Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


20. Chapter 18: One And Only.


Chapter 18:

One and only.


* Previously in Chapter 17*

He raise an eyebrow.

"Sassy, are we?" He chuckled and remembered hat he was 'bout to do. "I do like attitude in my game..." He winked and walked forward and nodded for his goons to close the circle.

She felt a heat go up her back and felt small sweat droplets appear on her forehead and at the bottom of her spine. She felt her hands sweat like waterfalls.

"Can't you just leave a sick person alone?" She said now irritated. She honestly just wanted to get food. "We could just walk away from this, as if it never happened!"

"Ah, but I came here for a reason..." He brought out a knife and step forward, so there was only about 25 centimeters of a distance. He place the knife to her neck, causing her to flinch and her breath to shaken. He placed his other free hand on her shoulder and smirk. Oliv could smell a strong sent of cigarettes and weird gross smells. The smell was bad for her lung, but she didn't dare to say anything. He smiled evilly as he pressed his fingers on to her should, forcing her to crouch down and bringing her towards his lower area. Tears sprung out of her eyes. "Now do as I say, kneel down and-"

"Stop!" Said a familiar voice, as she felt a bit relived.

**Present Time**

The person that had been watching Olivianne and the group of men had approached them. It was a man and he had been the one who had said stop. Oliv watched the group that surrounded her look around, shocked, in the fog, but they couldn't see a thing. The man slipped between two naive goons that hasn't been paying attention.

The leader, the one who had a grasp on Oli, let go of Olivianne and turned around to look around and try to find where the voice came from. Oliv took her chance and backed away from the man, as her back was pressed against the brick wall from the building there. The savior, or the guy who stopped the leader step in front of her protectively. She smiled as she saw the figure turn around and looked at her.

"Cupcake!" She whispered in delight as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss. He smiled under the kiss and kissed her back. They had missed each others' lips. They missed each others sent. A month apart and it seemed like years. They missed how their bodies fit perfectly for each other, as if they were meant for each other.

He had a gray t-shirt that had a pocket on the left part where his nipple was. On the pocket there was a purple rose, Oliv's favorite flower. He had dark blue skinny jeans and leather shoes, making her thing that she was under-dressed. He had a bouquet of purple roses that was held in a turquoise wrapping paper but had a hole on the top and bottom for the roses. It was held in place with a white ribbon that was perfectly done.

Did he do this? Olivianne thought. It was so beautiful and heart warming.

"Hello Sugarplum!" Harry greeted as he pulled apart from here. They were disappointed that they pulled apart but hey needed to talk. They had been in their own little world, forgetting about the situation they were in. They simply stared at each other and smiled. Then they realized that they were being watched. Their eyes widened has they heard a gun shot

Harry made a face of pure agony and pain. He dropped the bouquet of roses and cried out in pain. He gasped and winced as something hit him hard in his back. His body slammed hard against Olivianne's chest from the impact of the bullet, hurting her a bit, but she wasn't paying attention to her self, she was paying attention to Harry. 

He had just been shot.


Harry's arms rested on her shoulders as I screamed and gasped. The men ran off and the leader who had been holding the gun and who had shot Harry stared at is in panic and dropped the gun and ran off. He disappeared in the fog has he yelled an apology that I did not accept, at all.

Tears streamed down my face as I panicked and pulled Harry, who was unconscious, off of me. He felt on the ground as he didn't have any limbs.

"Harry?" I whispered and kneeled beside him. "Harry, please wake up!" I said a bit louder.

"O..Oli.. Relax... Meet... Neverland..." He whispered as his consciousness faxed and he went pale and practically lifeless.

(A/N: wouldn't this be one of the worst spots to end the book, eh?)

"Harry? Don't do this... stay awake!" I screeched and took out my phone. I dialed the ambulance in panic. My breaths were shaken and my heart was beating a tremendously fast speed.

"Bonjour, qu'elle est votre urgence?" Asked a woman. (Translation: Hello, what is your emergency?

"Hi, um, please speak in English... Um, my boyfriend, he got shot... He's unconscious. Please come?" I cried and let out sniffles.

"Petite fille, calm down, erm, I'll send we'll track you and your location down and help you. Please take his left arm and follow throughout my instructions, ok?" She said with a calm voice that kind of lifted the weigh of my shoulders, but not all of it.


"O-ok..." I said weakly as I grabbed his arm.

"Now, get his wrist..."


"Place your two fingers on his vein from the wrist, the spot under along with his palm."

"Ok, then?"

"When I tell you go, I want you to count who many beatings his heart does, can you do that?" She didn't even wait for me to answer. "Ok, now... Go!" And so I counted patiently, luckily his heart was beating but pretty faintly, reminded me of my own heart. It seemed like a déjà vu because both of our hearts are faint but his were fading away faster than me. "Alright, tell me how many heart beats were counted."

"'Bout 25... Is that good? They were really faint and I could barely count them!" I rambled a bit as the lady sighed on the other side of the phone.

"It's... Well let the paramedics tell you that... Now, I want you to be mature and take of his sh-" she stopped because she heard a the same time as I did the ambulance's sirens. The noise was loud enough to bring out people from they homes and looking around to find li what was happening. Some people are just way to nosey and should mind their own business. "Lady? Please stay calm and listen to what ever the paramedics say and do no panic! You no longer need y assistance, adieu." And she hung up before I could answer.

"Harry!" I said loudly as I flipped him to face me. "Harry! Talk to me! Wake up! Cupcake?" But no movement or response came from the boy I, oh, so, dearly love. I started to take desperate measures and started to yell for his attention. Tears fell like waterfalls down my pale now colored face from crying so much."Harry! Goddamit! Answer me! Please! Don't leave me! Wake up! Don't do this to me! Harry... Please don't die on me. Please! Stay alive... For me... Peter Pan?"

The ambulance found us and rush to Harry. I wanted to stay with him but a tall buff paramedic grabbed hold of me and lifted me. I cried it for him to let me go but be kept a emotionless face and just held me tight a few meters away from Harry. I kicked the air as I tried to escape but I knew that was impossible.

A paramedic cover my view of Harry so officially all I could do is look at the ground and listen. I finally calmed down but the guy that was holding me held me strongly. His arms were tights around my ribs. They were like steal and they where hurting me.

"Please could you loosen up you grip?" I asked annoyed. I could heard him grunt and possibly roll his eyes.

"Why would I do that? So you can run of to pretty boy there?" He sneered and he tighten his grip. It was hurting y ribs and lungs, something I can't allow to happen.

"Drop me now!" I cried as tears started to spring out of my eyes. "Please! I have lung cancer! I can't hurt ribs nor lungs!" I said as I tried to wiggle out of his grasp.

"Prove it!" He said.

"My bracelet. Look!" I said as he let the arm where my bracelet was out and I showed his my bracelet. He gasped and dropped my softly but held my arms so I wouldn't escape.

"I'm so so sorry! I didn't know!" He gasped as his macho act differed away.

"It's ok, I haven't had any physical effect where you can notice hat I'm ill. " I said sighing, how would I look like when I get real bad. Like Bella in Breaking Dawn part 1? I shuddered slightly, I do not want to look like that.

A paramedic screamed something and they fought out one of those things where they carry patients, not a hospital bed entirely but those bed that they have in ambulances. They lifted Harry with such ease that made me wonder how much he weight... They carried him in the ambulance and the guy that was holding me down grabbed my waist and carried me in to the ambulance where, what I hoped, nicer people would be. He rested me on a bench beside Harry.

Harry was unconscious. I reached out to hold his hand and the paramedics aloud me. They took notes and brought out a small computer to find Harry's health history. My poor unconscious boyfriend was shirtless and I could not help but stare at his chest. It was porcelain white and his perfectly place tone abs stood out. His V-lines... I had to bit my lip or else my inner fangirl would come out.

One thing I did not see was there was no blood. Nothing at all.


The paramedics asked me questions like: how old is he? Where was he born? Asked things that I knew because I was his fan and because I'm dating him, I think the fact I knew lots of this about him kinda worried them. I had to he his wallet from his pocket from his jeans to get his health card.

They took out his drivers license and health card and started to write thing in the computer.

I looked at Harry and he seemed to be having a nightmare. His eyelids were fluttering and his hands were swearing in my own sweaty ones. His fingers were wiggling around mine. His eyebrows seemed to be attracted got the top middle point of his forehead.

I looked at the paramedics in worry but hey simply said that the painkillers were kicking in. I sigh and held his hands tightly and rested me head against the top of his hands. His warm body made me feel shivers down m spine by warming my heart.


We got to the hospital and led us to a private room where they would study his injures. They still wouldn't tell me what he had of what happens until we got in the room and a doctor came in.

"Miss," he said as I looked up from my lap, I sat beside Harry in the hospital room. I held my breath for the news. "M. Styles has not suffered any injures major. He was wearing a bulletproof vest under his clothing that deflected the gun shot. Police are at the scene right now to study and try to find those that were inflicted in the shooting.

"Later the police are going to come here to ask you two questions. Also, he was unconscious because his body couldn't take the shock and just shut down to check if everything was alright and painkillers where because the bullet was a strong impact to his back, making it a bit sore but nothing to worry about. If it hurts he needs to have painkillers, that's all." He said nodding as be said the facts. 

"When will he wake up?" I asked pleadingly. I felt like the elepant's weight that sat on my shoulders had been lifted. I felt like jumping up in the air and doing my happy dance. I bit my lip from smiling widely.

"In about... 30 minutes, maybe less. Then you will be able to leave." He said as he waved a good bye. I nodded him a good bye and he left me and Harry alone. I sigh and told myself to relax because I was all tensed up. Harry was going to be fine. He was going to wake up and we were going to go on with our lives.

My phone started to buzz.

Welly: Hey! Like your surprise?

What surprise? Oh! I finally got it! The surprise was hat Harry and I would meet as I walked back to the hotel...

Such a surprise...

Me: Harry?

Welly: yeah! What happened, what is taking you guys so long? Or are you guys... Making out;)

Me: expect the unexpected, sweetie, we're in the hospital.

Welly: what? Why? What happened to you?!

Me: not me, Harry:(

Welly: What happened?!

She was obviously going mama on me. She was possibly panicking and pulling her hair. By now she must have told the other girls and they are possibly panicking and waving their arms in the air fanatically.

Then, suddenly I got a call.

"Hello?" I answered to the unknown phone number.

"Olivianne?" Asked a voice that shocked me a bit.

"How did you get this number?!" I gasp, startled by the person.

"Oh," Louis chuckled. "I have my ways..."

"Do you stalk me or something?" I asked nervously.



"Jokes! I'm joking! Calm you pancakes!"He laughed a merry little mischievous laugh. "Hey, what happened with you two, Welly is staring at her phone with Liam and they are, basically, hyperventilating. Zayn and Amber Re getting ready and Antonia and Niall are are watching tv and unknowing of the problems..."

"Don't worry..." I said as I sighed and rolled my eyes from his ramble. "Harry and I were in the park and he got shot-"

"What?!" Louis screamed and I pulled away the phone from my ear to not damage it.

"He was wearing a bullet proof vest, but the impact in his back hurt him, not severely, but the shock made him black out..." I but my lip not wanting to say faint.

"How did he get shot?"

"Um... We are at the Acengre Hospital, meet us here, although we can leave in a hour. I gotta go, kiss kiss, bye!" I said and hung up before he could answer. I need time to simply let this sink in.

I stared at the wall. Why was my life full of plot twists and drama. Can't I just have the Disney love story I looked up to as a little girl? The pretty princess with the pretty prince? Frolic around our troubles and live happily ever after and ride a horse to the sunset.

Why couldn't our lives be that easy?

I heard some ruffles coming from the hospital bed. My toes curdled in my Toms. I head a groaning and decided to looked up from my phone screen and shut it off to see where the ruffles were coming from. I sighed by what I saw.

Poor Harry who had never been in this situation before, looked around fanatically, before he saw me staring at him. His eyes relaxed and brightened as the saw me. His curly hair was going everywhere and was shining in the sun rise. He tried to sit up but I got up and sat on the bed and pushed him down.

"Oh, no, no!" I told him. "You are going to rest. Be good. You will not hurt yourself again, ok?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Ok, me fair lady!" He said smiled. I smiled at him and leaned down to give him a chaste kiss as I press my hands against his chest. His natural breathing had returned and it was moving my arms. "Hey, Sugarplum!" He said as I pulled away and he kissed my nose.

"How are you?" I asked him with worried eyes.

"I'm..." He looked at my eyes and I sigh and started to get off of him, maybe I was hurting him. He noticed my plan and a flash of panic and disapproval passed his eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pushing me against his perfectly tones chest. I bit my lip, but I let out a gasp as I brought my hands around his neck and pulled his soft curls slightly. He smiled a relaxed smiled. I was half on him, sitting beside him arching y chest on top of his as we did this weird cuddle.

"Harry?" I asked as I looked down to his chest trying not to look into his eyes. I felt my cheeks flush slightly as I twirled my fingers in his hair.

"Yeah?" He asked and just watched me and my reactions. As if he was analyzing or watching me, possibly studying me and my personality to get to know me well.

"I wanna be honest with you... Did you know that you had to protect me and that why we were standing the way we were? Is there a possibility it was a heroic act?" I bite my lip. He let out a strong sigh that I could never do without hurting my lungs. His chest rose, raising me like I was flying in away.

"Basically....um-" he started.

"Oh, don't you dare start with your slow speaking and getting me to forget all 'bout the questions. Give. Me. A. Strait. Concert. Answer. Now." I said as I gently rested my head against his chest. I heard his strong steady heart beat in my ear. He started to giggle nervously. "What?"

"Y-your eyelashes..." He laughed. "They tickle!" He let out a giggle.

"Harry, I'm supposed to be the immature one in this relationship... Just putting that out here for you to know..." I said rolling my eyes as his childish antics.

"Sorry, anyways... To answer your question, yeah, I did know that there is a possibility that we could get hurt, so I made sure you had no way of getting hurt."

"Why were you wearing a bullet proof vest?" I asked out of the blue.

"Because, remember how last year, there was a rumor that our bodyguards would have guns. It was fake, right? Well the real thin was that the boys would wear bullet proof vest when we aren't with bodyguards. So I knew that I'd be fine. Plus, I always need to protect the love of my life." He bent down and kissed my forehead as I looked up to his eyes, possibly blushing like a strawberry.

"Love of your life?" I asked, unsure from what he meant.

"Yup! You're my one and only!" He chuckled as I kneeled forward and gave him a passionate kiss. "You'll always be, forever and ever. Trust me."

"I trust you," I smiled a cheeky smile. "Plus, you'll forever be my one and only too!"

"Your so cheesy sometimes. " he chuckled.

"Lemme be, it's like the perfect ending for a lovely love story. " I said raising an eyebrow.

"No, well, in Disney love stories or the cheesy ones you see in movies yes, but in real life, this is only the beginning. As you know..."

"Hmm, maybe your right..."

"What did you so while I was gone?"

"Go to places I've never been to before! Go see the historical places I've always wanted to see since I was a little girl! The people were amazingly kind and there were lots of hinge for tourism. Greece was amazing! We visited Mount Olympus and had pita and those chicken on stick things that I can't pronounce."

"Niall will be jealous, don't you think?"

"Ha, don't worry!" I smiled. "We went to the Leaning Tower that is actually leaning! We went to so many beautiful beaches. Antonia had a encounter with a shark! She then got stung by a jelly fish, it was hilarious to see her limp around. Actually she is still on her crutches! I..." I trailed of remembering the accident on the beach, I did not want to tell him at all. He laughed at Antonia's encounter.

"You what?" He asked with such curiosity that I had to take most of my willpower to keep me shut.

"I... I... I slipped on rocks and hurt my bum..." I said, it was half of the truth though, I did fall. "It hurt..."

"Ah, well be careful now! I won't always be there to catch you when you fall."

"I know, I just, my feet just love to slip around whenever they feel like it."

"Don't worry, I'm clumsy sometimes too."

"Really?" I said as I took a deep breath. I could smell Harry's cologne, it was this masculine one that made me smiled. I was a very seducing cologne.

"Smelling me, hmm?" He laughed a loud laugh as I nodded slightly. When he laughed it made my head bob and shake and made me laugh also.

"Sorry... I just-" he shook his head and pulled upwards so we were face to face and leaned forwards for a kiss. I prepared myself for a kiss to find him kissing me cheek and at the same time he sniffed me.

"Smell like strawberry baby shampoo Lux wears!" He smiled against my cheek. I wondered where the baby, well now a little girl of his stylist was right now...

"When can I meet that cutie of a girl?" I asked.

"When we go to England..." He said sighing. "Hey, is that the present I gave you?" 

"Yeah," I said looking down at the necklace. "Thank yoo for it, I love it!" I leaned in for a kiss but his lips brushed pass mine as we heard the door click open.

"Louis you can't simply walk in on people!" Gasped a familiar Momma Welly acting her motherly ways.

"Why?" Louis asked, they probably hadn't seen my position.

"They might be havi-"

"Oh!" They noticed us.

"See!" Antonia said as I dug my red face into Harry's soft warm neck.

"S-sorry guys..." Mumble Welly. I heard a clap.

"Ha! In a hospital! Not the best place to-"

"Louis shut up! Your embracing them!" Liam ordered and Louis quieted down. Harry coughed awkwardly as he got everyone's attention.

"Hey lads..." Harry said and he reacted his chin in the peck of my head as I still had my head and face nuzzled in his neck. "Hey Oliv, they won't do anything, show them you pretty face, hmm?" He said as he patted me and petted me like a puppy.

I sighed, Welly was going to go on with how I'm to young to have sex and so on forth and possibly give me a speech like my mom. Oh, no! What if she told my mom that she found me laying on Harry chest. We only kissed! Panic rose up my stomach and gave me an unsettling thought.

"Hey guys!" I said as I sat up from the bed.Like if it were my instincts, my hands rose to my hair and patted it and fixed it imperfections. I pulled the elastic that was lost I'm my mass of hair and pulled it out, making my hair fall on my back softly. I twisted the ponytail in my middle finger and with my other hand, I brought all of my hair to my left side of my head and fixed my bangs and placed them nicely on my left side. Welly smiled as I twirled the bottom pieces of my hair and made my ringlet go neatly in a tunnel shape.

"Hey! How do you feel!" Louis said as he jumped beside me and link his arms with mine and looked worries. I rubbed his arm comfortingly as I looked at a annoyed Harry.

"I'm fine! Jut proved that bullet proof vests work, you know, the daily madness of things that happened to the Harry Styles." He shrugged.

"Daily?!" I gasped.

"He was joking..." Amber muttered as she had been silent with Zayn, possibly kissing because they missed each other. Unlike the other girls, that couple was a mysterious one. They kept mind in their own business and didn't often talk about the relationship. He seemed cute together though.

"Sorry..." I said as I twirled with a loose string from Harry's black jeans.

"Don't worry sweetheart," Harry reassured me as he rubbed circles on my hand.

"Hey! What did the doctor say?" Liam asked impatiently.

"Nothing really... He said I was fine. I can leave after I talk to the police to identify things and tell then what happened. Then we go to the hotel and catch some shut eye since tomorrow, aren't we leaving for the farm?" Harry asked.

"Actually! We're going to one of your aunts cottage and farm. Your mum called and told us that it would be on the way to her house. " Answered Louis brightly.

"So a road trip?" Antonia asked.

"Basically, yeah, that 'k with you?" Niall asked her.

"Yup, just looking out for a friend that has a fear to a certain bug that enjoys the wilderness..." Antonia smirked and looked at my but I looked at my lap. She did not need to bring this up.

"What do you mean?" Asked Liam.

"You see, Olivianne over there," Amber giggled as she pointed my way. "Has a little, urn, fear practically, to bees and wasp."

"Little?!" Antonia protested.

"Ok, a big fear!" Amber said.

"More like a big phobia hat is incurable..." Muttered Welly and smirked. All three girl decided then to laugh their butts off and embarrass me. I dug my face in my hands trying to cover and warm face. I heard a signifying laugh that came from Niall.

"What does she do?" Louis asked, wanting for know more to pester me.

"Oh, you know, the usual-" Amber started to say.

"She runs alway," Antonia laughed.

"She makes a face and ninja jump or ninja runs away. It's like all of a sudden she has this super speed power and runs away and does this high pitch girly scream." Welly commented nonchalantly.

"Does you really?" Harry asked me. I sigh and nodded. "Don't worry...." He said then pulled me to his chest to whisper in my ear. "I'm scared of zebras. Don't ask now." I nodded and by my lip to hide laughter but snickered a bit.

"Guys, PDA, I feel awkward!" Louis said as he poked the inside my ear. I wrinkled my nose.

"Gah! Lou, don't poke my ear!" I gasped as I waved my arms around.

"Louis please don't pester her..." Harry mumbled as I got up. "Hey, can you help me up?" He looked at me and Louis pleadingly. We nodded and Louis and I wrapped our arms around Harry's waist and pulled him up softly. He let out a puff of breath and thanked us. We decided it was time to leave.

At the hospitals lobby, the police were waiting for us. I could see the pretty sunrise from the sun. I saw Paul waiting with the police officers, looking very tired. The police looked tired also but also anxious. They saw us and Paul smiled weakly at us. We walked towards the to the lady from the front desk and she told Harry to sign some files for his Heath record before he left.

He had lots of papers to sign so meanwhile that, I talked to the police and told them what had happened. They nodded and promised us that they would find the criminal who shot Harry. They told us to be careful and that we were lucky that he were wearing bullet proof vest. They also send me they condolences for my illness.

Just as we were leaving the hospital and were about about to leave and go outside, I remembered late I would have to call my therapist and tell her how I've been feeling. She worries about me. She worries that I won't have much longer until it the end.

Also, in a few days I get to know when I'll have medications to numb and help the pain that is yet to come. I'll also know when my big surgery is and when I get to have this long x-ray session with a new equipment that they brought in to Toronto to see exactly how long I have and how bad the cancer cells are and so on.

I felt Harry grab my hand, I guess he noticed my worried face. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled my along with him.

"Outside," he whispered in my ear. "There's lots of paparazzi. They will scream, don't answer any them, ignore then, but don't worry. I got you. I'll lead you around, no worries."

"Ok, but just don't leave me. I dunno what to do..." He smiled and kissed my cheek in a loving way and we walked outside.

"It's like a flashlight festival..." I muttered as the paparazzi began to scream out names. Harry chuckled and led my down a path where a white van waited for us.

"Harry!" One person screamed. It continued but I could only make out some questions.

"Is it true you got shot?"

"What happened?"

"Who shot you?"

"Will you share the story?"

"How is your relationship status?" Taken, you idiots...

"Is that girl your girlfriend?" Of course I am!

"Can we have a kiss?" I blushed.

"Did the shooting affect your relationship in a negative way?" Of course not, maybe it made it stronger but noting negative!

"Was is a fake?" Sometimes rumors are very irrelevant.

"How is Olivianne?"

"There is rumors that you going to start a fundraiser for cancer and terminal diseases, it that real?" Wait, what? Harry seemed to stiffen by that question.

"Will you raise money for her medication?" He won't, that like stealing his money for y own needs.

"Is she really terminal?" Have watched him say explain on the radio?

"A kiss!!" The. The crowed sang for us to kiss. I smiled and blushed and looked down as Harry smiled at someone who had told us that they ship Oliviarry. Was that our shipping name? Gosh it was weird, but cute in a way.

"Will you guys get married?" When someone asked that, my heart stopped for half a second. I actually never had fully thought about that.Had Harry thought about that?

Me, getting married? Would I live that far? Would I be able to get married? A sudden desire rose upon my heart. It was like a flame of something I had never thought about popped up in my mind and intrigued me.

I want to be married though, before I die.

"Aw! Will there be Little Oliviarry children running around soon?" I shot a glance at Harry and he blushed a deep shade of red. Have children? I honestly didn't really want children, but... What if? Would I be able?

We got into the van, I felt myself shrink in silence as I sat beside Harry and pressed against the window. Welly sat on Liam, who kept moving his legs underneath her, as if she was on a roller coaster, making her giggle. Antonia laugh obnoxiously with Niall as they sat and looking at her phone screen. Amber was mimicking Zayn's movements and actions. Louis was on his phone with a worried look on his face. Harry was playing with my hair subconsciously as if it was a hobby.

A sudden desire to get married started to grow in my heart. Hopefully it would leave since for on thing I was fully sure of was that I would never be able to get married.

I would never live long enough to get married.

No matter how much I wanted to.

Something struck my chest. A tight pain that paralyzed my chest for about a minute before I could relax once again. Maybe it was because I couldn't get married that hurt me feeling not only emotionally but physically.

I decided to ignore the pain and closed my eyes for sleep as I rested against Harry and he hummed a soft melody from Adele and played with my hair. I rested as the sunrise reflected its colors on my face. He leaned forward in my ear and whispered something that was shocking.

"You know, I would love to marry you, no matter what or where or anything. Also, if we did have a child, I would love for it to be a little adorable girl." He whispered the last part that only I could hear. He kissed my cheek and I sigh and drifted to sleep where I dreamed about Harry and I having a little baby girl in our arms and she'd be ours.


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The saddest part is, well for me, would be that a Taylor Swift fan decided to tweet Directioners (my fandom) deserves cancer. Now, nobody deserves cancer but this person decided to trend it on twitter and well, hurt people with their tweets. This person needs help, this, Cancer, or any illness or disease is not something you joke with, careful with what you say or you might just get in deep poop.

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I think it's kinda obvious that I love Peter Pan and have, weirdly, a crush on a Disney character, but I learned that my actor crib of Peter Pan (Jeremy Stumper,) was now about 23 and very attractive, to top it off, he is dating:'( I feel kinda heart broken because there is that and the fact the Disney's park's Peter Pan, I saw picture on Tumblr, might have a thing with the Alice In Wonderland girl... Yeah, saddening no?

Now, rants are over so this is very important!!

My home Laptop Computer thingy broke. All it's data was erased and its at Staples and I get it back on Wednesday, so no computer for a while (unless I use my mom's computer but she possibly won't let me:() So if you know a way I could recover the memory from the computer, I'll be forever great-full because is has my music and pictures and every thing:( I have this other lap top but I don't know i how I can download my music from the iPod and iPad to the other computer without getting everything erased?!

Also, this chapter was gonna be longer and have more stuff happening, but the chapter I desperately try to write, (no saying the name because its a secret:P) each time I try to write it, it seems like my mind decided to write and add different things and make it to long that I simply can not do the main idea or the chapter. I've been trying to get to the halter since chapter 15, so basically, hopefully, next chapter will be it!

I'm warning all of my readers once and for all the following:

I have written plenty of times that this story ends in a tragic end, but cheesy and a bit sad but yeah, it ends sad. The story is a mix of Peter Pan, The Vow, The Notebook and Up. And like I've said before, not all endings are happy, so yeahs warning y'all!

This is a trilogy, Book 1 and most of Book to are the most tragic of all and Book 3, well just have to wait and see;)

The sad things are yet to come but will hit the story hard. So if what you have read in the past chapters traumatized you, you are not ready for the end. If you have gotten emotions by this book already, you will be in a pool of tears in the end.


On the 17th until the 1st of January, I'll be visiting family, place will later be revealed. I'll post picture of the places and post them on twitter, Instagram and tumblr. So my updates will be to the extreme of slow since I'll be busy:)

So, I think that is about it with everything! I think by now with all the websites this story has been posted on, I might just have over 2000 or about 3000 reads in total, amazing since I've only gotten perfect and great feedback!

You guys are the best:)


Juli Marshmallow:)

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