Pixie Dust To Help Me Fly (One Direction Fan Fic)

Olivianne Seasame has a fairly normal life.

She goes to school, she studies for test, she meets rude teachers. She has the same annoying high school like every normal person.

Like any teenage girl, she has crushes and get celebrity crushes.

She is immature, stubborn and of course, she is very very childish.

She still loves Disney like a 3 year old. She still watches Disney movies and cries and laughs and freaks out over Disney things.

But after her 8th grade graduation, she starts having breathing problems. she gets moments where she can't breath.

Finally, in 10th grade, her mom decides to get her an X-Ray to she what she has.

The Doctor gives the family news that no one should hear.

Olivianne has Lung Cancer and she is Terminal.

She now is convinced that she is going to die in about 5 years.

She is given 10 wishes, 10 last things she can do before she dies.

One of those wishes changed her life, forever.

That one wish get her to meet the perfect love story everyone woul


19. Chapter 17: The City.


Chapter 17:

The City


Our hotel was right behind a beach and we simple had to have a 5 minutes walk. We had bag full of chips, candy, water to drink and fruits since I love fruits because I'm a weird child.

Welly wore a light blue romper (jump suit) and her white bikini that looked really pretty in her. She had her brown with small golden streaks in it hair in a nice bun that I had done for her.

I had this signature bun that looked like an octopus. I had mastered the bun since I was in 7th grade and had made it my signature bun.

Antonia had a orange V-neck dress that fitted her nicely and a black and blue bikini. It looked so cute on her. Her black like Snow White hair was in a fishtail braid that Welly did since Welly and Amber were the only ones who could braid hair.

I can't braid my hair if it were to save my life.

Amber had caramel wavy hair in a high bun, she didn't let me play with her hair. (a/n: In chapter 16, I had described her outfit.)

My brown hair was flowing down a natural way and it was longer. I smiled at my hair since I love it so dearly much. But something that worried me was that I would get my glorious hair wet and smell like the beach mixed with a salty sea smell.

We chatted about our dates with each one of the boys. We laughed at how we were worried that they would find us weird, but they are weird themselves. We spoke about cute things they had done and stuff that had happened.

Welly was comfortable with her relationship with Liam. He was fatherly and she was mother, perfect two prices for puzzles. Amber and Zayn both complete each other. They are boy mysterious and quite good listeners.

Antonia, she told us that Niall usually mopes around over his lost with Diana. She says she is trying to get him happy, help him. Maybe help him recover and heel from the pain. Maybe Niall really had fallen head over heels with Didi.

It was sad, that he wasn't as happy as usually. He seemed so jumpy and always full of glee and life. But, what they say is true, the laughing and happy people have the most sad memories.

They asked me about my love life and I simply blush. They knew that I love Harry so deeply much. We were good together, or so they told me.They knew that we complemented each other.

At the beach, we placed our towels on the ground, under a tree and at some fruits. We had to wait about an hour before we could go in the water since we just ate.

I couldn't go deep in the water since it my hurt my injuries. I didn't like the fat that I can't enjoy my life with out being hurt or have something in the back of my head. I sigh as I watched the waves roll forwards the sand and away. Never stopping.

"Hey, Oli?" Amber asked.

"Hmm?" I answered, not looking away from the sea.

"What are you gonna do?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked as my face turned in to a confused frown.

"When your time is up? Are you gonna look for a cure?" Antonia piped in our conversation. My eyes saddened.

"I don't know..." I said. I never really thought about what I would do.

"Could you get a transplant?" Amber said as Welly moved closer to the sun to get tanned. I was need a fan of tanning since I think natural beauty is the best. Antonia decided that she would get tanned also and move beside Welly as Amber and I stayed under the tree.

"It's a thought... But, the thing is, there is a possibility that my body •rejects the transplant." I answered sadly, I had looked up things like that, but no concrete answered.

"Isn't there the other thing you can do, like grow another lung?" Welly asked she twirled her hair between her her finger tips.

"Tissue engineering?" I asked.

"Yeah, that!" Antonia said. "You once told us 'bout that."

"Well, I don't know if you can grow another lung... I'll google it. " I said. I had some look-up something. "I think I can only get a lung transplant, but don't worry I'm in the waiting list for that stuff..." I trailed off as the hummed OKs. There was a moment of silence as I remembered something.

"Ladies, the doctor told me, when we were in the hospital, that he would look into me getting treatment for my lung. He told me that I would be able to have a small treatment that after the surgery, that will be official Ina few months after test on my body...

"To reduce cancer cells and for me to never get cancer again... Also, after the surgery, in a few years... I'll get a check up to see if still have any signs of cancer. So, yeah... Life is gonna get tough..."I mumbled, remembering when I was at the hospital and the doctor took me to talk. He had spoken with my family doctor and the medical team from Canada and spoke of my situation.

"They had decided to wait until summer was over and they would run test on me to see if my body can handle the chemicals. Then, when I become a full edge woman with a grown body, so when I'm about 18 I'll hopefully go though the treatment to reduce the cancer cells, like chemotherapy but not quite. After that, I'm hoping, that I'll be able to get a lung transplant... Then there is the problem if my body does or doesn't accept the lung."

We were silent as we let the facts sink in. They told me before when I'd be sick and miss days of school that with out me, they were nothing. But of course my cocky self made me smirk and I had told them that of course with out me their are bored, that I'm their leader in a way.

"When can we go in the water?" Antonia asked, changing the subject, of course we needed to keep our minds happy and less stressed and more motivating. She took out a bag of salt 'n' vinegar chips and she sat beside me and munched them as I took some.

"Soon..." Welly said as Amber tackled Welly and started to tickled her. "A-Am-b-Ber! S-st-top!" She pleaded as she laughed uncontrollably. I joined in the fight and tickled Welly and Antonia tickled Amber.

We all were laughing and ended up wheezing from laughed. I was coughing from my lack of air. Welly shot my a knowing look but I smiled and made a face that read don't-say-anything and she nodded.

"I think we can go in the water..." Amber said as she checked the time. Antonia nodded and jumped up from her spot and skipped towards the cold water, through the steaming hot sand.

She stuck her feet in the water. Welly, Amber and I watched her as she stood there and her shoulders moved up and she curved her back, raising her arms, flapping them like penguins do and made a dying bird noise. She ran back towards us with a traumatized look.

"Cold... C-c-cold water!" She shivers slightly as she sat on her towel.

"I don't Believe it!" I said standing up and looked determined as they sigh and nodded me to go in the water. I waltz my way through the hot sand and made faces and ouchs and Ows until I got to the water.

I let my feet squirm in the cool sand until the wave of water hit my toe then the skin from my ankles and foot. I felt shivers go down my spine and my shoulders shake.

The water was freezing cold!

Just them, I felt this horrible pain in my lungs, as if it were being filled with water. It hurt, a lot. I decided to ignore it and not draw attention to it since I didn't want to make a big deal about it.

I ran back towards my towel, grabbing a bag of Cheetos and shivers there, on the towel as my fingers turned orange from the cheese from the Cheetos.

"Is it cold?" Amber asked.

"N-not at all! Go in, it's a hot tub-b..." I said as I licked my fingers from the cheese, they just laughed and nodded as we gave up the going in the water until Antonia broke from our trans and hopped towards the beach happily, ignoring us. She hopped in the water and was waist deep until something made her stop from going any further.


The water slushed around Antonia's waist and she stood there petrified by her finding. She watched the figure I front of her. She saw a great white shark come near her.

Her heart got suck in her throat as she stared at it, unable to move. Her heart beat was fastening at a abnormal speed and her bodies was fidgeting in panic. The panic made her toes curl and her face become paper that it already was, which is pretty amazing since Antonia is pale while like a white fancy mouse.

How was the shark in these waters?

Isn't too shallow for the shark?

Evolution found it way...

She looked at the shark and its eyes were focused on heir next meal, which was her. They shark seemed to be planing the kill or studying the tactics to eat her. It's eyes where all black and vicious. The skin was a light gray with a small hue of blue. One of its fins seemed to be cut but was seemed to be wires.

Antonia's heart saddened a bit because maybe the shake had been stuck on one of the metal fences in the water full or pointy wires, like a rose. But it seemed that that was battle scars and it got away from the fence with wounds.

The shark seemed to be smirking, sending shivers down Antonia's spine.

The shake made its advance and she back always slowly. It seemed that time had stopped of that Antonia couldn't move because the shark seem to circle her slowly getting closer. Antonia could run to shore or die... She obviously had though of fighting the shark, but you can't wrestle a shark. Antonia felt a rush go through her leg muscles and she felt a jolt up her spine and felt like it was time...

To run.

Of course Antonia wasn't a fast runner. To top it off, when she runs, she looks like a hi ken that flaps it's wings around and crouches a bit and spread her legs weirdly. She looked like a crab in a way. The girls always made fun of the run and imitated her and laughed like crazy. But eight now, she didn't care how she ran, because she was running for her life!

She picked up speed and rushed to shore, informing the jelly fish. She step on something squishy and then she was out of the water and free of the shark. She sigh in relief, but it only lasted about 5 solid seconds before she felt a acid burn on her ankle.

She laid there, face sideways on the sand, belly on the sand and groaning in pain. She mumbled Ows and tried to rub her leg in pain but, alas, that simply made the pain hurt even more and she felt tears prickle down her cheeks in pain.

She never cried. Well, at least not I front of other people. She was more of a I-Hold-Emotions-Inside-of-Me. She rarely cried and that what proved that she was in real pain. That's also what made the others girls get up from their spot and sprint to their hurt friend.

They ran, which was really easy for amber and Welly, since they were used to running. But for Olivianne, it was horrible. Antonia was about 15 meters away from their spot and they had to run in hot squish sand.

Olivianne tried to sprint but her heart was hurting her, like a knife had gone threw it and out of it. Her lungs seemed to be biting and to be squished against her sore ribs. Her lung seemed to be way to used and acted as if she ran a marathon. Her legs hurt a bit but it was the organs in her torso area that hurt the most. She felt faint and light headed.

When they got to Antonia's groaning and vying figure, Oliv pointed at the girls to go ahead and give her space so she could regain her breath because, honestly, she was really out of breath and breathing really hard.

She walked away, about 5 meters from where her friends where and gasped trying to catch do air. It seemed like all of a sudden her breath and all the oxygen that she had inside her had disappeared or like it had been taken, stolen from her. She tried to catch her breath, but shuttled and tears sprung from her eyes from the panic of not being able to breath.

She grabbed her stomach and dug her nails in her ribs as if she was trying to scratch her ribs so help her breath, but that didn't help. She crouched as she closed her eyes in panic.

She coughed wildly and placed he Thames on her knees, trying to steady her self, but that didn't work. She grasped her thighs and hunched over her back and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to zone out everything around her. She felt warm tears be born and go down her face like they were skiing down her face. She fell to her knees as she sobbed down in pain.

Her ribs hurt. Her lungs burned. Her belly felt like it was twisting in pain. She schooled her head and try to think methods or way that she can zone out the pain. She thought of different things to keep her mind off of pain.

She really hates cancer.

She really hated her weak lungs hat don't allow her to run.

She really hate feeling like a knife is going threw her heart when ever she uses to much energy.

She closed her eyes and tried to think of a serenity-like thought. She tried to imagine her own little oasis where she could be blissful and calm. She tried and she thought really hard of something happy, but her mind seemed to go blank all of a sudden.

She felt a light faint warm feeling flicker through her body as she thought harder and put her thinking face on. She then relaxed her face as she found a blissful thought that made her face loosen up.

The thought was when she kissed Harry for the first time in Paris. She took a deep breath and finally was able to catch her breath. Although the air seemed to be like acid going down her throat, she still was relived when she could breath. Her eyes weren't watery anymore but that were blurry and she could barely make out the two figures that approached her in panic. She squeezed her eyes shut, being unable to reopen them.

She felt something press against her ribs and her body gave out, laying on the steaming sand, eyes closed and belly on the sand and face sideways. She wrapped her hands around her self protectively and let her mind slip a aways as the darkness ate her and she blacked out.



I found myself in a a olden day home. It looked like the one from Marry Poppins. It was a pretty house with cute vintage things. Old wooden rocking chair with delicate detail on the legs and handles.

Some glass vases with floral patterns. Those olden day lamps that were actually a fire that you put out and not a light bulb that you turn off. It made me realize that I wasn't in normal 2013 time.

I looked around and saw a twin bed, like my childhood bed. It shocked me, how much it looked like my old bed. I now had a queen metal bed that was much bigger then my small figure. My old bed was he perfect size for me but it seems to small for me now that I'm used to the other one.

It had a nightstand beside it that had the book "Brothers Grimm fairy tales." I wondered how the book was inside be used it seemed old with light beige with a hue of yellow pages. The cover was a mauve color with violet floral patterns on it. It had a picture of a prince and a princess kissing passionately. I would love to read that book.

There was a window with that normal cross in the middle that slide up. Just like my window, it had a window bench connected with the top of it. It had a navy fabric that seemed to be filled with cotton, making look all puffed up and comfortable. There were to drapes that were different shades of orange, brown, red and gold. It seemed pretty though.

Outside, it seems like it was about 11pm since it was black outside and there were small stars shining and gleaming down to me up from the sky. I saw two stars beside each other like a cute couple or friendship. The brightest star, I knew at once it was the evening star because of watching so many movies that I knew childish things. I smirked as I remembered that the star beside it on the right was the trade mark star, meaning that the evening star is Neverland.

They say that is you wish on the brightest or the evening star, your dream will come true. I sigh and gave my luck a try, hoping that my wish will come true. I can't give up on things.

I shut my eyes closed tightly and crossed my fingers and made my wish.

Please, please, please let me a the end off all of this be healthy and live a happily every after with Harry, please?

Then a blew a kiss and waited a bit before opening my eyes. I blew a kiss to send love and luck to the star, hopefully that will give me a bonus and my wish will come true. If it did, m life would be perfect, in a way because life isn't perfect.

In front of me, I found a figure that I was oh, so please to see. It made me smiled to see the boy. I truly missed seeing him in person. Peter Pan smiled mischievously and fly over to where I was.

"Hullo!" He said slowly like usual.

"Hallo Peter! Long time, no see, eh?" I greeted him as he motioned me to so with him on the window bench. I did hopping here. I noticed I was wear black leggings and a pretty baby blue shirt that had sparkles here and there.

"How you been?" He asked.

"Tired... My lungs don't get better..." I muttered as I looked to the ground sadly.

"Don't worry!" He smiled. I smiled too, admiring his carefree life style.

"How do you do it?" I asked dumbly, always wondered how.

"How do I do what?" He asked suspiciously.

"Fly, of course!" I exclaimed sarcastically.

"You just thing lovely wonderful thoughts," Peter explained.

"Any merry little thoughts?" I asked tying to reassure the idea.

"Watch me now," he said as he closed his eyes and started to elevate off the floor until he was flying.

"You flew!" I exclaimed.

"Now you try..." He said motioning me to fly.

"I'll think of-"

"Love, you need to wake up!" Boomed Peter's voice but much deeper and flowingly.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Oh, my! We can't go to Neverland now, you have to go!" He said sadly. "You need to wake up; I'll see you soon!" He smiled and the whole scene vanished before me before I could even react.


Olivianne woke up with a startling pain in her ribs. She moan as she woke up. She was I'm the hospital again. She was hooked up to lots of things again. But it wasn't as bad. She simply had a lost of breath, or a shorten of breath.

She groaned as she saw her friends and a doctor enter the room. Why must she always ruin moments? Why is it that she can't run?

It's not fair! She thought to herself as she put a stuborn attitude to the situiation.

*A Month Later*

Olivianne had just finished her European tour. After being in the hospital for a day, she had asked her friends to not tell anyone but her family about hat small mishap. They agreed with her.

The hospital let Oliv go after 24hours passed. Antonia had been stung by a jelly fish, but luckily it wasn't to bad or to drastic. She was only in pain if she walked to much. She had to use crutches for a month since her leg hurt too much.

She had gone to all the amazing places she had fantasized and dreamed about. She had swam the beaches and seas and pools that were famous. She had got to the famous place in Europe. She had fangirled and freaked out over the fact that she had been to everywhere.

The only thing that basically was missing was that the tour didn't cover England, but Harry had promised her that once the month is up, he has a vacation and he's bringing her to all the places the tour didn't cover. He honestly was to good for her.

The couple spoke almost everyday, because of the time and their schedule. They had not seen each other since they had had their argument. They missed head other so dearly.

They were supposed to meet up in a small town in Spain to go to a farm for a weekend and work there for fun and for a fundraiser with their friends. She was a bit scared of worried because she didn't really like farms and the smell of poop.

She was excited that there will be animals, because she was hoping of name a few. Maybe even get s baby chick and name it Carlos as if it was the chicken from the movie Hop. (A/N: don't know the movie? Please google it.)

Olivianne had spoken to her worried family and they pretty much trusted Harry enough to take care or Oli and her friends. Harry was grateful that he please his girlfriends family. Some how that family felt a strange trust and please to Harry, as if there is no way you can't like him.

Olivianne was in France, next week she was meeting up with Harry and the boys and driving up to the farm. It was a rode-trip. The bunch was excited.

Olivianne had visited Greece, Italy, Poland, Germany, Holland, places like that. She had been amazed by the world around her. She like it much more than her home, but home is home.

After the farm trip, the bunch was going to England for a while to visit and have a vacation. They were gonna meet up with their families and introduce themselves. They would go to a cottage for 4 days and do activities and outdoors activities.

Harry was nervous for his mom to meet his girlfriend. He had told his mother most of the thing, (except the Peter Pan and Wendy fantasies.) He hopped that is mom would like and accept Oliv in to the family. He was excited for her to see his life style.

It was about 3am, when Oliv went for a walk outside. She was walking in a park, towards a mini-mart to get some junk food and candies. She was a bit tired but since she was more used to the time in Canada, this was ok for her.

She wore blue sweat pants since it was a bit cold and she had a black and orange cheer-leading baggy hoodie, (not the she looked good in baggy clothes but simply enjoyed them and their warm) that belonged to Welly but Olivianne had stolen it and used t so much that it was basically hers now. She had her hair in the signature bun that she did and had priced of her hair sticking out with out her wanting them to.

The other girls were inside, on the Internet and to lazy to accompany her. Also, they told to go since she needed to go outside. They had a early surprise for her.

She was listening to The City by Ed Sheeran on her iPhone and hummed silently along as she walked through the dark moist navy streets. She could see gangs of teenage boys, possibly older than her, stroll around the street, eyeing with suspicion. Bet there smoking weed... She though knowingly.

It sent shivers down her spine.

She reached the variety store and decided to turn of her music and listen to the strange music from the store. She heard a weird indie-rock jam that interested her. She walked towards what seemed to be the chips section and grabbed a bag of salt 'n' vinegar chips, mints, a pack of mint gum and a bottle of Coca-Cola. She pay the cashier and walked out swiftly as the wind brought up her hair in the wind.

Then, the gang boys came up from their spots and approached her. They walked towards her, but she walked away. She felt anguish and had a sick feeling in her belly that gave her the urge to throw up.

Of course because she was raised by her protective mom and had learn to always be alert. Because of that, obviously the cost thought in her head was that she was gonna go rapped or something by the weird people walking near her. Red flags rose up in her head as she was about to panic and think of ways she would leave the situation.

Would she have to use non-existent Kung-Fu moves?

Would she have to fist-fight her way out of the situation?

Would she have to do some weird voodoo magic, that she obviously can't do?

She wanted to simply smack her self between the eyes for being so stupid. Who randomly goes outside for no reason at 3am? Sometimes she worries about her own common-sense...

The men approached her and she panicked as she walked faster away. They followed her and she was making sure to stay ahead, not paying attention that she was walking towards a park and she was being surrounded but more teens and men. They had surrounded her in a semi circle since she was now facing a building wall.

She turned around and decided to face her fears. She had always had this unsettling fear to strangers. It's was stupid since on twitter and tumblr people talk to strangers, but seeing them face-to-face is just, hard and scary, right?

She looked at them, expecting for them to do something, but all they did was stare. They eyed her, as if they were undressing her mentally, giving her shiver on the back and the creeps. They tilted their heads and blew out puffs of smoke. The air was a bit foggy and silent, like in drama movies or thrillers. It was cold enough to see your own breath.

"What do you want?" She said impatiently for them to say something. They were staring way to long for her liking. They did small grunting noises and the tallest and most build and muscled came forward with a devilish grin.

"Bonjour, petite fille..." He said with a smirk as he step towards her, 2 meters away. (Translation: hello, little girl.)

"Who are you?" She said annoyed. She understood French, she went to a French school ask all her life so it was no new language.

"Ah, vous êtes américaine..." He said nodding. (Translation: ah, your American.) " Hello, girl..." She rolled her eyes by his mistake of her being American when she was Canadian.

"Canadian stupid..." She muttered silently, secretly hopping he didn't hear.

"Ah, Canadian... Hullo?" He said with a strong French accent. Usually Oliv would find French accent attractive but his was just evil. "Now... Do you what is going to happen to you?"

Olivianne thought for a moment and decided to take the question serious and gave him a nod, putting her hands on her hips and steadying herself and her thoughts. She leaned backwards and cured her back in suspicion. She had always had a sassy back talk, by she couldn't help it sometimes.

Something form the fog clearing caught her eye. A dark tall figure walking near her. It looked very familiar. The shape gave her relief and warmed her heart, even with out knowing who it was.

The body was coming closer to her, maybe to rescue her, but she was not whining about the savior. Maybe she could survive this experience... She watched the figure approach her cautiously but she didn't want the men to notice so she decided to ignore the figure.

"Well, sir... I, being my unhealthy poor self, with soon go to the doctors and ask him is there is a cure and, alas, he will say no and I will cry. In a few years, I will be ill and unable to live longer and my treatment will be over and I'll have to be put down and I will die. It's the sad truth." She declared please and nodding that the facts were straight. No way to live. She knew then and from now on; that she would die and there was no way to do anything... But then again there is her relationship with Harry, and of course she wouldn't dare to loose that or to die on him. She loved him to much to let him go.

"Why? What do you have?" He asked naively, good, maybe he would forget Oliv and his main plan.

"I got lung cancer, buddy..." She rolled her eyes and shook he head as if he was supposed to know that. He raise an eyebrow.

"Sassy, are we?" He chuckled and remembered hat he was 'bout to do. "I do like attitude in my game..." He winked and walked forward and nodded for his goons to close the circle.

She felt a heat go up her back and felt small sweat droplets appear on her forehead and at the bottom of her spine. She felt her hands sweat like waterfalls.

"Can't you just leave a sick person alone?" She said now irritated. She honestly just wanted to get food. "We could just walk away from this, as if it never happened!"

"Ah, but I came here for a reason..." He brought out a knife and step forward, so there was only about 25 centimeters of a distance. He place the knife to her neck, causing her to flinch and her breath to shaken. He placed his other free hand on her shoulder and smirk. Oliv could smell a strong sent of cigarettes and weird gross smells. The smell was bad for her lung, but she didn't dare to say anything. He smiled evilly as he pressed his fingers on to her should, forcing her to crouch down and bringing her towards his lower area. Tears sprung out of her eyes. "Now do as I say, kneel down and-"

"Stop!" Said a familiar voice, as she felt a bit relived.




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