don't even like my tight shirts." Welly said as she waved Oliv off of her bed so she could jump off.

"Welly, do you have spandex I can use though?" Olivianne asked hopefully and fortunately, Welly did lend her the shorts and she thought about what she would do for a shirt. She looked around and sigh and grabbed Harry's suit case and opened it.

She saw a long shirt. I was long because Harry had such a long torso that his shirts had to be longer and he wore in a way baggy shirts. It was a white shirt with the Disney logo at the front. She smiled because she had been there when Harry had bought the shirt. She decided to take the shirt. It had little bits of sparkles on the booby pocket that made get mentally giggle. Why would Harry buy a shirt with sparkles? She decided to go get changed before the boys got here.

It was summer and the weather was hot so it was a good idea to wear loose and breezy and summery clothing. Luckily she had shaved her legs for short clothing. Plus, they were going to the country, wilderness basically. But she had been used to that since when she was younger, her mother shipped her off to a camp where she stay with out Wifi or any of that stuff for a week. It wasn't so bad since she had had great food, but still... It was to prove that she would survive less then 4 days with out starting to go a bit mad with out her usual life styles.

The spandex were perfectly fitted. At first they were uncomfortable but then they were perfect. They were about 10 inches higher that her knees. Her now tanned skin was a nice color. Since the hotel room was quite cold, Oliv could see get veins from her thighs. She put fuzzy socks on that had colorful stripes.

Sh put on the shirt and it reach about an inch over her knees, she frowned. She tucked in the behind of the shirt. No, she thought, that looks odd. She tucking in the sides of the shirt and it looked weird. She tucking in the whole thing and rolled her eyes because you could see the bulge around her hips from the extra material. She tucked it at the from and wrinkled the back to it was lay just over her bum, making her look... Ok? She thought that hell with that because they were going to a farm they wouldn't have to be fancy.

Plus, she doesn't really do 'fancy'.

She brush her hair that had been rolled up in a towel and brushed it until she got it the way she wanted it to be. She put a flower clip in her bangs to hold them in place. She sprayed her Shakira perfume and put crew on her face and sunscreen on her body.

She curled her eyelashes since, sadly, she had been born with flat short eyelashes. Sure, they were volumed but still. She hummed as she smiled and bits her her teeth neatly. She was done and smiled at the mirror and step out a d admired her more or less cute outfit in front of the mirror outside of the washroom. Just then the boys came with Antonia and Amber, all of them laughing. They turned and saw me standing in front of the long mirror that was almost the door to the hotel's closet.

"What are you wearing?" Asked Louis as he strolled to the bed and turned on the TV, followed by the rest of the boys and girls, but Welly gestured Liam to talk to him out of the hotel room in privacy. Olivianne wondered what they were talking about... Louis was possibly annoyed about Olivianne ruining his beauty sleep, but Oliv understood, she would have acted the same way. But Louis seemed jealous, why?

"Urm... Hello to you too!" She answered said rolling her eyes and looked back at the mirror and started to twirl her hair. Was her outfit that bad? She felt a pair of massive comfortable familiar hands wrapped themselves around her waist and pulled her close to the body from which the hands and arms belonged to.

"Hey, Princess" Harry whispered in her ear. He smelled her familiar good perfume. She place his chin right on top of Oliv's head and felt her hair under his chin and it tickled and itched but he dared not to move for he loved the position they were in. His hands wrapped around her perfect waist and him kneeling against her small figure as she leaned back and placed her hands with his smiling and closed her eyes at the peaceful moment.

"Hey Cupcake!" Oli cheered up and she let out a soft giggle. "Did you smell me?"

"Are you wearing my shirt?"

"Don't change the subject!"

"Why, yes I did smell my angel and, my, she smells quite good. Now, answer mine."

"Yeah..." Olivianne blushed and nodded as looked at Harry through the mirror. "Sorry, I let all my clothes in my suitcase and you put it in the car... Um... I hope you don't mind! I'll wash it and give it back! It's ok of you never want me to wear of touch your clothes, sor-"

"Shush!" He cut her speech and kissed her, quieting Olivianne's rambles. " it's ok, I think you look quite dashing in the my clothes, ha! We match!" They laughed because their shirts were the same color and everything, even had the small pocket on the left boob.

It hung loosely from Harry's long fitted torso and stalled over his nice and broad hips and over his black skinny jeans, which Oliv wonders if he would or wouldn't be hot later on.

As for Oli, she was small and had a small torso had boobs, so the shirt looked much different. It was wrinkled on chest and belly part and at the back where her bum was. Olivianne's instincts came and she took her hair and twirled it to get a perfect curl on the bottom.

But ironically they did match.

"Does it ok?" Olivianne asked timidly.

"It looked lovely..." Harry mumble as leaned forward and kissed the top of her head, sending blushed on Oliv's cheek. He guided his lip toward her ear, Olivianne let out a soft giggle. He then kissed her cheek and bubbled on the bottom of Olivianne's neck. Something in Olivianne told her not to protest. Something told her that she had to enjoy her life to the fullest.

"Guys, please, like Louis' said before, no PDA, no matter what. Please, for all of our sakes!" Amber said annoyed. Zayn laugh and the rest let out muffled laughs.

"None of you understand though..." Oliv sigh and turned around and gave Harry a soft peck on the lips and walked to the couch, with Harry following her, and they sat on the bed Louis was on and Olivianne nodded to Harry.

They had planed this when Louis was taking a shower and they had thought about everything throughly. It was simple, get Louis to tell them who he is texting!

"Hey," Oliv started.

"Hullo?" Louis said looking over to her then back to the TV.

"Hey, I don't like to sugar coat things, so I'll come strait out with my question... Who have you been texting?" Oliv asked and Louis looked at her, worried. Harry let out a grin behind Louis head, since Louis couldn't see him.

"Uh... Uh.... I-it's... A... Friend..." He stuttered and played with loose string from the bed sheets.

"Ok, so you're texting you 'friend,'" Olivianne air quoted 'friend.' He rolled his eyes and nodded. "One that you text 24/7?"

"Erm...." He hit his lip and looked at his lap.

"C'mon, tell us, we don't bite!" Harry said.

"Except each other..." He mumbled under his breath and Harry blushed a deep shade of red, so was Oliv. "She is just a friend that, I, um, I met at the market...."

"Her name?" Asked Harry.

"Jules. That's all she could say, she was in a rush." Louis said dreamily. He smiled and his eyes turned into heart eye, quite an adorable sigh. "Oh, Harry don't make fun of me, because this is a bit of how you look like when you talk about Oli-" Harry covered Louis mouth and Olivianne looked at them surprised.

"When can I meet her?" She asked. "Since you guys seem pretty close."

"In England! She is from France but she studies in Manchester and ironically, we're going there soon!" Louis said brightly.

"But aren't you dating Eleanor?" Olvianne blurted out and Louis looked down, with sad eyes.

"Yeah, but I don't its gonna work our since now we have grown apart and stuff... I just feel like it will end soon..." Louis scratched the back of his head cautiously. "Although, I do have a strange different attraction to Jules, I saw that look in your eyes and face Oli," Louis nodded and turned back to the TV.

"How does she look like?" Harry asked.

"She looks kinda like Olivianne, but more in a fairy way. She works at Disney World in Florida! She works as one of the Disney fairies and Snow White, sometimes she the theme park story teller. She is 18 and she is very friendly and I think you guys'll like her and approve of her! Olvianne, I think big I you will get along!" His phone buzzed, someone was calling. Louis reached it but Harry stopped him and nodded for Olivianne to go ahead and answer the phone.

"Hello?"Oliv asked.

"Allo? Lou?" Said a pretty high girl voice.

"No, who is this?" Olivianne asked.

"I am... Jules, and you are?" Asked Jules, her French accent was quite strong.

"I'm Oliv, one of Lou's best-est best friends, how are you?" Oliv asked directly. She put the phone on speaker.

"I'm fine, actually, I was call Louis to tell him how nice Daisy and Phoebe are and how funny his baby pictures are!" She said brightly.

"Wait-what?" Harry said confused.

"Who was that?" Asked Jules, truthfully she was confused.

"I'm Harry, you are on speaker right now... Where are you?" Harry said as he looked over to Louis' horrified face.

"I'm in Doncaster right now... About to go for tea with Lottie actually..." She said softly. "How's Lou? Is he there?"

"Yeah," Louis spoke. "I'm here... My friends stole my phone and won't let me speak to you..."

"Ah, then you busy, right? I'll call you later anyways, I'm busy too... Adieu!" She answered.

"Bye Love!" Louis said and Jules let out a merry little laugh and hung up. Louis covered his mouth when he let the name he called Jules slipped out of his mouth and his cheeked turned a cherry red color. Oliv smirked and Harry looked quite shocked. "What?"

"Where is she right now?" Olivianne asked.

"She is meeting my family... Cute no?" Louis said. Harry sigh and Oliv smiled.

"I wanna meet her, but be careful with Eleanor!" Oliv said nodding with Louis and they basically did a deal.

"Guys, we gotta go!" Liam exclaimed and got up and started to check the room to see if there was anything. Welly followed him and did the same. Olivianne groaned, not wanting to get up.

"Oli, get up!" Antonia told her as she walked outside with Niall to the car. Oliv let out a annoyed moan and felt the bed lift, Louis go up and headed to the door with Amber and Zayn and Liam, with everything that was in the hotel room. The room was empty but had the things it came with.

"Harry, can you carry her, she is just a lazy bum and won't get up alone." Welly said as she left the couple in the room.

"Princess, get up." Harry told her.

"No, me wants to just lay here!" Oliv answered. She felt to hands wrap themselves around Oliv's waist and hoist her up. "Harry what are you-"

"I'm gonna carry you downstairs, c'mon." He said as he brought her to his chest and carried her like a baby. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and her chest pressed against his. He had one of his arms wrapped around her waist and the other supporting her bum, but didn't feel strange though. She wasn't really as heavy as she thought was but Harry was strong and it was really nothing to him.

"Ok!" Olivianne said as she rested her head against his neck and nibbled on the base of his neck, giving him a love bite, marking him. She felt Harry shudder under her touch and slightly loosen his grasp before tightening it.

"Oliv..." Harry said in a moaning voice. "Please don't do that... Might drop you..." His neck was already have a mark from the love-bite. The first love-bite Harry had gotten from her had been found since his shirt had slipped and he started to get questioned.

"Alright!" She said and gave him a peck of the cheek and leaned against his shoulder. The arrived downstairs and there was paparazzi all over the main entrance. They went through the back door. It was warm outside and the sun seemed to be beaming at them.

"Do you see the jeep?" Olivianne asked.

"Yup!" Harry said and the walked to where the friends awaited for them. They got in and Harry drove with Olivianne at the front to keep him company and the rest squished in the back. They had the windows down and blared music from Louis' phone since nobody (except Harry) wanted Oliv to play Disney music.

"How much longer!" Olivianne moan, she barely had patience now-a-days.

"We've just started and got about 7 to 8 hours left, so get comfortable." Harry chuckled. It was only 7pm since Louis and Oliv took so long in the shower. He was mostly worried the couple would get mobbed, he somehow knew Olivianne would panic since she wasn't used to that lifestyle. He reached over to intwine his large hands with her small baby hands.

"Gah...." Oliv said as she pulled the window down and let the wind slap her face. She felt the warm then cool breeze and loved it. She had her hair in a loose ponytail that hung on her left side that let out the puff and curls from her hair get tamed. Her hair was like a puffed and full of volume in a way since she had washed it and since she was in heat.

Whe worried that one say she would feel the wind on her face. She worried that one day she wouldn't even see the daylight because of cancer. She worried that one day, she wouldn't be able to get up from her bed. That she would not be able to eat! That she wouldn't be able to talk. That she wouldn't be able to open her eyes. She worried that there will be a day when she will have to say good bye to everyone, even Harry, and leave this world.

That she will have to take her last breath.

She awaited for that one day she wouldn't be able to breath again.

That she would have to say bye to Harry and never see him again. Feel his lips again. Smiled with him. She shuddered by the sad and non exciting thought.

She wondered what would happen to her and everyone else.

She had spoken to her parents last night, they told her that when she gets back to Canada (since her parents had somehow left her in Europe in the hands of Harry and had gone to Canada for work), she had to go to the doctor so they could run some test on her. They would prescribe her special medication and she would have to eat and drink special food. More than the pills she already took.

She had been told that she would have to have some radiation done to her to see if her can Ed was to strong and they simply had to do a transplant of that she could have chemotherapy or radiation done on her that could kill the cancer cells. Although she could loose her hair she she dearly loves. She could have lots of reactions to the therapy things, especially since she had really sensitive skin.

What if she had side affects from the radiation?

She decided to close her eyes and relax and hear the soft tunes of The Fray.


Oliv woke up with someone shaking her shoulders and told her to wake up. She groaned as she noticed she had fallen asleep. She rolled her head but the shaking continued until her eyelids fluttered open and she met pretty emerald eyes.

"Oliv were here!" Harry told her as she groan and mumble something to do with sleep. He laugh and picked her up and carried her like before, like baby. "Everyone already unpacked and everything. But they're going to bed since it's just 'bout 1am."

"I slept through the whole ride?" Oliv groaned sadly. She wanted to see the country side... But t was dark outside so either way, she would have seen only darkness.

"Yeah, sorry sweetheart, but, hey! I got us the master bedroom!" He said with a wink and carried her to the cottage as she looked at her surroundings.

The cottage was a large house that had a home-like aura. It was one of theses houses hat make you feel at home and comfortable. It was that type of house that you can lay in a bed and sleep endless sleep. It was large, red-ish brown, in a way a maroon color, and was squared-shaped. It had a large black top in the shape of a triangle with yellow chipped of pieces of wood. It had a big brown door and

It had a huge red barn diagonally in the behind that smelled funny. Oliv saw corn field but decided that she would check it out tomorrow. There were gardens that gleamed in the moonlight. There was a bit of that white and cold and wet stuff that you see on grass when you wake up early in the morning. There was a greenhouse covered with white walls and a glass door, Olivianne at once knew that she would be gardening here.

"Excited?" Harry asked her since she kept squirming to get a better view from the farm.

"Everything looks so pretty!" She gasped and snuggled close to Harry.

"It'll look bet'er in the morning, promise," he answered her as he lucked the car and reached over to open the door. He slipped her off of him. "Plus ..." He said under his breath that only Oliv could hear. "You're a better sight to see."

"Aww, your making me blush!" Oliv said and kissed his cheek. They both blushed and he closed the door, locking it. Oliv stood beside him. In a way she hung from him, as if when she were to let go, she would fall into a black whole.

With their hands in intwined and they walked in the house that was warm composited to the cold air outside. He turned to a metal box and opened it, it have a bunch of buttons, Harry pressed some, as if they were special. The box had a speaker that made a beep-like noise and said; "alarm for the whole premises-on." In a robot woman voice.

"Follow the leader!" Harry told me as he did a military salut (the one where you place your right hand on the side of your hair in flick it off) and smiled. Oliv saluted him back and walked behind him as she placed he hands on his hips and followed him upstairs to a big room was a big fluffy bed. She saw he PJs already laid on the bed and everything.

She took of her shirt, noticing Harry had been watching her (but the have been dating for a while now so this wouldn't really do much) but Harry kept watching and blushing at the same time as she did. She put on her PJ shirt and was way to lazy to change her pants so she muttered "Fuck that," and hopped on the left side of the bed and snuggled beside a pillow.

Harry followed her example and stripped until he was in boxers and slipped beside her on the right side to the bed. She but her lip as she saw his well defined abs and toned and got body. He was pretty muscular and attractive.

"I know I'm quite sexy, no?" He said smiling.

"Yeah..." Olivianne noticed that she said hat and blushed a deep shade of red and covered her mouth.

"Don't worry, nobody, not even me, compares to you! It's even scary how beautiful and perfect you are! " He said and got Oliv to blush even more. She had cancer, how is that perfect? Was she really that pretty? Especially compare to Harry? She rolled beside him and let out a giggle. He was laying down, facing her.

She got to a sitting position and crawled in a dedicating was to Harry and wrapped her legs around his waist and lean forwards so she was laying on top of Harry.

She leaned forward and just as she was about to kiss him, just has Harry had a huge turn on, she laid on his chest instead and let his arms wrap themselves easily around her waist as if it were made for each other. They snuggled as Harry felt her soft legs and cold toes touch his warm skin. Oliv felt his abs against her body that felt like something very new.

She actually liked they position that was somehow comfortable. She felt like she had more dominance over Harry and the position that they were in. When she moved her legs, she felt a sticky sticker-like bandaid on the back of his leg. He had bruised his back from the bullet, which made Olivianne feel extremely guilty.

"Oliv..." Harry said in a annoyed moaning voice. Oliv noticed something quite intriguing and brought out her baby shaped hands and poked what she saw.

"Oh! They are... Real!" Olivianne said and poked his chest again.

"Stop, it tickles!" Harry laughed.

"You do have four nipples! Oh, that's so cute!" She giggle.

"I'm not cute..." He said annoyed.

"Yes, your as cute as a pussy cat!" She giggle.

"A what?" Harry asked, making side she said what he though she said.

"A pussy cat! Gosh, didn't you hear cat at the end? You sick minded boy..." Olivianne said and winked. She pokes each one of his 4 nipples and giggled and rested her head on the base of his neck.

"Ah, but I'm now 'cute' or adorable." He air quoted and gave me a knowing look. "I'm a sexy fearless mass of handsome." Olivianne let out a loud laugh as Harry stroked her head.

"Sure.... What ever you say..." She whispered and rolled her eyes. Although she couldn't help but think when he said 'fearless' he meant in general. Because for one thing they both were secretly sure of was that they both had that huge fear about Olivianne's health. Honestly if she didn't have damn cancer life would me amazingly perfect...

"Go to bed Babe," he said and kissed the top of her head.

"K," she said as she snuggled closer, if that was possible, to Harry and let out a long sigh and a yawn. She felt a age of drowsy and tiredness wash over her.  

"I love you, know..."

"Possibly not as much as I love you," he answered and closed his eyes along with Oliv.

"Oh, we'll see, hmm?" She said and let sleep take over.




I woke up as I heard a loud coated of plates fall on the ground in another room. I groaned, who dared to disturb my slumber? I tried to pull my self up in a sitting position and instead felt so shot hold me down tightly. I let out a yawn that rounded like the rawr from the Lion King. I blinked my eyes opened and looked around the bright room.

The bed I was laying on was centered in the middle of the room, balancing the room. There was a lamp on each four conners of the room. There was a bouquet of flowers on a nightstand near the bed. There was a closet and a door that seemed to lead to a washroom. It had a vintage orange color with pastel-colored flower patterns. It had a huge window that seemed to show the barn and the cornfield.

I heard growling coming from under mr and suspected that it was my belly, but it wasn't. It was that I had fallen asleep on top of Harry, in the same position as before, my legs around his torso and our bodies snuggled up perfectly like two perfectly fitted pieces of a puzzle. It was like we were made for one and other, how cheesy?

I noticed how Harry held me. He had his arms wrapped tightly around my waist, over lapping each other because he had long arms and I had a small waist. His arms were wrapped perfectly, in romantic protective way, in the way that if hands were to slip in the slightest way, I would be lost and gone forever. He seem so peaceful and cute. He seemed quite happy that I was here and his arms were around me.

If someone opened the door right now, they would suspect something that didn't happen at all...

"Harry..." I said and cleared my throat because my voice sounded terrible. He wrinkled his face, making him look like a cat again. "Harry?" He did this attractive moan and didn't wake up. I decided to wake him up by force. I leaned forward and gave him small kisses on his temple, cheek, chin, nose and finally his plum lips and stayed in a kissing position, waiting for him to kiss me back.

"Ooli....ve..." He mumbled under the kiss. I pulled away to see his shinny green eyes watching me. We smiled at each other.

"Mornin' love," I said and gave him a quick peck on the lips. When I pulled away, he looked pretty sad.

"Good day Princess," he said in his deep attractive morning voice. "Why d'you stop kissing me?" He said in a sad voice.

"Oh!" I said and leaned forward to position myself better and I leaned and gave him a kiss. He kissed me back and obviously it started to get a bit steaming and much more than small kisses from the beginning of the relationship, plus we haven't had lots of alone time with only us two since Paris. It was one of those long romantic passionate kisses that make you feel amazing. I placed  my hands behind his neck and pulled on his hair, causing him to let out an attractive moan. I was possibly the most intense kiss we have had so far, and of course the longest. Just when we were getting deeper with the kiss I heard the door open before I could even react.

"Oh... Oh!" Niall shuddered and covered his eyes with his hands. "S-sorry, food's ready and erm, sorry to interrupt..." He said and stood there all dressed in a light purple polo and beige shorts. Harry let out a annoyed groan when I pulled away to look at poor frightened Niall.

"K," I said calmly. "We'll be down in a minute, alright?" He nodded and before he left I told him, "and please out of all the things you do, do not mention how you...um, walking in on us, uhh...."

"Snogging?" He asked. I shook my head. "Oh, oh my, you guys were having s-sex?!" His eyes widened and I felt Harry shift a bit uncomfortably under me. I blushed, of course not, we weren't!

"Niall we were onl-" I started to say but Niall ran out.

"I'm too young and to fragile to head you guys!" He ran off to downstairs, making 'eww' noises and possibly was a bit traumatized. I turned to look at Harry who was blushing cherry color.

"S...sorry..." Harry said and reached up to itch his head and looked at me worried. I saw all the tattoos under his arm, they were small but many cute ones.

"It's ok, nothing was even gonna happen, right?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. I did not want our relationship to be based on sexual intercourse.

"Not as long as, well, you're ready, right?"

"Honestly? Until I'm married. Umm, is that ok? Like, I wanna be a virgin until I get married, do you understand me? Is that ok?" I said worriedly.

"No, it's perfectly fine!" He said. " I completely understand! Don't worry, I don't want this to define us." He kissed my forehead.

"Promise?" I asked.

"Until your married, promise." he said and we pinky swore. Although I still felt unsure, as if something was missing. "Swear to the Cookie Monster?" He asked, noticing my doubts.

"Gah, you know me well!" I said and swore to the Cookie Monster with him. We got up, untangling our selves from each other, and he pulled his pants on, having bed hair. I pulled my hair in a loose ponytail and pulled my bra on, because I felt really uncomfortable not having a bra on. Harry watched me with a smirk and bit his lip. "Oh, you have sole drool falling out Cupcake, just for you to know..." I said and laughed. He rubbed under his lips, falling for my prank and got me laughing and started to laugh along with me. He blushed and we walked downstairs with out bed heads and hands intwined.

Downstairs was the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen was quite big for a cottage. It looked like those kitchens that you see in magazines and cook shows with the latest machines and fresh food and good smell. Harry guided me to the dining room that had been connected with the living room.

There were big glass doors that showed the farm and the backyard. There was a big long dining table that was full of fresh and warm food. It smelled delicious. I saw the table was full of all y friends chatting beside their corresponding pairing. It was a squared table and it on the two top corners was Louis on one of the chairs and the other was a empty chair.

I sat in the middle between Niall and Harry. They all watched us sit down and said few good mornings. Then Louis cleared his throat and screamed, "dig in!" And of course Niall attacked the sausages and I attacked the platter full of warm pancakes.

"Hmmmm!" I did an approving noise with my mouth and nodded and swallowed the pancakes that were full of syrup.

We were done eating and just chatting when the conversations turned its course...

"Guess what?" Amber said and she ate a apple slice. We all looked at her and Zayn motioned her to continue. "I saw this disgusting big spider when I was cooking and getting eggs from the barn, right? Well, it was so gross!" We chuckled but Niall continued eating.

"I saw something even more distrusting..." Niall mumble and if took a few minutes for Harry to know what Niall meant.

"Nia-" Harry began to say.

"Really?" Amber asked with a competitive attitude. For one thing I was 100% sure of was that everyone was listening to them and their conversation.

"Yeah..." Niall mumble and shuddered from the thought.

"What was it?" Asked Zayn.

"I was going upstairs to wak-"

"Don't, Niall... I'm warning you!" Harry warned.

"Oh, let him finish!" Antonia protested.

"Anyways, to wake up Oli and Harry, right? Well I walking in with out knocking since they, or at least I thought, they were asleep. Instead they were-"

"Niall, we weren't!" I gasped.

"They were having a quickie, or snogging to the extreme. It was quite nasty." He said nodding and continued to eat. Everyone's eyes popped open and Welly spit out the orange juice she drank.

"So they were, oh, they were... Having... Se-" Antonia started to say but stopped. I lowered my head in a shame position, even though nothing happened. Harry blush and held my hand under the table and squeezed my hand in a comforting way.

"We weren't though, it was a kiss and nothing more..." I said.

"Olivianne!" Welly gasped on full mother mode. "Your age! You, you!" She pointed at Harry in accusing way.

"Harry! Cradle robber! It's like a cougar!" Liam said rubbing his temples. "Gosh, she is long sixteen and you are nineteen!"

"But we only kissed! Sure it looked like more, but I assure you it wasn't!" Harry argued.

"Seriously!" I said in a begging voice.

"Right..." Louis said and send me a wink and chuckled. I blew him a raspberry and rolled my eyes.

"Oli, if I ever find out..." Welly threatened and gave me a knowing look. "If your parents ever find out..."

"But we kissed!" I said annoyed now. I stood up and made a 'argh' noise. "I'm gonna take a shower, k?" And I left to upstairs to take a shower.



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